Xbox Live

Microsoft, as well as Sony, got hit with some major denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services during the holiday person of 2014. In a new interview, Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer says he has had talks with Sony, as well as Nintendo, on how to fight off similar attacks in the future.

You might think that Spencer would be happy that PSN got hit with a DDoS attack at the same time as Xbox Live. However, as Game Informer learned, that's not the case:

"I don't think it's great when PSN goes down," Spencer says. "It doesn't help me. All it does is put the fear and distrust from any gamer that's out there, so I look at all of us together as this is our collective opportunity to share what we can about what we're learning and how things are growing. Those conversations happen, which I think is great."

It's always a good sign when competitors try to team up so they can help their customers, and hopefully these discussions will lead to action that could help prevent Xbox Live from going down from attacks in the future.

Source: Game Informer