'Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history'

Bing is pretty great as far as a service goes, but all that greatness can only been seen in its entirety in the United States — but if Microsoft's ambitions for Bing can be followed through, international Bing users will have less to complain about. Microsoft's posted a job listing for Senior Business Development Manager — Bing International with the goal of hiring somebody to drive expansion in 75 markets globally.

We'll let the job listing do the talking for a bit:

Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history. International is now front and center at Bing. ASG is charged to make Bing a quality product in 75 markets around the world, driven by the needs of Microsoft's core products and global strategic alliances - Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Nokia, Yahoo and others. If getting on the ground floor in this great adventure sounds appealing, this role is for you.

The Bing International Senior Business Development Manager would be tasked with building "strategic partnerships and tactical deals" for search and content, on web, mobile, and Xbox. As such, it's considered to be "a great opportunity to exercise and further hone your strategic, analytical, negotiation and relationship building skills, and grow your career at Microsoft."

Microsoft is looking for somebody with experience and understanding of how the web works, as well as research and development, monetization, and advertising. Plus key traits like a leader, strategic thing, and the ability to "operate effectively by himself/herself, removed geographically from the engineering teams and from the core business development team in the US, travel within the EMEA region and to the US and India on a regular basis, and become a compelling ambassador for Bing in the EMEA region."

More important than the job listing itself, though (at least for us, unless you think this is the job for you), is Microsoft's desire to expand Bing's services into new markets. There are many neat features within Bing that are only available in select markets, and this shows that Microsoft is at least interested in expanding that feature set to a wider set of users.

Which Bing features do you most want to see go fully international?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks to 12Danny123 for the tip!

