Microsoft shows how the Lumia 640 and Cortana can help you train for marathons

Microsoft has published a new advertisement video for the UK, showing how the Lumia 640 and Cortana can work together to help you train for a marathon. It's simply another Cortana highlight video to show various commands and tasks the personal assistant can complete.

It's also solid timing with the Virgin Money London Marathon just around the corner on April 26. What do you use to train for such events?

The Windows Central team isn't planning on any long distance running any time soon, but we do have a full review of the Lumia 640, which you can check out at the link below.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hhh
  • Bbb
  • The first comment always has to be a some kind of nonsense just to be"THE FIRST"
  • What is wrong with you?
  • I would love to go running with the 640... But I'm in the states
  • It's available for pre-order I think
  • Cool idea, but a 640 is too bulky, let alone my 1520... I'll stick with my SanDisk Sansa clip. Though the most I've run is about 5 miles lol
  • I run with my 1520 all the time...10+ miles even. I use an atm strap and I can see it being to big for people with smaller arms though. And it took some getting used to for me.
  • Any particular arm strap you use? I've gone thru one with my 1520 already and have resigned to having it in my pocket .
  • If all you need was music that makes sense. I'm tracking my runs and listening to music, so a phone I must.
  • My calendar app is not showing weather anymore and cortana stopped providing time to leave notification. Does anyone having same problem? I'm using Lumia 720
  • Same here.
  • Same Here. Furthermore i keep on asking, while i have my helmet on, what time is it to Cortana, hoping that some kind of analyst would notice it and think to add it as a new feature. I stress that Siri knows and tells the time perfectly. Plus,,I never ask Cortana about shops around me, but again I would love to have her read my emails. Something that Siri is doing since long time...
  • They should solve the hamburger button problem instead of showing that. It reminds me 343 Industries with Halo Master Chief Collection
  • This article was 70 words long. Seventy. You could've at least described the video, broke it down, interpreted it, connected it to other Microsoft advertising, etc. As is, this "article" is nothing but a hyperlink.
  • New around here? ;-)
  • I prefer size of 830 for my biking, anything bigger and heavier is not suitable
  • 5 inch phone is standard for ever.... Hate my 6 inch 1320 ... It's really embarrassing when someone sees me taking my phone from my pocket
  • I tried to ask Cortana the same thing that video says (ran 12 miles) and Cortana does not understand this command.
  • Worked for me... Saved it to OneNote...
  • How can I get that British voice on my Cortana?
  • Open system settings, language: English; region: United Kingdom, English; speech: English (United Kingdom).
  • But then you wont get Jen Taylor's voice when they finally come out of beta :(
  • Lol i feel that the women in the video talks fast... Is it just me?
  • I could barely understand her! Props to Cortana for being able to understand what that woman was saying.
  • lovely