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Microsoft is still working to fix Lumia 535 touchscreen issues for some owners

Microsoft is still trying to fix what appears to be a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue for some owners of the recently launched Lumia 535. Microsoft has already released a software update designed to fix the problem in select markets.

Windows Central has received a message that was originally posted in the Microsoft Yammer Group for MVPs by Delfin Vassallo, the Social Media Operations Manager for Microsoft Mobile, where he talks about what the company is doing to fix this bug:

"We are sorry that some of you have been inconvenienced by this situation. We've identified some models of Lumia 535 are presenting different anomalies on the touchscreen performance. It manifests itself in several ways:"

  • Functionality of the scroll up/down and swipe left/right functions.
  • Scrolling up/down or swiping left/right can result in an app or link being activated unintentionally.
  • Functionality of the zoom in/out feature can be compromised if the user's fingers are less than 20 mm apart.
  • Text editing, particularly at speed, can result in characters being missed.
  • 'Ghost touch' - use of the touchscreen in wet/moist conditions.
  • If the user's fingers are wet or the atmosphere is damp (i.e. entering a warm room from cold outdoors) buttons on the touchscreen can be activated unintentionally.

"An OTA (over the air) software update has been deployed in 23rd of December 2014, solving most of the problems but certainly not for all customers."

"Our Technical Support Operations team here in Finland, as well as the engineering teams in the US and China have the matter under investigation marked as urgent priority, in the meantime please use the troubleshooting offered by my colleagues in this thread."

"When our colleagues in the engineering team have identified the cause of the conflict, we will provide further information, whether this is another software update or an action performed on hardware at an authorised Care Point, (at this time Care Points have not received updated info regarding this topic, thus is useless to visit them)"

"We assure you that Microsoft does take matters like this very seriously and our teams are working frantically to resolve this concern for our customers. For the time being, we can only recommend that you use the troubleshooting provided whilst we work to ensure that the situation is properly solved, and that you accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused."

The company has also posted an FAQ on this issue (opens in new tab) on the Microsoft Mobile website that offers some suggestions for Lumia 535 owners who are having these touchscreen problems:

  • Check that there's no water drops or moisture on the touch panel. Wipe out the water drops and moisture to get the touch panel to function normally.
  • When typing on the keyboard, take care that you tap the center of the key. Otherwise a wrong key may get pressed if typing too fast.
  • When charging, use the original charger coming with the phone. The touch screen may perform poorly if charging with an 3rd party charger that is not compatible with the phone.
  • Check also that all the phone updates have been installed (Settings > Phone update > Check for updates).

We will continue to monitor this particular bug in the Lumia 535 and provide updates when we learn about them.

Thanks to Pete for the tip!

