Microsoft releases official 2014 Super Bowl commercial, shows how they are changing the world with technology

Yesterday we shared a few of the videos Microsoft had released in anticipation of the company’s upcoming sixty second long Super Bowl Commercial. Now, to the joy of many, the official short is available to watch on the company’s YouTube channel. Just as our UK Editor, Richard Edmonds stated yesterday – it “will pull at your heart strings”.

The 2014 Super Bowl commercial is entitled “Empowering” and focuses on how Microsoft technology has changed the lives of men and woman around the globe. The company’s consumer product range is pushed to the back in a rare moment were Microsoft wants to remind you the true changes they are bringing to society.

“Technology has taken us places we've only dreamed, empowering us to make the impossible possible. Celebrate the people using Microsoft technology to break barriers and inspire us all.” –Microsoft

The video begins with former NFL player, Steve Gleason, who uses the power of Microsoft Surface and other Research technologies to conjure up a synthesizer voice despite his body’s subversion to Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). He simply asks – “What is technology?”

Microsoft is shaping history

As he questions the possibilities beyond technological innovation, we see a boy without biological legs running and playing baseball – truly enjoying life. We are shown a man who lost his eyesight, but manages to use Microsoft technology to continue his journey as a painter.

Kinect shown is not on top of an Xbox, but instead in a surgical unit allowing doctors to interface with x-rays and patient information without ever needing to touch and contaminant surfaces. In another hospital, a solider looks on while his wife gives birth to a newborn baby.

“What is technology? What can it do? How far can we go? Technology has the power to unite us - it inspires us. Technology has taken us places we have only dreamed. It gives hope to the hopeless; it has given voice to voiceless”. –Steven Gleason

Be sure to check out the awe-inspiring Super Bowl commercial from Microsoft and remember that the company is not only producing products, but also producing hope.

Source: YouTube

Michael Archambault