Microsoft releases official 2014 Super Bowl commercial, shows how they are changing the world with technology

Yesterday we shared a few of the videos Microsoft had released in anticipation of the company’s upcoming sixty second long Super Bowl Commercial. Now, to the joy of many, the official short is available to watch on the company’s YouTube channel. Just as our UK Editor, Richard Edmonds stated yesterday – it “will pull at your heart strings”.

The 2014 Super Bowl commercial is entitled “Empowering” and focuses on how Microsoft technology has changed the lives of men and woman around the globe. The company’s consumer product range is pushed to the back in a rare moment were Microsoft wants to remind you the true changes they are bringing to society.

“Technology has taken us places we've only dreamed, empowering us to make the impossible possible. Celebrate the people using Microsoft technology to break barriers and inspire us all.” –Microsoft

The video begins with former NFL player, Steve Gleason, who uses the power of Microsoft Surface and other Research technologies to conjure up a synthesizer voice despite his body’s subversion to Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). He simply asks – “What is technology?”

Microsoft is shaping history

As he questions the possibilities beyond technological innovation, we see a boy without biological legs running and playing baseball – truly enjoying life. We are shown a man who lost his eyesight, but manages to use Microsoft technology to continue his journey as a painter.

Kinect shown is not on top of an Xbox, but instead in a surgical unit allowing doctors to interface with x-rays and patient information without ever needing to touch and contaminant surfaces. In another hospital, a solider looks on while his wife gives birth to a newborn baby.

“What is technology? What can it do? How far can we go? Technology has the power to unite us - it inspires us. Technology has taken us places we have only dreamed. It gives hope to the hopeless; it has given voice to voiceless”. –Steven Gleason

Be sure to check out the awe-inspiring Super Bowl commercial from Microsoft and remember that the company is not only producing products, but also producing hope.

