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Microsoft Store removes Windows 10 Mobile upgrade mention from BLU Win Jr LTE listing

Microsoft's decision to revamp the list of Windows Phones that can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile has already affected the listing of one of those phones on the Microsoft Store. The 512MB-based BLU Win Jr LTE (opens in new tab), which previously was sold with "Upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile when available" on the site, has now removed that mention entirely from the store.

The removal was spotted by a Reddit user (via WinBeta), who was not happy with this development.

We have already reported that Microsoft decided to remove some phones from the Windows 10 Mobile list, particularly those with just 512MB of RAM, due to feedback from Insider testers who found that updating those phones proved to be problematic.

However, this kind of situation is not unique for Windows Phones either. Motorola originally said their Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini smartphones, launched in 2013, would be updated from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 5.1 Lollipop, but earlier this year the company announced that was not going to happen. Motorola also launched the low-end 2015 Moto E smartphone with Android 5.1, just a few months before Google officially released Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but there's no indication that the Moto E will be updated to Marshmallow either.

While this kind of behavoir from companies is unfortunate there are complexities in play too that change the originally intended direction. In an attempt to please customers who were begging them for update guidance Microsoft clearly jumped the gun on what they could deliver. Such a situation is perhaps why they prefer to keep those details private until they are ready to release the update.

In the future, should Microsoft try to answer customers about upgrades by prematurely claiming compatiability or just remain silent on the matter until they are ready? Let's discuss!

  • MS what are you doing? -_-
  • better than android phone makers...
  • You can get custom roms with Android 6 even for six year old Android phones.
  • Or join insider program and avoid shady homemade roms. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Custom ROMs are faar better than Insider Builds.
  • No, they are not.
  • Yes they are :-)
  • No, they far from are. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Exactly, they are very amazing, fully functional with extra features, of-course faaaaar from are...
  • And totally unofficial... The insider program contains the exact same as the production series so you know what you get. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • So that is Insider program, which can void warranty too...
  • And voids warranty and bricks up the Phone.
  • You do know that installing a custom ROM on your Android phone voids your warranty and has a much higher chance to brick your phone than a insider build of W10M. Belive me. I used to Install bunch of custom ROM's on my past Android phones until one day I bricked my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.
  • You cannot install insider builds on BLU Win Jr. It was marketed as Windows 10 upgradable when it was launched. If it's 512MB RAM and 4GB storage was a problem, Indian version of the same phone has 8GB storage and 1GB.
  • Custom roms suck arse. Just like your beloved Android phone. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • ^this. I have custom ROM, and I'm pi*sed with the problems with it, forcing me to reboot every single time I put my phone to airplane mode and back.
  • OnePlus X Marshmallow ROM is stable.  L1520 on W10M still buggy.
  • After the announcement of all the excluded phones, I decided to install it on lots of phones to see what would happen. I already had 164 on one 1020 and one 810. What I discovered is that the experience is dramatically different on different phones of the same model. I have 3 1020s, 3 521s, 4 640s and 2 810s. The only consistent experience is with the 640s. This is likely why the others were left off the list. I started off thinking it worked fine on my 1020. Not so with the other 1020s. And believe me, I tried everything to get the other two identical to the first one, and they're all 877s.
  • I can confirm this. Mobo on my 1020 died few months ago while I was painfully testing sluggish W10. After warranty replacement it was flying it. So hardware revision played it's part for sure.
  • Try using an insider build on MOST, not all, 512mb devices. It's really that bad. As bad as a really bad Android experience.
  • No it's not! Installed insider builds on my 512 MB ram L635 and it's faster than WP8.1.
  • Yes they are
  • Yes they are. They're open sourced. You know nothing if you think they're not. They're also 'official' compared to Windows Insiders Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Mmmmh...
    So you mean that a custom, homemade ROM is official, when the preview, which is released DIRECTLY by MS, and it contains EXACTLY the same things that the current build has, isn't?
    Interesting point of view...
  • The only reason I don't use android phones any more it's because of that.I have an old phone and they don't update it to a newer Rom only the high end phones have this ability.I was at the xdadevelopers for a long time and I love the cyanogen but they are not official... Posted from my phone
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. You Are
  • I used custom ROMs on Android for at least two years on both my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Infuse. The experience was much better than TouchWiz since it was pure AOSP. However, I was at the mercy of device developers who didn't get paid for what they were doing and had to squeeze their time in betwen their other life priorities. Plus, you can forget about QA. With Insider builds, you're formally and constantly getting features/bug fixes. "Formally" meaning there is a gigantic company standing behind the program.
  • Yeah right. My LG G2 with Cyanogen begs to differ. While it's better than the official ROM, I still experience random app crashes, lagging and overheating. Yet I have a had a much better experience with a Lumia 640 running fast ring insider builds. Keep in mind the LG G2 has a Snapdragon 800 running at 2.26GHz and 2GB of RAM while the Lumia 640 has half those specs with a Snapdragon 400 at 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM.
  • Your fault for choosing Cyanogenmod. An awful ROM Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Isn't CyanogenMod supposed to be one of the best when it comes to "clean" Android ROMs? At least, that was the general consensus when I was looking to flash a custom ROM on XDA. And that's why I went with CyanogenMod. Anyways, I don't want to go OT but I'm open to any suggestions for alternative ROMs for the LG G2.
  • "Shady HomeMade ROMs" oh man you just nailed it
  • I used to make roms over at XDA. I know what goes into them if someone wants. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Then can you make a W10M rom for these older WP8 devices? Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • You mean... Like joining the Insider Program and install through there? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Credibilities or it didn't happen Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • This is about making and breaking promises. This is not about the Android vs Windows. What's wrong with your reasoning skills?
  • What is going on this phone BLU WIN JRLTE Runs W8.1 with upgrade 2. 1GB Ram Snapdragon 410. So what's going on, posted from Windows Central windows 10 On lumia650
  • i would imagine this has more to do with BLU then MS, seeing that the 640 can upgrade.
  • The problem is that the BLU IS better equipped for W10M than the 640 is.
  • But how would you know if insider program will continue to support those unsupported models? Maybe MS will just block those models since the line is already drawn. Either way, Windows 10 mobile is now just as fragmented as Android is, and much worse because it is MS who screwed the users themselves. At least Google doesn't do that.
  • Eventually the insider preview will stop working entirely.. So this is not an option..
  • Yes it is. For the foreseeable future. For old phones.
  • You can do that but they work like crap. I had 5.1 on my galaxy s3, clean the rom ran well with some glitches and some restarts but as soon as i started to use apps all hell broke loose, the phone was slow as hell. So having the latest OS doesn't mean the device will run smooth.
  • Yeah. Even for the sidegrade ROM for Zenfone 5, it worked worse, and waiting long for the update to make it happened...
  • well frankly speaking , custom roms are not family is android user and believe me.. have tried every rom on grand, yureka, or other phone...or at least i have read online... Custom rom's are not stable also. They have battery issues and heating problem... AND THOSE WHO SAY WIN 10M IS BUGGY..SEE GALAXY S5 AND OTHERS ANDROID LOLLIPOP PAGE..THEY HAVE SO MANY BUGS . Win 10 mob is not complete.. first also i was saying that it was not good. But when i started looking at upcoming features coming in animations.. i saw a huge future ahead(only if MS make updates faster)...
  • It's kind of their fault. 5.0.X was a known mess and its manufacturers fault for continuously putting devices with old Android when Marshmallow is perfectly smooth and fine Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Which is why people gave negative feedback and MS listened and agreed and decided it wasn't worth holding back Windows 10 for what in reality is a bunch of outdated phones, come on people get real here, we are talking about technology here not the antiques roadshow.
  • The only issue I have with that is that the 630 runs W10M perfectly. That leads me to believe that the issue isn't RAM but the processor instead
  • "clean the rom ran well with some glitches and some restarts but as soon as i started to use apps all hell broke loose, the phone was slow as hell" This is one of the main problems I still have with using Android devices. It's like running Windows XP, when the OS is clean it's fast and as you install more programs and use it more, it gets bloated and very slow over time.    
  • dont you think they are buggy..
  • "You can get custom roms with Android 6 even for six year old Android phones." - You say so? I've tried this one and you know what? Android 6 feels like its minimum requirements are quad core and optimum is 8 with at least 2 GB RAM. Just unusable. Actually there is no usable droid. It is an art to create so underperfomed system basen on Linux. But still UI and UX of Android 6 is great. I really like it.  
  • If Android is so unusable, then why do people continue to buy them at such high rates? If the experience was even remotely bad, they would not have the huge numbers and repeat customers. Your statement is ridiculous. There is a reason Android completely dominates and Windows phone went absolutely nowhere. It is obvious which one sucks and is unusable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Custom ROM only for people who how to do it..The rest just die with old Andy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is my favorite case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, since Stagefrieght on Android phones is a real issue now lol... Wonder how many of these magical custom ROMs are patched for it hahahahahaha
  • Android Phone makers don't promise prematurely and then left half of the users high and dry.
  • Read the article again.
  • Yes, they do. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Android makers don't promise anything and leave you with an old OS to die with Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Yes they ******* do... Android is the worst, fragmented, bullshit OS on the market. 100+ phones to choose from, all with different versions of OS. Only the latest & most expensive flagships get the update love you expect... Even then, some premium apps WILL NOT run on some of the most premium phones. Case in in point: Just last year, I HAD to buy a Galaxy S6 because it was the only phone that would FULLY run Hyundai's BluLink App... And NOW the new app will only work correctly if I upgrade to an S7. Yeah, Android's cares about its users. ******* sheep.
  • Sounds like Hyundai's fault in your case
  • That's why you go Nexus.... Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Sound like you never used Android if you think that Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • bro you are using android phone and are fan of windows??
  • Yep. Your point? I don't let the stupid OS fan rhetoric keep from using what I like. There's a thing called freedom of choice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • so you like android...?
  • ok crap question.. leave it..
  • Wow so much insight. I much rather stay on Android then to sit here and listen to yall ***** all day. BS aside I'll enjoy my S7 until the Excite X3 comes out for corporate. /s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • hahaha..if you want win 10 mob on 512MB ram can join insider program..
    at least MS is providing new things in win 10...
  • Listen the BLU WIN JR LTE IS 8.1 update 2.. 1GB Ram Snapdragon 410. So where does 512MB Ram come from. Posted from Lumia 650
  • Maybe, but they through us in hell Lumia 635 performs great on windows 10 mobile it needs only optimization and it will be awesome .
  • Exactly!!
  • update firmware or create a situation where you buy new phone. I wonder which one a corporation would choose.
  • Lol
  • Its not their fault. They didn't knew that windows 10 for 512 mb ram mobiles will be problematic. If they release it, then also people will complain that their mobile is running slow. They have done it for betterment of people.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is even slow on 3 GB devices. So why would it matter?
  • No, it isn't. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • This guy is funny... Like 5yo boy. yes it
  • Then the app made it slow.
  • Yes.  It is.  I have a L950 and I can confirm that W10M is laggy as all heck. What's crazy is that I also have W10M on an L635, that I bought for $35 just for the fun of testing W10M as an Insider, and unless I'm running a game they both run almost exactly the same...badly. If I had a descent camcorder I'd make a side-by-side video running through basic tasks, with a W8.1 L925 thrown in for fun (spoiler alert: the L925 will blow the doors of both W10M devices).
