Microsoft serious about facilitating homebrew community, schedules roundtable with ChevronWP7 team

We’ve been covering the exploits of the ChevronWP7 team for a couple of months. From the original release and the various applications released for unlocked devices, to Microsoft having a heart-to-heart with the team and the subsequent discontinuation of the unlocker, it’s been a busy couple of months.

The stated reason for ChevronWP7 development being discontinued was that Microsoft was interested in officially facilitating the homebrew community, saying that this is an important area for consumers. It looks like Microsoft is putting action to their words. In a couple of tweets Microsoft’s Brandon Watson states that he is looking forward to hosting the ChevronWP7 team next week. Brandon also confirms that the hole that ChevronWP7 found has been closed, and recommends that any ideas or questions on the subject of homebrew development on Windows Phone 7 be directed to the ChevronWP7 team to be discussed next week.

What are your thoughts on the homebrew situation? Have you been using ChevronWP7? Is it good that Microsoft is being proactive? Talk it up in the comments.

Source @BrandonWatson (Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

  • I believe that if MS wants to get more attention for WP7, it should look into the openness direction as opposed to Steve Jobs' one-man-show gadgets. Don't fight homebrew, provide them a controlled and safe environment and you will benefit from it. My 2¢
  • @ bizpat72, I agree with you. I think MSFT should embrace the homebrew community and really take cues from them and really listen to them as well as the casual user. I believe if they can really walk the line between being an Android-like product as well as Apple iOS, I think they will eat up the competition. With Windows Mobile OS, and now with Android, I never seen such a vast community of third party homebrew apps, and even the WinMo OS being redistributed. The only thing I wonder is how will MSFT be able to facilitate homebrew and how that affects things like OTA updates, and a bunch of other things. The community didn't have to worry about their devices turning off when windows mobile was the OS. Now, it seems that both MSFT and the carriers can detect if there is any illegal content and remotely brick your phone, if they wanted to do that.
  • This will mean so much to Windows Mobile (yes, I said WinMo) if MS can accept and support homebrew for WP7.I'm not saying it has to be as open as Android or WM6, but as long as homebrewers are able to keep it legal, MS should support them every step of the way. MS really killed a huge, hardcore fanbase from XDA-Devs and more, and so many have already switched to Android. If I were MS, I'd be longing for this audience, as they were the most dedicated to WM6 and prior, even when it was in its dying days.
  • Consider making homebrew downlaods available to live gold members? this way MS can still make money off the home brew...