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Microsoft so far not allowing Unreal Engine on Windows Phone 7

Epic games, creators of popular Unreal series (head shot!) and even more popular Gears of War, has been busy porting their amazing Unreal Engine 3 to mobile devices like the iPhone and evidently Android (soon).

All of this begs asking the question what about Windows Phone 7? After all, Epic games has a pretty cozy relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox universe, not to mention PC gaming. Between that relationship and knowing the Unreal Engine works well on mobile, what's the holdup?

No surprise, but it's Microsoft, despite Epic games asking them to be allowed native access, or as Mark Rein of Epic Games has said "They've been nudged but so far nothing". That's sort of a bummer, but as noted by Examiner, it's still early and Microsoft is probably busy doing all of those other fixes. But lets hope that Microsoft and Epic team up sooner than later for some mobile gaming bliss.

Source: @markrein (Epic Games); via: Examiner

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  • I can't wait for this so called "update" to be rolled out. I really want to see the full power of WP7.
  • Amen to that!
  • It is way too early, and although they give OEMs access to native code etc it will be some time still before games can get to use it, if at all. We'll have to wait and see where things stand in 4-6 months.
  • Why is it way to early?
  • Not like we are suffering on the game front right now as it is. As long as devs have access to the tools that made The Harvest life will go on.
  • Needs to be done, even if Epic is given special treatment. Gears of War is next April, a mobile tie in at the same time would be fantastic!
  • Brudda you speak the truth. My focus is in route, and if another friend of mine boast about infinity blade again and how behind WP7 gaming will be I can count about 6 i4's I will be breaking....... (shatter shatter shatter, theres glass on both sides........hehehehehe) But personally as a huge GOW fan thats something I have dreamed about. (crushing the heads of locust, or sawing through there bodies........heheheheh) The Games are coming all in due time.
  • Since the OEMs have native access for their applications, couldn't a large developer partner up with an OEM to distribute their application. I.e. Epic Games could partner with HTC, gain access to native code, and have their game included in HTC apps section of market place. Not sure if any of the OEMs are charging for their apps or not.