  • Yes, we know you have problems with your 950 but I don't understand why you don't get it exchanged since it is very smooth for most others.
  • My hands on experience with W10M: L950 running great here. L930 runs well, L435 runs okay, L1020 runs poor Sent from Microsoft Band
  • The 635 isn't running the full version of W10M, THE ONLY thing the same for your 635 & 950 is the 164.. Check all the core build & revision numbers they are different,
  • Just because it is not for you doesn't make it true for others Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Yes, it does.  Same software running on he same hardware means it runs the same. Or do you not believe that modren computers are state machines?
  • There are plenty of people who have no problems at all with their 950's so you are so obviously wrong on this. Get it exchanged already instead of just sitting on it. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Man, are you paid by MS to shill for them, or are you just a complete dolt? My criticisms about the L950 are based upon the way W10M works.  I have W10M on three different phones, and my complaint list is nearly exactly the same on all of them, because they're based on how the OS just is,  For example, the hamburger menus are not going to magically turn back into pivots with a new device.  The terrible new autocorrect/prediction is not going to suddenly be as excellent as it was on WP8.1 with a new device.  The Maps application isn't going to suddenly let me use the sat nav program I paid $40 for with a new device.  Cortana won't suddenly gain the ability to search my phone or interact with applications, like she could on WP8.1, with a new device.  Local Scout won't reappear with a new device.  These are design decisions that make WP10M unpleasant to use.  There are a few issues that are L950 specific, like the fact that MS chose to add a nearly useless iris sensor instead of an eminently practical fingerprint scanner, but those annoyances are just icing on the cake.  I can live with typing in my passcode. There are some people who don't mind W10M, but they have all the same issues with their L950s that I have with mine.  Because they are all running the same software on the same hardware.  They just may not care as much.  But then, they probably weren't really WP fans to begin with. Those of us who really liked WP once-upon-a-time, who saw it as an elegant OS that genuinely solved some issues where other OSes fell short, are bound to dislike W10M, because MS have systematically gone through the OS and removed every one of it's selling points, leaving only "Live Tiles" which, TBH, were never really that great to begin with.  Bring back pivots, hubs, rooms, wireless syncing, etc., and make the OS ran stably again, and MS will make me a fan again.
  • Your criticism against your L950 is based upon the way W10m works on YOUR phone. Can't you see how many are answering you saying they have no problems at all? This comment was about lagginess, which the x50-family does not have. At least not on normal x50-phones. So you MUST have a dud. The elegancy of WP7 or WP8 did not help it gain any traction. I'm actually getting more questions about my phone today than my old phones ever got. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Dancing Dave noted that W10M was laggy even on 3MB devices, of which there are only two, ATM, the L950s.  You then said, "no it isn't." which is wrong, becuase it is.  But don't you see who the outlier is in this discussion?  It's not me.  I simply agree with the OP. Anyway, you're clearly paid to argue or a dolt, and either way there's no reasoning with you, so I won't bother any more. Ignorring giddummy here for a moment: To all else with a WP8.1 device considering a W10 device and reading this thread, please know that you will experience significantly more uneven performance than you are used to on your WP8.1 device.  It is getting better in recent releases, however, so that may change with a few more updates; but as of now, the performance of the OS is not up to previous WP standards.
  • No, it is not. Sorry. There are more people that do not agree with you than agree with you in this thread. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • It runs fine on my 535 with 1GB :D Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • W10M works really well on my daily driver (Lumia 950) and my old phone (Lumia 930 and 1320) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Funny you say that becaus my phone runs 1GB of Ram and if you're saying it's slow, you need to get a dictionary and and make sure you aren't getting yourself confused. It isn't slow in the slightest. Even compared to android and iOS (I have used android so ik how fat it is. Depending on the device it run on (some are slow af.) it's literally just as fast as 1GB+ phones) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Shadow you are going to hit problems sooner or later down to the Snapdragon 400. Windows central W10 Lumia 650
  • I agree eventually I will. I understand that my phone, like any other, will soon become outdated vs the advancement of the OS throughout the next see or two, and then, I will get a new phone. However my comment was nothing to do with my phone's CPU, instead it was about how Win10 is more than capable of running perfectly fine with 1GB+ RAM. For the time being, my Lumia 640 has been and will be my primary phone which I am more than happy with the speed of. (Btw, the Lumia 650 has even worse CPU than 640 as 650 runs a Snapdragon 212 :p) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Year or two* +640 on Win10Mobile
  • You see Shadow the 212 chip set is way a head of the SD400, cpu boss, Qualcomm.
  • The cpu on the 650 is just as poor as the lumia 640 btw.
  • Brendan wake up posted Lumia 650
  • Sorry dude but you have to wake up. The SD2xx series is worse than 4xx, just like 4xx is worse than 6xx, 6xx is worse than 8xx. That's why people were saying that the 650 is practically a downgrade from the 640 but for a cheaper price. It's made for businesses so it can be cheaper to buy in bundles. So yeah, 640 has a better SD than 650 +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Shadow if the SD400 Is so good then why are all the other phones running it even with 1GB Ram being upgraded, why was it several months ago Microsoft were on about stopping support for the 640 down to the that issue, Microsoft words not mine, why is the 640 being given away $30, 640 is out of box is 8.1 then preview branch of W10M.. The 650 W10 straight out of the box. Check on Qualcomm the difference between SD212 QUAD CORE / SD400. Quad core. Compare how more reliable efficient & capable the SD212 is also how much more it can do that the SD400 Can't you may learn something Dude.
  • The 640 was shipped with 8.1 because at the time, no mew phones had been made by Microsoft. It's sold cheap now because it's about one or two years old, so the price has dropped. The 650 is a business budget phone so businesses can buy it in bulk for a cheaper price. The 650 doesn't need high specs because it won't be used for high power/resource demanding appliances (in business usage.)
    Also before you start saying that your phone has a quad core CPU, you really need to check if the phone you're comparing it has it too. The Lumia 640 has a Quad Core Qualcomm SD400 (check MS's specs site for 640, says so there). So as the SD4xx series is better than SD2xx series, and both 650 and 640 have quad core CPU (I think all Lumia's may have Quad Core) it still shoes the 640 is faster than the 640. Remember that 640 was made for consumer budget market where it's still designed for things like games and videos. 650 is aimed for Business budget phones where they ^ aren't needed. (also another thing to show that SD400 do's more than SD212, is that SD212 is only capable of 720p display. SD400 is capable of 1020p display. (here's a link to the comparison of the new phones (excluding 950) and the 640 so you can as the differences easily. You may learn something dude ;) ) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Sorry dude but you have to wake up. The SD2xx series is worse than 4xx, just like 4xx is worse than 6xx, 6xx is worse than 8xx. That's why people were saying that the 650 is practically a downgrade from the 640 but for a cheaper price. It's made for businesses so it can be cheaper to buy in bundles. So yeah, 640 has a better SD than 650. :p +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Its was slow because it was under progress but the latest build (.164) it pretty stable and it runs very smooth with negligible lags. Microsoft is working very hard on windows mobile
  • Theres are some phones which are capable of running w10 and not getting w10.. For eg. Htc m8.. I'm happy with my 720 atleast getting w10 via insider than getting stuck on 8.1 with those ****** apps.. Its better to get something than nothing.. I wont get as smooth experience as 8.1 but i get to use universal apps.. :)
  • Ankit how is win10 on L20 ? What r the problems if any ?
  • It's rather laggy and unstable. It can work great for a while and then it can, when you do something for the tenth time just crap out and work horrible for no apparent reason. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Mixed thoughts.. It sometimes works really well and sometimes you feel like throwing phone out of the window.. You cant do heavy tasks. Your phone becomes unresponsive(in a rare occasion). The only issue which is very annoying is freezing issue.. I have this issue min 2-3 times a day and max 5-6.. Battery is ok.. Have to charge 2-3-4 times(heavy user). Camera quality is bad(i dont know if its the same for evryone or just me)
  • Sounds like hell. Imagine the backlash MS would get if they released W10M for its L20 phones.
  • mine also..but you can see if bugs are fixed... new features are added every day with every update (ok not every day! )..
  • Going through the exact same thing, but mails on Win10 is so so much better, office is fantastic, i just dont feel like going back to 8.1, though i miss the stability of it, il syick to Win10. Agreed a lil more optimization of the OS would have made it work normal on a 512 ram phone.
  • So should I upgrade or not ?
  • Yeah Ankit .! How is ur experience.! Cause when I installed this on my 720 I had screen freeze once a day and slow app launch .!!
  • Read my cmt abve.. Freezing issue is very annoying and app launch is ok for me.. Hard reset for better experience
  • are you running W10M build 10586.164? Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Yes
  • bro you are actually on same build as mine 535 on official dont thimk you are left behind.. thats the good thing about MS..
  • Maybe the new M10 will have W10M as well to match the name and want people to buy it
  • HTC already started that there will be no W10M version of the M10
  • Okay.. So Microsoft should learn something from this... Never promise users something before working it out...
  • What about the Lumia 928? That doesn't have 512MB of RAM and it's not on the list.
  • But it runs on a chipset that was released almost 3 years ago. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • The next headline from Windows Central should be "How to get a new Windows phone" for anyone who is using a phone made 2+ years ago Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Lol :) :')
  • I think a lot of people wony upgrade unless their phone breaks or they want new features.
  • coz the build quality is superb of NOKIA..
  • Nokia are back in November, I think at this moment in time they have some involvement with Alcatel
  • Ehm... The Alcatel they bought is the one involved with network infrastructure, not the one that makes phones
  • @TigerBane It's funny you mention "new features".  I won't upgrade because of the features you will lose upgrading to WP10.  Let's start with Rooms.  Not to mention those hideous hamburger menus. A practically worthless People Hub. Where do I stop.  But oh well, to each his/her own. 
  • I think that they're talking about "upgrading" I.e better hardware, new phone. For example The "phone breaks" or "new features" (like iris scanner etc) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Rooms was depreciated in WP8.1 so no loss there
  • LOL
  • Over 4 years ago*.
  • L920 still 3 and a half years old.
  • A Pentium 4 can run Windows 7, 8 or 10 can`t it?
  • Yes, but the phone world has evolved a little faster than the computer world in the last five years...
  • Giddora, you said you have been working with custom ROMs for Android, interesting, which devices? Any links to your creations?
  • It was mostly for Android 2.x and 4.x. Let me see if my account is still around. Update:
    Nope, apparently my rom-threads are gone. There's a thread from 2009 where I mention my cooking though. "Seriously. These kind of comments would make ME stop cooking. It's showing real impatience and would make me wonder why I would want to do all this for free." Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • A Pentium 4 *might* run Windows 7 but not well. 8 and 10 are out of the question. Requires features not in that processor.
  • bro if your phone is working fine.. thank NOKIA ..this was their ..i can say.. one mistake (proved beneficial for us) as of marketing...they bought good quality phones that no need to be replaced...other OEM's are not doing that... why are you upset...
  • But it runs S4 or SD400
  • While that is true, then they need to do something to make it right to those that have purchased. You can't advertise something with a promise, not meet that commitment then just say, tough luck.
  • MS should have made the issues known to the afftected customers much earlier and not wait till the product release.  It is not fair for the new buyers of the old devices.  I already replaced my L1020 with a L950XL and my wife plans to replace her L920 with either L950 or a SD820 based OEM phone.  So we are OK.  But for the recent buyers of the un-qualified phones, it is not.  MS should either extend the WP8.1 support for one more year or offer some discount credit for those folks to upgrade to the new W10M phones.
