Microsoft puts its name on the old Nokia Theater in Los Angeles

The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles is no more as Microsoft has bought the naming rights to the location, and has rebranded it as the Microsoft Theater. In 2007, the L.A Live complex, which included a mix of retail and entertainment buildings, officially opened in downtown LA. The center of L.A. Live was the 7,100 Nokia Theater, which has hosted a ton of music concerts, TV shows, award events and more over the years. Now that same location will be under the Microsoft name.

In addition, the 40,000 square foot plaza outside the Microsoft Theater will be rebranded as well to Microsoft Square. Specific terms of the naming rights deal between Microsoft and L.A. Live's owners, AEG, were not revealed. The press release adds:

"Microsoft will also contribute cutting edge technology and expertise to AEG's upcoming refurbishment and renovation of many of the public and private spaces of Microsoft Theater that will begin this fall as well as other signage, marketing and business opportunities."

Microsoft Square

Source: Microsoft Theater

  • Haha! This is great!
  • They should've called it Microsoft Surface instead of Square. That would be great!
  • Exactly, should've named it Surface, or even Lumia Theatre.... That would've been cool.
  • LOL
  • I'm actually serious.
  • Hmm but someone could bring up that "Spanish" rendering of that word again...
  • Butterflies are mentally mental....
  • This is awesome!
  • I wonder if they're going to rename the Nokia stores in NY
  • Microsoft is slow with devices and also changing name boards everywhere
  • They must be on the slow ring
  • Speed of light ring
  • Rebranding takes time and has many complications...Everything cant be done overnight just by a flip of the switch
  • Buy the switch company
  • Buy Insteon
  • My employer (a major retail company) just changed the company who backs their in-store credit card from Wells Fargo to GE Capital. A minor change, one that customers won't ever notice. Yet we have YEARS worth of signs, ads, ECT that need to be removed, changed, updated, just because it says Wells Fargo in the fine print at the very bottom. We're still finding stuff that needs to be removed & updated. Not to mention everyone with existing cards had to get updated cards with the new logo on it. Finding every nook and cranny, from top to bottom within both companies, takes time. Also, MS has to pay for new signs & stuff, which I assume has it's own smaller budget, so patience.
  • Also, they may be slow/late on changing the sign, but at least they're doing it now.
  • Yeah, they should've done this, at minimum, 14 months ago. What a waste of more than a year of potential advertising in one of the busiest parts of one of the biggest cities in the world. So dumb.
  • I'm waiting for free tickets for iOS/Android users. :D This is a GREAT venue and they could REALLY push the music service there as well as mobile devices, though I doubt they care about the latter. 
  • Woo
  • I love my city!
  • +1
  • Nice place for a store. A Microsoft store.  
  • That's what I thought immediately after seeing/reading this article. Great minds think alike : )
  • Good idea! But trust Microsoft not to do it.
  • My school is about 3 miles down the street. :)
  • Figueroa and Exposition! I'm a local too!
  • My home is 3 blocks away!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That is great, lets see what they do with visibility.
  • Aww.. I know it makes no sense, but I would have liked them to keep the Nokia name, assuming Nokia didn't mind.
  • Nokia did. They passed the contract to Microsoft, ergo, Microsoft must remove the Nokia brand from it.
    The only alternative would be for Microsoft to license the Nokia brand but... What would be the point?
    Nokia itself should have dumped the Theatre long ago lol
  • Naming rights much like companies brands football stadiums
  • I liked things better in the old days when stadiums and arenas weren't named for companies. TD Garden is a stupid name. Boston Garden was a great name. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The truly great ones retain their storied history, unadulterated by captialism (e.g. Lambeau Field).
  • ^^This! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Soldier Field, Son!
  • The funny thing that Americans may not realize, is that TD stands for "Toronto Dominion" Bank.  It is a bank from Toronto Canada that has spread into the states.  The TD Garden could be considered the Toronto Maples Leafs' home away from home.  How TD was accepted to slap their name on the new Boston Garden is beyond silly.  I guess they hoped that no one would notice, lol.
  • None of our football stadiums here (and we have a lot of them) is named after any company or brand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's good to hear! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Assuming you are talking about English football;
    Emirates Stadium...(Arsenal)
    Etihad Stadium (Man City)
    KC (Kingston Communications) Stadium...Hull City
    Probably a load of other stadiums named after the sponsor companies...
  • Wow awesome!!
  • Will this be the venue for build 2016?
  • I would think so, it's their own building now. Haha
  • Microsoft just purchased the naming rights, not the building or property.
  • Actually they have a say in the property too, if you read the source, they have going to be fitting their latest tech into the building and showcasing their products.
  • Sweet, now I can finally watch Balmer go, developers developers developers on repeat.
