Microsoft teases next-gen Xbox 'Scarlet' ahead of its big E3 2019 show

For months, we've been writing about Xbox Scarlet, the codename of the next Xbox console platform. Current rumors suggest that the Scarlet project represents a family of devices, for consoles, split across a more powerful SKU codenamed Anaconda, and a more affordable option codenamed Lockhart. It looks as though Microsoft's E3 2019 showcase is the first place we'll get a glimpse of the new machines, if these teasers are anything to go off.

In the background of some of Microsoft's teaser images, there are codes for an RBG color pallet that is unmistakably the "scarlet" red hue, discovered by Cr8Beyond on Twitter. This is similar to some of Microsoft's previous teases for the Xbox One X "Scorpio" from 2017.

There are a lot of purported leaks about what the next-gen spec sheet will be, but we have nothing concrete as to what they will be just yet. It's widely expected that Anaconda will edge out the PlayStation 5 in terms of power, albeit at a premium price point.

Some of Microsoft's plans for E3 2019 have already leaked, however, including the "Bleeding Edge" PvP melee game from Ninja Theory we previously wrote about in our expectations piece. Microsoft has revealed that Gears 5 will be there to headline its 2019 lineup, with a launch date we're expecting to land in September 2019. We've also heard Halo Infinite will get its first gameplay demonstration, live on stage, in among the tons of other new titles both from first and third party studios to hit the Xbox console.

Beyond consoles, Microsoft will be showcasing a new app for PC gamers, although we expect to see this detailed at the PC Gaming Show alongside some of Microsoft's upcoming PC titles like Age of Empires and Gears Tactics, rather than during Xbox's E3 itself.

Either way, E3 2019 is heating up for Redmond, and we're expecting it to be a pretty stellar show.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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