  • Like they didn't know that the flagship phone at the time, the Lumia 900, would not be upgradable to WP8? Recall that this revelation about the Lumia 900 came just THIRTY SEVEN DAYS after its release on AT&T. Shenanigans like this don't help Microsoft, already in an uphill battle with Android and iOS for relevance, fight the lack of apps and performance issues on their phones. How long will consumers accept their now infamous "wait for the NEXT version..." nonsense? There are precious few consumers willing to try WP already. Developers are vanishing like mirages in the desert. I question Microsoft's resolve to continue even making a mobile operating system. 
  • MS already upgraded more phone models than other OEMs would do for their Android phones. Even flagships will not get updates after two years
  • Following the feedback myself and plenty others gave.
  • Doing what's right, would u rather have a problematic phones with 512mb after the upgrade and u will still be the first to whine about how buggy windows 10 mobile is or rather just get another phone with 1gb and enjoy the OS Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • I would choose MS keeping their fkcing mouth shut and stop promising people about things that they can't deliver.. At least make it work on those devices as they advertised for over an year as "Upgradable to W10M once available" ...
  • A little rude but true
  • Install via Insider program. Fixed. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • And use an unsupported OS with bugs?..
  • "I would choose MS keeping their fkcing mouth shut and stop promising people about things that they can't deliver.."
    I don't disagree, but clearly they put devices on the Insider program in response to fans wanting Windows 10 Mobile. Had they said or done nothing there would still be a storm of outrage. This is just one of those rock/hard places things. All answers are right, all answer are wrong.
  • *Nailed it* Dan!
  • yeah anyone with a 2+ year old phone should be buying a new Windows phone by now. Lumia 550, Lumia 640, Lumia 640XL, Lumia 650, and the Moly X1 are all great options Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • yeah but not everyone has spending money like that and even if you save money the phone you wanted then becomes older as each month goes by
  • Ik for sure that at least two of the phones Rohan had mentioned are budget phones (640 and XL) other people will have to quote for the others. But I understand what you mean with the fact that money can be hard to find sometimes +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Have you checked yet posted from 650 SD212
  • Who will buy the 550 with a such weak soc? No 5xx series was updated to W10M. It's a good phone for the price, but not good to have updates. 550 will be the next and 650... Be careful, phones with GPUs weaker than SD400 (3 years old).
    Phones with hardware from 4 years ago didn't get W10M. Lumia 640 will have a hardware with 4 years in 2017 ;)
  • I don't think any new phones have anything weaker than SD400.. Windows Central W10. Lumia 650.
  • The Lumia 650 with 212SD :p +640 on Win10Mobile
  • So I take it you checked out what I said yes 212 isn't bad is it, out plays the SD400 doesn't it you need to see to believe, Lumia 650
  • Read my latest comment above ^ you'll see where you're wrong. 640 has quad core SD400. 650 has quad core SD212. 640's SD400 allows it to run 1020p. 650's SD212 Limits the phone to 720p. 650 is a slightly downgraded phone for business budgets. Sorry but I am right here. +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Upgrade?  Hello no my 1520 is still one of the best WP out there i'd have to spend $500 to get better then it.....Plus there screen would be smaller no matter what.  Perhaps when the touch pro comes out
  • Why the European Blu Win Hd, always advertised as W10 upgradable, is in fact not ?
  • I call BS.  MS could have fixed tombstoning in the app lifecycle of WinRT apps.  That would easily drop the memory requirements of W10M back to 512MB
  • You do know that tombstoning is what gives Windows Phones great battery life and is still used on W10M today. Oh and my 630 runs W10M just as well as my 930
  • I think he means trying to optimize App Tombstoning, not the lack of it. Also decreasing the allowed background apps to run on lower-end devices especially with 512MB of RAM could improve it. Also many of the issues that I experience from my test device L820 is more if the actual bug itself rather than performance, which is quite understandable when you gain more features that runs on the background. Too bad though, the latest non-redstone build already starting to improve for some older devices. It really just needs more optimization and bugfix it deserves, but instead Microsoft decided to given up thus the situation we have.
  • I don't know W10M runs just fine on a Lumia 630 as it is anyway. W10M should close background apps when it needs the RAM
  • I totally agree that it was a rock/hard place scenario but I think, going forward, their comments should reflect exactly what happened this time, without committing the way they did this time so there's no perception of broken promises. They should open up the Insider Preview to just about anyone who is willing to alpha/beta test their software for them and when pressed about who will get the final build say that participation in the Insider program does not guarantee that hardware will be upgradeable to the final release build and that the final decision will be based on telemetry during the preview program.
  • Daniel Rubino. I am sorry to say this but in the class room you are the kind of person whom we call a teachers pet. Blindly believing in what a teacher will say, defending he/she even when dead wrong is the word you use to describe her/him in that livid moment. Let us not be modest or let microsoft be bashful, they did what a company will do best, they used their tiny consumer base to cut down the development time to one third. Let me explain, making an os from scratch is one of the most painstaking task on this planet. Last year they decided to, nay needed to in order to survive but the conundrum remained of how to develop and ship it within a year, enter Gabriel Aul who came up with the solution of using almost every user as a tester, which gave them such a wide testing base and sped up development including catching those pesky bug withing hours. Well you don't market it this way so they decided to make us think they are doing it for us but infact they did it for themselves, and also showed all of us that the release is just right around the corner just to keep us all geared up. Now that they have a stable and almost complete os according to them they can assume normal operations which is kick us out. Make no mistake your processor can handle it. It will require a small amount of work to make it work efficiently in your phone though, but that is time which microsoft does not have. Nokia would have because they were a separate company but ms cannot as they already spent a year making the os and now cannot spend more time on older devices. Anyone who tells you that you have an older chipset is either *drum roll please*
    1) A person who is trying to justify based on things which he does not know of. 2) A person who cannot face the truth. 3) Just someone trying to show you down Daniel please write the truth you cannot always justify everything what ms does. You are a journalist after all. You do not need to go all ballistic but justifying everything is just pathetic and wrong and shows that you have a weak character someone who get pushed over and justifies it. Grow a spine, and a pair and write the truth. If websites like yours help us the users by letting ms know that we are pissed off we can try to force them into giving us an update. But if you guys try to defuse the situation by justifying then it speaks volumes about your integrity.
    Strength is in numbers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @hispeedimagins : Spot on! Well said. It's really disappointing to see Daniel defending anything and everything done by Microsoft. But then, that's what he chose to be. Also now looking back at those lengthy articles written by Jason, everything looks funny. Reports are already out that 50% of the windows phones will not get WM10.
  • Yeah and also they should clean their crystal ball so they could read the future properly and find out that their operating system won't work on certain phones which they thought it would originally. The scandal they create. How could they. (Also like @Giddora said, the insider program will fix the little issue you're facing. Just don't go complaining again when you realise how badly it runs on your phone :) ) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • This is BLU's decision, not Microsoft's. Same with the M8, it was HTC's decision.
  • Blu have said that they expect the JR LTE with the out of box 8.1 update2 1GB Ram SD410, 8GB Internal storage, to be upgraded to W10M as stated.
  • Blu did not want to support the phone on Windows 10 by providing firmware and a recovery image apparently. Those are the only "extra" conditions for OEMs other than MSFT.
    ​That's what happened to the HTC One M8 as well. Microsoft cannot legally do anything about that. Obviously, there is the Insider program which will leave the phone on the 10586 branch, but still without HTC's support.
    ​OEM support was one of the reasons why in the past I never recommended any non-Lumia Windows Phones. P.S.: Please people, downvote me even more just for pointing out the truth that no one wants to see because it doesn't stick to the theme "Who can write the angriest comment?"
  • I agree completely with what you said Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • That may be true, but I dont understand MS not including this in a contract with other OEMs. So they produce phones under one condition, they keep them updated and supported for a certain period of time. This way OEMs would have to release firmware and other stuff.
  • Msft is full of sht, i've been telling this from the beginning, 256 = wp7 512=wp8 1gb=win10 and so on. Its so easy man now msft will have to respond again to all the complains like happened with wp7. Why do you make simple things so complicated??
  • And nuggets suck a lot butter.
  • Counting down the days until the ambulance chasing lawyers file a class action lawsuit. Or if Microsoft forces consumers to arbitration, when the FTC gets involved.
  • Only 512 mb of ram and 4gb of internal storage. Not microsofts fault.
  • Downgraded back to WP8.1 after being on preview for a considerable time. W10M is still nowhere near the WP8.1 (for 512 MB phones). I think we 51twoots should know our place.
  • It's time to ditch the Titanic!  First saying all phones that runs 8.0/8.1 and than getting f*cked over this week telling bs lies.
  • Yeah, go ahead and make sure to let us know if your android ever gets updated Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Android doesn't need an update to work better than WP , its already doing good and with several apps that we don't have it here... So why would we even need an update for Android...
    For me I don't give a Damn about settings UI changed, Photos app changed ( which is step backwards) , etc..
    Just give my WP8.1 devices access to Universal Apps.. WP8 store is like a cemetery ... Full of dead apps
  • Because there are security problems. W10m har been out for a couple of days... It's hardly why the WP8 store is like a cemetery. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • In Windows 8 and WP8/8.1 there is no OneCore, and the APIs for Universal Apps don't exist. Even if Microsoft wanted to release update like WP8.2 or something, the wireless carriers would need to approve the update first. ( Android mess of update type) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • No it's the fact that the majority of the phones are running a chip set that won't be able to cope with the demands of W10M full release
  • And let us know when the next time your WP will get an update :-)
  • You must be new here :) nearly every week a new build is released :) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • HAHAHAHAHA EVERY WEEK? I think your one week has around 30 dayd...
  • I'm not talking about my phone in particular. When did I say that my phone has been updated? MS have been releasing updates nearly every week, and soon will push them updates to all phones on the fast insiders. I'm talking about the updates to Win10Mobile. Not updated to only my phone. Grow up +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Shadow, kamesh is just a wind up merchant, I'm like yourself I just want more transparency & honesty where builds are concerned. Windows central W10 Lumia 650
  • Lol please do not talk if you do not know the truth. I am currently of Marshmallow on my Motorola XT894 a phone which is 4 years old and it runs great. Microsoft advertised all their phones as upgradeable used us to get data and now are deciding to leave us in the pit. If they could not deliver on their promise why even open their mouth? Stop trying to justify for them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I also recently upgrade (though unofficially) my friend's old Galaxy S2 to make it bit more modern for today's use. So far I run CM12 on it for testing and so far it was working fine and it surprisingly runs smoothly despite its age. This is a devices that have comparable specs with Lumia x20 family. Since this is unofficial, I cannot expect to be perfectly stable in every inch. But it shows that with some effort, it's doable to give more than acceptable user experience. Android is always been bashed to be bloated, which is mainly the fault of most OEMs. Seeing an outdated device running non-official Android M ROM running fine, it makes my similarly old retired Lumia disappointing not to have official upgrade, especially to fix issues that eventually it will be run just as fine as WP8.1 if they continue to optimize it. Heck, even to some people even claims they have "good" experience with W10M on their older devices, signifies that issues can be fixed.
