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Microsoft rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to the Lumia 535 in Latin America

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to the Lumia 535 in Latin America, according to reports received by As well as the Lumia 535, owners of other handsets have also alerted the blog that they've received the upgrade notification in the region.

It's noted that the Lumia 535 is being updated to build 10586.29. The roll out joins other markets where local operators and Microsoft are firing out Windows 10 Mobile to specific handsets. Have you received Windows 10 Mobile on your Windows Phone in Latin America? Let us know in the comments!


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I have 10586.63 now
  • Are you an insider?
  • I'm an insider and have .63 on my 640. Works fine. Sweden.
  • Really?? What about battery? App closes and other issues on lum640
  • Works significantly better than build .29. I'll tell you that.
  • ^ This. I really hope .29 doesn't drive people off WM, although the need to hard reset and not load a WP8.x backup may contribute to that. .63 behaves so much better.
  • I have .63 on my 535 its working fine, no battery and software issue but this edge really sucks and they need to improve store app which is very slow.
  • I have .63 on on L535, too. I noticed some issues with closing apps. In 8.1 version I would really get out of app by tapping an arrow key on a dock for enough times, till I'd get to start screen. If I needed to check something out, I'd just use windows key on a dock as a shortcut, and the app would continue working, till I tap long on arrow key to go back to that waiting app, or just to close it. Now, in version 10, even if I close app with back key on a dock of a screen, the app still works in the background! When I long press back key on a dock, I find all aps, settings, or whatever I was doing - there! I have to manualy shut them down. Does it happen to you? As to you, Store is slower than it's previous version and Edge is slower than IE!
  • ... Unless you have a Lumia 950xl like mine, which got entirely hosed during the installation of .63! Spinning cogs, then a sad smiley face and endless boot looping - recovery tool saved it from being bricked altogether.
  • Yes... .63 is very good.. It's about damn time.
  • Battery life on my 930 improved drastically with .63 update
    It's like getting 150% the battery I got with .29
  • I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. I thought I was going crazy. My 929 would only last about 3-4 hours with normal usage on .29
  • After a hard reset ? If yes With or without backup ? Horrible battery life on my 930 only bought in August, havent hard reset for a few builds so maybe it's that
  • I have .63 on Lumia 535 DS by insider. No problem. Battery work for 1.5 - 2 days. Czech Republic, SIM cards from O2 & t-mobile.
  • Battery issue is solved in build 10586.63
  • Wen in Merica?
  • I thought Lumia 640 was the "ready for windows 10" phone? Why is only Lumia 535 getting the update?
  • Is that a problem?
  • When in India?
  • It's just starting...
  • वे कितने निर्धन हैं जिनके पास धैर्य नहीं है
  • Lol
  • ऐसी अधीरता किस काम की हैं भला?
  • अद्भुत
  • लोल
  • लोल इनडीड!
  • പുല്ല് എന്നാ ഇവിടെ വരുന്നേ എന്ന് !
  • പ്രിവ്യൂ ഇട്ടാ മതി..ചെറിയ ui bugs മാത്രമേ ഉള്ളൂ..
  • naatukare kond chiriyum kaliyum anallo :P
  • Pakshe preview athre pora. orupaadu bugs undallo. very irritating. especially the latest release.
  • I think they should just release it already for all devices.
  • Updates roll in waves. Like always
  • Sure, release it everywhere at once, for all devices. Then come back here to protest that Microsoft has messed up and they should have never released an update that breaks so many devices without proper testing. Of course they have been testing the release, but there's always a chance that some phone with certain configuration and with this or that app might have some issues. Releasing in waves allows them to release to the masses in a carefully controlled manner, pinpointing bugs faster.
  • Seems to work fine for Apple.
    Staggered releases just annoy consumers
  • fine? smh.
  • No. We don't want it if it is not ready.
  • Ah, there might be a problem there. Windows releases being 'ready' are old hat I'm afraid. The new way is the constant beta. I know, not easy to swallow. Still, MS are committed to the eternal beta now so it's 'my way or the highway'. I do like road trips...
  • @Finn2, there is no "I" in "we" :). You may not, others do :).
  • What if others get disappointed on OS being unstable? 'If' its really not. What happens next?
  • Agreed. Just like Windows 10 for PC had to be released with the Build 10586. Still full of many bugs. The initial RTM 10240 had so many bugs and has created negative impression on many people forcing them to go back to their Windows 8.1 or 7.
