Microsoft Hardwear clothing line draws criticism for high prices

Microsoft Hardwear clothing
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently launched a line of "hardwear" clothing inspired by Windows.
  • You can order t-shirts, hats, jackets, and even "tech pants" through the online Xbox gear shop.
  • The articles of clothing are rather expensive, with baseball hats costing $45 and t-shirts coming in at $60.

In what is essentially the opposite of a Prime Day deal, Microsoft just launched a range of designer t-shirts, jackets, and other pieces of clothing that feature high price tags. The "Hardwear" collection has cargo pants, shirts, sweatpants, and more, all inspired by the Windows operating system. The Hardwear hat costs $45 and the Hardwear Blue Sky Green Hill Tee has a price tag of $60.

If you'd really like to splurge when showing your Windows fandom, you can order a green utility jacket for $135 or a pair of cargo tech pants for $150.

The Hardwear name is a play on words of hardware and streetwear. The line is designed by Supervsn Creative Director Gavin Mathieu.

"We are dedicated to our craft. It's not how we dress, it's what we do that makes us authentic," said Mathieu.

The new clothing has drawn criticism online, largely for the high prices for each piece.

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For comparison, a license for Windows 11 costs $139, or roughly the cost of two designer Hardwear t-shirts. Alternatively, you can get a Hardwear shirt ($60), jacket ($135), tech pants ($150), and hat ($45) for about the price of a Surface Go 3.

While the pieces are expensive, they provide a unique way to show off the history of Microsoft and Windows.

Microsoft Hardwear Collection | From $45

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Microsoft Hardwear Collection | From $45

If you're a Windows enthusiast, you can show off your passion for the operating system with Microsoft's new Hardwear line of clothing. T-shirts, hats, jackets, tech pants, and more are available, all with designs inspired by Microsoft and Windows.

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