  • Sorry, it was Android Lollipop, not M.
  • Gee wiz my 2-3 year old LG G3 (Spare phone) gets upgraded to the newest Android version but, my Nokia ICON is not at this point. And yes, I feel screwed after seeing that the 930 gets upgraded (SAME phone accept CDMA is endabled on it) but, the ICON does not....Well, a maybe at this point but, not on the first list, so it was not going to get it orignally.
  • It didn't work good enough according to you. So get the insider instead. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • If he get the Insider, he'll really throw his phone.
  • He'll throw his phone then still complain to MS that they broke his phone. Honesty some people complain to pass time +640 on Win10Mobile
  • @Giddors... Now MS released Lumia 550 with SD210 and 1GB ... Who knows that in the future they test final redstone builds on it and it performance gets worse.. will they ditch those as well or work to optimize the OS? ...
    The current issue is not about NOW.. Its about future..if MS is ditching low end devices.. They should stop creating low end devices like 550.. And don't come to me saying Android updates are even worse.. I know that **** and that's why I came to WP.. Things are same here as well.. So why should I use an OS without proper support nor Apps.. I'm not saying I'm switching to Android.. I care about WP and I love using it.. That's why I'm concerned on decisions MS is making regarding WP...
  • It will be updated for 36 months.
  • Don't forget it was not intended by MS to leave out the 512 devices, it was a judgement call based on the device performance from users testing w10 m.
  • They should have optimized it for 512 MB devices ... They just left 50% of WP users in the dark... Now W10M market share might be .5% or less .. Way to get developers on board..
  • They tried just that... Why do you think the insider testing has taken so long? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • I know one thing only... Lumia 435 internal are faaar worst than 1020... And still no updates for 1020... And no updates for those phones even MS store sold as W10 ready..
    MS don't have any option to defend that.. They just lied and cheated those who bought those devices expecting W10M...
  • So with the 1020 I think the issue is the camera uses a lot of the RAM and resources, unlike other devices. Remember, Nokia "hacked" the hardware on that to jam an unsupported 41MP camera in there. The 1020, in that sense, is a very oddball phone and supporting W10M in an optimized fashion is not very straightforward.
  • And what about 1320? It's the little brother of 1520!
  • @Dan it's not a new thing , everyone knows that L1020 is an oddball, guess what, MS knows that even more than we do.. But they should have thought about it before having undeliverable dreams about W10M ... I'm really sad that W10M market share may be is now even under 1%... It will take at least 2 years to reach 3% again.. W10 on PC may grow fast.. But the mobile growth will be slow and the problem is for normal consumers like us... The app gap may rise again because of low market share... Let's hope for the best.. The only thing that calms me is that Nadella is serious about phones ( let's move on from current issues with upgrade of WP8 devices )...
  • Dont waste ur time with giddora or losers lile him.. Here I'll find only fan **** boys... With no brain and passionate .. The titanic is going under the truth must be said
  • Yeah, he only has stupid answers and on top he's completely blind, doesn't even wants to hear the truth.
  • No one has said that win10mibile isn't going downhill. You're calling people who are optimistic for Win10 on mobile "Fan **** Boys"? I'd honestly say I really like Win10Mobile, just like others you just ignorantly called out on. However if I felt that android meets my needs for a phone, I'd go to it. (that doesn't mean I am as of now, as I am happy with sticking to win10mobile. There's no problems for me and my uses). Sure you get people on every platform that like a platform purely because of the branding logo on it, however alot of people on here who you just called out or probably even more open-minded than you are. +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Taken so long? It's not even half way, it's not at all Finished. It never will, cuz Windows 10 will never be complete. Said by MSFT.
  • well technically, developers were encouraged from the beginning (WP7) to make apps for devices with 1GB RAM or higher Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • You realise they only came to the judgement not long ago? Throughout the whole insider program before the public release last week they've been trying to optimise it for 512mb ram phones. Think of it this way, is it possible for a 8year (uncustomised hardware) old laptop to run Windows10 (ik I'm using laptops instead of phones as example, but just go with it). No, u can't. U might be able to install it (if you haven't already given up) but there will be no way at all it too run anywhere near good enough. Doesn't matter how many optimises you throw at it. Unfortunately phone hardware has good capacities but they're lifespan is nowhere near like a computer. You have to come to grips with the fact that you need a new phone as you're old hardware isn't good enough now. If you really NEED win10 on mobile, go into insider builds. Just don't expect it to be very fast/stable +640 on Win10Mobile
  • My 10 yrs compaq laptop run W10 just fine. Overall this is a bad mistake on MS part. L520 has been the most popular WP for two yrs straight worldwide. Nearly 50% of all WP sold.
  • Somehow I doubt a 10 year old laptop can run Windows 10. The processor alone wouldn't be up to the task of running it.
  • A 2006 Compaq with celeron 2gb 1.6ghz processor works just fine. You should check Windows 10 System Requirements
  • It might install but try doing anything remotely taxing and watch it crawl. Celerons were rubbish when released and are still rubbish today
  • Oh kay ....excuse me from speaking from factial information and experience....
  • I'm seeing a very difficult future for windows 10 mobile, too. And like many on the forums, I am slightly disappointed Microsoft couldn't upgrade my 1020 to a more modern OS, even when they said they would, but I get it's a hard promise to keep. I prefer windows phone, but the cameras on other phones have so many more features that I'm really tempted to switch. My primary reason for having my phone is to use as a camera. My 1020 still has a nice feature or two but it's quickly showing its age against other cameras phones available today. So perhaps I'll take this move by Microsoft as a sign that it's time to start shopping around. :-)
  • Galaxy S7 is having the best camera right now :-)
  • I'm still hoping Samsung make a win10 variant of the galaxy series. Even if it's just one phone. The camera does look really good +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Samsung is not looking forward to ruin it's reputation.
  • It would be great to have one. Just to diversify and give the W10M platform another popular brand to help W10M. This might happen but not now, especially with the current perception and issues around W10M, that's not encouraging for Samsung to make W10M anytime soon. Still it would be interesting for Samsung to release "Galaxy Pro" family of devices running Windows.
  • or use the "Windows Insider" app to upgrade anyway ... the choise is yours now ...
    and your unsupported phone can always get back to WP 8.1 via the PC program "Windows Device Recovery Tool"
    remember to do a Hard Reset & Lumia Classic Camera could be the app you should use for your camera.
    Have fun!
  • I have this feeling MS is done with the camera wars.
  • Go Nexus if you go Android. Fast speedy updates include monthly security updates and far more support than Windows Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • There's a Second Wave of W10M for 51two phones in my Pandora.
  • but on Android you can get unoficall updates for example Samsung Galaxy S3, support stopped at Android 4, but you can get Android 6 and enjoy newest apps
  • And I bet it runs like **** on an s3
  • actually even better because there isn't samsung bloatware
  • my galaxy s3 ran like crap with 5.0. theres no way 6.0 is running any better on it. Not to mention my Sprint note 4 which is 1 and a half years old doesnt have marshmellow yet, and there is no set date for it either.
  • Exactly. And then you have GPS troubles, handsfree speech is buggy, WLAN somtimes, restarts, Camera working badly, .... Look up the internet, it's full from those failures.  C'mon, all those Cyanogen Mods and whatnot are utterly useless if one wants his phone work reliably and with all features funtioning. Therefore, I applaud Microsoft for having really tried hard for months to improve the situation for older hardware cutting it finally and continuing their W10 journey only with handsets not giving that much trouble, doing so they avoid that a good part of their development resources is eated up for old hardware that many users will trash anyway in the coming months (not that I find that a good thing btw)
  • But on Windows Phone you can join the official insider program. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Which Microsoft leaves more than half of the people unsupported and in the dark.
  • Because when they asked you... You said it didn't work well enough... So they couldn't support the update and therefore offers a Insider program instead. It is far more than Google does for most of their users.
  • I think I would just cut the wire.
  • If i was MS, i'd cut the wire. Especially if i had to deal with whiney trolls crying about their 4 year old budget phones not getting "offical" updates. I get where your coming from though i have an original iphone and just found it wont be updated to ios 9 even though it sold millions, im so pissed off.
  • LOL :p I'm stunned :p
  • Hate that people are down voting you based on pure facts. People wanted insider for phones. They got it. Then people wanted input, they got it. Now people feel what business has to deal with everday, making a choice. They chose to say it didn't run well, and now mad Ms doesn't spend another year or so supporting old devices. And then wonder why no new ones come out. Go buy a new cheap one. My only complaint is the 1020
  • would you rather have your phone runing windows 10 badly, crashing asll the time and things not working or would you rather microsoft just told you so you could stay on 8.1 and enjoy its reliability and speed and have everything working? I ask cause im curious to your answer.
  • If you're talking to tech and hardcore fanboys, sure! But for the majority of average everyday consumers, insider program is either unknown or is not an option.
  • You can't get marshmallow update on s3,bloody hell, the S6 edge has serious problems with lollypop. Windows central W10 Lumia 650
  • But in India, Blu win jr Lte has 1GB of Ram and 8GB internal..!!! So can we expect any upgrade in coming months..!!?? ;)
  • "Processor".
  • Quad core Snapdragon 410
  • Then BLU's decision for not upgrading it to W10M.
  • Sd410
  • 8GB if Rom?
  • Sorry but unfortunately, your phone will not get the upgrade. You can however jump to Windows Insider and get W10M build 10586.164
    That being said, it will no longer receive any new updates beyond that since it's not official W10M device Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Thank you for ur reply..! But I tried now in windows insider. Nothing happened.!! It is showing upto date!!
  • Make sure you're on either Slow Ring or Preview ring, as fast ring won't have any updates for u (and production is just normal updates) +640 on Win10Mobile
  • People asking others to join insider program should know that not all phones are supported by Insider program in this case BLU Win Jr. We are talking about a phone which is less than 18 months old and was released as Windows 10 upgradable phone. BLU Win Jr was never included in the insider program, how would Microsoft know that it cannot run Windows 10?
  • Microsoft ****** all up and will even more in wp10 basically the official versions are Beta as well & the users Beta testers which they don't know.
  • huh...Amazon India lists it as having 512MB RAM in the specs.  Its also listed as only have 4GB of storage, and I can tell you that it needs more than that to upgrade. Are you sure you're not talking about the Blu Win HD LTE?  That has the specs you're claiming that the 'JR' has...
  • I'm sure. I bought from amazon.For India, It has 1gb of ram and 8gb internal storage...
  • It's not like all the phones running 8.0 got 8.1 as soon as it was announced. No surprise here.
  • MS has said it clearly.... No more support for 512MB devices.. Move on.. There is no more hope..
  • 1320 have 1gb
  • And SD400 SoC CPU
  • No, it has a S4.
  • Glad to see you noticed about the SD400. People are missing that part of thing's.
  • Theres plenty of hope, just install the insider app. Look at that, I solved your problem.
  • cant i update to my lumia 820? it has got 1 gb of ram?  
  • Old processor.. So, no. Not just yet hopefully :)
  • U wont be able to upgrade they have left out all X20 series except 1520 and to ve noted there ain't no second wave as confirmed by gab Aul in a tweet
  • Not even ever... Conformed by WindowsInsider twitter account... ( but those who are on insider builds will get cumulative updates for 10586 builds... But won't update from 10586 to Redstone...)
