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Microsoft set to introduce a new version of the Bing logo

Microsoft is set to launch a new logo for Bing, changing the color from yellow and even going as far as capitalizing the "b". The switch is down to Microsoft concluding that moving from yellow to the color green would make the logo easier to read for consumers against a white background. The company also stated the new color works well across Windows-powered hardware and services.

Advertising Age managed to get a sneak peek of the new logo, which you'll be able to check out below, that will represent the progress Microsoft's search engine has made to catch up to Google. Microsoft's corporate VP of advertiser and publisher solutions, Rik van der Kooi, told AdAge that Bing is "the only search engine that is experiencing steady, consistent growth and have increased our share for 26 consecutive quarters. And we're not slowing down."


It's hoped that by packaging Bing with Windows 10 and other platforms and services, Microsoft will be able to attract more consumers away from the likes of Google and other competing search engines. Do you Bing it, or are you a Google fan?

Source: AdAge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Always with the reinventing something that already exists
  • As opposed to just staying the same for years, getting old stale and dying. Evolution or extinction...
  • I guess so, but the new xbox experience is so underwhelming, waste of code from the ui perspective. The bing logo isn't that bad, xbox music wasn't so bad, so what's with groove music? Can't keep up :)
  • you're literally the only person i've ever heard say, "Xbox music was not bad". In US, I presume? 
  • It wasn't that bad in the UK either tbh (I used it exclusively with Xbox Music Pass content) - Groove is a big improvement though and keeps getting better.
  • Just wait 3 months. I'm sure the Xbox UI will completely change again. They moved away from Xbox Music because people that don't have an Xbox wondered why they would use that app. Groove isn't much better.
  • They should have just called it Music. Microsoft Music? Or brought back the zune name with a bang. As a music streaming service as well as a cross platform app. (as in not just a xbox music reskinning) ​Groove is such a branding misfire
  • Zune will never be a brand again for the same reason Edge isn't called Internet Explorer. Microsoft is trying to leave those "black eyes" in the past. I agree, Groove isn't the best name for a music app, but neither is Spotify, Pandora, or Slacker. Users learned what those apps did despite the poor names.
  • What??! The new Xbox UI is so much faster compared to the old ... it is actually usable now.
  • As you saw in the article it's not a huge logo change like Google's, it's just some tiny modifications. And the Xbox Music/Video branding was honestly pretty confusing to me. I'm kinda hardwired to the fact that Xbox is a gaming system and not an entertainment network. And to move away from the dark history of Zune, Groove seems reasonably to me. 
  • Yeah, that brand new logo that they JUST updated was so old and stale!
  • There goes all those Microsoft flag-holding, fire-breathing unicorn-riding, ninja cat memes with the yellow Bing logo.
  • Quick! Somebody Photoshop a new flag for the cat!
  • I still can't believe they brought back the MSN branding. I always think of a grandma with a Web TV and Hotmail account when I see MSN.
  • Last I heard MSN was the homepage for 500 million users. Guess that's a reason to keep the brand?
  • They should just call it Cortana. Throw the Cortana circle on there for a logo.
  • Best thing I heard today!
  • No that's a bad idea. Bing is their search platform.... Cortana is their AI/Digital Assistant platform. Cortana uses ALL of Microsoft services (not just Bing). It's better they keep them separate.
  • Doesn't look like a 'reinvention' to me... looks like they just fixed the errors in the current logo to match the rest of the Microsoft product logos.
  • Can we change the name to "Bam!" ?
  • Viva la bam
  • Lol
  • Or, Bang. :P
  • Fun fact: Bing was meant to be called Bang, but the latter wasn't chosen because the slogan would have been "Bang it!" (imagine that).
  • As a matter of fact, I was counting on it.  
  • Chandler would feel let down!
  • Not a Google fan but Google Search is pretty much to the point here in India...
  • I still prefer Bing here in India :D
  • I love Bing
  • I know in india people are obsessed with scroogle but Bing isn't that bad here. I bing everyday from search to lockscreen to desktop background.
  • There are services which are well established for certain purposes... Like Google as a search pc for desktop for productivity purpose... Its very very difficult when it comes to competing against them...
    There's nothing bad in using 'Scroogle' because it is superior to the others... People should just accept the facts and move on :/
  • If Netscape had moved on you wouldn't have Firefox. If Apple had moved on you wouldn't have 'easier' smartphones today. If Xerox had moved on, you wouldn't have Ethernet and Google Fiber today. And lots of other things. Market competition makes products get better. Keeps them on their toes. Google had already started losing it's search share in the US.
  • Agreed!
  • Agreed. Competition should be there. Microsoft can't just accepct that defeat.
  • unless they are losing tons of money lol
  • to agree with that... But I was commenting with user's perspective...
