Microsoft working to repair non-supported phones with latest Windows 10 Mobile build

If you own a phone that doesn't support the Windows 10 Mobile preview build 10536 but managed to download and install it anyway, you might be able to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 in the near future. Microsoft Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul has revealed that Microsoft is "working on repair options" for those un-supported Windows Phones

Aul mentioned this issue on his Twitter feed:

"We're working on repair options for the devices that were not supported but got the latest build. Mostly HTC 8X phones, but some BLU & other. This is a high priority for us to solve and have a team dedicated to it. We will let you know as soon as we have info on recovery."

In the meantime, users who see Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 on non-Lumia devices should not download and install it and they should also de-list that phone from the Insider Program until the issue is resolved.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

  • So this issue only exists for Non-Lumia devices??
  • Mostly since almost all Lumia devices are supported (except for the Icon I think), it made my HTC 8X nearly unusable since the UI scaling is off and the phone constatly reboots every 5 minutes or so.   Glad yo hear that MS is working on a fix, I was really starting to worry.
  • lumia 530 is not supported as it has 4GB HDD
  • It is supported, but it's really really hard to install Windows 10 Mobile because you practically need to do a Hard Reset, uninstall every app that actually can be uninstalled, every photo, etc. etc., and you are going to have enough space to do so, but after the update, you are not going to be able to update to newer builds because you are no longer going to have enough space to do so. Even if you use a MicroSD. Microsoft should do this an option (to use a MicroSD), so you are not needed to erase your stuff for further updates (just like you can actually do right now with the Windows 10 for PC).
  • I have the HTC 8X as well I solved the random rebooting issue by resetting my phone after resetting the phone make sure not to shut the phone off or reboot the phone. That's what works for me 12 hours no reboot.
  • I thought that was the solution as well, and as long as I didn't shut down or restart the phone (or let the battery die), all would be good.  Alas, everything was fine until a couple of hours ago, then I felt that familiar vibration from my pocket.  My phone rebooted unexplicably and since then has rebooted every 1-10 minutes without fail. Hope the solution works longer for you, but for me the faint glimmer that all would be ok has sadly faded.
  • I was able to succesfully rollback from W10M to W8.1 update using WPRT. Link:
  • Are you in TMobile US?
  • i tried the same  but its still rebooting after 12 hours or so
  • the icon is supported
  • What exactly is the issue that needs to be repaired.. Article is poor
    Working on compatibility is not a repair, is something that should have been done before MS released this OS to the Lumias
  • The issue is that people are installing W10 on to devices that are unsupported and untested, encountering some pretty nasty issues in the process. There is no "working on compatibility," they're just working on a fix to allow those affected to recover.
  • Pretty nasty issues, sounds like a usual day for the rest of us with W10M :D A standard way to deal with the situation is to put together WP8.1 images for all problematic phones and update WPRT.
  • Because devices that aren't officially supports with the preview were able to download the last build and it causes their devices to reboot every few minutes. It's been covered already. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let's be clear. Those devices (including my Blu Win HD) running the insider app, incorrectly detected the build as being available for download and install. My phone simply displayed "updates are available" and I began the install. The "install" wound up being the 10536 build of W10 mobile and once intiated could not be stopped. The following morning, all the tweets and articles started coming out about these devices not being supported. The windows recovery tools do not support reverting back to 8.1 on these devices. That being said. So far W10 mobile is working nicely on my device. I have an Android device to swap my SIM with if warranted, so I am not too concerned.
  • And for those that did not OK the installtion that at the time seemed ligitmet it is sechedual to intall by tommrow.  The only way to stop the installtion is to back up your 8.1 phone and hard reset it and then rebuild it.  It is not the user's falt that Windows 10 was intalled, Microsoft cased the problem.   
  • I think it's a server-side detection. Does not matter, it's another Microsoft Cockup™.
  • It's not an issue for Lumia phones since all can be restored using WPRT. However, the other unsupported devices cannot currently be restored.
  • A friend of mine says her Ativ (SE, I think) phone got the build but has had no major issues, unlike the HTC ones.
  • yeah but you don't know if eventually the phones will break because they are not supported, for example on next preview update or anything like that. and what about RTM? or what about going back to stable 8.1? what if they are stuck in this preview forever unless Samsung (they won't do anything) or Microsoft do something? only becuase you got a preview and it's working it doesn't mean there won't be problems eventually.