  • Yes - use the Windows Insider app (searchStore), Run, Get preview builds, select the "Insider Preview Release"
    then after the Reboot check the Phone Update.
    If you first get the 107 then upgrade again - you will get the Windows 10 Mobile "Final" Build # 164 aka 10.0.10586.164
  • But only if the phone is supported on the Insider Preview, not all of them are.
  • I'm sure they said in the beginning that every device running 8.1 would be able to upgrade to 10 once it's released, but now having to backtrack on their premature statements reek of the infamous 180 Xbox policies.
    I am somewhat gutted having bought this phone for a friend's birthday and was just telling him the other night he should upgrade. I hope they'll manage to resolve whatever the issue is and add it back to the list.
  • which device? Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Unfortunately you won't get official updates for it, but you can jump into Windows Insider Program and get Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.164 It's just that will be the last update for the device, and be sure to delete Windows Insider app after upgrade.
  • Remain silent. Really is no need to make any promises, especially when the release is more than a few months away. However, the existence of the insider program might make that hard since users themselves can upgrade their own devices and claim "it works" before any official decision is made.
  • Shameful from MicroShite
  • No, it is good actually. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • In somewhat ways, Yes. But still they really let down many people.
  • Agreed.. Ms doesn't care nor will.. Let them shut down the mobile **** thing for the best
  • Yeah, Just hope MSFT let's us live in peace now.
  • If you not getting an update for your phone somehow stopped you from living in peace, then you need to get a life. I feel sad for you, your life being based around phone updates.
  • LOL :P do you even know the meaning of * peace* ?
  • I know the meaning of peace... do you?
  • Far better than you.
  • whys it for the best? my $26 straight from microsoft 640 runs perfectly with the update. They gave me a great backup phone at a great price and updated it to w10m the day after i bought it. Sure seems like they care to me. Its been such a good experience, I'm thinking of buying the 950 XL to use as my daily driver.
  • Micro$haft Windoze
  • Microsoft made a mess, they should learn by now from their history. MICROSOFT STOP MAKING PROMISES. They just can't keep up with their promises. I don't actually care if they update the old phones. But those non upgradable ones could've helped Microsoft with their 1 billion devices goal even if they have some performance issues.
  • Having an OS that runs badly is not gonna help them get to the 1bn mark either.
  • Please, these morons surely knew before the 17th of March that they wouldn't be offering the upgrade to a whole host of devices but said nothing till the day of the update itself, letting people believe they would get an update for months, there's no excuse for that.
  • They have run the insider program for quite some time trying to fix it. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Here we have the unofficial head of Windows Insider Program and Marketing. Explains everything.
  • Are you trying to go from discussing the matter to discussing a person? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Ah.. No.
  • and I still have the Windows 10 Mobile Build ....164 anyway
    via the Windows Insider app.
  • And then cry for stability? No thanks.
  • But its the exact same build as the ota update. So theres nothing MS couldve done to stop you from ********.  
  • Damn this website trying hard to do damage control for MS.
  • Usually they take the heat for it too no?
  • "Damn this website trying hard to do damage control for MS."
    How are we doing damage control for them by clearly calling out their backstepping on an upgrade? By adding context, similar examples, and reasons? That's not damage control that's just not reporting something in a vacuum.
  • Windows 10 Mobile has been working on my Lumia 520 AT&T with 512 MB RAM from the early builds on
    OFFICIALLY t's not getting the W10, but using the "Windows Insider" app you get the very same version anyway.
    10.0.10586.164 How about writing an article about THAT !?!
    I dare you, @Daniel Rubino
  • You need to read better, preview version of .164 ISN'T THE SAME AS THE .164 VERSIONS ON OFFICIAL *50 DEVICES CHECK BEFORE YOUR MOUTH STARTS. W10M LUMIA 650.
  • With news like this, that Microsoft is not going through with their promise of upgrading all WP8 devices. It makes me go back to LG Eclypse (running Android 2.2) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • The difference in tone between the Android Central Moto E article and the coverage here is pretty obvious.  They ripped Motorola and didn't give the "oh well everyone else lies too" shrug.
  • But it's quite interesting to see that since Nadella it's good enough for you if something is as bad as Android. Or how you blame the users for downvoting user experience on win10m for 1020 for being the reason that it won't get Win10m. Usual that should have been a reason for MS to further improve win10m. But than you'll come up with that "too dated / weak SoC", remember when you folks said how well optimised WP is and that it doesn't require quad core SoC unlike Android?
  • Where's the damage control? All I see are facts being reported and letting readers comment. Some readers are taking a strong negative stance, and in the midst of all that, the site remains professional and neutral.
  • I've a blu hd LTE yet to be added to the list to be upgraded to win10 mobile. 150e
  • Same that is my 1020 and my Blu Win HD LTE that were promised upgrades to W10M that likely won't receive them.
    MS really are a difficult company to support.
  • And you always replied to me rudely, you still will, but truth is out there.
  • Kamesh, you earned the 'rude' comments because you troll like there is no tomorrow!
  • Which Many of them were actually true.
  • Your 1020 was never promised an upgrade to anything. Microsoft specifically said "plan" and "intended". They never promised anything. I agree on the BLU WIN HD LTE X150E front though, it's still sold in the UK with "Windows 10 Upgrade" as the main feature...
  • Upgraded my L930 yesterday via the official app... MS is doing BLU costomers a favor, this OS is so buggy it's unbelievable!
    And no, I am not a hater/troll...
    Worked for Microsoft, used it since 95, had Windows Mobile, and I hate Google and Apple.
    But upgrading all these phones officially, to something that is as BETA as this buggy piece of s#&%.
    That is a really bad business strategy!
  • Like you, I've used everything from 3.1 to Windows 10.  However, I am a bit dissapointed that they list phones and then remove them.  Was hoping that my Lumia 920 would upgrade but it is no longer on the list.  Hope that MS will improve on the Windows mobile so that it can run on the 920 with out the bugs you have encountered.
  • just buy a new Lumia 550 or Lumia 650 Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Do a Hard Reset and try again...
    What are those bugs?
    I'm running the Windows 10 Mobile on five Lumias with unbelevable stability and speed
    way better than my 2GB Lagdroid
  • A 2GB lagdroid will still function better than a buggy Crapdows who doesn't even know the definition of phone.
  • Maybe - you are entitled to your wrong opinion...
    But will my Samsung Galaxy quad core with 2GB RAM ever get the new (Insider Beta) Android "N"? 
    NO !!
    Well, will it get the current Android 6.0 "M" then?
    and Lollipop 5.0 sucked big time => Back to KitKat 4.4
    but even that can't access the SD card - what in the world?! - Should I go back to Android 4.2 Jelly Beans?
    I bough a mighty Lumia 1520 and now I live happily ever after!
  • Oh dude, I'll really pray for your happiness... May God Bless you..
  • Its all good until a new build/update(beta yet) drops and makes your phone unstable.Basically using Samsung and complaining abt Android use a Motorola /Nexus never ever will you be dissapointed by the software atleast.Microsoft makes hardware as well software they are to be blamed totally the Samsung and Android thing is another thing.Lumia 1520's hardware had more Microsoft influence than Nokia.
  • Obviously the S3 was released in 2012. It's a dead phone. That's 4 years old if you didn't know math and you hate companies? Issues... Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • I'm with Lumia 930 upgraded to wp 10, two days ago.
    problems are:
    Screen turns off when making a call so i cannot end the call unless i turn the screen back on manually. In wp 8.1 the screen turned off only when it was close to the ear and came back on when removed from The ear.
    On wp 10 double tap won't wake up the phone, On wp 8.1 it did.
    WP 10 - battery drains quicker than wp 8.1.
    Wp 10 - The manual says long press on the space bar key will allow to customise the keyboard size and location. It doesn't...
    Hope they will fix those things...
  • I'm using it on lumia 930 and 1520 and they both are stunning.... first update to 10586.107 then update to 10586.164 then Hard reset after that download 44 needed apps in Store include Store... Then see real Windows 10 Mobile... it is fast. smooth and very productive.  
  • @mani.
    Dont you have the bugs I mentioned after the hard reset? Or did you not have them to begin with?
  • Yet you probably haven't done a factory reset with no restore!!
  • Microsoft should have said that MOST 8.1 devices are getting 10 instead of ALL devices so that people wouldn't be as upset with them when they remove devices from the upgrade list.
  • Yep. OR they should have stuck to their promise and made W10M work properly on all devices...rather than just being lazy and getting it to work solely on the 8.1 phones.
    I mean, a Lumia 435 is getting the update whereas the Lumia 1020 is not. That is a ****** up business strategy
  • When did you remove your black shades and started watching truth?
  • (@spinzeroWL)
    Yes it is. But didn't Microsoft have issues with the camera on 10 or something?
  • Because the Lumia 435 is newer, and therefore must be "faster" This is no different than the lack of Miracast support on the L920/L1020 when it had far more processing power than the L635.
  • Yup.. That's all the point!!
  • I don't really see a problem here. If you want to there is no big deal enrolling the insider program and getting w10m on your device. I am running w10m on my Lumia 820 and it works really good , it actually runs better on that device than on my 1020 or 950 :/ I guess there is less things on that device that can be a problem.
  • BLU HD and JR LTE were ineligible for the insider preview program.
  • They can still update those leftover devices of 512 mb ram with the release of redstone which is scheduled for somewhere in july because redstone is all about optimization of apps and OS so they can say wait till july or something like that.!!! Finger crossed.!!
  • That would suck, everyone would've discarded their phone for no reason lol
  • I SWEAR I remember reading last year devices with 4GB weren't getting Win Jr.
  • In order to upgrade to W10M you will require at least 8GB internal storage Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Indian version has it. Next.
  • The problem is, when on your store you say that a device will be upgraded, you make it a sales argument. It's not only a declaration to the fans and geeks who follow that sort of stuff. I reckon buyers of this phone could be entitled to compensation because they can claim that they wouldn't have bought it if the promise had not been there. We need to see in the future if there will be phones added to the upgrade list but if not, no one can say it's not really bad from Microsoft: the problem is not the non-upgrade itself (I understand the performance issue, my 920 does not perform well on insider preview ring), but the fact they made a public promise and even a selling point of that promise and they don't keep it. I'm a Microsoft fan but that's not a normal commercial behaviour from auch a big corporation. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • the 920 may have problems or the 1020 but the 925 runs the 164 build like a champ imo.
  • It is normal behavior though ... Waiting for the settlements to roll in 8-)
  • #YeshHarf I fully agree with you......
  • Nice to know at least few of us are still seeing things without fan boy lenses.. I agree that MS tried and they couldn't update older WPs to provide performance like 8.1... But they should have thought about it before Advertising Blu Win HD as W10 ready... They just ruined it... And yeah fan boys says Android devices are also always left behind.. Well guess what.. Android is feature complete since Kitkat or even Jellybean unlike WP8.1 .. So people won't suffer as much as WP fans do.. And they can still use almost all the Android apps even if their phones are not supported for future Android updates... But in our case WP8.1 store is a haunted villa.. No apps.. Universal apps are our only hopes and MS just ditched us.. Asking as to continue using Insider preview isn't the solutions.. Because the OS is not optimized for lower processors and RAM.. But the funny thing is most of the WPs are having low specifications.. So 50% of WPs are just dead weight.. And don't even think about market share of W10M ... It will take W10M another 2-3 years to reach 3% market share.. By then Lumia 550 and 650 won't be able to update to Redstone threshold 2 and they will be abandoned just like others.. ( Buying a low end WP is not a smart decision anymore ) .. Planned to buy 650.. Not anymore.. Waiting for a device with better specification and not a High end as well..
