Microsoft will launch a Windows 10 app for all things in the Halo universe on Sept. 8

Microsoft will launch an official Halo Windows 10 PC app on September 8. It will act as a one-stop location for all things related to the Halo game universe, including news, videos, tutorials and more.

Halo Windows 10 app

In a post on the Halo Waypoint site, Microsoft says the app will also serve as a way for players to learn more about the upcoming Halo 5: Forge map editor that will also be released on Sept. 8:

When we launch the Halo app with Halo 5: Forge in a couple weeks, the Halo 5: Forge game page will be your portal into the game. From here you can quickly jump in and start playing. As part of this experience, we will feature new Forge tutorials to help both new and veteran Forgers create and play great new Halo 5 game experiences. We will also share some of the top fan-created maps, games, and game clips and of course – fans will always be able to find latest news and info on Halo 5: Forge itself.As you get a chance to explore the Halo app, you'll see that you can find, download, and launch all Halo games that are available on Windows PCs. You will also get great information on all our games – including upcoming releases like Halo Wars 2 and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition*! The Halo app will bring you all the latest news and information on what's happening in our world – from new stories to esports, from awesome collectibles to the latest game articles and videos. And it will be the place to go for tips and tricks from both our team and the broader Halo community.

In addition to map making, the Halo 5: Forge editor for Windows 10 will also support online multiplayer games as well for the PC.

John Callaham
  • So what happens to halo waypoint?
  • Waypoint was retired a while back wasn't it?
  • Halo Waypoint is long dead. The current app, 'Halo Channel' app is basically exactly what they are announcing here. Not sure why they couldn't just keep using that one.
  • I miss the old Halo waypoint on 360 , still don't understand why 343 abandoned it and why they are trying to reinvent a halo hub again for the third time when they already done with the first try.
  • Thats the Microsoft way though, reboot after reboot after reboot....... then retrench! :)
  • This is not really an app, Sept. 8th 2016 is when Cortana will become self aware... :)
  • But is it a UWP app?
  • Bet it will be but wont be on mobile.
  • Microsoft makes no sense, they want everything to be a UWP but make a app that's not a UWP can't use it on w10 mobile WTF
  • Not on mobile != Not a UWP app
  • What happens to Halo Channel app? Discontinued?
  • I was wondering the same thing. Why not keep using that app? Do we really need to reinvent the wheel a 3rd time?
  • Well, it's MS. Windows Mobile x, WP 7 & 8, Windows 10... :D I could see why they would though. Design and content refinement/expansion. There was some much needed UX rearrangement. Hopefully it will replace the Halo Channel app automatically so there isn't much confusion.
  • Well the old app wasn't UWP for a start, so they clearly need a new app to bring it to the new platform. The design of Halo Channel really also didn't fit in with the general style of Windows 10 apps, and it's been out for a couple of years now so needed a facelift anyway.
  • Do we get access to premium content included with Halo MCC that was accessible through Halo Channel? (Never got why they didn't just give us them in the films and TV app tbh)
  • Halo: Waypoint was first introduced in Windows Phones, and IIRC, that app was closed somewhere in 2014, and now they will bring it back in Windows 10 flavor? Great!
  • You forgot about the "current" 'Halo Channel' app. Not sure why they wouldn't just keep using that.
  • You forgot about the "current" 'Halo Channel' app. Not sure why they wouldn't just keep using that.
  • Well I was talking about the now-retired Halo Waypoint app, but you're right, I forgot the current one. Hmm... they're reintroducing the Halo Waypoint, aren't they?
  • Wonder if video content included with the digital Halo MCC purchase will be accessed through the new app or if the Halo Channel app itself will disappear along with access to the content
  • Perfect, so they abandoned Halo Waypoint, then they abandoned Halo Channel, and now they're releasing ANOTHER app that htey can abandon.
  • Am I the only one who's pissed off by ms spokesperson dismissing shout outs about bringing halo 5 to Windows 10 (pc) as "we won't do it just because a suit said so" (I'm paraphrasing).
    I only tried 2 on my ex-flatmates' Xbox and since then would've wanted to play it (any halo) on my desktop.
    That comment just sounded arrogant and evasive to me
  • Oh Microsoft! With so much talent why so many missteps? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will it be better than that Halo Channel thing on XB1? That thing's a ****.
  • Agreed, i hated that the terminals linked to it because it would never open properly.
  • Disliked the app in general on all platforms so never really used it much. The Xbox 360 Waypoint app was one I regularly used when it was out
  • I hope so