  • Samsung is quite an interesting one their diagnosis app is great for those that dont want to pay up for unlock codes
  • With smartphone makers announcing their recent smartphones with Android and Windows10 Mobile both, do you guys think Windows 10 mobile can takeover android in the coming years?
  • Which maker announced?
  • Did it brick 8xs or just doesn't work right?
  • Hope they seem faster doin it :)
  • I wonder how they will do this. My HTC 8X reboots every 4 minutes and is now security locked out and requires me to charge it for a minimum of two hours, which isn't possible because of the reboots. This is also the third day that I haven't had a phone now. I will probably have to go buy a new phone soon.
  • I'd hold off on buying a new phone. The easiest thing they can do is allow the HTC 8X to be recovered back to 8.1 using the WPRT
  • Just curious, did you have a passcode enabled when it locked you out?
    Also, if you hard reset your phone it will be, more, useable again.
  • Yes I did.
  • You need to do a hardware reset. The combination is different on HTC devices. WC did an article showing you how to do it. Do a search for iy
  • I know the HTC 8X master reset combination (hold volume down, turn on, tap volume up, volume down, power, than volume down) but when I tap power it resets the phone before I can hit the final volume down.
  • Microsoft, any approximate idea that when could we expect windows 10 mobile OS to oficially release. As i would download only the RTM version of the insider preview... Please mann.... need a response.
  • Some time after 6th October. And it will not be released to all phones on the same day. There is likely to be a staggered release that may take months. My guess is that it will begin rolling out in the first half of November.
  • Thanks Microsoft!
  • I wasn't criticising them. I understand the reason why they will stagger it, not a major thing. The Dev preview may help. In fact, I suspect that it will help them circumvent the carrier barrier. By not explicitly stating that the dev preview is a way to bypass the carriers, we all win. Those that are clamouring for the latest update, that a carrier won't deliver, got it early.
  • I still don't know why people with phones that were not supported tried to install this preview. I mean, they had to go through installing insider app, so it's not like they just saw the update and decided to update. but anyway, I guess they took the risk and while some got it working many others didn't. I don't feel bad for them, because it's their fault, not even Microsoft even if they let the update be shown on non supported phones, but they could have thought "why this phone is supported now and not before? is it safe?" and wait for an answer.
  • Most were already subscribed to the Insider Fast ring and their phone automatically prompted them to install it, thinking that their phone is now on the list of supported phones.
  • That is after installing insider app on their unsupported phones...
  • That's true, but I think they were hoping it'd be available in the future.
  • In the begining of the Windows Phone 10 Insider Program there were only a cuple of supported phones and the idea was that all Windows 8.1 phones would be included so many, many people subscribed to the program waiting for their phone to be included.  Slowly over time more phones were added to the list.  Gabe even stated that the HTC 8X would be inclued soon and the Windows Phone Recovery Tool has a HTC recovery section waiting for the recovery files.  The Windows 10 update sent to the 8X phone installed on some phones without the owners premison and is secdualed to install on all 8X phones by tommerow.  The owners of those phones can only stop the updae by hard reseting their phones and rebuilding them. Not good.    
  • I am sorry, but WHAT THE HELL! This platform is a shambles at the moment, and MS's highest priority is to support an insignificant amount of phones???? No offense for those with BLU or HTC phones. But there is litterally nothing to be excited about to get your hands on
  • You should read the article clearly. They're only working a way for those affected to recover back to 8.1; there's no mention of them working to add support for those affected phones.
  • Your post would be somewhat different if this had happened to you.
  • They broke some of their testers' phones (mine being one.) I'm a app developer, so I have 10 others to choose from, but their investing some time is a GOOD THING, even if it is just PR. It's called loyalty.