  • You sir, don't know, how right you are!
  • I have moved on... Since three years ago I've stopped using google and moved on to Bing exclusively :)
  • Bing's quite good here in India
  • Bing gives better results.. I observed!!
  • Bung, bang, bing... That's how I swing baby ;p
  • Jar jar bings
  • Meesa thinks you called meesa name.
  • Thank you for not being cast in TFA
  • I was disappointed to not see jar jar myself. I'm a firm believer in the "jar jar is a dark lord in disguise" theory
  • That theory just doesn't make sense to me. If Jar Jar is a dark lord, then why would he help the Jedis and the queen? And what has he been doing all these years? Making another death star? :D
  • Enjoy using Bing and recommend it over Google. But still Google about 10% of the time. As far as the new green color... Leave green to Xbox. The yellow was fine.
  • most Google features are worldwide though compare to Bing thats are USA only
  • Exactly...
  • Yeah, Yellow is still better for Bing. Green is really the Xbox color, why change for tge sake of it. The uppercase B is more than enough.
  • The article states their reasoning was that it's easier to read against a white background, which does make sense. It wasn't just for the sake of it.
  • I agree. The yellow and white combination made Bing looked washed out and faded. The green and white makes it standout. But maybe they should have used colors other than the Xbox green.
  • Though if find mobile search is flawed though if you live outside US
  • My name is Ed and I'm a bingaholic.
  • Hi Ed.
  • Let me go start Bingaholics Anonymous. There'd be at least two people
  • Just Boogle it!
  • Ging it
  • It's pronounced Jing though
  • Gingham Style....
  • Okay, no prob... 'Guing it' then! :)
  • I love the yellow though. It makes it cheery.
  • I kinda prefer the yellow too.  But I guess they changed it so it looks better on a white background for accessibility purposes?  I dunno.
  • I love yellow as a color but absolutely not for Bing because against a white background, it made it difficult to see the logo for people with poor eyesight.
  • Of all the things that need attention, MS changes something that wasn't broken.
  • Are we talking of Windows 7 or the Bing logo?
  • You, sir, have my upvote
  • Maybe their replacing it with a hamburger icon
  • Actually, it was kind of broken. As a designer, I can see it was the only logo in the Microsoft family to have a lowercase "B" in the logo, and also the yellow colour didn't have a good contrast ratio for people with visual impairements. This isn't a drastic change, but you can see the only things they did was FIX what was technically broken with it lol.
  • I'm an exclusive "Binger" since 3 years ago. And I like it that I can now see Bing better with the new color. It was kind of faded, washout, and hard to see, with the yellow on white colors.
  • I Bing it!
  • I guess it makes sense, the green definitely looks better against white.
    Also, I like the little changes they made to the icon.
  • I actually dig the new color. Definitely a bing user, I will only try google if I can't find something and more often than not I cant find things on both.
  • Exactly
  • Doesn't this mean it no longer matches the Microsoft logo colors? Y'know: Blue for Windows, green for Xbox, red for Office and yellow for Bing. It doesn't match anymore. A shame.
  • I was thinking the same thing. It makes sense, but still a shame.
  • Office has been orange for a while, so your theory is flawed.
  • When office has became orange? its still the same colour tone as in Microsoft logo.!50274&authkey=!AC7...
  • It's only 4 colors. It gets boring and repetitive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now it's 3 if Bing does end up green
  • Ffs... Really.... Is this soooo important
  • As you commented on it......YES!
  • Ima Bing fan but I google it coz Bing is slow or I think Cortana is
  • Come on first update all Windows phones available on this planet to Windows 10, then do whatever you want to :\
  • Yeah, because the people who made the logo change know how to code and can work on windows phone. /s
  • @burned
  • I doubt the guy responsible for changing a single letter and selecting a different fill colour on photoshop knows how to code an OS for hundreds of device variants and release it OTA to every carrier and then customer on Earth.... If he does, he's wasted in that role.
  • Bing would have preferred to expand its services outside the United States , as Bing Rewards.
  • If they start Bing Rewards in India , people might switch to bing from google... People in India are always inclined towards offers.. ;)
  • yep
  • Hello taxes. XD
  • Its cool , I like it
  • The capital B makes sense aligning Microsoft's naming terms. The "new" green looks a lot like the MSN green -- maybe they're planning something in combining these services or creating some new service/product lines.
  • Bing all the way!
  • If they are planning to go with uppercase B, what is that lowercase b doing in the new logo ? I mean the symbol before Bing ?
  • Word....hope that's not how it's going to look everywhere....looks ugly in my opinion :(
  • I noticed that too. Don't know why?
