Microsoft releases minor update for Nokia Camera on Lumia Windows Phones

Microsoft has pushed out an update for its Nokia Camera app on Lumia Windows Phones. While the company has yet to change the name, it's positive to see the app be bumped to later versions to match the beta program. Today, we're looking at version

The app listing for Nokia Camera fails to supply a changelog for the latest release, but looking across to the beta counterpart (which also sits on reveals that this update contains the following bug fixes and minor improvements. Nothing major but an update all the same.

Let us know in the comments if you're an avid fan of Nokia Camera.

QR: Nokia Camera

QR: Nokia Camera Beta

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  • Still loading problem
  • Slow, especially on L1020
  • Loading problem :/ so what's new?
  • Its not resuming :-/s
  • Mine crashes as soon as i open it :(
  • More grains on auto mode on my Lumia 920 at night time
  • It's faster
  • Lol
  • Stop.
  • No
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • Seems to be.
  • Maybe I counted a bit faster
  • Sometimes
  • It's fastest now
  • Can't wait for Lumia Camera on my 930 :D
  • Every Lumia has a camera, or camera with a Lumia wrapped around it.
  • -_-
  • Just had to do it. :)
  • Lol
  • Someone can confirm if after Cyan update the post processing issues were solved?? I have a Lumia 920 in the DP program and didn't get Cyan yet...
  • I downgraded that's y.
  • I have a DP 920 with Cyan without downgrading. I haven't had any issues with post-processing.
  • Still is Slow :( and its like a fake update.... :/ its like downloading it all again. :(
  • :(  that is ok for me but little bit dark (image quality )  (Nokia lumia 620 (cyan) :) 
  • Works just fine...
  • Still loading is slow
  • Still no changelog :(
  • When we all get cyan will everyone receive Lumia camera. I mean not the new features but as fast as it would be.
  • No. "Lumia" Camera comes with Denim, not Cyan.
  • Yaa so all devices will get denim update. But for us I mean the old Lumia devices what we get more in the camera? I'm talking about Lumia camera.
  • Probably just speed improvements.
  • Looks faster to me, but not as much as the beta version...
  • After update 1 for dev preview
    My Lumia 720 is having focus issues ,
    It is not able to focus anything far away and clicking blurry images
    Help please
  • Manual focus
  • Lol.. Definitely
  • Not working
  • As long as we don't have a 8.1-specific application, I don't expect the app to be "faster". After having upgraded to Cyan, Nokia Camera is longer to resume. The reason is probably because we have a 8.0 app, which doesn't use the fast-resuming enabled in 8.1, or other new features. And as Lumia Camera is said to be versioned 5.0, I guess it is what I expect, a 8.1 _only_ app. Until Denim and Lumia Camera on all Lumia devices, we'll have lags and "resuming" (even more than on 8.0).   Only 4 months to wait ^^
  • I don't understand why your comment was downvoted because you're absolutely right.   Now, thinking of it. Your comment was downvoted because you're right, that makes sense now.  
  • The Bèta is still better imo
  • Didnt notice nythng new
  • Bad time to point out I still have Nokia Pro Cam on my Icon?
  • Lol.. I only recently lost the awesome MS youtube app that google got banned off one of my trusty 920s... Updates- been known to be highly exaggerated
  • I have 3 phones and all have a pile of updates that I won't do, lol. I'm careful now before blindly updating (especially when Micro-of-the-we-remove-features-Soft is involved). Check out myTube, I find it works really well and the interface feels very Metro.
  • Whenever I try to take a picture it force closes back to my start screen. Been doing it for a week now so I have had to go back to the stock camera app
  • About says: Lumia Camera already.
  • ?
  • What in the world is the difference between Nokia Camera and Nokia Camera beta? Wondering when Microsoft is going to combine all these Nokia camera apps/lenses and create one massive native camera app?
  • Yeah want them to combine the panorama at least.
  • +1
  • The beta is used to test new features before they are added to the stable version, so it won't ever be combined to the main app.
  • Are there any new features on it now?
  • No new features, but the Nokia Camera Beta launched faster without the loading and resuming message on my Lumia 1020 with Cyan.
  • Still slow!
  • Anyone have living images working.
  • How or where do you enable living images?
  • It's under camera settings
  • Apparently not on a 1020. : (
  • Developer preview enables living images. If you don't have you just have to wait for the official update.
  • living images doesn't work for me .. any solution ? 
  • Your phone's hardware doesn't support them .. 
  • that function worked correctly in nokia camera beta about two months ago , then i updated it and living images stop working -_- 