  • I'll leave this here for EU HTC 8X phones: EDIT: Worked for me :)
  • Microsoft covered their collective rears with the verbage on the Insider agreement.  By registering your account and device on the program, you are knowingly installing software on your device that could brick it.  Microsoft, to its credit, has provided a list of which devices are officially supported and I don't recall anyone going out on a limb in an official sense to say that you should be fine installing this software on an unsupported device.  These users who installed on unsupported hardware made a mistake.  The very fact that MS is willing to devote team members to restoring affected devices to Windows 8.1 through a recovery based tool is admirable.  So let's just grab that bit of information and take it for what it is, and not make a mountain out of a mole hill by suggesting a fragmentation of their team to focus on a small subset of devices is detremental to development of the OS.  Windows 10 Mobile will hit RTM soon enough, when it is ready.  Windows Phone 8.1 isn't that bad of an OS, granted it is dated and if you don't have Update 2 there are a few features your phone could be missing out of.  If you happen to have bet on the right horse so to speak and you picked a flagship device with longevity or a popular mid-range device that is capable of the Windows 10 upgrade you have very little to worry about.  Support for your device does not suddenly cease because Microsoft wants to make sure someone with a BLU handset can revert back to Windows 8.1.  If you are on a device where support has waned and all but disappeared, it's unfortunate but this does happen, even from companies with proven track records in terms of QA and support.  Your best option is to decide if staying with the handset is your best option, or if you can afford a temporary upgrade to another handset that is compatible with Windows 8.1 Update 2 / Windows Insider.  If the whole experience has you flustered and you doubt Microsoft's ability to release Windows 10 in a timely manner, go to another OS.  For some this is easier said than done.  However, you managed to get by this far.  The finish line is in sight, and patience could pay off in the end.  I know personally that if Microsoft cannot sustain Windows Phone I will probably go back to iOS.  It will be more expensive but I'm paying for the consistency and not so much the name backing it.  I can't see myself going back to Android and dealing with the buyer's remorse every 3 months when a "better" phone is announced and/or released.  I want Microsoft to succeed.  Others do as well, but we have to give them the chance to do so. 
  • Safer to wait for an official path.
  • well this is going to delay the next build a month
  • That's what happens when people don't comply with instructions and say "oh let me see what happens!
    (This comment is for those who had read the warning from Gabe Aul before upgrading)
  • The owners of the HTC 8X phones cannot stop the update unless they hard reset the phone and rebuild it.
  • I had installed the insider program months ago without realizing it was an unsupported phone. Unfortunately, it automatically kicked off the install, and completely bricked my phone. I'm not mad about it, but I think it's noteworthy that Microsoft is stepping up and attempting to find a resolution.
  • Release on Lumia supported phones first!!!
  • What is a "Lumia supported" phone first of all...? And what support is it that you're missing..? If its a low end phone, you'd be disappointed with Insider updates so wait for the official release..i have a 625 and it isnt doing well with the latest build...glad its a broken backup phone.
  • Surely Microsoft are at fault here by allowing the build to be downloaded onto unsupported models. There must be a way of including a model check in the download or installation process.
    My view is that if it is free and can be installed, regardless of any terms and conditions displayed during the process, Microsoft are responsible if even a preview build stops a phone working to fix the problem. There is a huge difference in my mind between having a list of known bugs or missing features and a phone that can't be used at all.
  • sure, there is a way to check the device. if only you would have read the god damn post which was saying that this build has a bug on the system responsible with the device checks..... moreover...why the hell did people with unsuported devices had the insider app set for fast ring and all things prepared for the updates?
  • I didn't realise the "detectoid" was the software that identified the model.
  • "regardless of any terms and conditions"...? You an alien bro?
  • keep in mind in the beginning there was a hack to get non supported lumas to download preview
  • "There must be a way of including a model check in the download or installation process" It was a bug in the model checking code that allowed this to happen.
  • "Surely Microsoft are at fault here..." Yes, they are, which explains why they are dedicating resources to fixing the problem.
  • if i was gabe i would let them with the bricked phone. what the fack dont people understand from the words "dont update on non-supported device?"
  • Wow, Alex, someone pee in yer cheerios this morning? For your info, the 8X was at one time on the list of phones that can get WP10 so many of us installed Windows Insider. Not our fault they decided later to install only on Lumia's first and that our phones installed WP10 as an important update but didn't say what the update was (at least that's what happened to me) due to a bug on their end.
  • The Windows 10 update on the HTC 8X phones cannot be stoped unless a hard reset is done and the phone rebuildt.
  • My Lumia 640 needs a fix too, blurring startscreen,bad,bad battery life,app updates error, here maps/navigation not working. Before this build everything was working much better.
  • Did u try hard reset? My 640xl works fine
  • Incompetence on the part of MS and the consumers who installed it on known non-compatable hardware comes to mind.
  • That, or you're a brain dead fuck who pretends to speak with authority on subjects you know nothing about.
  • That must be why the U.S. Air Force hired me, after I retired, to be a Client Support Administrator.  Why is it that every time someone gets criticized for doing stupid things that the vulgarity starts flying out of their mouths like diarrhea?  Just goes to show that there really is no cure for stupidity.
