Microsoft rolls out new OneNote app refresh for Android smartphones

(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has unveiled a huge update coming soon to OneNote on Android.
  • The new OneNote introduces an updated UI and new "Home" tab.
  • The Home tab enables quick capture of text, voice, ink, and photos. 

Microsoft has unveiled a huge update coming soon to the OneNote app on Android that introduces a new "Home" experience tab that the app now defaults to when you open it. This new Home tab provides an overview of recent sticky notes, as well as entries in your OneNote notebooks, including text, voice notes, ink, and photos.

In addition to the new Home tab, the app is getting an improved UI that better utilizes gestures. Users can now swipe down to sync notes, and long-pressing on a card on in the Home tab will present the user with different options such as deleting, moving, copying, sharing, or adding notes to your home screen.

There's also a new quick capture bar along the bottom of the app, which provides one-touch access to creating a text entry, voice note, inking session, or photo capture.

Unfortunately, Microsoft notes that this new OneNote experience is not available on Android tablets or the Surface Duo.  The company does say it will be bringing these new experiences to OneNote on other platforms soon, so perhaps Microsoft views Android tablets and Surface Duo as "other platforms?" 

Either way, users can try out the new OneNote experience on Android today by downloading the latest build of OneNote that's rolling out now. The update is rolling out in waves, so you may not get it right away.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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