Microsoft says what we all knew: No upgrade for the HD2

Microsoft finally came out and said it (again) today at MIX10 -- No Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade for the HTC HD2. Sorry, it's just not gonna happen. And that news comes a mere 24 hours or so before T-Mobile throws a little wake party for its latest and likely last Windows Mobile 6.5 device. (Oh, and we'll be there, so check back in Tuesday night.)

So we'll put the question to you: Now that it's really real that the HD2 won't be getting an upgrade, will that affect your decision to get one on T-Mobile?

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  • upgrade or no upgrade im getting my hands all over that hd2 on release dates..i usually dont keep a phone past 4 to 5 months so upgrading to a new device want be a problem for me, besides XDA will prob be all over it
  • Of course I'll get it, it runs actual winmo, not some tile-y blue thing
  • woulda still got it if there was legitamate support for WM 6.5. right now, WP7s and its iphone ways are not wowing me anyways. wish they would have just highly improved WM, and then if they INSISTED on copying the iphone, brought forth some "media" WM that would be like WP7s. dunno about these people. never can get their stuff together
  • After knowing more about WP7s i am getting least interested in the phone. WM 6.5 is much better. I did not expect MS to exactly what apple has done to iphone.
  • I would still buy it if there was an fully functioning android ROM for it. Don't get me wrong, I like WinMo, but unfortunately it looks like a dead platform now. Microsoft says they will support it for a few years, but if all the developers move on to the other platforms it will wither away and die. Please HTC, release android for this beauty!
  • If I wanted an iSheep I would have bought one. Multitasking makes the WinMo a clear winner. It is unfortunate that MS has appeared to forget about the corporate user and power uster. I usually trade every couple of years as new tech is ironed out. Now I am going to have to make the Tilt2 last as long as possible. Although I am not an Android fan, now I just may convert.
  • It'll be a fun and productive device for a lot of people, but it was never going to break any sales records or change any market shares. This news will only disappoint those who purchase the HD2, and they would've done so regardless of the OS.