Microsoft is talking with its rivals to learn how to stop Xbox Live DDoS attacks

Microsoft, as well as Sony, got hit with some major denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services during the holiday person of 2014. In a new interview, Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer says he has had talks with Sony, as well as Nintendo, on how to fight off similar attacks in the future.

You might think that Spencer would be happy that PSN got hit with a DDoS attack at the same time as Xbox Live. However, as Game Informer learned, that's not the case:

"I don't think it's great when PSN goes down," Spencer says. "It doesn't help me. All it does is put the fear and distrust from any gamer that's out there, so I look at all of us together as this is our collective opportunity to share what we can about what we're learning and how things are growing. Those conversations happen, which I think is great."

It's always a good sign when competitors try to team up so they can help their customers, and hopefully these discussions will lead to action that could help prevent Xbox Live from going down from attacks in the future.

Source: Game Informer

John Callaham
  • why are they just starting to talk now???
  • Most likely they have been talking for a while now.
  • The more important question is, who was the holiday person of 2014?
  • @Novron Hahaha
  • @Novron LOL.
  • Now sony will learn from microsoft, improve their network and then attack XBOX LIVE :P . Just kidding. It's nice :)
  • Xbox Live isn't really that much better than the current PSN.
  • It's significantly more resilient though...which is perhaps the most important thing of all!
  • @spinzeroWL Agree. Sony has not been targeted over the years like Microsoft.
  • Xbox Live is much better, actually. 300,000 dedicated servers powering it, more stable, more secure.
  • Funny how during the 360 erase, this didn't happen as much, even without these "more stable servers". After we got these "stable servers", we have had issues more than ever!
  • There is nothing surprising about that at all, actually. The amount of cyber malfeasance activity in 2015 dwarfs that of 2005.
  • Idk, previously they never collaborated with any one before, but no complaints before about steam being down so....
  • What, have you just started using steam? It's gone down so often there is actually a website dedicated to telling you if steam is down or not.
  • Why would the script kiddies attack the services the can afford to use?
  • ...because they can, is not always hacktivism or profitability.
  • It doesn't really do anything to steam users for the most part, we have our games installed and they'll still work in offline mode. Even multiplayer will still work for the vast majority of games while steam is in offline mode. Sure, maybe you want to install a game, or purchase one and that's a bit of an issue, but yeah. Steam being 'online' doesn't have a huge impact otherwise.
  • Games work offline on the xbox as well. Not sure how you can connect to multiplayer if the server hosting the game is down.
  • Man.  Steam is a buggy steamy mess.  It goes down at least once a week for me for more than 15 minutes.  It's quite inconvenient.  They should offer a stripped down client without the added social mess and marketplace.  Many of us could do without that stuff. 
  • Well, really meant that their reliability is something that Steam users grumble about, but mostly we deal with it because STEAM SALES.
  • hopefully this will give a broader ''cure'' for DDOS'es. If anyone here follows the pro CSGO scene they know that alot of players get DDOS'ED themselves too. DDOSSING is ruining the fun of all kinds of gamers alike.
  • Unfortunately the broader cure requires administrators of Time servers and DNS servers to implement some traffic analysis real time to stop these amplification attacks. Not a lot of them bother because it's not them getting attacked. Harsh reality.
  • *coughgooglecough
  • Google should learn something from this.
  • Only thing Google is learning are ways to snub Microsoft on all fronts.
  • With what... apps?? That's so insignificant. Google has nothing to offer.
  • Copy and paste much?
  • Blind much??? Source game informer
  • Just because its sourced doesn't mean its a copy and paste job. Its basically word for word with a few here and there....
  • Whine much?
  • Much much? @_@
  • Power Rangers Techno Force: CEO's power and money blessings against DDoS insurgents。
  • "During the holiday person" ?
  • haha saw that too
  • Phil Spencer arms like a good guy. Admitted that he would like to have a game like uncharted on Xbox, but it doesn't work out so they got exclusivity for tomb raider (if only timed)
  • Cant say ive had any problems with nwc/nn aside from my router/modem being the culprit of high ping after a few weeks of heavy use
  • I like holiday people.
  • Microsoft always plays the "good guy" role. They ARE the good guy - that's why I support them.
  • If microsoft was google, They would say f#ck Sony
  • Like they used in the old days
  • shows what a standup guy phil is. i've yet to see a sony rep talk like this.
  • They have other issues to work out...
  • The major tech companies need to have this conversation and obviously have. This is not just a gaming issue. While that garnered headlines, Ddos attacks happen everyday and cost companies and eventually consumers millions of dollars. As well, vital services can be affected from banking and commercial, to health and public safety. It is one of the worst cybercrimes out there. And considering the Xbox attacks really amounted to vandalism, pointless as well.
  • Rivals is strong word. As much I love Windows in Pc and phone. Ps3 is my console of choice. It has R&C series and almost everything that 360. SR1 is only game for only 360 that Im missing :/