  • Stop shooting dead people.
  • Faster to open on 1520 Max
  • If there will be no status update done on the DP versus Cyan rollout, we (sitting in the same boat) can consider this as an implicit (you know, the opposite of explicit) message from JB saying: "f*kk you guys, beta testers @WP product deserve such treatment, we wont fix the bitlocker problem, you can go and factory restore your device"
  • The name is "Developer Preview" and not "Beta Users Annoying Preview". So ...
  • What's the difference again between the Beta and the non-beta one? WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • What happened to Camera Roll integration and preview after taking photo?
  • I really hate to say this but it seems a lot faster to load. Which is weird because I'm noticing some other 1020 users saying it is slower.
  • Loading faster on my 1020 too..
    I'd been having a lot more "resuming..." delays lately, and this update seems to have knocked that off.
  • No Lumia camera update - till than no update I will do - bcoz my old Nokia camera still works great
  • Night time pictures are blurry. I dont get why!! Ugh. On my 1520!
  • Great
  • Load time for my 1020 seems a little quicker
  • seems a little faster... overall still slow though...
  • Loads instantly now on my 1520 with Cyan/8.1 Update 1 DP. Before, when I started the app, it had a second or so of "loading.....".
  • I'm on same rev\build\device as you but still see loading when launching camera
  • yallow hue problem stille there :(
  • Yeah. Slow on 1020.. Can't get a new phone until 2016!!!!!! Stupid 2 years contracts..
  • How to pause video recording??? Please anybody help me out.
  • No pause, just stop and start.
  • Thank god lumia denim is going to improve thsi because no matter how many updates they do, at least until they do fix it, it will stimm be like this, slow , crashing and not wise to use of the original camera app
  • Does this app "hiss" for anyone else? I only noticed this recently, and it's not the only app (a few games like Angry Birds do it at well)... when launched, there is a faint but audible hiss or buzz that comes from the speaker. I've seen people say it's the OIS, but it absolutely isn't. My reasoning: it doesn't happen with any other camera app like the built-in, or ProShot. Also, why would Angry Birds access OIS? lol  Most importantly, I can MUTE the sound, though I can't increase the volume.  Very weird.  oh, 928 for what that's worth.
  • what difference between beta and regular?
  • Seems faster, lol
  • The Lumia camera has gotten so bad since the original WP8 version, I have switched to the OS camera.
  • You might to edit your comment as when you say "Lumia Camera" it would imply you have the "Lumia Camera app" that will ship with the Lumia Denim update. Which has not been released publicly yet and won't be for a few months.
  • still around the same opening speed on my lumia 930,  but faster picture capture  ! happy enough with the update. but, bring on denim ..
  • Pushing camera button....Loading...unfking 4 year old ultrazoom starts faster...nothing new to see here...
  • I have both camera's installs. Do I need the beta if I have the camera installed?
  • It's a bit slow but still works great.
  • Works fine on my 1520 as its always done
    Its better than pro shot
  • Just get a iPhone 6 plus.
  • Seems like the Focus bug has finally been fixed...
  • My SD card got crashed after it got installed... This is new.. I use nokia camera
  • Why app interface is different in Lumia 1320? It doesn't matches with snaps shown in store link app page... Quite sad.. :/
  • I have found that reframed images on the Lumia 1020 are less sharp after you save them than they appear as you are in the process of reframing. Plus SoZoom app now does not pick up the pixels well when you zoom...the definition is lost somehow. If I try to redo old old SoZooms from even the same photos the new saves/zooms have much lower fidelity.
    Anyone else notice this.
  • My Nokia Lumia 930 trying to update the Nokia Camera, but after downloading it doesn't install completely and it says "needs attention". I tried several times, restart my phone but still it didn't completely install. I uninstall it and try to install but still the same, NOW, I LOST MY NOKIA CAMERA becaus of this update. WTH!
  • It seems faster in my Lumia 635
  • still don't know the deffirence between nokia camera and nokia camera beta
  • On my Lumia 1020, the beta starts up faster. Almost 2 seconds faster than non-beta.
  • I love Nokia camera and will always love it but it's still too slow to capture a moment
  • Now its useless... I push the dedicated camera button, about 2 minutes later it takes the picture. The app freezes and has to be shutdown through the switcher.
  • ProShot.
  • Can any one tell me what is difference between Nokia camera and Nokia camera beta
  • Looks like i just received another update on my Lumia 925 today. I am from India Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • yes.