  • Isn't it suppose to be a hardware problem?.. Just asking
  • Maybe not :P
  • Maybe yes
  • If they are working to fix it, and they fix it, then obviously it is not a hardware issue.
  • Try Glass Protector, Touch will be fine.
  • Maybe yes, "... whether this is another software update or an action performed on hardware at an authorised Care Point."
  • My 830 will sometimes open an app when scrolling, or scroll left when trying to open an app. Only a minor inconvenience though.
  • Yes, mine has this behaviour too. Or not responding to scrolls the first secs after unlock (normal touch works fine) Luckily not that often.
  • Definitely a hardware problem. The input from the hardware is sometimes misregistering touches. What they are trying to do is to try to use software to ignore the bad touches, because replacing all the hardware is very expensive after mass production. But it seems they were not successful because the hardware is just so bad. I guess they had to go cheap when they added a bigger screen and lowered the price. It probably went through some testing in air conditioned rooms so there was no problem. But China, India, and Brazil are very humid places.
  • I agree
  • Seem faster;)
  • Thanks for your valuable feedback. Here's your gift .l..
  • ^^^this
  • Hahaha.. Lol xD
  • They take this issue seriously and it is taking months to fix it??!!! Really weird :-(
  • How long should a fix come if they take it seriously? A day? A week? If you know you can fix it faster than they do, then post it here, at least your helping.
  • Well... If some one who can only do is supposed to comment, 1) press, media and others should not comment on what politicians doing,
    2) fans should not comment on their sports teams play,
    And I can go for a lot of examples. As per a consumer's view, they are suffering for more than a month for a fix which is taken seriously by Microsoft. This does not bode well. If you want to support them only with their point of view, please feel free to join them and fix the issue faster. That will be more helpful to keep others from bad mouthing/making fun of Microsoft in forums than replying them at forums.
  • For just me! Just kidding. It's a great piece of news for me as I've had this problem for months.
    Edit: I wonder why windows central doesn't list Lumia 535 when the users sign up or edit their account?
  • They have not updated their list maybe? Microsoft have been releasing phones at a fast clip and it is not easy to keep up with them.
  • The last fix did not work for the 535 shipped by Amazon in Germany, I sent it back. Too bad, a very good phone for the price.
  • Its better to extend the affordability to get Lumia 730 than this one... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My 928 would act weird if any water was on the screen. I thought that was normal until I got a 920. It still works even if if my fingers are very wet.
  • My 720 got this problem since 2 weeks :-\, since I hard reset it
  • The 1520 still has this issue now and again even after denim. I notice it when the processor gets hot then the top left corner near the ffc and on the back causes the screen to go crazy. Its got better but not perfect.
  • If they identify a true fix for this issue, I hope they'll go back and revisit the issue on the 1520, because I bet it's a similar issue.
  • +1520.3 especially since so many workloads make that corner get hot
  • I brought Lumia 535 and I came to know that Microsoft used poor quality of touchscreen.. So update of software cant fix this problem :/
  • It's your own fault... You should have bought a high end device.
  • Not everyone has an endless cash supply...
  • Get lost...
  • How do you know it's hardware problem? After the December update for Lumia 535, some users got their touch screen back to normal. I'm one of them. Obviously it's a software problem. And you can't expect really high end touch screen on a low end device.
  • Had u ever think Microsoft providing very good features and function at average rate and in my every having Lumia and if u had used Lumia 535 and 730 or any nokia Lumia (not Microsoft Lumia) that you came to know this
  • There can be minor hardware problems that can be fixed in software... They may have had different suppliers of digitizers. Maybe some can be compensated for with software (and maybe they will find that some are just too far gone to be fixed).
  • If u brought Lumia 535, then try this "downliad an application hardware test from store and install it after open it and in that application you can test your phone hardware so select multitouch and after 2 or 3 fingers on screen Lumia 535 touchscreen unstable... **EVERYONE TRY THIS IN YOUR LUMIA 535** This proof that Microsoft used cheap quality of touchscreen in Lumia 535 :@
  • I'm stay in thailand, first time I unboxing it very poor touch screen but after update it's quite better but some time it's poor sensitive to use or sometime I can't use it and just on-off device just OK.
  • bro hw did u get dat normal pleez tel me steps to fix dat s/w issue as m new user of lumia..
  • I have a black lumia 535, the last firmware update solve the sensitivity problem.
