Microsoft Teams will soon support meeting co-organizers

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams will soon support meeting co-organizers.
  • Co-organizers will have many of the capabilities of an organizer, including the management of meeting options.
  • Support for meeting co-organizers could arrive as soon as November 2021.

Microsoft Teams will soon allow co-organizers to help manage meetings. Co-organizers will have most of the capabilities of organizers, including the ability to manage meeting options. Support for meeting co-organizers could arrive as soon as November 2021, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. As is always the case with entries on the roadmap, the date is a goal, not a firm schedule for release.

While co-organizers will have more capabilities within meetings than general participants, there appear to be limits. A Reddit discussion highlights that co-organizers still can't manage breakout rooms. This functionality could arrive in the future, however. As a workaround, tenants can grant presenters permission to manage breakout rooms.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap states:

Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new "Co-organizer" role to people they invite. Co-organizers will have almost all of the capabilities of the organizer, including management of Meeting Options.

Organizers will be able to assign up to 10 people to be co-organizers, according to m365log, an unofficial Microsoft 365 changelog. The same site explains that co-organizers will be able to do the following:

  • Access and change meeting options
  • Bypass the lobby
  • Admit people from the lobby during a meeting
  • Lock the meeting
  • Present content
  • Change another participant's meeting role
  • End the meeting for all

Co-organizers will not be able to manage meeting recordings, download attendance reports, manage breakout rooms, or edit meeting invitations. They also won't be able to remove or change the organizer role.

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