Microsoft testing new 'Departments' menu in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft appears to be testing a new "Departments" drop-down menu in the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 that better promotes the different types of content you can find in the store itself. Unlike other platforms, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 is home to more than just apps and games; it includes movies, TV shows, hardware, extensions, and much more.

It has often been said that discovering all the types of content on the Microsoft Store is a difficult endeavour, thanks to the apps' not-so-great navigation system. The new Departments menu should better showcase the different content users can find on the store, as said menu is categorized into four main areas: Software & apps, Entertainment, Devices, and Deals.

Each category lists five different areas in which you can find content in the Microsoft Store. For example, the Entertainment category promotes PC gaming, Mixed reality, Movies & TV, Books and Xbox. Software & apps promotes Office, Windows 10, Edge extensions, a 'Customize Windows' area, and 'Software support' area.

While not a ground-breaking new change, this should help users find what they're looking for, or even come across new content that they might not have known were available in the store to begin with. Right now, it appears the drop-down menu is in A/B testing too, which means not everyone will be able to see the new menu at first.

Microsoft is planning to make several changes to the Microsoft Store's navigation menus in an upcoming update, currently in the works internally. Microsoft showcased some of these upcoming improvements in a Fluent Design-based session at Build 2018, including improvements to the horizonal navigation UI and more. Hopefully these changes arrive sooner than later.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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