  • I have heard that the latest stock doesn't have this problem. I am one of those, who bought the faulty ones. So, nevermind, we early birds got to settle for the shortcomings for the time being.
  • I'm in Malaysia. I can say that my son's 535 has not received any OTA update to fix the screen sensitivity. It's a crying shame for what would otherwise be a great mid-range phone.
  • I'm planning to buy 535 as my 2nd phone. Somewhere in WC forum, I've read that there are two hardware version of 535 and one of the version affected by this problem. Which hardware version your son's 535 have and where did you get the phone? Is it Nokia store or Directd in USJ?
  • I have heard the single Sim versions are fine, the dual Sim versions are giving some problems Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Mine ady received the update. And everything works fine now. Fyi, I bought mine directly from Nokia Store.
  • Okay,thanks for the info. I will get it from Nokia Store. Is there any single sim in Malaysia?
  • Similar issues on the 1520 even after denim update. Always seems to activate Cortana when I don't need and also goes bananas when the phone is rotated to landscape mode in IE. End up having to power off and on again. Taking it to be flashed tomorrow at Nokia Care shop in Chester, fingers crossed as it is driving me nuts.
  • What about the 1520. My screen glitches so much, where I can't press anything, or the screen presses stuff randomly, and its like the screen is having a seizure
  • Exactly the same issue here. I spoke to Nokia Care this morning they said it was a known software issue and that I needed to have my phone flashed back to factory settings. I will let you know if it works if you like?
  • Yes please good sir
  • Yes please, thank you
  • Only problem with my 1520 is one in a while ill turn on the screen to unlock it and the picture shows bit no touch is recognized and when that happens half the time I can hit the home button and touch will come back other times I have to reboot.
  • Same here on my 1520. I find the random press and the unresponsive press occurs mostly when you wake up the phone from glance screen to the lock screen. The issue gone if you lock your phone again or unlock the phone. Definitely software problem here but not the screen flex problem mentioned long time ago.
  • Still Not Fixed? Shame On Microsoft.
  • Then fix it yourself
  • I Wish I Could
  • I have these problems on my 830...
  • Same
  • Still waiting for ghost taps fix for Lumia 1520...
  • Yes fix Lumia 1520 too
  • Titanium giant, Lumia 1520 is not a low end phone and its not an excuse to produce shit phone for low end ones, Nokia large profit was from entry phones
  • yes...they lake...LOLOLOL
  • On android, sometime I touch the right place at the right time but still nothing happens. I wonder it's because of poor screen sensitivity or lagging...
  • The cheapest wp for a long time was lumia 520 which had incredible touch. So pls stfu Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yes, what about the Lumia 1520. We have been living with this issue for far too long. Fix it already
  • Never said anything about 1520....LOL. I was merely mocking you for your inability to spell correctly as you had typed "lake" instead of "lack" in your previous post which you ended up changing :)  Lets make sure we get our facts and spelling straight and that was for Hesham.  For you shashank...get you please STFU.
  • I bought my Lumia 535 last month coming with poor screen sensitivity. I did deactivate the screen magnifier and it was a little help the problem, not solve that. My friends here suggested me to put a tampered glass to my screen, but I haven't try it yet. The other problem with my 535 is it can't project screen to my laptop. I don't know why, but I found many users in internet face the same problem. I hope Microsoft solve these issues soon.
  • I think a tampered glass will worsen the poor touch screen sensitivity. Just need to be patience. Microsoft will fix it. This is not any random Android phone that get released and never being updated.
  • Yeah, we must and need to be patience indeed. Oh, why do you think it will worsen the sensitivity? Friend of mine had tried it, and he said that make it better.
  • Oh, Do you have 535? Are you encountered the same problem with me about project my screen feature?
  • Hamdan ⌒.⌒ one from Indonesia. I bought a screen guard for IDR 40k at the store and the touch screen problem on my Lumia 535 is sooo much better now, I feel like it was fixed 95 percent. Have a try!!
  • hi, how do you know I'm from Indonesia? Haha. Thank you for your suggestion btw.. I'll try it. How about your project my screen feature, do you face the same problem?
  • Same problem with PMS in my 920, then i read carefully in Configuration file that comes with the app, there is True or False Resolution, i match my monitor resolution to that Configuration, and Voila.., PMS works well :D. Hope your problem resolved soon :)
  • My son's has a RM-1090_1021. Running Denim out of the box. OS version 8.10.14226.359. Sensitivity issues make the 535 a difficult phone to use in Malaysia. FYI my 925 has not received any Denim update. Windows phone is poorly supported by the local phone providers.
