Epic games, creators of popular Unreal series (head shot!) and even more popular Gears of War, has been busy porting their amazing Unreal Engine 3 to mobile devices like the iPhone and evidently Android (soon).

All of this begs asking the question what about Windows Phone 7? After all, Epic games has a pretty cozy relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox universe, not to mention PC gaming. Between that relationship and knowing the Unreal Engine works well on mobile, what's the holdup?

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No surprise, but it's Microsoft, despite Epic games asking them to be allowed native access, or as Mark Rein of Epic Games has said "They've been nudged but so far nothing". That's sort of a bummer, but as noted by Examiner, it's still early and Microsoft is probably busy doing all of those other fixes. But lets hope that Microsoft and Epic team up sooner than later for some mobile gaming bliss.

Source: @markrein (Epic Games); via: Examiner