Microsoft Store's snazzy, more Fluent-y new icon is rolling out to Insiders

New Microsoft Store icon
New Microsoft Store icon (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The new Microsoft Store icon is slowly rolling out to Insiders.
  • It appears it began reaching Insiders over the past week, but it may not be available for everyone just yet.
  • The new icon features more of a Fluent Design touch, like Microsofts other recent icon redesigns in Windows.

Microsoft's slow roll of icon updates in Windows 10 is marching on. The latest icon to get the update treatment is for the Microsoft Store, which has a new look rolling out to Windows Insiders. Like the other recent icon overhauls, this update brings more of a Fluent Design touch.

In contrast to Microsoft's previous icon design, the new icons depart from the flat styling. Instead, Microsoft has added some depth across the board.

New Microsoft Store Icon

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

One icon isn't a huge deal, to be sure. However, it's part of a bigger push by Microsoft to bring a fresher style to Windows 10's aging look. Most recently, we've seen a more unified Fluent approach with a big revamp to the Start Menu as well.

This icon appears to be slowly making its way out to Insiders. So, if you don't see it right away, it should be just around the corner.

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  • It's a miss for me. I prefer the current one over this one. It seems somehow off compared to other icons in the family.
  • I honestly don't understand how some of the new icons can be taking so incredibly long. It's utterly stupefying. At least all I'm missing now is Snip & Sketch.
  • I don't either. Even more confusing is icons going out first to Insiders. To be... tested? Unless there's something more to the updates.
  • Maybe they could actually work on the Windows store being good instead of just these icons
  • That was a complete redesign of the current design. No wonder its taking them months to change each app icon.
  • All icons had been showcased last year already and they were considered to be a feature of 1909. Also very logically, app icons and their design being tied to OS release while all icons come month after month, one-by-one, still not receiving all and totally independent of OS release.
  • white? none of the new icons are white. why is this one?
  • It is quite difficult to design an icon other than white when it comes down to having to feature a Microsoft logo in the middle that has four basic, middle-range colors. Also white comes down well representing paper.
  • Wow an icon amazing. The store still sucks though.
  • How about a new store app and noy a freaking icon?!?