Microsoft video marketing video shows ... Windows Mobile 7? Not so much

OK, we were just about to break out the tinfoil hats and officially hop on board the Windows Mobile 7 conspiracy train over this one. We've already seen a couple of purported screenshots of the operating system that we're not expecting to see until next year. Now comes a video from the mothership itself. [via Engadget Mobile]

Take a look for yourself (opens in new tab), as our curiosity was momentarily piqued. But it turns out that it was just a little flash presentation set up for the spot. So we're now going to go sit in the corner and remind ouselves (yet again) that there are months and months to go before we expect to see Windows Mobile 7.

  • i am sorry, but i miss the old WMexperts this story has been out for like a week.
    why is this site getting slower and slower..
    hmm maybe too much to handle with all the other blogs
  • ^^^ I second that comment This is how Windows Mobile 7 is going to look. Face it. We've seen screenshots all over the place. They all are moving in that direction. Look at that officially Live Mesh ad from MS again. Google "Is this Windows Mobile 7". Then this official marketing video from MS all show the same type of Windows Mobile 7 OS. Epic Fail WMexperts.