Source: YouTube

  • I wish they just showed the Steve Gleason one. That one was alot more emotional.
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  • Yeah, I watched the full featurettes of all of the stories and they are more compelling. The Gleason piece especially fits today's audience.
  • That would've been too long for TV.  I like this one a lot.
  • Loving these ads. :D
  • Wonderful ad.
  • This was a really great ad by Microsoft. I was pleasantly surprised and didn't realize all that they offered. It definitely peeked my interest. They should do more ads like this and just quit it with the whole Scroogle thing. Showcase what u offer and how it's different. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Have to say well done! It's a very good ad! Should be catchy ;-)
  • Macs Exclusively helped the rover land on mars
  • you are WRONG, I have friends that work at JPL(Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and they use a mix of Apple and Microsoft products....
  • Couldn't get into space if it wasn't for the work originally put forth by Microsoft and IBM. ;)
  • What is the point of your post? Do you get offended when companies promote what they do? Let Apple promote Apple and Microsoft promote Microsoft. Besides, you have a sketchy relationship with facts.
  • And the entire NASA office is run on Windows machines. Your point?
  • That's a good joke. I also have a buddy that works at JPL and they use both.
  • Microsoft: doing it right.
  • Everybody will be dancing and be doing right.
  • Beautiful ad. Took long enough, but it seems like Microsoft is finally getting the whole emotional aspect of advertising. :)
  • Took long enough?  They've done many emotional ads before when doing "Microsoft" ads (not promoting products ads).  This is just another great example. Plus all their ads since their rebranding last year have been wonderful.  :)
  • I like the part when they said "Can you hear  me talking?" Very empowering ads.  
  • Not real catchy, tech is supposed to be fun.
  • I'm not sure where and how you came up with that without thinking of what Microsoft was trying to achieve in this ad. Tech is not just about "fun", it's also about helping people make their lives easier or in this case, provide a normal human sense of hearing to someone born deaf. I certainly cannot imagine how terrible it would be to not be able to hear myself for 29 years and out of the blue, have the capability brought back to me by technology. Microsoft isn't try to sell a product here, their message is - Microsoft technology empowers all human beings.
  • "Can you hear me talking?" was the question a lady asked, born deaf, Sarah Churman. In 2011 a hearing implant allowed her to hear her children properly following years of having to use traditional hearing aids. At the time of filming, Churman, a 29-year-old woman, was hearing herself for the first time.
  • Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Lumia Black....
  • Gtfo!
    Hope it never hits your phone!
  • And somehow that has anything to do with Microsoft...?
  • Man even I got the Black update and I'm sporting a Build Lumia 920.
  • Heartless and selfish.  This has nothing to do with that.
  • Meanwhile I got 4 people's attention...
  • Nice and very touching has well 2nd link in video not working
  • So they are taking credit for all of this technology? I wanna see more Windows Phone action dammit! Lol Great commercial! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Umm... that is all their technology.
  • Haha, burn.
  • On another note, is anyone else getting *really* sick of seeing 'Posted via the WPC App for Android!' on so many comments? Did they really make the signature compulsory?
  • Yeaah, now the only thing missing is MS Technology actually contributing. And no, no doctor does sirgery using Kinect. That one was misleading.
  • And you know how.. He does not do surgery though, here 'just' uses  Kinect to control the 3D X-ray and that applicatoin would be quite feasible IMO. A lot people seem to still think Microsoft's main business is putting Windows on your PC. laptop or tablet.. Trust me that is more like a byproduct or side project for them. It's hardly their core business.
  • Actually they do. If you don't believe me call Ft Sanders hospital in Knoxville, TN.
  • Umm a lot of surgery rooms do actually use Kinect for manuevering tech to ease them in doing surgery safely and correctly.  You're obviously uninformed and spreading the wrong info.  Plus, a lot of the tech in this ad was created by them.
  • it was a bit googly not the best more impressed with the people
  • Bloody hate adverts
  • The second i heard a computer voice i whished It was cortanas, lol.
  • That would have been epic if they used Cortana's voice.  Like a teaser to what's coming soon ;)
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  • Where has this Microsoft been???????? That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!
  • That advert was the most laughable, vomit inducing piece of propaganda I've seen in a long time. The sad thing for me though is the amount of people who buy this BS. And judging by the comments so far, that's a lot of people. Get real folks and look at the real world.
  • Oh okay, please do explain how so. and FYI - Microsoft has done many citizenship ads like this in the past - because unlike Apple/Google they actually do a LOT more than just consumer/business tech.  They do a lot of the medical/public sector/industrial fields that you're probably unaware of.  That's why I respect Microsoft out of them all.  But of course, you're just thinking of it from your end probably because you're not pleased with a certain consumer product or service, while they're doing greater things.
  • That's ignoring the fact that Bill Gates is throwing money at malaria and polio in a bid to eradicate it.   Reality is even more awesome than this commercial. 
  • At least explain why you think this. Now everyone will think you speak nonesense! Oh wait.. You do.
  • You Sir, are in dire need of a fact check.
  • This is so much better than the Scroogled campaign.
  • Well obviously, they have nothing to do with each other...
  • Typical emotional yank bollocks. Like Extreme Makeover Home Edition with computers. Have no legs? Buy a Surface. Pathetic.
  • It didn't say that at all, but your perception exposes your bias.
  • They didn't even say or imply that at all.... they're simply promoting how Microsoft has been empowering lives all this time (via research, products and services) that most people are unaware of that.