  • If your using the app, best use the little arrow key at the top right hand corner to reply to a comment. As your response is way down on the page / screen :). Also becareful not to tap the cancel button when using shape writing.
  • That was nice of you to pick the comment up. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • The First brand Microsoft Phone Problem .. Think over to buy other products... WTF ..
  • Had to send mine back. Even with the update multitouch didn't work. This whole debacle is giving a bad name to Microsoft branded phones. I have heard of dozens of cases of people returning this phone. More lost sales.
  • Thanks MS. for remember this issue.
  • Unfortunately people are forgetting the part this is a low end phone and problems are expected to arise. This is not a high end phone...
  • Excuse me but that's no excuse for touch screen issues even on low end phones.
  • It's not an excuse, but it happens. It's part of the deal when you go with a low end phone, issues are bound to arise and they are being addressed. Of course, they may not happen at the snap of your finger, but they do get addressed.  It's all about priorities..something you clearly woudn't know much about
  • People like you have ZERO value for money. The reason I got a NOKIA Lumia was that there was a consumer satisfaction that even the lowest end phone will last for more than 2-3 years and continue to recieve updates. NO issues from the side of Nokia, be it software or hardware to a great extent.
  • Actually on the contrary...I DO.  The point is the outrage people are showing is almost comical. 
  • definitely this lumia needs lots of updates. not only touchscreen. i have this one
  • Things in my home that respond to my touch differently than my expectations at times - 1. Wife 2. Lumia 535.
  • Ha!
  • LOL
  • I don't have 535 and I appreciate Microsoft working on this issue BUT It is obvious from a lot of reviews that this issue is real, annoying and even Microsoft confirmed it. So if you cannot fix this issue even after several months, then you should just recall the devices. No matter how hard you are trying to fix it. Can you imagine an owner having to live with this issue for several months? I would be so furious and wouldn't buy any more Microsoft Lumia devices since I know that in case there is an issue with my device I would have to live with it.
  • I was buy 535 after 2 days of its release in India..It has lots of tuch screen issues.. after using 1 days.. its display goes black automatically.... Tuch screen was stil working ..but display goes dim ... I was shoked.. Nd disappointed too that microsoft's name fst phone comes with this kind of problems... I complain to local nokia care point..after 20 days they changed my phone ...
  • Issues still exists... Bought 535 for mum, touch is laggy, comparing to my 920, all updates are installed. I think it's might be a hardware problem :(
  • Many of these touchscreen issues are there on all Lumias I've used. Eg: Unexpected app launch while scrolling left-right.
  • Buy lu 532 instead. why there' re so many phones with same specs, just tiny difference to confuse buyers.
  • Still no fix for the 1520 touch issues. 535 will end up the same.
  • M Lumia gets big zoom on main screen sometimes
  • The Lumia 15-fucking-20 has been needing this fix for far too mother fucking long, seriously shame on Microsoft for letting this issue just 'slip by' and never addressing it on a serious note, and actually keep making fixes for the very new much cheaper budget Lumia 535 smartphone, while flagship buying suckers like myself and many others get the shortest end of the stick for spending more to actually get something better that works properly as it should...
  • I sent my phone to Nokia care, some said they got their board replaced, and the problem's gone completely ever since.
  • I also did send my fone to Nokia care, they gave me after 16 days saying touchscreen bring replaced but still it persists.. This is so annoying..
  • Hello guys I'm from Indonesia and I am using Microsoft Lumia 535. Yes, I used to have difficulties and problems with the touch screen, but since I used the screen guard on my Lumia 535, all the touch screen problems gone, you can buy the screen guard in the store only for 3 USD. Even now I can use my phone while it's being charged or when my fingers are wet. I'm writing this comment with my Lumia 535. So, for people here who use Lumia 535 please buy a screen guard and I am sure all your touch screen problems will be gone forever. Just for sharing information. Sorry for bad English. ^3^
  • Do I think.. Download multitouch app and try the multi touch up to 10 fingers.. I bet u will b surprised that your $3 screen guard failing.. Just do it
