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Microsoft teams up with Clover Wireless to buy back your old iPhones, iPads and more

Last week we told you guys about a promotion going on at Microsoft Stores across the nation. Take your old, unwanted, outdated iPad and trade it in for at least a $200 gift card at the Microsoft Store. The catch was that it had to be an iPad 2 or newer and you needed to physically do it at a Microsoft Store near you. Those restrictions have been lifted in a new buyback program from Microsoft. Read on for the details.

Microsoft has teamed up with Clover Wireless to allow users to trade-in their old devices. You can drop off your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device and get up to $350 back towards a new Microsoft product, like a Surface Pro.

Here’s how it works. You enter in the details of the device you want to trade in. Then you’re given a value, something up to $350. Then you submit proof-of-purchase for a Microsoft device. Think Windows Phone, Surface, etc. Do that within 30 days of shipping your old device and you’ll receive a prepaid Visa card from Microsoft/Clover.

It’s not a bad program if you’re planning on buying some new hardware in the near future and have old gear to dump.

Hit up the source below for more details.

Source: Microsoft Buy Back Via: ZDNet

  • Microsoft needs to just sell its products and stop with the Apple obsession.
  • They just want to recycle old devices into new ones.. stores do that all the time. Only this one is targeted :D
  • My surface RT feels like a recycled iPad 1. Slow as shit. Wont stop me from getting a 3rd Gen next year tho, when processors are up to task.
  • See what it's like in a month, with RT 8.1 hopefully a new lease of life. I think its the disk that is slow btw. Check perf tools.
  • +620
  • Family of 6 and I cannot tell you how many smart devices we have laying around, like coins stuck between couch cushions. We've practically been giving them away to relatives. It's too much of a hassle to Craigslist or eBay them, so smart move by them and wished it was announced earlier.
  • I agree. This recycling BS will just provide a venue to forgo windows and WP and upgrade to the new IOS devices. I personally don't mind getting the iPad mini though...
  • Amen.
  • They should do this with their own products as well...say, Windows Phone 7 devices and first generation Surface RT devices...but then again, that would be asking too much of them. They're just obcessed with the competition and not so much with making their own consumers happy.
  • ^
    This! They care more about IOS and android. Take Skype for example, it has more features, like file sharing, and windows phone doesn't have it. It just recently got video messaging, which is stupid, as it should've came out the same time or before IOS and android.
  • No, if you're going to bake it into the OS, why spend much time on an app that's probably in it's way out? I can see it's a tough choice and not that straight forward
  • What the hell are you saying? You saying Microsoft has every feature enabled and has it fully integrated? Yeah, didn't think so. I honestly prefer Skype on my Nexus 4 than my 920. And Microsoft makes the apps! So sad.
  • He's saying that Microsoft is just going to integrate Skype into WP8.1, so they aren't bothering with the app itself for WP8.
  • When was this confirmed? Sorry if WPCentral posted this, I never got the memo that it has it integrated.
  • It's baked into windows 8.1, I'm just taking that and extending it to windows phone 8.1.
    I think I read it posted here somewhere that it's quite possible that's what will happen.  Anyways even then it just makes sense for Microsoft to do that.  It would be normal part of the OS, like taking regular phone calls.
    I just wish they somehow keep the stand alone version around because I use a different account for my phone than skype usage.  IM+ doesn't have proper support for Skype/MSN accounts, you don't see both contacts reliably depending now how the user did their account merge.
  • I really hope they do it ina way that allows them to issue updates via the store because I dont want to wait for wp8.2 or whatever for my fixes. WHile they are at it can they add voicemail support!
  • To be fair, I have found that OneNote and SkyDrive on WP is vastly superior to their Android counterparts. At least the versions found on my mother's Android.
    Also, I am absolutely baffled that people see Apple as having a stroke of genius with the Mac vs. PC commercial, which focused on trash talking the competition, but it's considered a weakness whenever someone else does it.
  • +1
    They need to stop making those commercials and work on their apps and updates.
  • +999,999,999,999,999,999............
  • You hit the nail on the head.
  • This works for lots of devices even WP I just did a l810 said $70.00
  • First!!!!!! I can do this all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nope. 
  • What? Actually you're fourth...
  • 13 minutes from the first guy. Too bad. :)
  • So wait, you have to buy a Windows device first, then trade in your old Apple/Android, then you get a prepaid card?  So it wouldn't actually reduce the purchase price of the Windows device.  Odd.
  • I agree. This is only going to work if you plan to buy two M$ products. You can use the gift card toward the second one only!
  • Its a visa gift card use anywhere.its the same company that does the Nokia trade up.
  • The Microsoft deal sucks .. this is why
    The Nokia Lumia 900 (which Microsoft so kindly made dead on arrival with dicontiinuation of WP 7) has the following trade in price
    a)  On Microsoft Store Trade in programme = value is $24
    b) On Nokia DVLUP Trade in programme = value is $49
    for the same condition phone on the same carrier (AT&T).
  • Is it US only? Im in Canada
  • First!
  • LOL utter fail..
  • Speaking of apple, they just released ios7, a (judging from reviews) visual nightmare and/or an awesome update. STILL, att has not released gdr2 for 920. :/