  • I think it better that Microsoft has not upgraded mobiles with 512 Ram.i have Lumia 720 with 512 ram and I have windows 10 on it and also 640xl with 1gb Ram. Trust me that the experience of WM10 was great on 640xl but on 720 it is laggy but usable. The old phones were released 2 yrs ago and windows phone fans can simply by new phones with 1 Gb and enjoy a great experience of WM 10 instead of whining or simply switchover to android or apple phone.
  • I think its a good thinking. People would surely be pissed if they see their mobile getting #ucked by the OS!
  • Too late.  They have opened themselves up for false advertising suits.
  • All those complaining please provide a link where MS said "We promise that...". Other comments have said MS should have said nothing but reading comments on Win10Mobile posts then everyone is saying "...when is it coming, when is it coming, soon(tm) hahaha ​MS can't win; if they kept quiet people complain if they say something but then it turns out they have to back track. The fact of the matter is if you bought a cheap phone you got what you paid for. Your phone is not suddenly going to stop working you can continue to use it. In the meantime if it means that much to you then you know you could save up and buy another cheap phone that comes with Win10 pre-installed.    
  • In the case of the phone under discussion here, it said so right on the Microsoft Store page for it!
  • IP is running just fine in my 925. I feel like we were cheated by MSFT. They promised to bring w10m on all Lamias but now they took a u turn. If they don't have capability why did they promised so prematurely. I thought only google was evil but looks like I have to revise that. IP will stop someday then this phone will be a piece of junk which most Lamias will be ! It's not sad...its frustrating...a matter of spreading anger and being cheated ...i had huge love for Msft but now starting to hate !!!!( unfortunately)
  • Hope they don't screw jr lte's big brother blu win HD lte x150e. No sign of upgrade as of now. Both MS and Blu are remaining silent.
  • Blu have said they expect JR LTE 8.1 update2.... 1GB Ram SD QUAD CORE 410 8GB internal Storage to be upgraded to W10M as stated
  • They said, But we cant sure that they will take the decision to upgrade.!!
  • First of all Microsoft just not give windows 10 update for X20 series even they manufacturing phone with very high price and cheap hardware too Microsoft only want profit from the people and nothing they don't care for the people and their valuable money not everyone efforts new phone ever second year but Android regularly update their software in new phones with cheap price with better hardware then windows phone I highly recommend for android even I big fan of windows phone I used windows phone since 2013 and waiting for windows 10 for my Lumia 520 since one year but Microsoft only makes us fool now I never brought a windows phone specially Microsoft hardware.......!
  • Yes dude, I will also have never ever even consider a WP when buying a new Phone, you can look out at Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 INCREDIBLE SPECS and very cheap, I'm buying that only, the 3GB model in case you live in India :-)
  • What about the Honor 7 what do you make of that phone spec. Posted Lumia 650
  • Yeah, MS doesn't care, right? I mean, they only opened up the development of their new OS to the community, built it around their feedback, released it for free to as many devices as technically feasible, built a flagship device with specs designed solely for pleasing fans, and support phones several years old. No morals, some companies.
  • In response to those first few posts....there is nothing wrong with a custom android rom. I based mine on OEM roms, ditched the junk, then added parts of other time. I had a note three running the note four rom with s6 dialer, calendar and a couple of other s6 features! With regards to this, MSFT are damned if they do and damned if they don't. At the end of the day, OS providers do NOT have to issue an update. They are only obliged to offer security patches and the like. Along with this, it has been shown that poor performance is a major factor in their decision.
  • Custom ROMs on Android are awesome. However, they are also very intimidating to install :P
  • But once installed.. You have unlimited freedom and power :-)
  • I wish those devs in XDA find a way to optimize W10M for older phones so that I can text few tweets to Gabe ;) ... /s
  • I wish Windows Phones receive cool roms. I wonder what's the development with that now that some could be rooted etc Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • I'm broke as a joke and somehow managed to buy a Lumia 640 when they first hit the 30$/40$ price tag to replace my 635 that broke. I know they could have handled this alot better just as anyone on the **** end could try to understand the reasoning behind the decision. If those people do in fact enjoy the OS, seems spending for the very affordable 640 or similar phone a better alternative than leaving w10m altogether and paying more for another phone/os that will 100% not offer the upgrade lifespan that microsoft has had with most of their phones and will continue with going forward. I agree they shouldn't have waited until the last minute to tell customers of the change and I'm sure I'd be a little upset too but I'm certain if I still owned one of the phones not on the supported list I would have just ended up buying an affordable win10 phone like a 640 until I was ready to upgrade to something ideal later.
  • Though I haven't been keeping tabs on Motorola's recent behavior, I'm not surprised ... They got a history with this. ______
    As for W10m, I think they should keep 512Mb devices access to the current W10m branch (10586.106 isn't?) ... You know for the fans.
    It might not be an optimal experience for the masses, but it'll keep the fans happy.
  • If someone bought that phone with that promise of a Windows 10 upgrade in mind, then I can see a potential lawsuit. Since the phone was advertised with that in mind. Now with the older phones, they were already out before Windows 10 Phone was hardly even a thought. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well said totally agree posted from windows central for W10 Lumia 650
  • Here's a joke: Microsoft is downloading windows 10 on windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1 PCs behind their users back and pushing them all the time to upgrade their PCs to windows 10.
  • I know you might be joking, but in case you're not, since when is Microsoft pushing Windows 10 to Vista? But that is true that some users are automatically being alerted to a "restart to install Windows 10" message in Windows Update.
  • Because the hardware that supports Vista will also run Windows 10.
  • Not Vista or 8.0, actually. And where is the joke?
  • The real joke is, Microsoft Advertises WP as a PRODUCTIVE PHONE. What an Irony, the most productive phone has only 1.7% share and so called *lagdroid* has 84% share. That's the joke.
  • @Kamesh Kotwani, there are other factors that play into that. Primarily being that Android can be forked (AOSP). However given the insane variations and forks, Android will always remain fragmented.
  • What does productivity have to do with marketshare and where is the irony? Android appeals to the mass market, including the vast amount who only use a phone to make phonecalls. I'm pretty damn productive on my phone, and don't see what Android can do any better. Baked in Office suite especially OneNote, plus Outlook, and OneDrive make for a productive device. Some could argue that Cortana adds to their productivity too. It's just too bad there are so many haters out there who haven't even tried WP and still go any buy the latest flavour of Android.
  • Every single thing you mentioned above is available on Android, EVEN BETTER THAN WP :-) so chill and keep facing random crashes in your WP :-) Enjoy! And about using WP,I have TWO of them. :-)
  • I think you're confused or lying - Android is well known for lagging and crashing. I've never had a "random crash" on WP (been using them since WP7). I've had my 950 for exactly 3 weeks now, and it's been completely flawless - no crashes, no lag, no resets.
  • Hoping to see you soon on 2016, You're still stuck at 2012.
  • What does that even mean?
  • That means WM is 20 years behind Android. :-)
  • I think you need maths lessons!!
  • Sorry, but you're really deluded. If you hate WM so much, you should just leave instead of trying to incite hate all the time
  • Um, Office on W10M is identical to the one on Android. So Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Cortana are better on Android, looks like you need your eyes testing as well!!
  • Tough question. The thing is, until insiders got involved, they wouldn't really have enough data. I said it the other day. Announcements are balancing acts. You can announce something early and something can change and the announcement has to be taken back...But you could also announce something too late, denying people time to get excited and possibly announcing something which has been rumoured for a while, detracting impact from the announcement. Sometimes companies do have to announce before something is set in stone. We sadly saw it with the release date of W10M too. Balancing act.
  • MS should have allowed the unsupported devices to be upgraded at lest for the Insiders. the insiders already join the program with explicit consent.
  • If you buy the lowest end phones you shouldn't expect two year support. It sucks, but it's not really surprising.
  • Of course you should. Don't tell me what to do! 
  • #foreverstuckw/wp8.1. MS never learn. Making promises they know they couldn't fulfill. I'll keep my L920 for a bit longer and probably evaluate my platform options. #sickntired of being lied to. Most likely I'll go Android route w/current wp directions. They should nevet have bought Nokia. Nokia was the catalyst for the platform. Now everything is pooof.
  • They purchased for the patents. Nothing more.
  • yeah? well why the hell did Nokia stopped making Lumias? there used to be excitement when Nokia has a press invites and product launches.
  • @kinaton, no they (MS) have the ability to license Nokia's patents into perpetuity and they didn't buy them outright as Nokia still exists as a seperate entity. Microsoft only bought the D&S division.
  • They should do the same for the European Blu Win HD ! NOT UPGRADABLE
  • Microsoft,why?
  • You choose, push your phone with WM10 and become laggy as hell or keep it nice, fast and smooth 8.1.
  • I would rather switch to Android. At least if full fills the definition of a "smart phone". WP is very "over intelligent" phone, I cannot handle, even companies are having trouble to understand the code of WP and makes Apps for it, it's a real genius phone, I've ever used in my life.
  • MS is trying to be honest here. If they let it upgraded to WM10, more and more user will get disappointed. Smart move to halt it. I used to have xperia sp, everything was smooth and fast until they released an update even tough a lot of complaints about the latest update. Did they stop the release!? No, Did I update my phone?! Yes. And that buggy update never been fixed. That's why MS stop the release of the update for this one.
  • This is pointless because everything is possible in technology they can make it lag free by several ways but only they really want to do it but here they only want to pull out money by forcing us to dispose our current phones and buy their new products. This is a technological wastage and its not only about MS.
  • If you purchased this phone via contract or unlocked, you should request refund and option to leave contract early.
  • What is the point of a 512 phone anyway? Is the cost difference of installing 1g in the first place that much different?
  • Microsoft's dumb ass Restrictions/Plans for low end supposedly spec phones bring in more users. Sometimes feel bad for Nokia being played by Microsoft for pumping out lumias with ram,processor,screen size restrictions. There would be hardly any difference in costs between 512 mb ram & 1gig of it. As well selling 512mb outdated specs priced higher than multiple rivals in low cost phones.
  • They should offer to buy back the phones with the purchase of a Windows 10 (compatible) phone!
  • *behavior
  • Microsoft has been getting on my nerves lately.
  • I would demand a refund...easy to win a small claims case if they refused. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This windows 10 mobile **** is going downhill
  • I don't know about laws in other countries but in Canada this would be considered false advertising and it is illegal. I bought a Win HD LTE on MS store and it is now on W10M. I specifically chose a phone that was sold as being upgradable to W10M and if that had been a Blu Junior, I would demand today that MS either gives me a W10M phone for free or gives me a refund.
  • Absolutely, you should ask for your money back because they did fraudulent marketing and if they don't respond you,being a responsible citizen, should file a complaint against their such behaviour they cannot smoke your hard earned money in the air by doing anything without planning.
  • Microsoft lost its own reputation and consumer too to done this type of ******* behaviour....
  • Its a free world people instead of whining buy new windows phone with 1gb Ram and enjoy the wm10 experience or go to other O.S.