  • When I bought my first lumia 620, it was a leap of faith as the nokia smartphones were fairly new, moreso a windows phone which personally I had never used. And despite all my reservations and the very limited apps store, I believed they would work to get to where Android was, or as close. I have used the 620 for 2yrs and it has brought me alot of joy despite its tiny screen. When I needed a dual sim solution with a larger screen, 535 was my obvious choice - and having had my good experience with the 620 [which still works perfectly by the way] I didnt think twice about the 535 - I knew its limitations [like the average display] but i was happy to compromise. I have used it for less than a week and I am very disappointed. I cannot believe they pushed this device out in its state - and makes me wonder what sort of testing goes on at microsoft. The touchscreen problem is obvious, you need not trick the phone to reproduce this problem. The overheating is another, obviously if you were doing your testing properly [microsoft] you have to talk on it for 3mins average, and your fingers get uncomfortably hot. The workmanship is the third issue, space between the screen and the panel on the right towards the top corner and the bottom part suggests to me no one checked for precision. Would I recommend the microsoft phone to anyone? Sorry - no. I have been telling every die-hard Android user, they ought to try Windows and have remained loyal to a fault, but I think you have violated my trust and loyalty and I am unlikely to buy a Microsoft device ever again. I almost wonder if it was Nokia would we see this kind of shoddy delivery? 
  • Currently using Lumia 535 for a month now and most people over exaggerate the touch issue and make it sound as if the phone is unusable. It's been my daily driver and I am doing quite well with the minor touch issues
    Updated my Lumia 535 yesterday from OS to OS 8.1(8.10.14226.359)..
    And the minor phone touch issues are gone.
    Now my device seems smother
  • They should fix the mic issue in Lumia 930
  • Use a screen guard. I thing 70% problem will be solve.
  • How about the fix for the freezing issues seen on the 925
  • And on the 1020! It's so frustrating!!
  • Great Job MS, in keep up your reputation for buggy devices that do not work!!!! Just the BSOD is missing everything else is covered!!!!
  • Could they please fix the power issue on the Lumia 1020. My mum is seriously contemplating switching to an iPhone SOLELY because her 1020 keeps freezing due to the known power/software compatibility issue.
    Come on MS - stop shovelling so many phones to retail. Focus on selling fewer/better models with better system operation! Our 1020's freeze far more regularly than my old Android's ever did. :(
  • TX ccc
  • Accept the fact MS that touch screen issues of Lumia 535 cannot be solved. Be honest and recall your handset world wide and make necessary exchange. There is no shame in it. This is not the way you treat your customer. Hope you will do the needful from your side very soon.
  • There was no precedent on the planet sofar for such thing happening. Hell will freeze sooner than any vendor recall a complete series of its products. They will rather try anything possible to workaround the HW defect from software (as we know that is impossible to solve completely, regardless how much effort they put into the resolution).
  • It's a prblm for touch in Lumia 535 which is unexpected.but I think that Microsoft fix the prblm as early as possible.
  • Please Microsoft ,don't disappointed me one more time  
  • and don't forget (GPS) Problem ....  
  • I've found that this issue is all but gone on my 1520 now, not sure when exactly it was fixed but its definitely fixed, and is now a flawless phone because of that. Hopefully the 535 gets its remedy soon.
  • My l1520 runs denim with latest updates - ghost taps are much better, but not gone...
  • if I switch off my phone and plug in a charger the phone automatically switch itself on. I cannot charge my Lumia 535 when the phone is switched off. Please am I the only person that is having this problem. ​
  • this is by design on all WP phones
  • That is not a problem.. All WP users experience it, I think.
  • What if its a hardware issue? What can they do?
  • Which is better 625 or 535 please?
  • This phone is not worth It plz don't buy this
  • Please Microsoft I want a refund for this phone
  • Didn't expect this from MS... Two people bought this phone as I suggested them to do so... But after seeing the issues, I really felt bad for suggesting for them.... As I convinced them it's renamed Nokia phones, they still think it's a alien company phone (they haven't heard MS name much in there life)... They advised me to recommend only Nokia branded phones here after.... MS could have done a little bit of testing before launching their phone... Coz its their first MS branded phone....
  • use glass protector it will reduce the sensitivity and will be normal usable,
  • I'm from India & having the exact same issue on my L730 dual sim. It's annoying as hell. Scrolling is very laggy sometimes and activates a link or app. Tapping a single character while texting causes multiple taps on nearby characters. Swipping using WordFlow breaks down midway causing gibberish to be typed. Single tap works as double taps sometimes. The phone keeps on freezing and restarting at odd intervals......and so on. I wonder if I made a mistake buying this phone so soon after it was launched....*sigh*
  • I've had this issue with my 1520 since I bought it, and it's still here. Good luck with a fix, it won't happen.
