Microsoft sending the media Mangos [Humor]

If you're not aware of the event already, Microsoft is holding a Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) preview (opens in new tab) in four days, and invitations to the press are now being received. In keeping with the fun nature of the OS, the invitation for the event is a fairly large surprise. A real mango in a box.

If you're not up-to-speed with all the goings-on surrounding the next major update for Windows Phone 7, you can take a gander at our past coverage of upcoming Mango (opens in new tab) and tune in Tuesday morning (10 EST) for our live coverage of the event.

Source:, via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I want one! =(
  • I remember when I bought Windows 7 on its launch date, MS Thailand gave customers free cookies. I was happy :D
  • To MS:Haha, now were's the WP7 w/ competitive features & h/w??That is all.
  • Competitive features & hardware? Well that would be the Mango update, hence why they're making a big deal of this event...
  • Haha, where are the devices that include features that can only be found on Windows Phone today.
  • Ahh I see the trolls have come out to play. Haha
  • They always seem to fail these days, why can they no longer troll properly without everyone laughing at them? :(
  • The most tragic part is Why are they here on a Windows Phone-only site, when they clearly have no interest or respect for it? They don't like the OS, still they are here snooping around and smelling bad.
  • In a positive light it's more traffic for our statistic and analytics software ;-)
  • Good on you for using the plural form of "mango", Rich. Let's just say I wish another site was as ethical.
  • I don't understand. Are you referring to the use of "Mangos" versus "Mangoes"? -- both are considered correct in English, according to
  • I hope this isn't sarcastic lol.
  • Completely serious. :)
  • MangOS... Hmm, well it is less of a mouthful than Windows Phone 7.5! But will the masses go for it? ;)
  • All the codenames for WP will end in O.. eg. Mango and NoDo etc.