Microsoft taps AI for powerful new features in OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft today teased some intriguing new features headed for OneDrive and SharePoint users across Microsoft 365 later this year. Positioned as a healthy productivity boost, the AI-powered features include automated video and audio transcription, intelligent sharing, and more.

The highlight here is the new transcription feature, which will tap the same AI tech behind Microsoft Stream to automatically transcribe audio and video files in both OneDrive and SharePoint. Supporting 320 different file type, the generated transcription will be attached to any audio and video file you view. You can then make the video and transcription available to everyone across your organization via Microsoft Stream, which adds other AI capabilities like face detection and automatic captions.

Microsoft 365 Intelligent Sharing

Apart from transcription, Microsoft is also jazzing up its media searching capabilities. Assisted by AI, Microsoft's search will now be able to surface photos based on where they were taken, along with what objects and text appear in them. Video and audio files will also become more easily searchable thanks to the aforementioned automated transcriptions.

Lastly, a new files view in the works for OneDrive and will soon recommend more relevant files based on how you work, who you work with, and what content has been shared with you. Sharing is also getting a boost by recommending that you share relevant content with meeting attendees.

"For instance, if you just presented a PowerPoint presentation, you'll be prompted to share it with the other attendees once the meeting is over," Microsoft says. "In the OneDrive mobile app, we'll automatically prompt you to share photos taken during the same meeting, perhaps of a whiteboard where you brainstormed new ideas with your colleagues—all based on your Outlook calendar."

These are just some of the AI features Microsoft has in the works for Microsoft 365. The company also plans to reveal more at its Ignite conference, which kicks off on September 24 in Orlando, Florida.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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