Microsoft software developer job posting hints at Cortana on Windows

Cortana has been a major hit with Windows Phone with consumers switching region and language settings to take full advantage of the personal assistant from Microsoft. Unfortunately, there's no similar experience on Windows 8, but that could change if a recent job posting is anything to go by. Microsoft is looking to merge all experiences together, so it's certainly plausible the company would look to bring Cortana to Windows.

But why halt things at Windows? Microsoft could also bring Cortana to Xbox, enabling consumers who reside within a Microsoft ecosystem to enjoy a complete experience. Back to the job posting in question, which is seeking a software development engineer to "build the next generation of Cortana". What's interesting about the posting is how 'Windows' is used and not strictly Windows Phone.

Functionality is already in place regarding Cortana, which could make it easier to migrate data across platforms, including the Notebook which stores personalized information and Bing integration. Features such as this could be synchronized across a Microsoft Account to Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox One. The Xbox already has some focus on speech recognition and commands input, which could be amplified with the addition of Cortana. Think more recommendations and options from the virtual assistant.

For now, we're still waiting for Microsoft to further develop Cortana and introduce the assistant to more regions outside the US. Would you like to see Cortana on both Windows and Xbox One? Sound off in the comments. Remember to post your suggestions for Cortana over on the official User Voice page.

Source: Microsoft, via: LiveSide

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