Here's the full changelog for everything that's new in ReCore: Definitive Edition

ReCore is an open-world action platformer that revolves around colorful robotic companions in an alien wasteland. Joule arrived to aid in the terraforming and colonization of the planet of Far Eden, only to find the robotic "corebot" helpers going haywire in some cases, murderously rogue in others.

Joule and the remaining sane corebots set about finding out what went wrong on Far Eden, across a large world filled with dungeons and some light Metroidvania-like gameplay.

ReCore struggled out of the gate due to issues with loading screens and criticisms revolving around the gameplay structure, among other things. Still, the game enjoyed a bit of a following due to the vibrant character designs, which has produced piles of fan art and content. Clearly, Microsoft believes this franchise could evolve into something a little stronger than its sub-full price debut title portrayed, and this Definitive Edition might be the first salvo.

ReCore's Definitive Edition will flesh out the game in various ways, adding new features, an improved engine, and much more. Microsoft just dropped the entire changelog of new features that existing users can grab for free on August 29th, 2017 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title for console and Windows 10. Here's what's new.


New Adventure

  • "Eye of Obsidian" is a brand new chapter in the ReCore story. Join the plucky Corebot, Violet, and journey into the permanent midnight of the "Starving Sea", a previously unexplored region of Far Eden where ancient enemies plot their revenge on the last remnants of humankind!

New Companion

  • T8-NK Corebot ("Tank")

New Areas to Explore

  • 2 New Overworlds
  • 10 New Dungeons
  • Dynamic sandstorms in Far Eden's Shifting Sands regions. Brave the storms to defeat more dangerous enemies and earn more valuable loot.

New Weapon Modes

  • 3 new weapon modes for Joule's Energy Rifle (switch to these instead of the charge shot)

Load Times

  • When dying, reload times for combat encounters went from 30-60 seconds to < 5 seconds
  • Restarting traversals and arenas are now instantaneous (was a load before)
  • Optimized Level/Area Load Times

Prismatic Cores

  • Added P-Cores for additional game play rewards and made them show up on the map from greater distances
  • P-Core requirements fixed to a single value for the entire E-Tower. (Once you're in the E-Tower, you no longer need additional cores.)

The Map

  • The Map displays everything that needs to be collected (audio logs, chests, prismatic cores)
  • The Map shows all visual parts of dungeon maps
  • Objective Markers improved
  • Map improvements (greater visual detail, better iconography, improved zoom functionality, more game elements show up like power cells, audio logs, etc)

Fast Travel

  • Fast Travel points now allow the player to complete Stash Transfers, Swap Cores and set their Companion Party Configuration without having to go back to the Sandcrawler
  • The player can now warp anywhere there is a Fast Travel node via the Map
  • Intra-Level (e.g. within The Cradle) fast travel warping is now instantaneous
  • Added a few new Fast Travel nodes (Granite Steps, Lonely Basin, The Cradle)


  • All new AoK gear for all Corebots
  • Armor stats now make each Set vastly different from one another & the Perks have been refined and polished
  • Blueprint Inventory now sorts by Armor Type, Color and LVL requirement


  • Improved the Combo Meter to encourage much higher combo amounts, with the ability to chain combos for a longer period of time.
  • At high combos (more than x10), the player now keeps some of the combo meter after using an extract!
  • Global weapon tuning, enemy health and damage balancing, and late game encounter improvements


  • Enhanced visuals (increased resolution and HDR support)
  • 20 New Achievements and 500 gamerscore.
  • Increased level cap from 30 to 40
  • 4 new bosses and Tank challenges
  • Various UX and Feedback fixes (Core Pulling HUD, Combo Counter feedback & wordsmithing, menu navigation)
  • Audio for pickups, combat feedback, rewards improved
  • Dialogue from Corebots and Violet is no longer in the Corebot language and is now readable

Hopefully these updates will present ReCore in a more positive light when it lands on August 29, 2017.

Are you going to give ReCore another try, or pick up the Definitive Edition for the first time? Let us know.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • great to see such a drastic improvement to load times. That was one of the major complaints about recore. Glad i get to experience it for the first time in a much more polished state.
  • I totally agree. I liked the trial they offered, but saw that most complaints were valid. Good to see the deva kept it going to have people give it a fair shot and have the game live up to some of its potential. Too bad that we couldn't have the same thing happen with Andromeda.
  • I am glad they didn't abandon it .I hope it has a second wind in the market  .
  • If it's getting 4k support, I may just pick this up
  • It'll be in game pass play it half price if you subscribe in November
  • Looks great.  I will probably wait for XB1X to finish this to take advantage of the 4k upgrade.
  • I need to sit down and play the game for the first time. Full disclosure: Though it was rocky, I also enjoyed Mighty No. 9. What does MN9 have to do with this? Both MN9 and ReCore were done by Keiji Inafune.
  • Look at that. It looks like they fixed most of my issues with the game. Once the update rolls out I'll have to see about finally finishing it. The terrible load times were probably my biggest complaint.
  • I have a xbox code for this game and have no interest in playing it. Can somebody take it off my hands for $15.
  • Yep now buying it
  • I played the original for a little while back when it came out. May have to get the update and play again.
  • I'm definitely excited for the new update :D great game!