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Microsoft’s latest commercial brings your world to life – Windows is everywhere

Microsoft is everywhere and they want you to know that. The two latest commercials (see the second ad after the break) from the boys in Redmond show off the harmonious marriage of various services on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. Internet Explorer, Bing, Xbox, Skype, SkyDrive, and the App store - are all touched upon.

In a world where ecosystem are kings and the best devices are nothing without backing – Microsoft wants you to know that they’ve got you covered.

Two editions of the commercials were released, with a second one including Microsoft Office in the lineup of applications. Take a look at both ads to see how “Windows brings it [work or play] all to life on your Windows tablet, PC, and phone.”

This time let’s ask – what Microsoft services do you NOT use? I personally only use Internet Explorer on my Surface and revert back to Google Chrome on my ThinkPad.

Source: WindowsVideos

  • Nice just seems like the video should have been out months ago. Advertising is good Microsoft and you've gotten better
  • +3
  • Have to say its a really good ad
  • Go Microsoft!
  • I love them being aggressive! About time!
  • Finally an ad that makes sense.... Nobody dancing on a table... Keep this going in this direction.
  • I don't use Skype because the messaging isn't like whatsapp or kik. Office, I hardly use it anymore. IE on surface frustrates me because some drop down menus on websites don't work at all.
  • Great, anything positive to contribute to the subject of the article?? :/
  • The article asked what MS services you don't use.
  • how is skype not like kik? it's miles better with video calling and better windows phone integration.
    office? you must not be very productive then because it's the #1 productivity suite in popularity, marketshare, and functionality.
    if the menus don't work then it's the fault of the webmasters of those sites who haven't updated their websites for IE10 and too busy sucking Google.
  • I don't tend to do much outside browsing; so I don't use Skype simply because everyone I'd want to PM is already on Facebook Chat, or I can just send them a message/call from my phone. And while I think Office is great, when I had the month preview I didn't really use it at all except for Outlook, so now I've just pinned the website to my Start screen. Nothing against the particular software, just in my home usage I have no need for it. I do use an older office at work, again the only program I use consistently is Outlook though.
  • "better windows phone integratioin" ....! emmm.... u mean now?
  • did you read the part where I said I don't use Skype because of the messaging? how do I send pictures and videos on my windows phone using Skype? also, I just dint use office as often as I use to. I never implied kt sucked or anything. I wouldn't use any other suite if I had the choice. as for the browser, yes I know it's the webmasters fault but it sucks that IE is the browser were I experience this problem with.
  • Actually, alot of the drop down menus not working issue is directly related to the UA string. I've changed the UA string to "iPhone" and all drop menus worked as expected. Hope this helps.
  • Great tip...thanks.
  • How do I do this? Can I do it on my surface RT?
  • Yes drop down menus on WP8 often do not work too. Annoying..
  • Exactly. This makes it feel like I have an inferior device. I remember when I got my Zune HD I was hoping the browser would be more like safari on iPhone. Has it turned out, it wasn't even close. No matter what Microsoft product I've owned, IE has always let me down. Not completely, but I've never been 100% satisfied.
  • This is a poor web developer problem, not an IE one.
  • This is very true. It's also tough to optimize to all browser standards, though.
  • Possibly poor web development, but as other browsers work, it is down
    to Microsoft to make sure IE can emulate the functions of webkit
    browsers. It is only Microsoft that is not using webkit in the mobile
    world. IE is becoming less popular and they need to make my experience
    with IE better. It will drive users away, even LinkedIn does not work
    properly, you are unable to delete posts. On safari works fine.
  • Wrong, MS Shouldn't follow webkit. Webkit and MS should follow the standards which aren't written in stone and still being hammered out at this moment in time. There are two main standards competing. one is MS and the other is webkit. From a web dev and app developer  point MS has a far more robust solution and more forward thinking solution but what will likely is that W3C will probably cherry pick the best from each. The same is happening for the VOIP protocol.
    As to optimising websites, IE 10 is still relatively a new technology and finding robust solutions is not easy when you have variances in browsers. As a freelancer it's getting more expensive to keep up with devices than it is with software.  
