Microsoft sees a boost in Developer activity

According to the analytic firm Flurry Inc., Windows Phone 7 development has seen a boost in development activity.  The likely culprit behind this increase is the partnership with Nokia.  Regardless, the boost lifts Microsoft passed Blackberry but still behind Android and Apple with respect to developer activity.

Flurry periodically measures the relative support that developers dedicate to various platforms by tracking new application starts. A week after the announcement of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership, Flurry measured a 66% increase in Windows Phone 7 project starts.

There is still plenty of ground to cover. Apple leads app projects with 69% of the apps and Android has 25%. Blackberry development represents 2% of the app projects. From their blog, Flurry sees the boost in developer activity as a positive.

From Flurry’s point of view, this week’s spike in Windows Phone 7 developer activity shows that developers not only believe Nokia has given Microsoft Windows Phone7 a shot in the arm, but also that Nokia and Microsoft together can build a viable ecosystem.

One of the keys for success that Microsoft identified early on was developer support. Support that seems to be increasing with Microsoft's new partnership with Nokia.

Source: Flurry Via: Bloomberg

George Ponder

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