Microsoft is promoting the use of Windows 10 to hardcore PC gamers. In a new video, filmed at a recent Microsoft press event, the company showed off a variety of Windows 10 PC gaming rigs.

The video, as posted on YouTube. shows high end desktops like the Alienware Area 51, which can support up to three NVIDIA GTX Titan cards for a starting price of $2,299, and the Acer Predator, with its "Turbo" button on the case that can instantly overclock its graphics card.

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The video also shows some small Windows 10 gaming PCs such as the MSI Nightblade X2, which still offers high-end desktop graphics. It also showed the latest version of the Razer Blade, the gaming laptop that combines powerful performance inside a relatively thin and light case. It's available for $2,499.

Some of those PCs in the video are available to purchase at the Microsoft Store site.

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