  • Balmer will be right down the street though....  I still think a lot of the things we're seeing now from MS started with Him before he left.  Yeah the guy made a few mistakes (in hindsight) and dropped the ball on mobile when Bill left, but he wasn't the menace to the world people make him out to be.
  • Right near Staples Center, home of Ballmer's Clippers.
  • you mean lakers too?
  • Gurl, its all about the Clippers.
  • Awesome news.  Keep rolling Microsoft.
  • So now they have their own place to make grand product announcements!!!
  • I've never seen TARGET events at TARGET Center (Basketball +) or TARGET Field (baseball). Maybe there are some? I know they have rented the Minneapolis Convention Center.
  • Sweet!
  • looks great. thats good marketing. MS needs to keep this up. 
  • I used to read tons of news about Nokia and on several articles noticed few word about (probably) this theater. Didnt pay much attention to it but never thought Nokia actually had its own theater
    Ps. Was this complex also included in the deal? I mean does MS own it now or just renamed it because it has "the naming rights" (1st sentence on this article)
  • To my understanding, Microsoft has no ownership over the property, just name and branding.
  • Nandela Comedy Theatre
  • What's Nandela?
  • The CEO. (Typo, but the CEO all the same)
  • Its the SSD all of his virtual clone's data is stored on.... NANDela :)
  • Hot damn that's what I'm talking about now lit that thing up with windows everywhere and a new store inside
  • No one allowed in the theater with an iPhone.
  • Actually, they'll probably get VIP treatment in this new Microsoft.
  • Awesomeness! Oscars at Microsoft Theatre if I'm not wrong.
  • LOL why not?! :D
  • The former Nokia Theatre did not hold the Oscars. That's the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Microsoft Theatre holds smaller concerts, the MTV Music Awards, the ESPYs, and a few more award shows.
  • *Dobly ;)
  • This is because Microsoft bought Nokia
  • Can microsoft make some more lumias with pure view or is it that microsoft is only focusing on flagship until windows 10 for phones I'd officially released. I guess they might be done with the prototype of the new Lumia flagship. They are just waiting for windows 10 for phones to be polished soon. They have to hurry up. They are very slow with phones.
  • Really awesome.  Now I have to make a pilgrimage to Cali to see it.
  • Lol Nintendo hosts its E3 conference there. Will they still be able to do so now, considering that they're console competitors?
  • That's interesting. E3 is next week. I'll definitely take a small detour just to see the theater.
  • Bbbbboooooo! I live here in SoCal and am at sporting events at Staples all the time. Everyone knows the Nokia Theater and LA Live and it's a great environment. Microsoft just cheapened it now and I'm sure they'll over-commercialize and will be cramming their products down people's throats when that's not the environment for it. I don't want to go to concert and have it start with an ad for a Microsoft Surface or Lumia.
  • Sure, but the "Staples" Center is perfectly fine...
  • Agreed. I live in East L.A. and what people who don't live here don't get, is that everyone knows it as Nokia Theatre ! I don't seeing this as beneficial in any way .
  • It will always be the Nokia theatre to me. Heck when I was just in DTLA three days ago, I called it that. Microsoft theater just doesn't have the same ring.
  • I live in Los Angeles and I don't think this is a good idea. .Everyone knows this as the Nokia Theatre ! All the Microsoft haters would be less likely to go there because their name at the top.
  • So what do you want them to do, continue paying massive amounts of money to market a brand name they don't have the rights to?
  • I know they would have to change the name since the acquisition, but all the locals are still going to call it the Nokia Theatre. I've lived in L.A. 20 plus years and have seen that area develop..(It's at 11th and Figueroa streets) Just like Staples Center , they could change the name of that, but since it's so established, I think people won't accept the change. I hope Microsoft does great with Windows 10 and releases some solid flagships! Peace to all!
  • The Chinese Theatre can't names. Kodak became Dolby and we all adjusted. I'm not sure people on this board can speak for all of us Angelenos. It will slowly become Microsoft Theater to the people. If it was an old iconic building like the SEARS Tower in Chicago, I'd wonder. I'll never call that the Willis Tower. I actually forget the new name sometimes.
  • "What you talking about Willis!"
  • This is awesome!  A lot of major events happen here including the Grammy's I think?, so more exposure for Microsoft :)
  • GREAT!
  • My money says people on LA are gonna start calling it "the old Nokia Theater". Microsoft Theater sounds to... well, it don't sound good. Why not a better sounding (and more appropriate) name, like say "Lumia Theater"? Because Nadela can't be bothered to have to rename the darn thing next fall when he finally gets the board to kill Lumia.
  • It always happens. In London we still call it the millennium dome when its called the o2 for years. Soon to be Three arena or something if Three UK buys O2 UK
  • Hmm maybe the same thing with XBox Theatre.
  • +1520
  • The Big M in LA
  • How can something that was built in 2007 be "old"?
  • Exactly. People are being dramatic.
  • Nokia has lost so much. Microsoft are gobbling them up like a whale eats fish
  • Whale dont eat fish.
  • I expect this to be featured in that Kimmel show. :)
  • Nice blue screen in the second photo!
  • "Welcome everyone to Sony Playstations E3 conference here in the former Nokia theater, now owned by our own competitor Microsoft, Microsoft theater" killin it.
  • Bring back Nokia