  • True. My friend jumped back to 7, but then it poped up a warning that his windows version ain't genuine (it was genuine though) and he has to buy windows 8.1 for his laptop. He ain't coming to windows 10.
  • How do you know your friend W7 is genuine? He might be buying hacked non genuine W7. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is that the update over the air???
  • No, waterborne.
  • Lol
  • @myjumping, just don't sneeze! :P.
  • Lol
  • Lol nailed him I just can't stop,laughing awesome dude hhahahahahaha
  • If you can handle a lot of crashes and if you are okay with your phone restarting itself whenever streaming a video on YouTube, you shall go grab this update. I have been using W10M on my Lumia 535 DS since September last year and I only have seen the things getting better as the time flies by. W10M surely has handful of issues, and no wonder, every new great features brings bugs and issues with it. Stay on WP8.1 for now if you are too weak to try out unpolished software. Battery is still a mess on Lumia 535. Running .63
  • Haha
  • LOL
  • You legend XD
  • @cjkaliber, yes, it is OTA just like every other update :)
  • Emmm I thing Microsoft started to harness cosmic rays for this one... Don't get fried!
  • Insider build 10586.11 has destroyed the 2G radio of my L535 dual. Due to battery drain overheating.
    Rolling back to 8.1 didn't fix the issue so I'm sure its hardware related.
    Only the SIM selected for data connection (3G) works.
    I've learnt my lesson now :(
  • Lol lol lol
  • Why don't you let it repair?  
  • It's difficult for me to visit the Care Centre due to my job. + I'm not sure if my warranty is still valid cos I got this phone Feb. 2015.
  • Your warranty is still valid...It goes for one year
  • Yup, everyone has 1 year manufactures warranty and presuming your not in a region where some have 2 then it will expire next month, so run Olumide O, run! :P
  • Olumide, to ba je Naija lo ti raa, Longton lo wa yen. Sibesibe, try luck e.
  • I'm sorry but... Insider builds for Windows 10 can not affect your phone if you are not running Insider builds for Windows 10. The software will not destroy your hardware.
  • Insider builds destroyed my battery :( I want to change it
  • Yes insider build .11 damaged my L520 battery.
  • Build 10166 damaged my L521 WiFi radio I think
  • Yes! Its OTA.
  • When in India??
  • वे कितने निर्धन हैं जिनके पास धैर्य नहीं है
  • 2018 sorry ;)
  • Please state country of origin and carrier. "I have it now" comments are as useful as an empty beer glass.
  • Pretty sure it's all CV.
  • L535 in México, no W10 Update on Telcel yet.
  • What is the size of W10M update? Do we get .63 directly after .29 on non-insider L535?
  • Good question, post it in the forums - in the 535 sub section :).
  • Any bugs spotted in the official update?
  • @Malik Waseem2. Err, don't have a 535 Latin American Variant :P and no, WM10 has been pushed out to every WP8.1 yet sooo neither I or anyone (without first hand knowledge) can say if there are bugs spotted in the official update :).
  • .63 isn't released yet, i think the 535 also will get .63 when released,
  • Is there a model specific firmware with the Ota,or just the os which one can get through the insider program?
  • I am also trying to get an answer on firmware update for any of the older phones.but nothing.anywhere.but without the firmware i think the win 10 mobile is not really working as good as 8.1
  • Exactly. We need firmware. If it's without the firmware we already know how poorly it will run in the x20 series, especially the 512MB phones.
  • .63 works significantly better than .0, 29 or 36.
  • Got a 535 whit W10M .63 as an insider and it works really good, a firmware update is all i need to have m my device running at 100%. So, I need to roll back to 8.1 to get it? Recovery tool will be updated to support W10M on this device? What I need to do if I want this official release?...............
    Any one? Pdta. I'm in Colombia.
  • So, anyone know if the update is coming to Lumia 735/UK? 
  • Which one is better? .63 or .29
  • .63 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Obviously .63 is better
  • Some ppl say its better its faster and less bugs, so better they bring the update out on non users i am curius abouth it
  • .63 has been working way better than .29 on my Lumia 925.
  • I hope it has no bug
  • LOL GOOD ONE - Microsoft Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is this build official..??
    My build 10586.36 and its have a issue that some games have touch problem and screen size not adjust. Os this issue fixed?
  • Screen size not adjusted ? You have the option to adjust the scaling yourself.