  • You need to use more emotion than logic to sell products because a huge chunk of people lack logic.. But to be honest, that ad had nothing to do with your interpretation..
  • Maybe Microsoft can help you with your teeth someday.
  • Twat. And a vain attempt at insulting the English. Not only was it vain but it lacked any sort of originality. But you still feel good like a big man. Well done you. ;)
  • And yet I still laughed! Submit a dimwitted, bitchy post and you get what you deserve.
  • That's preposterous. Don't you know that every Surface has the "Surface" branding in gigantic letters on its back bellow the camera, in a way that is perfectly visible when attached to that contraption?   I have refrained from commenting about these ads. But yeah. They're pathetic. Actually, they're disgusting. Exploiting the problems of others to promote their brand is hardly altruistic as they want us to believe. For all we know Google and Apple could be contributing as much for these things. Except apparently they have a bit more scruples than Microsoft's PR team. But hey, God forbid that anyone should criticize Microsoft at WPC...
  • It's very nice. Good job.
  • It's quite nice, because it's much more about technology than a brand. Good concept.
  • It's MS tech being promoted. But they are smart to focus on the tech we can all appreciate.
  • Finally a good ad that's shows Microsoft products, but doesn't shove it up your throat while bashing other products.
  • So true mate -- hopefully the next ad from Microsoft will continue with a similar theme, instead of childish shite!
  • I hope that Microsoft is listening Www.Geekyhub.iN
  • Of you notice in one of the commercials the football guy is using Google chrome. But anyway I like the commercial.
  • That's a bit vague mate -- are you on about the ad shown in the link? If so, I didn't see it. Could you enlighten me please?
  • Steve Gleeson no white flags at 1-2 minute mark on the surface.
  • Well at least he can finally use Chrome on a decent tablet OS!
  • Omg, What a dose of pathos.. Bravo!
  • Now if only they put this kind of energy into fixing the 1520 issues that is still told us JAN Nokia......FEB now and they cannot be bothered to update us.
  • You'll get your fix whenever and not before. Quit your whining and get on with your life. Don't you have loved ones to think about and look after?
    Seriously speaking though, I've spent too much time with smartphone devices to understand that there will always be faults with them. As such, you can either wait patiently for a fix or become one of the many bitches who loves to complain.
  • If you open the NFL app during the game you get an achiement on the Xbox one
  • Don't read the YouTube comments. They're even worse than the ones here.
  • This is the difference between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Apple creates tech to make us dependent. Google creates tech to generate ad revenue. Microsoft creates tech that empowers the world. Getting work done may not be popular, but it's necessary to advance the human race forward. Thank you, Microsoft!
  • Finally a comment I'm sure many can relate with. Thank you, GoodThings2Life.
  • That is an unfair explanation of each, but okay.
  • Apple: We just released the same product we've released for the last five years, but now it has a bigger numer and is thinner and you should replace that other one you just bought it because otherwise you're uncool. Besides, it won't work with anything we didn't make. Google: You scratch our back, we scratch yours (read: you give us all your personal data so we can charge megabucks for highly targeted ads, and we give you free technology; by the way, 'Don't Be Evil'). Microsoft: We spend billions of dollars on research and development into new technologies, enable most of the corporate and government around the world that keep the planet running, as well as maintaining the world's de facto operating system for the last 20 years, and yet still everyone rules us out. That's ok, because we've been sitting back here watching what everyone else is doing and we've figured out the next big thing - now we're just waiting for everyone to catch up.
  • Hahahaha This is not only so true, it's hilarious!!!
  • That is still stacking the deck >_> but a lot better than the last one. Lol.. I'm not saying that any of this is a lie though.
  • Well, they played it!
  • Missed it. When did it play?
  • I think it was right before 4th quarter, but I could be wrong.
  • Yes, once everyone stopped paying attention due to the game being essentially decided by q4.
  • Anybody with Nokia phones go submit ideas and feedback for improvements on windows phone also Facebook feedback in setting and windows phone feedback apps from microsoft in store!
  • One of the best commercials of the night. Besides the Doritos time machine one, the Dobauaua Audi one (hahahaha), and this one, the others sucked.
  • My group of friends mostly talked through the ads, but when the MS ad came on, they fell silent, said the occasional "aww," and a couple of people said it was their favorite ad of the night. (And these are not MS fans -- I'm the only WP owner in the bunch.) Well played, MS.
  • Everyone on YouTube complimented MS on a wonderful ad and how heart-warming it was. Sounds like they hit a homerun for sure.
  • Right after the 'inb4 degenerate YouTuber comment' comment.
  • There should be more windows phone in the ad 
  • Nicely done MSFT!
  • Awesome and Microsoft is now working on Windows 8.1 update to alter the start screen interface such as hiding the tile by default. (for details, waiting with expectation.
  • :')
  • I don't know if anyone noticed but Windows Phone has made it on a few TV series. Teen Wolf, The Tomorrow People, and Revenge. You even see the 1020 in action on Teen Wolf, displaying the phone used in low light situations.
  • WIndows Phone is everywhere in TV shows and movies. Too bad it's not used for anything exciting usually. I bet most people just think it's a fake OS like in most movies and shows.
  • Nice ads but please fix the camera software issues of 920
  • Meanwhile, Apple gets ads without even advertising. Did you guys see the Beats/AT&T ads? iPhones as far as the eye could see... would be nice if Microsoft managed to tell AT&T that maybe they could squeeze in a Windows Phone there too... of course, the app is "coming soon" on WP, right? As usual...
  • Awesome ad! Didn't know Microsoft was there in so many ways in our lives!
  • Why don't they mention over 60% of MSFT innovation is simply buying someone else. Problem is they become to fragmented and never deliver on the potential of the idea they bought.