    By the way don't get caught in the trap that Webkit is best and all should follow it. Look what happened with IE 6.
  • Webkit may not be best, but most popular. WP8 experience in IE is poor when compared to a good webkit browser. I'm not bothered about speed, but if i cannot use a webpage then it is bad. IOS and Android probably have an app for it, but WP8 doesn't so excellent IE support for all webpages is extremely important.
  • Do you remember the last time a web rendering engine had 80+% market share? Hint: it powered IE6.
  • Not necessarily - I am a web developer and I'll test my sites in several different versions of all the different browsers. Just when I think I'm finished, I'll test it on Windows Phone and half of the stuff will be screwy. It behaves differently to it's desktop counterpart and quite often there are specific rules just for WP. Not for Android & not IOS; only WP. If I didn't have a Windows Phone myself I probably wouldn't bother to fix it... afterall why spend extra time and money supporting 1 browser that doesn't work out of dozens that do, on a platform with a small marketshare?
  • Actually, alot of the drop down menus not working issue is directly related to the UA string. I've changed the UA string to "iPhone" and all drop menus worked as expected in my experience. Hope this helps.
  • How do you do that? If the solution is so simple, cannot MS do something?
  • I've used the app called "User Agent Switcher" it works alright, albeit a bit meh looking. Microsoft can't do anything really because most websites assume any IE is IE6 or some other older version and runs the crappy IE6 version of the site. If you fool it into thinking its the latest safari for example, it loads that version, which IE has no problem rendering. At least in my experience.
  • I use the touch cover mouse pad for those websites. They only don't work with touch screen. There was a tip above from Ticomfreak to change the UA string to "iphone", I will try that too.
  • Why do they say one experience if the UI in windows 8 and windows phone 8 are not the same? When you pick up an iPad and iPhone, the UI throughout the devices are waaaaay more similar than it is in W8 & WP8.
  • That's the good part, because you don't have the exact same thing in your devices, they are working together but your tablet isn't just a bigger version of your phone, like the iPad and iPhone.
  • true. an tablet should be a more advanced device that can allow a greater freedom in entertainment and more productivity, not just a bigger phone so you can read text easier, which is the case with iPhone and iPad
  • Cuz if my mom saw it she'd think it was the same.  Both are colorful boxes xD 
  • Haha, this made me laugh. But it's true. To regular consumers they do look like the same UI. Obviously people like us can tell the difference, but "regular" people make up the majority of the market.
  • Yeah, a lot of people think that they're the same thing. A lot of people assume that the apps are the same too
  • great ad.  About time they tell the story of how they and only they are providing a consistent experience across phone tablet and PC..
  • They are working on merging WP and w8 its nit happening quick enough for some of us maybe many of us
  • I don't use anything that has to do with Xbox Music (or the Xbox itself. I prefer my PS3 for gaming). I really wish they would release a WMP app for W8RT. And I also only use Internet Explorer in those devices where I'm forced to use it (WP and Surface), in my PCs I use Firefox.
  • Between my work laptop, Surface RT and WP8 device, I use pretty much all their services - IE, Skype, Office, Bing, SkyDrive.
    Edit: All except their XBox services is guess :)
  • Best ad so far...
  • Its def a little late but its awesome anyway
  • Pretty much the entire consumer stable, laptop, Surface RT, desktop, Bing, SkyDrive, Xbox Music. Only thing missing is Xbox 360 with which a PS3 takes it spot.
  • Another excellent ad from microsoft.  They have a great marketing department lately...
    My life revolves around skydrive.  Google docs, evernote, and dropbox do not even begin to compare. 
    Some of the other microsoft services I use less; I have an iphone because I prefer a smaller phone but my next phone will probably be a windows phone because there has been some better verizon hardware out in 2013 than we saw in 2012.  I also prefer google search and maps to bing search and maps, but only by a very small margin.  Actually I think bing is still my default search on my surface RT (which I love) simply because I haven't bothered to change it seeing how bing is almost as good.  I like how bing maps looks (the use of opacity and font size scaling makes it much prettier than google maps) but some of the options arent perfect such as street view and traffic.  So I think that makes 3 things I still don't use microsoft for: phone, search, and maps.  Everything else is microsoft for me (skype, office, tablet, PC, soon-to-be xbox).