  • It's one thing to change a color, to change your logo drastically would make your product unfamiliar to user
  • What the hell is the hold up with Microsoft not giving the rest of the world the features Bing has in the U.S. Don't they want to beat google.
    I really don't understand it, talk about slow moving. Microsoft has such a chance to cripple googles main cash machine. It's pathetic.
  • Yeah. Not only with bing. In general it takes Microsoft very long until features trickle down to other countries. Best example is Cortana. Especially because you only get quiet hours coupled with Cortana which is really annoying for such a basic feature since they do not let us choose to use US Cortana if she is not available in a specific Country ...
  • Since Years Switched to Bing and Never looked back!
  • Bing is getting good in India. Search results are less than google but are accurate enough.
    Thing what Bing Team has to do
    UI Revamp
  • UI is absolutely right. It just needs all the US centric features available worldwide.  
  • No it needs a web page UI revamp. It will surely attract ppl if Ui is beautiful and minimalistic enough.
  • Indeed!
  • Bing everyday. Gotta get those Bing Rewards! Google gives me nothing but answers and ads for my searches, Bing gibes me answers, ads, and real money into my Microsoft Account for my searches. I don't use Google anymore because getting something for searching is better than nothing. I even set Bing as default on my Android and iOS devices. Even without Bing Rewards, I would still use Bing to help support the Microsoft ecosystem as Bing provides all of the answers I need along with some neat UI features at times.
  • I liked the yellow one better than the new green.
  • I still prefer google over bing. However as a windows phone user I do use bing often.
  • Microsoft is a MESS! Bordering on schizophrenic! The customer cannot count on ANYTHING remaining consistent. Why would ANYONE switch to Microsoft? The only thing that is guaranteed is that whatever product or feature you switched for will be phased out as soon as you switch.
  • Because they made a change to a logo ... furthermore the change only being the colour. I understood that people were kinda upset when they moved away from the old bing logo, because it was hurting the corporate identity. But since the form with the new one is still about the same I can still identify it as the bing logo. Also the reasoning behind it is quite good. I think the new one is way easier on the eye.
  • According to your argument the customer can count on change. So your argument defeats your argument!
  • By that logic, why would anyone buy from someone like Apple instead? They change their software yearly, they keep changing their devices, adding new stuff, taking stuff away, they phase out old tech, customers can't count on their phones being up to date for ever... The simple answer is, of course, is that this is tech. It's always changing. And plus, this is a logo for a free-to-use service. It changes nothing with how I use it.
  • LOL man I think you're the one bordering on schziophrenic for freaking out on fixing little things in the logo to make it more accessible for everyone.
  • That's hilarous. Logos change. Google just recently changed their logo. I don't think people get angry or freak out and quit using a service over a minor logo change xD
  • Have been "binging" it. Been promoting bing to everypeople I know. And went as far as setting bing as default search engine and homepage to every browser of every PC that I get my hands unto, including those that aren't mine. XD
  • Good idea. I should start doing that to my folks computers.
  • Really doesn't need an announcement, expanding availability and features yes but not this......
  • I really like the colour. I love the yellow one too, but it's not exactly a huge change that everyone should get excited about. I tend to use Cortana/Bing when searching for stuff. I really don't like Google, although their new logo is pretty cool.
  • I am a Google fan.
  • Rarely do I use google. Bing is it.
  • Yeah bing. You da king
  • Should of been blue to go along with Cortana
  • Better if they make it colourful, like Microsoft's logo. Microsoft logo has 4 different coloured box, Bing has 4 letters it 'ld match enough, and would looking.
    anyway I don't like Green, its Xbox-ish, better if the include the Cortana-blue. And the new Logo is boguss, the logo was stylish and if they gonna to make the 'B' capital then why the small b doing there as Logo?? #crazyMicrosoft
  • I don't know. I actually liked the Bing logo being only in one colour. Not only does it seem more professional to me, but I think multicoloured logos have something goofy to it.
  • No to multi-coloured letters for words. Looks cheap like the way it's used for Google and Ebay.
  • Why don't they give option to the user to choose the colour of logo from the choice of his own. I think it would be better idea.
  • Still they should have a corporate colour that is the general default. Just like Cortana changes her colour with your system-colour, but her "standard-colour" is still blue.
    I can understand why they changed it. The reasoning given is actually quite good.
  • Logos and colours are all to do with brand identity, and subconciously colours give us an impression. The most obvious is the professional and clean black and white versus the fun but less professional yellows and pinks, but it can go much subtler. Start allowing for a wide range of colours and you can start to confuse the branding.
  • I Bing it
  • Not really liking the new color. The modified symbol is a bit nicer though.
  • BING CANNOT EVEN TOUCH GOOGLE IN FINDING local and worldwide CONTENT.. EVERYONE FAVOURS GOOGLE. #googlehaters please stay away.