  • So when you made your comment, you were aware that the phone had been supported, but was no longer supported. Furthermore, you were also aware that despite no longer being supported, the upgrade was AUTOMATICALLY initiated with zero user intervention. You were also aware that despite it being beta software, you expect it to have zero bugs (otherwise why is MS incompetent?) So, despite knowing all these things, you decided to accuse the people who "installed it" of incompetence. Alternatively, you didn't know any of these things, and you decided to accuse people of incompetence. Either way, that makes you a brain dead fuck. As for the Air Force hiring you, morons get jobs EVERYWHERE. The fact that you're bragging about like you work for the NSA or something, tells everyone that your kind of a pathetic douche.
  • There is a model check in the download process, but Microsoft already publically admitted their "detectoids" didn't work this build, allowing to be installed on all devices. I think they've already recognized their fault, which is why they're trying to work on a way to let those recover. It's only a handful of models that are having this issue.  
  • I don't think it's their fault. It's users fault. Why did they install insider app and prepare their unsupported phones for updates??
  • It's simple... the 8X was on the supported list when the Insider Program was initiated so many of us installed it. No where since then has MS stated it would not get it.
  • They should.. They need as many people as they can get on W10. Heck make wp7 phones upgrade to w10!
  • Oho.. It's too late even for Lumia
  • Which BLU device? The Lte version or the HD 4g -3g?
  • #&$(@*! Great
  • I have the HTC 8X as well I solved the random rebooting issue by resetting my phone after resetting the phone make sure not to shut the phone off or reboot the phone. That's what works for me 12 hours no reboot. I must say I mostly love the OS I hope they fix the issue in the next build and let us keep it.
  • This insider program has caused Microsoft to devote resources to additional issues. Bet Nadella is pissed. Not only does he think mobile is a waste but now his employees have to work on solving an issue for mobile customers that are likely less than 30,000.
  • The insider program that provides invaluable feedback? And resolving the issue will probably take a couple engineers pushing a ROM to the phone recovery tool database. Not exactly a Manhattan Project level of effort.
  • I have the HTC 8X as well I
    solved the random rebooting issue by resetting my phone after resetting the phone make sure not to shut the phone off or reboot the phone. That's what works for me 12 hours no reboot. I must say I mostly love the OS I hope they fix the issue in the next build and let us keep it.
  • I have installed it on my Blu Win HD as issues thus far.
  • People just love trying their luck... Btw it is good Microsoft still entertains such issue. Trying very hard to "repair" the damage. We just hoping the development of windows 10 mobile is on track. This insider program has caused Microsoft unnecessary mess, in which they have anticipated.
  • On 5 inches we have 3 tiles per row ? 1 large and 2 medium size as in 1520 is for the more inches ? Lumia 930
  • All I want to know is how is there not a way to completely cancel the install? I have an 8X and was skeptical when I saw the update was downloaded so I didn't install. However, it is going to be automatically installed on the 19th unless I reset my phone. How is there not a way to cancel that and delete the update?
  • The update will install and there is no way to stop it other than hard reseting your phone and rebuilding it.  That asumes that Microsoft will not have a fix before your update on 19th.
  • Well, the best method to solve this problem is make WM10 working on those phone
  • If anyone at Microsoft is listening, when you do officially launch windows 10 mobile and new phones, please get a good graphic designer to set up the start screen and backgrounds. I haven't seen a single shot of windows 10 mobile on a phone that looks aesthetically pleasing. Avoid android blue wallpapers and at&t logos. I'm what you'd call a hardcore windows phone fan, and im just not pumped by any of the screenshots. Looks really dull :(
  • I have a Lumia 640, have tried a few of the builds but have to reset every tine due to not being able to use phone without WiFi. Have no data, tried everything and nothing works. Looks like I will just need to wait
  • i feel bad for you guys not having a working version, ive been through it many times myself but this build on a limia 930 is great.
  • My Blu Win HD LTE is registered for the insider preview. I just noticed that I had a "critical" update available. I have no storage left for it though so luckily i never got the windows 10 update.
  • I take back every horrible thing I've said about Microsoft in the past two days <3
  • I have HTC 8x and it's stuck at the update of rebooting issue even my phone didn't had this problem :(. I am too much worry about about it would u plz tell me that it will be able to supported the windows 10 or not?
  • I've installed W10M on my Ativ S and its