  • The Ad is certainly well done. But I wish Microsoft had planned from the beginning to strongly link apps so that they are available for all their Windows 8 platforms. That still is not the case. It would also have been great if your Windows account could link the apps across platforms. Say I have a Windows 8 pc and now buy myself a Windows Phone 8; why should I have to go to the store and manually search and download the apps I have on my pc? An option to select from the ones installed on your pc to be transferred and installed on your phone would have been THE thing!
    Bing is certainly good as a search engine, but it looses greatly outside the US. I live in Europe and some features are either not available (yet) or not working. Also, linking Facebook and only seeing public posts from friends does not make very much sense. My friends all across Europe worry about their privacy and hardly post things publicly. Since I can see their "friends" posts though, why can't I see those in Bing search?...
    I know, Microsoft (and Google & Co.) all hail from the US and hence their new features get implemented there first. But some things seemingly never get ported over to other countries.
    Still, I am very satisfied with Windows 8 and my Windows Phone 8. Some things could be improved, but I don't complain too much :D
  • i like the ad. simple, catchy
  • I like the ad!
    I also like how the tiles are not solid colors, instead they have this cool texture to them. Future W8/WP8/RT feature? It could be like.. live wallpapers for your tiles? :p
  • No, they just did that to create a "3D" feel so it looked natural when the hand was placing tiles. This is Metro, not iOS. If you want texture gimmicks, go get an iPhone. Oh wait, they won't have textures anymore either.
  • love the textures as well! and no.. I don't want iOS, I just like something different every once a while and it kind of looks great. But this won't come 'cause MS is still working on making the new ecosystem work better and spread the word a little bit more, I guess.
  • You shouldn't be on the defensive this much! Man has gotta a point...
    We all know "metro", use it and like it a lot. However, it doesn't make it perfect. It is still a little bit rough around the edges and needs a few touches here and there. Of course this is ok since it's still relatively new and has yet to fully mature and stabilize. And if Windows 8 (and such ads maybe) is any indication, it might hopefully be making its way to WP as well
    I agree with MDak280 that subtle gradients (not those crazy Ive gradients) and/or a tiny bit of noise would be welcome in a future evolution of our beloved design language. There is absolutely no way Microsoft would go Apple's way and make it like iOS, whether it is the old 'skeutastic' version or even the latest flat one (w/ the most horrible icons human kind has ever seen).
  • Get Ad.. Nice animations too .
  • Funny how adverts have always been about what you can afford. Microsoft has a lot and yet it wasn't until I saw that wedding fight ad that I felt Microsoft had finally spent a bit. Nice ad.
  • I'm 100 Percent Microsoft and loving every minute!! - sent on my Lumia 920 WP after checking my outlook email on my windows 8 laptop which connected me via internet explorer to Bing search about the Xbox one, the successor to my Xbox 360 while listening to Xbox music during a Skype session with my sister in law in Guam.
  • You're the man
  • I don't use Internet Explorer on anything but my Lumia 920. Same with Bing. Also use Gmail instead of Outlook and I don't really use Skype or any Skype alternatives at all.
    Really not that all invested in the MS eco system. I just really like how Windows Phone works.
  • I use xboxmusic, office, skydrive, Windows phone, win8rt on Surface, office 365,
  • Loved it.
  • Finally. Nicely done
  • Should have said more than 50,000, like they say "With lots off apps".
  • I don't use IE (except on my Surface and phone) or Xbox Music. I'm still in the middle of transitioning from Gmail/Google Calendar to Outlook. But for the most part I use every other Microsoft service.
  • How do they producing such a great ads? Do they use Windows or.. a Mac for editing?
  • I love it!