  • I learned my lesson: Never trust anything MS says. By now anyone can see Windows Mobile Devices are just the same throw away phones like cheap Androids when it comes to longtime support, and it has a pattern, remember WP7? But since WM10 is, after a year of public beta, still buggy as h*ll, missing many important features and has by far the worst app support, anyone recommending or investing in a new Windows Phone from now on is either a blind fanboy (possibly paid for it) or just clueless and obviously not a power user. But fear not - the Apple event is tomorrow so the unmatched role model of a device vendor can once again show MS and Google why they are and have always been the single best choice in mobile: Best hardware quality and design - best app support - best services platform - best selection of accessories - best long time support. Sad, but true.
  • Risked buying a windows phone because of the big image microsoft was potraying(smooth ui,No lag,Faster better cameras{well the are in hardware} ) feel like being cheated which everyone is right now. Having a L920 is awesome but the thing which makes me hate is the software side of it.
  • Daniel Rubino - Wouldn't it be possible for Microsoft to port Android even 4.4 on left out lumias or atleast port playstore for ******* up everyone in the x20- xx20 series. In the end it should happen,would be a great ending to windows phone users.
  • @puru1234, porting Android is fruitless exercise (no pun intended). The X range has been axed and astoria has been shelved.
  • I guess the issue is two fold, resources to deal with all the feedback and optimisation. As well as trying to keep a user base happy. However I think it's down to resources if anything else. As in this retrenched state they would rather forgo the optimisation as it would be impossible under the WaaS model. Since updates fix something and break something else. In trying to keep the userbase happy they made promises which they haven't been able to keep along with features that have been deprecated in WM10. Which to be honest puts them on shaky ground right now. Never the less build is round the corner, it would be interesting to see what is revealed.
  • good bye MS, I'll use Iphone beause they better about update,,, apple always consitent................................... I hate u micorosoft
  • Its a free world if people don't like Microsoft they can simply switchover to other O.S instead of whining and wasting time on this blog and that for phones which are 2-3 yrs old.But trust me the future. Is WM10 .
  • Please wake up are looking at the wrong dreams!!!
  • He's living in 2010. :-)
  • Blu Win JR LTE is not 3 years old. Get your brain checked.
  • Let's be honest. How many Lumia 520 owners are Insiders? I would say not a lot. 5%?... So, many of non-Insiders users don't even know that their phone won't get Windows 10. Because they don't care, they are not IT geeks. Many of them don't even know that Windows 10 exists. So, this no-getting-Windows-10 is affecting only Insiders. Maybe is marketing, maybe not. Maybe they force us to get newer phones.
  • I ve got BLU win jr lte and it has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage..however it has SD 200.So BLU win JR LTE has two versions..plz clarify Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • The Indian version has the Snapdragon 410. Please check if you have the right phone.
  • My phone has sd410..
  • Probably should not say anything until they are ready. People might have bought this phone under the impression that it would be updated to Win 10. Now they are out of luck. If Microsoft says nothing, then it is Caveat Emptor for potential buyers.
  • If they advertised and sold those devices as descripted, that's not "unfortunate", it's fraudulent, plain and simple.
  • You are not supposed to sense here!
  • Another what the ffff
  • Please people, I don't believe for 1 minute MS planned to do this. It's unfortunate yes, but be realistic, use a little common sense.
  • Are you talking about those unfortunate phones or blu phones??
  • Omg,lemme upgrade my 535 before they change their minds
  • When in india
  • I have a Lumia 525 with insider preview but my device isn't upgradable to windows 10.So I will not have the ability to update it or I will be at the insider program for ever? Posted from my phone
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. You Are
  • What about the 1GB RAM with 8GB storage model sold in Europe and India, the X130E. It was advertised everywhere to be W10M compatible, why isn't Blu and/or Microsoft mum about it?
  • Throw it off dude and buy a new phone, of course Android.
  • The one with 4gb internal and 512mb. Rm
  • This is an example of fraud or cheat and the company should be charged with such type of false and fake promises be it MS or whoever.
  • Will W10M ever be released to any old phone? I mean via normal update procedure average customers use and are familiar with.
  • Likely never!
  • What happen I want windows 10 on blu win Jr lte
  • Me too. Becoz this is my first windows phone.!!!!
  • And I'm 100% sure that this will be the last one.
  • It doesn't help them earn trust. And trust is something Microsoft is sorely lacking.
  • Isn't it wrong to advertise false information and then switch? I mean isn't anyone gonna sue these people! MS will ditch you, switch over to Android.
  • Lmao @ switch over to android. Good luck!
  • Well, it ain't 2011 or 2012 where android sucked, keep lyfao, truth be told, app gap ain't gonna close anytime soon, android is far superior in terms of functionality, i dont find practical use for continuum, if have a monitor and keyboard and mouse i definitely would prefer a much more robust processor than mobile. for all those WPSheeps out there, i was a honest MS fan till their SAS model opened up to public, it's now all a beta program to serve their enterprise customers. WP 7.5 to WP8, WP8.1 to W10M , history repeats itself, and nothing been done to arguably make things better. W10M is functional handicapped against IOS or Android. Stick with MS, i'm done with their mobile boat..
  •   Users feel burned and they're venting, but Microsoft had to know what the reaction would be---they're a Billion Dollar multinational. That said, Dan and the site owners may be advised to shut down comments for a while until things settle down, comments are getting downright poisonous and hostile. But Ibguess it was going to happen as Microsoft effectively excised approximately half of the Windows phone user install base.  It's going to be a *much* smaller community going forward.        
  • So, first my phone becomes obsolete and now freedom of rant?
  • Another day, another smartphone removed from WP10 compatibility list (and this time, a less than 1 year smart model) :(
    The main problem isn't the OS evolution, but the application store...
    WP81 store is soon going to go away (and lost app support, even paid one if no OS upgrade) for W10 universal oriented app...
    When other smartphones OS are keeping backward compatibility for apps on their stores, MS does the opposite with putting his previous OS store "in a trash" and force people having WP81 smartphones to buy new ones for business...
    Actually, I have 3 WP having no WM10 possible upgrade...
    So, I've decided to go on Android/Ios this time for my next smartphone, because I don't want to "have to change" next year with WP11 , and I don't want to spend500€ like I previously do on 920 on a WP that will a 2 year life expectancy...
  • Phones with 512mb should have never been released to the public in the first place. They had enough issues on windows 8 with apps needing to be modified to work with these phones. This should have been seen as an issue coming from a mile away. As for Android, the Nexus phones have matured nicely. The Nexus 6p, and and the original 5 run great, with fast updates, and tons of support. They run far better than my Lumia 1520, and from what I've read/seen in the media, the 950 series phones as well.
  • Correct! I'm tired of people with absolutely no technical knowledge crying about their 512mb phones.. And yes should never have been sold.
  • Absolutely
  • Yup maybe, but ms decide to release it. I dont really care if 512 can be updated to w10m or not. At least, give support to them. Windows phone 8.1 update, i miss that continue update
  • 512MB? What you think would've happened? Just buy a new phone and be done with it.
  • So WC is lowering the expatiation. They used to say "WP is superior cause it isn't like Android" nowadays it's more like "it's OK cause it's as bad as Android" :D
  • When I bought Lumia 620 I've felt really great. Really fast and smooth WP8 OS with updates on the way, great message hub with facebook, fine camera and overall great value by that time. I could literally compare my 620 to friend's iPhone 4 and the phone was faster than the SGS3 mini. After that I've decided to buy Lumia 1020 (Q3 2014). Fantastic camera with great WP8.1 although few functions were gone such as great music player. Everything was great until W10M was announced but I still had hope... Until release of the 950/XL and 550 - W10 build 10586 was still somehow dissappointing and so was everything I loved about WP. W10 added many great functions, but also the "android custom rom" feeling. And now, when the latest build was acceptable, they've decided to stop 50% of their user base from upgrading. By that time, Android 5 added great user interface and Android 6 fixed many things I didn't like. So goodbye MS, hello LG.
  • The whole motorola example was not needed. You don't have to wait for firms to update their firmware on Android. You do it yourself with custom roms.
  • People should try to understand that what companies day is often very nuanced, while the reporting of it missed those nuances. "we intend to do x" is reported as "we will" and readers take that as a promise to do x when they company really means" we're going to try but aren't sure yet"
  • You guys, this phone has 4gb of internal storage....theres no way WM10 would ever fit on anything with that much storage....this shouldn't be that huge of a surprise....hate on BLU not Microsoft
  • Once again, the Indian version has 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and a Snapdragon 410. Specs similar to Lumia 640 I reckon.
  • @FrustBite don't speak sense.. Fans will eat your brain ( even though I'm a fan, I'm not a stupid like apple fans.. But seems like WP community is becoming WPzombies/Sheeps ..
  • @Asnine But MS store sold these devices as W10 the hate is on MS.. They even failed to keep the promise they gave to Blu...
  • I agree with the very end of the article that Microsoft should wait to announce what they will update until they are 100% certain what's going to happen. Lesson learned.
  • I've learned a lot. Firstly there was the revelation that my 820 is being left behind. Then that the insiders are somehow to blame because they downvoted a lot. And lastly that I'm a crybaby and that I should man up and go for a new phone.
  • I am a Microsoft fan. I own a Surface Pro, with all the accessories. I've had MS mobile devices continuously all the way back to the Compaq C120 clamshell running Windows CE 1.0. One by one my family has been won over by Apple products, but I'm the holdout - I think Microsoft is doing some very exciting things. So with that in mind, let me say: Microsoft's recent actions regarding Windows 10 Mobile are indefensible. The company is squandering what little goodwill it has left with its phone fan base. Regarding the BLU Win Jr specifically (the topic of this article), Microsoft owes an upgrade or a refund to anyone who bought this device from a MS Store, no questions asked. They sold their customers a device that they promised would be upgraded when the general release of Win10 came. Then they chose not to upgrade it. That's not "just how things go" - that's 100% on them. Microsoft made the promise. Microsoft sold the devices. Microsoft broke the promise that helped sell the devices. Microsoft needs to make it right. Regarding the more general betrayal of its customers, there are three factors that make this situation particularly onerous, and they are all the result of Microsoft's choices: Many of the phones that are being left behind are solid, capable devices. The Icon is often named as a baffling omission. So is the 1520. My 925 is still the highest-end Windows phone to be released on T-Mobile. These are not "low-end" phones like so many people are asserting. They are capable of running Win10, and running it as well as anything on the list of supported devices. But they will be left behind. Through years of inaction, failed development cycles, and bizarre "carrier exclusives," Microsoft has ensured that its customers on T-Mobile and Verizon have no new W10 devices to succeed their unsupported Windows Phones. Foolish optimist that I am, I've paid for T-Mobile's "Jump" plan for three years, and never had anything to jump to. Getting locked out of W10 means your phone is done, because Microsoft has once again changed the app platform. Whatever the future holds for the UWP (and I personally think it's hopeful), there is no future at all for WP8.1 apps. Developers have no incentive to release updates for a dead platform, or to write new apps for it. (This is why it's not at all comparable to talk about phones that don't get the latest version of Android - those phones are not locked out of the Android ecosystem as WP8.1 phones now have become.) Each of these failures is individually bad enough. Combine them and you have users stranded on phones that can't be upgraded, on carriers that have no viable replacements, and with an app platform that has been killed off for the sake of the future. Microsoft has literally left huge numbers of its users with no possible way forward. Which says to me that Microsoft just doesn't care. However much its fan base may care, Microsoft does not return that loyalty. It's done the math, and it recognizes that those of us who are fans of its phones are not enough to build a business on. Whatever the next thing will be (Surface Phone?), Microsoft intends to create a market for that device, and it won't matter how many current fans do or don't come along for the ride. The next thing will succeed or fail on its own terms, and it does not matter to Microsoft whether you and I remain loyal apologists or whether we finally fold and jump platforms. Because Microsoft is not a company that's built on its fan base, like Apple. Microsoft is built on enterprise sales. Satya may say he wants users to come to love Windows, but the truth is that Microsoft makes its money selling to corporations, not users. Having a fan base is a nice plus for Microsoft, but hardly necessary. It's not going to make any hard choices just to please the likes of you and me, because having a disenchanted fan base hardly even registers with Microsoft at all. And for a fan, that's pretty harsh. TL;DR: Microsoft is stranding users on phones that can't be upgraded, on cariers with no viable replacements, and with an app platform that it has killed off. Many of us have no way forward. And Microsoft is just fine with that.
