This is Microsoft's new Xbox app for PC gamers on Windows 10

Microsoft is building a brand new Xbox app from the ground up for Windows 10 PCs that features the ability to download and install PC games that are part of Xbox Game Pass. The app is a Win32 program that's been rebuilt from the ground up with social and game discovery in mind.

Codenamed Garrison, the app has leaked in beta form before a public announcement likely taking place at E3. The initial beta showcases Xbox Game Pass, the ability to download and install Game Pass games available on PC directly from within the new Xbox app, and social features allowing you to chat with Xbox friends via text or voice. It does appear the app is electron, meaning its performance is rather slow and is a frequent memory hog.

It appears Microsoft is planning to replace the old UWP Xbox app with this new Win32 one. It's very pretty, featuring Fluent Design acrylic effects and borderless design. The app is listed in the Microsoft Store but it's showing as not available yet. So for now, we've embedded screenshots to showcase it in all its glory.

Update: 6/10/19: The app in the Microsoft Store is now available to download

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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