  • Hello, Even I am also From INDIA and the same Issue Problem - Super Unresponsive Touch, Automatically Turns On/Off Apps without touch, When Plugged Charging By Original Charger & when trying to use phone, Multi-touch at Back Button automatically enables i.e. you cannot use phone while charging. Bought couple of days Before and Found Phone Completely Pre-Updated and no updates available, Kindly Microsoft I request to please sort this problem out as soon as possible. Really Did Not Expected this type of Problem from the Biggest IT Company. Hopefully try to understant the problem and make it work as Microsoft Mobile.   Thanks and Hoping Best Results from Microsoft.
  • Hope they give a refund for l535
    Take back all the devices they have sold
  • hello Sir, most of the cell phone and tablets android or Windows unable to use during the charging, but you can resolve the touch problem by applying the Glass Screen protector. just spend 200Rs for your Nice Phone, it will resolve the problem as well as protect you screen.
  • I have a Lumia 535
    I also face the same problem
    The multitouch doesn't work
    This phone has done a hard reset twice before I could save my data
    Can I have a refund for this device
  • this phone is great, just use Glass Protector, you won’t need the refund.
  • Finally it's getting somewhere
  • i'm very angry with touching problem and i don't answer to my friends and chat beacuse May break my phone in anger nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaa why leave me ... no one can't replase you 
  • Update you freakin ass!!! Touch is bekar like u!!
  • Had the phone flashed today and it didn't resolve the problem. I found this though
  • Oh, well that's not my issue. My issue is the screen issue. Where it has a mind of its own
  • whther the update available for india????
  • I was just wondering to buy this phone for my dad, but m not sure because of the touch screen issues
  • Don't you ever buy Lumia 535!
    i am still regretting on why i bought this stupid phone.
    now i can't sell it because of the Stupid touchscreen!
  • A week back I bought a lumia 535. I am residing in Kuwait. I havent seen any update received to my lumia phone since now. it has the touchscreen issue. it behave upnormal some times. pls forward if any software updates are available
  • I am so disappointed, the first Microsoft branded phone with an issue like that ! i used it for about two days and seriously it was awful ! so get a patch that fixes this problem or you're gonna lose your custommers FOREVER.
  • Hello Friends, I am using Lumia 535, initially i faced touch problem on gaming and typing , due to sweaty hands. i search google for the solution, but only get that the update will resolve the problem, but nothing change. after 1 month i heard about the Glass Protector usually mate of fiber glass and thicker then the regular screen protector. i put the  glass protector on the lumia 535, and the touch issue resolved more than 90 %, now i can use with my sweaty fingers , and also no mistake in typing. You can try the glass protector it is only for Rs 200/- 2$ usd. Sorry for the bad English, Thanks
  • Well... i dont know what problem u have guys.. but at first i have small problems when i wanted to scroll down or up... move left or right... but from today i cant control it... i cant even write a message or make a phone call... i cant do anything... i hope they fix this soon bcuz is really start to be anoying :( . i really like this phone =( ( i forgot to tell , my screen is totaly clean )
  • how to increase the contact phone number font size in my lumia 532 phone ? it is very difficult to read because of small font any idea?
  • My Microsoft Lumia 535 touchscreen has started responding in a weird way...random ghost touches n difficulty in using the keypad..when and how will this be fixed??
  • Yes My touch screen is crazy. You type a letter and it types 3 letters. The swipe on the home screen doesn't work always. Its all out of sync. Any help?
  • yeah it's so difficult to swipe the homescreen, it's becoming so annoying...didn't expect this from Microsoft, ​ I preferred buying this phone over a Samsung phone, had thought Microsoft would be reliable...we shouldn't be using a screen protector to avoid this issue. Plz fix it!
  • Hi. Can anyone help me regarding my lumia 535. Yesterday it works fine, I've charged it and play games on my phone. Then suddenly after I went back home I was about to check messages then no lights are appearing. I thought it's just in a low battery. But when I try to turn it on, still no lights appearing. So I removed the battery even my sim then placed it back and have it turned on but still I was experiencing the same thing. So can anyone there help me with this issue? My phone is just 3months old and I now I cant use it. So upset about it.
  • The same problem here ! Funny thing the service company in Greece doesn't see any kind of problem with the phone even though it is useless when the touch is not working ! We have to thank Microsoft for ignoring complaints ! Please remove the complaint button from your site !
  • in my mobile microsoft lumia 535 dual sim have many problem in win 8.1 all application automatically stopped or exit. if I upgrade 8.1 to win 10 than slow charging issues. I have orginal charger which i received with mobile. I purchase brand new hand set. resolved my problem  
  • How to get 4G network update in Lumia 640 xl
  • Anyone tell me how to do guys