  • Having the total experience from gaming to PC with that power at home, while having surface tablets on the go that can still operate office in a pinch or look at a power point or read a book, then to have a windows phone to do everything you need to have easy access and internet sharing and a sick effing camera, to the billions of other things you can do, operating the same way across the board on the same operating system,; well, that's something NO ONE ELSE CAN SAY. Its pretty frickin impressive given the way 95% of computers built were running windows a few years ago. Apple is nice, but Microsoft is changing the game. Complete fluid experience. Everything. Nothing left out other than providing the internet service itself. I like it. Alot.
  • Just for reference, my comment was made previously to watching the ad itself. Impressive Microsoft. Well done.
  • In fact,there is one more ad but this time showing RT office apps
  • Bing is frikkin annoying
  • I'm warming to Bing. While I agree Google is currently better, I f***ing hate Google so refuse to use it on principle.
  • I've gotten used to it. Google and Bing provide different results both equally relevant. Its kinda weird. That said I've grown to prefer Bing's results.
  • I use Win8, WP8, Office and Skydrive regularly. I usually use IE10 although on our old work PCs, which still ran WinXP, I used Firefox. I don't use Skype (although my son is never off it, it seems). The more I use of Microsoft's ecosystem, though, the more impressed I am about how it hangs together across devices.
  • Thats better than advertising windows 8 alone. Msft should merge it all at once and nokia should make phones 5 in display that can power windows rt
  • Microsoft finally made an ad that hits the mark.  The message is loud and clear for why choosing WP8 phones. 
  • I like how it made tiles look extra live. They aren't that interesting in practice, but it does really highlight that they aren't just icons.
  • Great ad!! :-)
  • Like the commercials, but I still think Microsoft is very lazy when it comes to advertising here in the Netherlands. They are just not active. At all. I would like to have that changed. You hear me Microsoft? Show the Dutch people there is more than Apple and Android!
  • I like the ad. Personally, I dabble in most of Microsoft products. Buy Xbox is something rare for me as well as SkyDrive. Though both are changing as I plan to get an Xbox and I want to utilize SkyDrive more.
  • Yup, although I'm a Microsoft fanboy, IE 10 is still very, very lacking. As soon as they have adequate extensions and stuff, I'll jump ship from Chrome A.S.A.P!
    Oh yeah I use Office, Outlook, Skydrive, OneNote, Bing.
  • Use Firefox.
  • Nice ad...
  • Proud owner of all things windows, PC, surface rt, Lumia 920, focus flash, focus, zunehd ,Zune Gen 1,2,3, Xbox 360 and soon Xbox one... I also use outlook,SkyDrive, all the awesomeness that is part of the ecosystem
  • Thanks guys. This app just keeps getting better with age. Any news on the Windows 8 version?
  • The only Microsoft service I don't use is the one that doesn't exist yet. ;)
  • Finally :)
  • nice commercial, eye catching...come on MS, start pumping these on the TV!!!!
  • Where's the Xbox in that setup?^^ Btw, live tiles seen in this ad would he fantastic. Even interactive tiles, like the swipe on the store. They could let us swipe for the next song just on the home screen on the tile of the music app. So much room for really great improvement
    Edit: when I think about it, an outlook app for the Xbox would be awesome
  • They forgot the Xbox.
  • Nice informative ad
  • FINALLY! Making good commercials, instead of werid dance routines! Keep this up Microsoft, and you'll (hopefully) go far!
  • This is a really decent advert. It represents what the new "windows" is all about. Crisp, clean, straight to the point and efficient, less is more. This is long over due. Its as if mcirosoft is trying to reinvent thier image without going away from thier morals - honsty, value and efficiency. Everyone can understand this advert. Go Microsoft !!! 2013 is going to be thier year, and next year even more so.
  • That's a commercial
  • I've used all services from all  the providers or tested them but I've always gravitated back to MS.  There's something about having all of them work together on all my gadgets in helpful little ways that suprises me at odd moments.  I always thought it was one of the greatest things but no one ever talks about it.    It's good that that the way all the services gel together now gets shown in an advert.  They should've added smartglass too
  • They nailed it!