Microsoft operates its Microsoft Store both as an online store, as well as a retail location that consumers can visit in person. The retail end of the company is run under the direction of David Porter, who joined the company in 2009 as the Corporate Vice President of Retail Stores. Both the retail and online stores focus on offering the best shopping experience, whether the consumer is looking for a new phone, tablet or computer.

Inside, Microsoft Store locations tend to have a very similar feel, regardless of the location. Often found inside malls, the Microsoft store has an open floor plan, with various tables set up in the middle. Around the outskirts of the store, the company has LED screens which display various product advertisements and more. Both the online and in-store shops feature almost all of the company's offerings, from tablets, to Xbox systems, to accessories and much more.

Currently, the company has physical retail locations in 38 states in the US, as well as a few in Canada, one in Puerto Rico, and one in Australia. In 2013, Best Buy and Microsoft partnered to bring Windows Store's to the big-box retailer. With this deal, the retailer allotted 1,500 - 2,500 square feet for Microsoft products, with a feel similar to what consumers would get from a Microsoft Store.

Microsoft opened a large flagship store in NYC on October 26, 2015. The company is also working to expand its presence in other areas, as it works with authorized retailers around the world, such as the Philippines, India, and many other locations.

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