Microsoft unveil "Surface" - fancy touchscreen table

I've mentioned before that it's going to be a great summer for smartphone fans. Windows Mobile 6, the iPhone, Palm's Foleo, HTC's June 5th secret, the hits just keep on coming. What's driving all this coolness? Well, one thing seems to be this whole "multitouch" phenomenon. A touchscreen that can detect subtle and multiple touches really opens up some exciting possibilities for user interfaces. The iPhone was the beginning, I suppose (or will be when it hits), but this new Microsoft technology called "Surface" is just plain awesome.

Microsoft Surface pretty much fulfills the promise of this TED presentation of a tabletop that lets you interact directly and intuitively with everything a computer can do. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. Or a table. Gimme gimme on a mobile device, please.

After the jump, a bunch of images of Surface. Also check out Bill Gates demoing it over at Gizmodo.

WC Staff