Microsoft wants your help deciding the next Xbox One game from Press Play

Press Play, the Denmark-based game development studio owned by Microsoft, is looking to get help from the gaming community to help them pick their next game project. The studio has three concepts that the public can check out, and they can provide feedback on each project and vote for their favorite.

Press Play, which has created games for the Xbox One and other platforms such as Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba, has posted artwork, descriptions and video teasers for all three concepts

Project Dwarka

"An action-packed first person co-op game, set in a dark fantasy world. Team up with a group of friends and become a band of legendary dwarven treasure hunters, exploring a procedurally generated underworld filled with gold and monstrosities. As dwarves, you are experts in underground survival and have the tools to overcome any obstacle in your way – be they bottomless pits, insurmountable walls, collapsed mines, flooded tunnels…or deadly monsters."

Project Karoo

"A physics-based multiplayer construction game set in an open world. Imagine a game where you could play as an inventor who had the ability to construct any kind of vehicle. A game where in your inventions you could travel far and wide and bring back new parts and valuable items. Imagine the inventions were all subject to the laws of physics; if they collided with objects or the ground, they would split into a thousand pieces. Imagine a game world where new places were regularly discovered and ready to be explored. Imagine your friends were there too."

Project Knoxville

"Project Knoxville is a 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players MUST work both together and against each other. It is framed in a sadistic game show, similar to the ones in 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Running Man', but here all of the contestants can survive if they work together and don't let greed or personal gain get the best of them. With this game, we aim to go further than anyone else when it comes to dynamic relationships and spectator interaction."

Votes for the Press Play game concepts will be taken until September 1 and the winning concept will be revealed on September 4. After that, the community will continue to help provide feedback to Press Play to help them develop the game. The idea of having the general public offer feedback on game development is already being used by Game Troopers in their recently announced contest. In the meantime, which concept is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments!

Cast your vote at the Press Play website{.cta .large}

Source: Press Play

John Callaham
  • We want a new console or upgraded version of XBox One.
  • It's been out for under two years.....
  • Probably doesn't have a very solid grip on economics
  • I had a better Grip on economics when I was 11...
  • Less than a year in most territories.
  • Why?
  • So you want to buy a new console every other year? Seems foolish and suicide for a company to produce products like that.
  • maybe better to buy a Ouye :) The look from Playstation 4 and Xbox One at the same time,  the better controller (in my opinion) aka Xbox One controller,  and running  Android like Ouya ..   Stealing designs .. what?  nooo :)       
  • No, we don't.
  • I like Project Kaloo best.
  • You do realize that its minecraft but with physics.
  • Project Karoo + Hololens :P.
  • Knoxville
  • Project Knoxville sounds good!
  • Project Karoo please.
  • Project Dwarka with loot and weapon or tools customization and co-op.
  • Torn between Knowxille and Karoo.
  • Karoo sounds like Rigs of Rods, except with a construction/materials aspect added, which would be awesome
  • Project Karoo
  • None.  All of them are multiplayer only.
  • True
  • get some friends to play with you
  • Project Knoxville for me :)
  • Knoxville sounds pretty awesome
  • Knoxville but make a single player story along the multiplayer
  • Karoo appeals alot to me out of the three choices. Also it could be expanded upon with hololens.
  • Project Knoxville is the only one remotely original, so I'd say that one. Project Karoo is a ripoff of TerraTech And project Dwarka is just another Diablo in disquise. Although I wouldn't mind another Diablo "clone" -maybe they can do better than Blizzard and D3 ;)
  • Press Play is probably my favorite Microsoft Studios development studio. All of their games are pure gold: Max & the Magic Marker and Tentacles on Windows Phone, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (the best puzzle platformer of 2013, on any platform) and Kalimba (the best puzzle platformer of 2014, on any platform). I'd love to see them make a unique Kinect game.
  • Project Karoo! With Project Knoxville a close second.
  • What I really want in Windows Phone is a really good racing simulator like Real Racing 3.
  • Knoxville sounds amazing, I vote for that. The other two have been done to death.
  •     So, if two games tie, are they going to make both? I know that you can only vote for one but I'm torn between Project Knoxville and Project Dwarka.