Microsoft set to introduce a new version of the Bing logo

Microsoft is set to launch a new logo for Bing, changing the color from yellow and even going as far as capitalizing the "b". The switch is down to Microsoft concluding that moving from yellow to the color green would make the logo easier to read for consumers against a white background. The company also stated the new color works well across Windows-powered hardware and services.

Advertising Age managed to get a sneak peek of the new logo, which you'll be able to check out below, that will represent the progress Microsoft's search engine has made to catch up to Google. Microsoft's corporate VP of advertiser and publisher solutions, Rik van der Kooi, told AdAge that Bing is "the only search engine that is experiencing steady, consistent growth and have increased our share for 26 consecutive quarters. And we're not slowing down."


It's hoped that by packaging Bing with Windows 10 and other platforms and services, Microsoft will be able to attract more consumers away from the likes of Google and other competing search engines. Do you Bing it, or are you a Google fan?

Source: AdAge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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