Microsoft's Delivery Beta package tracking app appears on the Windows Store

Delivery Beta, a packaging tracking app that Microsoft was reported to be working on just a short time ago, has appeared on the Windows Store and is currently available for download. The app is clearly marked "Internal Beta," but we were still able to download it on PC and our Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

The app itself is pretty basic, allowing you to do pretty much exactly as you'd expect: track incoming packages. You can filter the tracking by all packages, those currently in transit, those that have been delivered already, and missed. Under each heading, you'll see a timeline for each package that is on its way. You can also pin individual packages to your Start screen for easy access.

One theory about this app is that if Cortana tracks your package if you click on it for more detail it could hand off to this app for more information. However, that bit of info is not confirmed (although it would be nice).

The app is available for both PC and phone (mobile).

If you'd like to explore the app for yourself, you can grab it at the link below. However, you'll want to act fast, as we wouldn't be surprised if Delivery Beta goes private again before too long.

Download Delivery Beta for Windows 10 and Mobile

via: WalkingCat on Twitter

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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