Microsoft teams up with Clover Wireless to buy back your old iPhones, iPads and more

Last week we told you guys about a promotion going on at Microsoft Stores across the nation. Take your old, unwanted, outdated iPad and trade it in for at least a $200 gift card at the Microsoft Store. The catch was that it had to be an iPad 2 or newer and you needed to physically do it at a Microsoft Store near you. Those restrictions have been lifted in a new buyback program from Microsoft. Read on for the details.

Microsoft has teamed up with Clover Wireless to allow users to trade-in their old devices. You can drop off your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device and get up to $350 back towards a new Microsoft product, like a Surface Pro.

Here’s how it works. You enter in the details of the device you want to trade in. Then you’re given a value, something up to $350. Then you submit proof-of-purchase for a Microsoft device. Think Windows Phone, Surface, etc. Do that within 30 days of shipping your old device and you’ll receive a prepaid Visa card from Microsoft/Clover.

It’s not a bad program if you’re planning on buying some new hardware in the near future and have old gear to dump.

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Source: Microsoft Buy Back Via: ZDNet

Sam Sabri