  • Not fix i tried
  • Not yet. I guess the game developers should release update to fix such problems. It is compatibility issue.
  • Indonesia???
  • 2020 broo hahah
  • When in India?
  • Aayega yaar, what's the point of asking now? You're not gonna get an answer anyway.
  • Coming soon ™
  • Hmm :-/
  • Ek baar aja aja aja aja aaaaaja
  • @r2SN Bro I laughed so hard :D
  • impatient one ! Become an insider and you'll get monthly updates :P :)
  • My contact in Microsoft says this is bogus, no updates currently being released.
  • Lol. Your contact is bogus.
  • I too think so. At least, MS would notify first about official release
  • So plz ask your contact to when will they be releasing the official build?
  • There's no date yet, it's ready when it's ready. Announcing a date and then not hitting it because of problems will only result in claims if broken promises.
  • December (or whatever season) promise was broken, that would not be something new.
  • No, it won't be 'ready when it's ready'. It'll be ropey on release like every other W10 release. This is the new way, the beta world of Windows as a service, or Windows work in progress...
  • As usual the update arrives in India between 25jan-28feb
  • Do not upgrade to windows 10. You will need an office 365 subscription to create and edit office files. I confirmed with Lumia help.
  • lol
  • Rofl when in India! Someone is talking porkies
  • Only on bigger screens and continuum.
  • I have lumia 640Xl and i didnt used the office gift bc i bought the phone 2 monts after the deals expired.But i log-in with my MS acc(outlook)and i can delete,save,edit,send, my files.
    Windows insider preview 10x.63
  • No, you don't. Editing is free under 10.1" devices.
  • Nope, you are wrong.
  • No. It's a bug that affected some users. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • So the buggy and unsafe system is now official? Damn, Microsoft's desperation to make us use Windows 10 is getting critical
  • unsafe?
  • When i try for the 1st time w10 i wasnt able to change my keyboard to landscape mod.Now im an insider for July and i love w10.
    I remember the 1st time when i have to roll back to w8.1if i want to take w10 update.My internet connection faills and i have w8.1 for 3-4 hours.It was the worst time of my entire phone exp.I know the bugg feeling(i have 630 too) but even buggy its better than w8.1 +++R.I.P.+++ Windows Phone 8
  • .63 here through preview & no problems as of about a week in
  • Which device?
  • Wich device do u use ?
  • I'm running lumia .63 on my Lumia 640XL no problems and my phone charge faster than before.
  • Data sense keeps warning me that I've reached my limit, even when I've clearly not.
    After dismissing a few notifications, clicking on another in the action center, does not launch the app. I'd have to close an open the action centre, to get it working.
    Otherwise it's fine.
    I don't know when they'll fix the start screen and all apps list UI glitches though.
  • Try going into Data Usage, tap Edit, tap Remove, then recreate your limit settings. That fixed the extraneous warning notifications for me when I was getting them on an earlier build.
  • can anyone tell me how is 10586.63 on lumia 520?
  • Buy a new phone
  • Lol
  • Yeah! Buy a new phone... I staret Windows phone with a L520 in 2013 and now upgraded to a L640XL the 520 doesn't feel that great anymore.... Infact I feel blind folded before.
  • I would say, 520 was a grat device. But it is time to rest. Let it on 8.1, the device will feel better having that system on it. Try a 640, is a way better version and a monster battery guy.
  • Get the Lumia 550, if you want to know how Lumia 520 runs W10M, there's a YouTube channel, "For the Love of tech" this dude has posted videos showing many old Lumias running W10M
  • Yea,and it's painful how slow WM10 is on older hardware.Rich's vids show exactly how bad the older dual core phones run.
  • Can anyone tell me how is 63 on 950XL ?
  • can I upgrade my L535 to 10
  • Yes.
  • When in India
  • वे कितने निर्धन हैं जिनके पास धैर्य नहीं है
  • Lol ☺
  • Im on .63 on Lumia 1020. Battery quite quick to drain.
  • The 1020 is a battery hog. I changed mine and now is even worse. The battery is a counterfit (yeah, apparently they make counterfits even for the 1020), now my 1020 is a mess inside and the battery is a total crapp. The original is dead! And windows 10 is not the best battery performer either. Anyway, people claim great battery life with the last 1020 does not see that either:)).
  • Yes, I can assure you that batt life improved in .36 for the L1020. I have a 2-yr old ph.