  • I don't know. Whenever I search with Bing and can't find something and then switch to Google I notice no difference between the search results. So there's that. However I noticed that there are quite some differences when it comes to the experience of different users. Sometimes I hear people saying they can't find anything on bing, then again the exact opposite ...
  • Not used Google for years in the UK. Always use Bing and find what I want!
  • Why not a better shade of green Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice adjustment. Bing is growing and this only helps.
  • You know, I used to be a strictly Android fanboy, was a Nexus user. But then my college had me integrating hard into Office 365, so I just decided I would "try" Windows Phone. I honestly thought I'd hate it but I bought a Nokia Lumia 925, and within hours I was hooked. I was floored at how much I liked it, Cortana is WAY better than Google Now! Then I bought a carrier unlocked 1520, because I am a phablet fan, and the 925 is waaay to small! I absolutely love WP, it is so smooth. And I love the security, I didn't like that Android is so sketch on security! So I have ditched the Google ecosystem fully. I switched my Gmail to Outlook, my contacts to Outlook, I made a whole new account so I wouldn't have to use my Google account. But I kept using Google to search. But now on my phone I use only Bing on Cortana to search, and also Bing on my computer. Microsoft has fully converted me, WP is way too underrated! I can't wait for my carrier unlocked Lumia 1520 to get Windows 10! I brought it unlocked and went from AT&T to T-Mobile. Sorry for the rant guys, my Klonopin is kicking in and I am just in love with WP aha. So yeah, I am now a strictly Bing user!
  • Glad to hear Travis! :D
  • Right on Travis. You rock man.
  • Welcome to the family Travis, cheers
  • Thank you, everyone! I even got my best friend to leave Android aha. I mean, Google Now was cool, but Cortana is way better! She is truly my personal assistant aha and she keeps me organized!
  • I actually Bing because it keeps in sync with my other devices and I have a dislike for Google. However I have noticed no significant difference between Google and Bing. At least hear in Germany. So it does not matter that much actually as long as I get what I searched for.
  • Bing's is the one for me. Oh, yes, the new logo is much better.
  • That's the worst shade of green. I actually prefer yellow. Oh well. Doesn't matter
  • I would be using Bing a lot more if it supported at least half the results Google yields in my language.
  • I love Bing but prefer the current logo.
  • I even started using "Bing" if I mean "search" just like when people say "Google it". Now we say "Bing it".
  • Bing it on!!!
  • Given a choice it's always google for me, but finding Cortana & WP search using Bing much more useful than previously. (automatic capitalization of Bing on WP)
  • Do they alsou count Cortana in the growth? Also I try to use Cortana search (aka Bing) but here in Slovakia it really falls short. I can see it getting better and the reason why I still use it is that Bing will get better with usage data but at least half of the time I also have to do a google search to get relevant results. So hopefully one day ...
  • Keep it Yellow!! As our friends said green should be the Xbox color. Windows (blue), Xbox (green), Office (red), Bing (yellow)... All the colors from Microsoft flag. ;D
  • Isn't Office orange?
  • Office is red :)
  • Red enough
  • I primarily use Google but also like to use bing a  lot of times I find it much better on some things for example search for flights (example flight # ua9929 ) in goole and bing I like the bing results a lot more.
  •  Bing Boy
  • Bing/Cortana 100% of the time. Not used Google for years now.
  • I really like the new logo, because I'm partial towards the colour green :D
  • I'm for Bing and prepare yellow on green
  • I don't really like the capital B and I'd prefer a bolder font, but I'm mostly a backend dev so I don't know squat about design :P I like the green though!
  • Bing 4 Life!
  • I'm that guy that corrects my girlfriend when she asks me, "...can you google it it on your phone?" and I reply, "Do you mean Bing it?"
  • I like the orange??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love Butler g, especially the rewards program :-)
  • I haven't Googled anything in years! I'm a Binger for life!
  • Since you asked, I like Bing. On very rare ocassions I use google but it's usually when I'm desperate and in very rare ocassions (from those very rare ocassions) google does have what I look for. People likes to talk about how bing is **** and useless, but it only takes you a little use to realize it's actually as good as Google... but, people deffends what they use or like and immature people likes to trash whatever is not what they like Anyways, Binger here :) *rises his hand*
  • I'd love to use Bing more, but it still sucks in Canada. I'm primarily using Google.
  • I prefer the yellow - it leans enough toward orange that I don't think legibility is a problem on white backgrounds, and yellow is much better for search than green. It's an energetic color, it encourages thinking. That green is ... soothing. Like a hospital floor color.  And the little changes to the icon are to its detriment. The negative space in the yellow icon, with that little extra space it carves out from the left-hand part, kinda makes a white bird shape which is beautiful and elegant. The sh