  • Finally someone who understands that its not a matter of PS being better than XBOX but a matter of preference
  • This is pure private-sector capitalism in rare, distilled form- clear foul play from the market, and let the consumer decide on based on the legitimate merits of the individual products. Applaud all companies on their "collusion."
    Wish the phone ecosystems could play by the same rules... Sadly, the new model of government is to sponsor (rather than bust, or heaven forbid even regulate) antitrust tactics. Teddy Roosevelt would break out his elephant gun on google right about now, and wouldn't it be bully for us!
  • Cooperation, not collusion. Collusion is an illegal act between companies.
  • Phil is classy. Sony is so juvenile.
  • How both are talking. Also a person vs. a company? Down the fanboyism
  • Please, did you see Sony's conference at E3 2013? They played up consumer fears and spread disinformation about the Xbox One policies in a pathetic attempt to fear-monger customers into choosing PS4 over Xbox One. Not only did they act like a bunch of juvenile politicians playing dirty to win an election, they single-handedly retarded progress in the video game industry by misleading customers and, ultimately, forcing Microsoft to abandon their original, and much better, Xbox One policies. Sony has no respect from me.
  • 100%
  • Exactly my point coip. Well said.
  • Look at the console sales now. Who's winning? If I were Sony, I wouldn't care.
  • And care they do not, that much is clear by their tactics and arrogance--quite ironic given that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy. Regardless, it's no secret to anyone who has ever watched a political election to know that fear-mongering, lying, and propaganda are effective tactics. That doesn't make them honorable, even if they lead to victory. Thus, I'll say it again: Sony has no respect from me.
  • And Microsoft has always been a kind and sweet company?     Besides, I prefer the games on the Xbox One, but the performance is not as good as the PS4 (and PC, but I won't go there). Games like Metal Gear Solid, PES 2015, GTA 5, etc are better looking and better performing on the PS4. And please don't say: 1. Konami hates Microsoft, and prefers Sony and made their engine specifically for the PS4! (it is true, but they did this because the PS4 is graphically superior) 2. I can barely see the difference, you have to look REAL close! (if you've played both versions of a game game that is 720p 30fps and the other 1080p 60fps, for example, you CAN tell the difference, i have both systems) 3. At the end of the day it doesn't matter, DirectX12 will make it better than the PS4! (it will improve it, but only like 20%. it won't make it A LOT better, just help it)   At the end of the day, the Xbox wins in terms of software, support, and applications, while the PS4 wins on portability, ease of use (most people (not all) think the PS4 interface is easier to navigate), and performance.
  • Microsoft has never been so blatantly juvenile, opportunistic, and damaging of technological innovation than Sony was at E3 2013. That's a myth. The performance gap between Xbox One, PS4, and PC are indistinguishable. See for yourself: 1. Konomi programmers, particularly Hideo Kojima, is on record, numerous times saying that he is biased towards Sony. 2. No one can see the difference under normal conditions. 3. At the end of the day it doesn't matter because real gamers don't care about graphics; only poseurs do. The PS4 does not win the "portability" game: I can load up my entire digital library right now on Xbox One and take it anywhere. PS4 cannot do that. The PS4 UI is easier to navigate because it's myopic and barren: there are no features.
  • What's a holiday person?
  • They meant holiday season.
  • Good, I hate it when Xbox Live goes down.
  • What's a "holiday person of 2014"? Are you guys writing your articles with the swipe keyboard on your phones?
  • Hope they figure out something. But hardly a DDoS attack can be "prevent", at least they can try a faster recovery.
  • Until they get serious about stopping DDoS attacks nothing will change.
  • Oh I'm sure it must be fun to be on the receiving end of the attach so they must really be enjoying themselves /S
  • "It's always a good sign when competitors try to team up, so they can help their customers..." ...try to tell this Google!!!
  • Thumbs up !
  • They also hacked Steve-Os (from Jackass) twitter account because he said that they couldn't. They also called out a bomb scare on a plane the Sony CEO was going to fly on (which got delayed and searched at the airport). Search up 'Lizard Squad' if you want to know more. Just thought I'd share for everyone who didn't know :)
  • lol I always forget that ms is no tech god, they get kicked around just like the poor city's website
  • I guess putting hits out on the Lizards is out?
  • What could Microsoft possibly learn about security and reliability from Sony?
  • It would be what not to do rather than what to do :-P   On a serious note, working along with Sony, Microsoft could actually save time on things that Sony already tried and focus better on the alternatives. This way, both the companies benefit from each other.
  • Wow. You know what they say about the enemy of your enemy and all...
  • This is what Pres.Obama iterated some weeks ago only to get scolded. Evidentally common sense make a whole lot of sense. Just because the robbers got into the bank across the street does not mean your's is not a target.
  • Perhaps MS is going to try and sell Sony in using the Azure servers in the hopes of "being a united front against future threats" or something. Heh
  • Not everything has to be cutthroat between competitors.
  • The holiday person?