  • Mine is on .63. I see no impovement. Still slow still "batteryless". But yeah, as i've said. My battery now is a knock off. I installed it cause the original one died when my phone hit the ground from a half meter fall. Still. I feel that the 1020 is better overall with the 8.1 system. Battery and performance, camera wise.... All are better.
  • Where did the battery come from?
  • The question would be when will be massive updates?
  • Any Latin American friend confirming the same?
  • Still no news of this in Brazil yet.
  • Brasil companheiro? Alguma noticia?
  • Nada. Acho que tão esperando terminarem os testes internos da Cortana pra lançar de uma vez.
  • Mine phone not yet althoug I'm insider, should I rollback before upgrading oficially?
  • I'm in Colombia with .63 on 535 (works really good) and still no update in sight . So i want to know what i need to have this official realease.... Need to roll back to 8.1? Recovery tool will be updated to support W10M on this device? i'm pretty sure all we need is a firmware update for running W10M at 96%
  • My father's 535 dual sim is in W8.1 and there's no update.
  • You can leave the insider program whenever you want to. Just go in the app, tap on those three dots and select "leave program". So, don't worry, when the real 10 comes (you'll know, it'll be in aaaall news), you will be able to upgrade it easily. If you're affraid for your phone during upgrade, just don't leave automatic upgrade checked in phone settings. It will leave you time to check what you need (enough of battery, space, and, of course - rolling back to 8.1 by leaving insider program if you want to be sure that everything will be ok).
  • When in Bangladesh ?
  • So glad I got a 950 can skip all this waiting game!
  • Are you sure? I mean i have the xl and still waiting...not for the 10 but for the freaqin bugs to be solved!
  • Lumia532 build .63 insider preview 1week . Works great and fast. The battery life is improve also.
  • I have a L 532 and apps keep crashing i rolled back to W 8.1 and it's heaven :D
  • Lumia 640 XL dual sim.63
    Just Do It
  • 4 When in India comments. Keep it coming
  • Wen in Timbuktu?
  • Mali! first time i see a comment from a "Malian" :)
  • Lumia 535 Dual in Brazil and nothing update yet. 
  • Lumia 830, been in .63 for 3 days now (insider, though). Works fine, battery is great now, but still getting warm (sometimes too much) with gaming.
  • Did you had this happening with wp8.1? I mean the heating issue?
  • Sometimes, yes. But not as much (or as warm) as it has been with the Win10 previews. It's way better in .63 though. Like, it would be warm all the time, even with no heavy using in the first preview builds. Now in .63 it happens only with gaming or other heavy usage.
  • L930 sometimes seems to heat your ear... Rs... Let it on waze for a couple of hours and try to make a call... Rs
  • Ok. Am asking cause my 950xl is on the crazy side with .29 build non-insider. Sometimes works for hours without a bit of worm and sometimes using it for way less and in the same maner starts to get hot. I don-t know if i should go insider with it. I have a 1020 on insider and on that device. I see no improvement:(.
  • Is there another any other issues with this build other than heating ?
  • I started using my spare 1520 because the 830 (running the older 8.1 Update 1 Denim firmware) is having screen stuttering on the .63 build. I'm guessing the 8.1 Update 2 Denim firmware fixes this issue with WM10. Outside of that the phone runs pretty well.
  • Waiting ☺
  • When are we in gulf counties going to receive the updates for Lumia 930? it feels like forever already.....
  • I don't get the .29 release. What's wrong with the .63 update?
  • It is still the insider preview. With Win10 the release to .63 will happend directly via microsoft.   
  • Sorry, i meant that i don't get why will they release it with the .29 build when .63 is out and as all say, is better to!
  • Does anyone know if we will be able to reject the update? I'm planning on getting any upcoming higher end Windows phone but I would really love to have my current Lumia 925 stay with the WP8.1 as I have also got a Lumia 800 with WP7.8.
  • Trying to remember WP8.x... Is there a setting for auto-download updates you can turn off?
  • Yes. In settings > phone update, there is a checkbox saying "automatically download updates if my data settings allow it" which you can uncheck.
  • I live in Mexico, sadly I don't own the 535, I own the 640xl instead ... Checking updates and nothing, also the UpdateAdvisor is not available in my region.
  • Yes it is available, check via web.
  • When in Hindustan ??
  • वे कितने निर्धन हैं जि&#