  • Perfectly explained. +1  it's rather good to be fragmented on a single platform than be guinea pigs for a single os whose support can be killed off anytime.
  • You should be at the top..
  • Well said!,, but is any corporation really loyal to fans/consumers? As far as Apple goes, you pay for their loyalty, it's not free. Also, don't think Apple wouldn't crap on it's user base if money became involved, their no different than any other corp. Money trumps all. But MS should do something for the people who bought phones expecting the upgrade, it would go along way with changing their image.
  • Apple can't afford to crap on its user base as B2C sales still trump enterprise sales by a huge margin.
  • Nice one!
  • They will get money for each phone not get updated...then people will buy android MSFT fck some money from that. My respect to apple has I increased seeing old evil google or new evil MS
  • I'm just mad at HTC for abandoning the m8
  • I'm with Lumia 930 upgraded to wp 10, two days ago.
    problems are:
    Screen turns off when making a call so i cannot end the call unless i turn the screen back on manually. In wp 8.1 the screen turned off only when it was close to the ear and came back on when removed from The ear.
    On wp 10 double tap won't wake up the phone, On wp 8.1 it did.
    WP 10 - battery drains quicker than wp 8.1.
    Wp 10 - The manual says long press on the space bar key will allow to customise the keyboard size and location. It doesn't...
    Hope they will fix those things...
  • Every thing is OK and this is the road.... it is hard but it is OK
  • I'm done with windows phone. I wish I could stick with it. This L620 is my first smartphone and the experience has not been well. Those resuming and loading screens is awful. Not to mention app gap is still a big issue. Anyways I am switching to android. I'm pretty sure I'll be having better experience and enjoy the apps that doesn't exist in WP store
  • Dont really see why they had to not support windowsphones with 512 ram. I have a Lumia 625 and a lumia 640(daily driver) on the same build .164 and the lumia 625 which has 512mb of ram works great and opens up apps etc the same time usually as the 640, some apps take a second or two to open but its still faster than most android phones with 2gb ram,octa core etc (like a vodafone smart ultra 6 i use to have) at opening apps. MS should have just released the w10m update to all phones and let the user decide to install it or apple does releasing a new OS for an oldish Iphone 5 etc..which noticeably lowers the performance etc but atleast they release a new OS for semi incompatible phones. But i guess you have to upgrade to a newer phone eventually instead of staying in the stone age. I will never buy a non microsoft phone like the BLUwin etc..theyre not as supported as most lumia phones with 1gb ram+ Instead of complaining about your phone not getting w10m just use the insider app to get the offical seriously. If my old lumia 625 works perfectly on windows 10 mobile update then so should your phones-ALWAYS reset your phone after installing windows 10 mobile...else you will have issues in future..which you complain about and then wonder why MS doesn't want to support your phone..even ms recommends you to reset after upgrading that i read on some other ms sites.
  • My test device Lumia 625 freezes at least 3 times a day and only a hard reboot fixes it.. I wonder how do you get good performance on that device.. And yeah, I too did a hard reset before and after the update.. And when I upgraded, my phone was having Lumia Denim underneath it..
    So please share me some info to find what's wrong with my device ... Some apps tend to crash.. Sometimes Live Tile goes blank and takes sweet time to be back to normal.. I would not recommend this update for Lumia 625..
    Will you please share some info about your device before and after upgrade.?
    (especially let me know the firmware before the upgrade , because my device didn't have much issues before I rolled back from W10M to WP8.1 and got Denim update suddenly ( mine was running on Cyan and was smoother than now )...
  • I guess Blu isn't in the circle of trust (according to Robert De Niro). #meettheparents #meetthefockers
  • Never had any problem updating Lumia 635 with 512ram
  • To all those fanboys defending MS:
  • The Lumia 640 is $30
  • Not true I downloaded the insider app and got win 10 all I needed to do was download win 10 twice. My phone lagged for a brief moment every time it started for a the first couple of times but it still ran 100% smoothly after that and my ram is just 512GB
  • And android is quite OVER RATED I have both and Windows phones beat android on everything except the store and the newer phones android has. MS will always be on top.
  • Wonder how wc is defending the MS for this move. Earlier Daneil use to humilate users for asking about release date on these older Lumias. His argument was that unlike android they should be happy that they are assured by MS to be upgraded in distant future. WC is a paid mouthpiece of MS. Windows 10 for mobile is dommed at least for current version.
  • WTF? but what about the lumia 820,920,925,1020? they have 1gb of rams and snapdragon s4 plus? still better than quadcore snapdragon 200? why this all phones are not included? but ok i knew it this is old phones but better than entry level Lumia x30,x40. btw if you make promises microsoft make sure it will happen. ~i think time to switch to android now. tired of waiting that will never happen :( 
  • 1020 has 2GB, & was bloody expensive, owners of devices of a similar age but far lower price-points, have no right to *****. 1020 on the other hand, those folks made a BIG investment in the platform, w.a signature device that was all about making a bold statement for the platform, 'Mokia' really trying to reassert itself in the platform wars. Sure it was a niche device & never sold particularly well (even by WP standards), but it was more about turning heads back to the platform, & that it VERY MUCH did. Then bizarrely Mokia started to focus almost exclusively on lower end devices, & it was years before we saw a true successor*, & even that series (950) fell short in some areas of imaging. And now MM walks away from those people, as if they were never 'brothers in arms' with them at the frontline, at a time in which foundations were laid that were critical in enabling them to build what we see today. I invested again in MM/WM/WP by buying the 950XL, but I'm seriously reconsidering if I'll do the same when the Surface phone swings round.   *Icon & the delayed 930 (at least for Australia) don't count in my opinion, they were too underwhelming 'overall', had they been delayed any more the 950's almost suffered same fate, but 'overall' they are better (barring the contentious design/aesthetics/build-style)
  • Microsoft should just release w10 for everyone. Try to optimise itas much as they can. And just have a warning that experince may not be as good in old phones due to hardware.
    This way nobody would complain for leaving them outside of w10.. Ifthey liked the interface of the some of them would have upgraded to a new phone. Now no one will upgrade, but will just move on to another platform. Because Microsoft promised w10 upgrade..and didnt deliver..
  • MSC Norway can look forward to having to purchase back my Win Phone so that i can buy myself new Win Phone that is truly built for Win 10 Mobile. Unless they rather prefer a solid round with National laws in Norway.
  • At least I will have here maps with WP 8.1
  • its simple companies should not sell their phones with that promise on.  I understand theres complaxities but if the phone was labeled upgradable to win 10 when the buyer bought it then the min microsoft should do is send that buyer a equivilent phone, and not just microsoft but any company promising things.  Otherwise we are on a slipery consumer road. I know others have done it but that to me is not a reason why anyone should get away with it. I dont disagree not to release 10 on phone it doesnt work on properly, im just saying dont promise stuff next time, say something like posibly upgradable to windows 10 :))
  • I have Lumia 535 running 8.1, I want to update it to win10 should I update it through insider or wait for official win 10 update for my phone
  • i owned 2 of the first snapdragon devices (hd2 & acer neo touch) when microsoft was "developing" wm6.5 - 6.5.5 when they decided to scrap it all and go with the zune inspired wp7s. then they went 8.0 and ditched all wp7 devices. and now they are ditching 8.0-8.1 phones for the new 10m. when microsoft said the 8.1 will still be supported, believe me that you guys should just get a new phone that supports it or just jump ship to android or ios. its not the fact that you guys are not getting 10, itts the fact that 8.1 will not have the new apps. plain and simple. even a slow kit kat phone still get to install most current apps. i believe that people can deal with lag, but most people cant deal with missing out. thats why there are still people that are using samsung gs3. im currently using a 950 and this does not bother me, but i know for every new *50 device, there is at least 100 *20 device still being used and that is basically 100 hopefuls that wants to use the new apps, regardless of the os they are running.
  • Fragmentation is a ***** but that's better than releasing a laggy peice of crap that won't perform
  • MS next time when you make a promise think through first.
  • I own a lumia 625 & I'm hurt
  • What do you expect from a device with 512 mb of ram and 4gb of storage? It clearly states for capacity to upgrade has to be 8gb in internal storage again this isn't microsofts problem blu is the one who designed it poorly.
  • Find reason is bad. Just say what will you doing then with those 512. MS is big company that posible to find solution, rather than compare with another
  • The EU version has 1Gb Ram and 8Gb internal storage, Snap 410 etc... more than Lumia 640; where is the update? When I bought it there was (and it's still there) the "Win 10 mobile upgradalbe" logo on the box!
  • Oh Microsoft. What have you done. Hopefully the Better Business Bureau sides with the customer. Microsoft is killing it with their 'promises'. Massive false advertisment campaign 
  • Hell Microsoft. Your Mobile platform wont succeed, your strategies are sick, promised updates wont happen. Shame on you. Phew
  • No one will buy your phones if you break promises like this
  • With no W10M supportable upgrades on 1020,920,520 . Very likely our Company will change OS in near future if MS don't change their position soon on the above.
  • With no W10M supportable upgrades on 1020,920,520 . Very likely our Company will change OS in near future if MS don't change their position soon on the above.
  • That phone had no right to be on the list. I've used another phone with similar specs and it was awful.
  • I think MS should keep being open.   Ultimately I think it is a good thing. The rest of us will just have to take things with a calm mind if it doesn't go as expected and something that was previous promised, doesn't happen.   I would rather be disappointed every now and then than have Microsoft stop being the open selves they are now. This new Microsoft gives me insight I've never had and that helps me to understand (and explain to others) a fuller scope of their plans. I also love the analysing work that pops up because of it - like WC's Jason Ward's articles. So, to me, it's a win-win :)
  • Well put
  • I dont own one of these phones but, this is kind of bait and switch type of thing. You cant just advertise something and not provide it when time comes. I hope owners file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and Blu for this. This type of practice is very wrong and misleads customers.
  • Why is Android even mentioned in this article? Damage Control for WP fans...seriously? Apple and Android shouldnt even be part of this discussion...
  • Meanwhile, I just upgraded my Lumia 735 to Win 10 and I m actually excited ! It's buttery smooth for a start ..
  • Well, I guess Microsoft's promises aren't worth a dime.
  • Can't tell what's worse. The people in the comments here or the kids playing CoD. My god Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian