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Microsoft Sticky Notes updates for everyone with dark mode, faster syncing

After a little over a month of Insider testing, the latest update for Microsoft Sticky Notes on Windows 10 is now ready for primetime. Coming in at version 3.1, the update brings two main attractions: a dark mode and faster syncing.

The main highlight, dark mode, is an expansion of the "Charcoal" note color that Microsoft initially shipped in version 3.0. The dark mode will respect your Windows settings, or you can independently turn it on or off within the app.

Here's the official rundown of what's new:

  • We tested the waters with the Charcoal Note, and you all seemed keen to go even darker! Introducing full-on Dark Mode support in Sticky Notes. We support Windows Dark Mode as well as the ability to set your color mode in Sticky Notes to suit your mood independent of your system settings.
  • Everyone seemed excited about Sticky Notes syncing, so we spent some time making it even faster and more reliable! Check it out and let us know how it feels.
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This follows the big overhaul Sticky Notes got with version 3.0, which introduced syncing across devices and added a new hme for notes. Sticky Notes are also now accessible on the web through the online version of OneNote.

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  • Looking forward to be able to send a sticky note to another user on a different user account on windows 10.
  • Not available here in the UK yet, insider release preview
  • you're right hasn't been released to release ring yet.
  • Sticky Notes seemed like such an odd tool for me at the onset, because of how limited it was. The new version has changed this. The huh is so functional for coordinating and streamlining the notes. Thumbs up to the team that developed it.
  • You are missing the point of Sticky notes, it was because it was limited that it worked, it done what it said on the tin.
    Ms is now just bloating it, just like they are doing to a lot of the apps on windows 10,
  • What, really? It was simpler and more limited before which was part of the attraction to it, but what they've been doing now is in no way "bloating it." The core concept and actually using it is still pretty much the exact same. Not sure how it's being "bloated." If they started doing something random like adding, I don't know, reading ebooks through sticky notes or something now that would be "bloating it" and not make any sense.
  • I'd like to see sticky notes get kept on onenote, synced across platforms and shareable to other user accounts. People just seem to like these small post-it shape notes more than the the big white blank page of onenote for note taking.
  • you can already sync sticky notes with Android, its part of the Microsoft launchers feed and it works very well, I use it daily.
  • MS is rocking it the past year. Sticky Notes, Todo, Teams, new and OWA, windows 10 light theme, new Office UI refresh and new icons, snip tool, ... I am all for small additions and fixes here and there instead of major additions for things most people don’t use. Also the demise of the horrid Metro is in full swing. MS software is becoming more pleasing with every major update.
  • I liked Metro and the Windows 8 tablet UI, but other than that, yeah I agree. I'm really enjoying the new MS suite of software, especially how it's usable across devices.
  • A nice update for sticky notes it's becoming more and more useful. It'll be good when it's on MS launcher.
  • I really like this... on one of my PCs
    On the other one I have a LOT of notes, so the color difference is not enough to identify them quickly.
    Maybe we could have notes fully colored, but with darker colors ??
  • So glad Microsoft is focused on the important things now instead of dumb old WM10... Sticky notes rule!!!
  • Hopefully, they finish off Dark Mode for the rest of the operating system. It's pretty sporadic at the moment....