Microsoft unveils $60,000 in prizes for the Windows Phone Next App Star challenge

Microsoft has added more prizes to its "Windows Phone Next App Star Competition", which will bring the total prize package to over $60,000 for the 64 apps that will be shortlisted. We previously touched on the competition when it was announced, highlighting the first prize - your app featured in a prime-time TV commercial in the US.

Open to developers all around the world, the company has reported that the team has been amazed by the response from developers who have submitted thousands of apps so far. The submission phase of the contest will end on March 5th. Once the 64 apps have been chosen, developers of shortlisted apps will receive a Nokia Lumia 920 for their troubles and will then go through with the chance to win the first prize.

As noted above, the team has managed to increase the overall prize package for all selected apps to over $60,000. This package now includes Wireless Charging Pillows by Fatboy, JBL PowerUp Wireless Speakers, Sony Vaio Touchscreen Ultrabooks and trips to a Microsoft developer conference. Not a bad selection of rewards.

According to the blog post over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, the prize rounds are cumulative, which means developers can continue winning prizes should their app prove unbeatable. From 64 apps, the collection will be cut to 32, then 16, 8, 4, 2 and finally there's 1 grand winner who will pocket the chance to have their app on television.

Lumia 920

Here are the prizes in each round that you could win should you submit your apps and battle hard against other developers:

  1. (64 apps) Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, featured promotion in the Windows Phone Store, exposure for winning apps via online media, and a 1-year free subscription to the Windows Phone Dev Center.
  2. (32 apps) Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy
  3. (16 apps) JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia and inclusion in the Windows Phone Next App Star Collection
  4. (8 apps) Sony Vaio Touchscreen Ultrabook
  5. (4 apps) App featured in an episode of Hot Apps on Microsoft Channel 9
  6. (2 apps) Invited to participate in a Microsoft developer conference. Airfare, up to three nights’ hotel accommodations and conference fees will be paid by Microsoft
  7. GRAND PRIZE (1) In addition to the prizes listed above, one grand prize winner will receive the opportunity to have their app featured in a Windows Phone prime-time TV ad in the U.S.

So how does one enter? All one has to do is register and opt-in here. Your apps have to be live by March 5th in order to be included in the competition. From March 6th through March 12th, submitted apps will be judged based on consumer ratings as well as an individual professional assessment. The top 64 apps will then move into the rounds detailed above to go head-to-head from March 19th through April 8th.

To encourage the public to vote, the team will be giving away a Lumia 920 every day during the voting period via sweepstakes. I would seem Microsoft has a Lumia 920 for everyone. Developers: be sure to have your apps ready and submitted. Be sure to check out the official rules - you must be at least 18 to enter.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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