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Someone is hearing us. That's for sure :)
  • ^Yes, so much this. Thank you, Microsoft. :)
  • wpcentral should attribute the source. Obviously 12Danny123 took it from other news sites that published the information before.
    This is a really cheap strategy to avoid recognizing the better job of the other sites.
    Dishonesty doesn't pay off in the long run.
  • Well said, I see some articles being published on www.wmpoweruser.com before wpcentral. Its good to mentioned the source though.
  • no.... i was signing up for a job at MS and found this source.... don't accuse people for something you don't know about
  • Well, I have to assume you're saying the truth. Although, I'm referring to a practice of saying "we don't read the other sites", but " we accept tips from readers" and many of tipsters get the information from those other sites.
    So at the end It's just a excuse to benefit from the efforts of those sites without proper attribution.
  • So, you mean when wpcentral clearly use the word "Source:" at the bottom of an article and provides the name of the source.  That means they are not giving proper credit?  I never knew that's what it meant.  /s
  • I also tipped wpcental about Bing but I went straight to the original source ( Microsoft career), than linked it to tip us @WPcentral
  • Awww finally
  • See! I told you international folk Microsoft loves ya...
  • The only problem is if they are just advertising this now how long will it take them before we actually see it happen. They should already be doing what they are asking for in my view.
  • the complaining never stops...
  • Well, the competition went international a long time ago....
  • Well.. It is called "market share". By the time Microsoft has got everything in place that they need to  through all technology sectors, the competition's market share will have dropped significantly and Microsoft will have a major role, eg Windows Phone 3+ market share to 40+ market share. Thats why i have bought shares in Microsoft, i can see what's happening, it happens time and time again. Actually its quite obvious if you follow the technology world what is happening. I am not sure as to who will fall.. but i have my "sneaky" suspensions.. P.S. I am not talking months here.. little bit longer than that :P Well Played Microsoft, Well Played.
  • You can't be pleased. So, since they weren't already doing what you think, they should just close shop and apologize, personally, to you. I get it.
  • No, that's a cheesy ridiculous straw man representation of his argument.   I live in the US yet I've been hearing complaints from people around the world for quite some time about how Bing doesn't have particular features or is not as quality a service for them AND I AM NOT EVEN IN THE INDUSTRY. I absolutely concur with Mr. Jordan's response, this should have already happened by now. 
  • You're right. And remember Microsoft themselves said they read our opinions on UserVoice.com and WPC as well. Late, but at least they are up... ;)
  • Personally, I'd like them to engage more with the community. May be they should be appointing a community manager for every division. When you are desparate for market share, you need to play every trick in the book. Bing Rewards would do wonders to boost Bing's share in India. I get most of my queries solved via a Bing search. But for some very specific local information, it's not the ideal way to get it done. Cortana, local scout, rewards etc would be great here. The keyword is marketing. Market the hell outta your product and very soon will be lapped up very easily. Similarly, MS should launch products like Surface and Xbox One without further ado here. What makes them think that there is no market here is beyond me. People can afford costly iPads without a fuss and would gladly pay for something which gets more done for less. Sometimes, common sense beats telemetry data. Hope MS plays its cards right.
  • Ahh the telemetric data. Yup I agree at times MS needs to just use common sense instead if this telemetric data. Look at other OS and learn why are they successful. Focus on employees selling your products at retail level. They have more valuable information than any other data.
  • Yes, the literature supports this statement. Part of Denning's early work in quality assurance.
  • Bing is the *only* search engine I use. Not because I hate Google with a passion or anything so extreme, but because it gives me what I need pretty much every time in the first result.
    And interestingly for me, if it doesn't surface what I am looking for, neither does Google.
    I'm sure my Bing Reward points would be in the thousands now, if it weren't for where I access Bing from >.>
  • Ditto for myself. I basically just have Bing as my default web page in Chrome (I don't use IE as it isn't as fast as Chrome for me, but I prefer Bing). My main love is with video search, it uses Youtube to aggregate results however it cuts out the ads, so it's a blessing. It is beginning to incorporate more "side" information as well (outside US here) although I never used to use that stuff in google so can't imagine why I would now.
  • Well said. Basically I agree the part where you said Microsoft needs to be involved even more in the community for long run game play.
  • Finally there is a hope, that Bing won't stick outside US anymore.
  • Music searches, scanning barcodes, Bing rewards.
  • We want the strategic thing down under
  • Finally ! The BING is coming to Asia and Europe lalalalalala ! :D
  • Wish it happens sooner
  • Enough of it should happen sooner,it's happening that's what counts
  • and the rest of America(s) continent. probably it will suck a little less, which is an enormous improvement. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • hope Bing Rewards comes amongst others xp and quick
  • For some reason earlier today bing rewards was appearing on my bing ; 1h later was gone (Portugal)
  • damn, did not see it. I'm from Portugal too. Maybe because I use Cortana I didn't see it.
  • What took ms so long to venture.. Seriously.. Anyway, better late than never.
  • add Pakistan also..
  • Yup
  • Yup..
  • Agreed.
  • So now i guess Pakistanis are here on WPC i was just guessing that if i am the only one
  • Lol I thought so.
  • Add that soon!
  • Sooon
  • It wont happen for pakistan,here maps even don't work here.
  • Dont know why Nokia doesn't provide maps even google provides deeper integration of maps in Pakistan
  • Yes, add Pakistan also... :)
  • Well with the significance of Bing powering Cortana, Windows 8.1 Smart Search, and many other key services in the ecosystem... it was a given they have to do this. :)
  • Exactly this.
  • Bing rewards in Pakistan
  • At last! This is a long overdue, but good news anyways. Pleeease come soon. :D
  • All features of Bing US e.g. Bing awards
  • Ah yes! Bing Rewards.
  • What else are we missing?
  • Bing Rewards & Music Searches in Asia please
  • *sheds tears*
  • I feel you bro =')
  • Maybe a little bit too late?
  • No kidding! Not to mention in American corporate jargon, "International" usually means five more countries as opposed to the "world-wide" coverage. I hope this is not the case here.
  • Try reading the article to counter your own point.
  • Done!
  • Pop quiz time. How many markets are Microsoft planning to bring Bing rewards and services too?
  • Considering previous projects that were supposed to expand Worldwide.... I will wait for facts......
  • Finally someone is going to give us the US experience without changing region. Hooe this happens soon for Asia.
  • +820
  • Bing rewards for Australia... We already have music search etc so just need that added.
  • And no love for Latin America?
  • Yes please, here in Peru is really needed, everytime I tell my friends to use Bing, they say things like.. but there arent't even personalized bing results for our country.
  • More preference towards India that's it :)
  • Bing Reward and Local Scout (I'm in Canada for God's sake! :P)
  • ^ This... And in regards to Canada, a lot of location/business data needs to be updated. I can't count the number of business that still show up in listings that have been either closed, or have incorrect data.
  • Have you tried to submit suggestions? In almost every business card view, there should be a Submit Suggestion link that will take you to a Bing web page to report incorrect data.
  • Definitely have used the suggestion updates & seen the data corrected after. however updating numerous entries I'm thinking hey... MS should be throwing some kind of incentive in here for the users. I only have so much time for data entry :-)
  • Bing Rewards please! Even if it's only Windows Store credit, I'll be happy. Although my country will never be in the list of officially supported country, I can still dream, right? XD
  • Which is?
  • Myanmar. And it's not going to be supported until the world ends. I'll be happy just to be able to claim web based rewards, i.e. Store credit and OneDrive storage. I don't need free XBox or Surface.
  • It was about time to get Bing rewards since I use Bing instead of Google for last 3 years...
  • Bring Bing in Pakistan
  • + agreed
  • And Bing rewards too in Pakistan or I would say internationally
  • And don't you forget about Cortana
  • Yup Cortana! Urdu keyboard here maps
  • Also Urdu language pack for WP8.1
  • Canada still doesn't have Bing Rewards, I wouldn't be too hopeful of it coming to Europe or Asia anytime soon :(
  • UK sort it out
  • Woho!!! Come to the North!!! Finally.
  • Bing rewards, Cortana
  • Bing Rewards!!!! We're right here in the Caribbean/Latin Americas yet we cant get these features.. Ive got Bing reward points that i can't redeem..
  • Caribbean belongs to Dutch/French Kingdom/Republik ? probebly not at all?
  • Please let South Africa be apart of their plans!
  • Bing rewards in India? Hell yeah!
  • Can't wait... I'll love WP even more by then!
  • Abut damn time, now fix Skype.
  • +skype
  • Does that also mean global Xbox music? Let's see which comes first: that or Steam music?
  • Xbox Music is already fairly international. Sure, there's room for improvement, but last time I checked they're in more countries than Spotify.
  • India mention specifically in article, it means Microsoft have top priorities for India,
    Moreover happy all bing functions will be coming to Windows Phone.
  • Yes, I saw they mentioned it. But I wish they bring it across the world within the same range of time.
  • i just hope they'll open up regional localization teams/offices where i can ask for a job.
  • Same here +210
  • Cortana back end, Bing front end, Redmond realises it needs to learn about strange things like... The rest of the world
  • lol
  • Which Bing services? Err.., that would be all that is available in Bing US market. Even Rewards!
  • India ^_^ yay.. Go MS!
  • That's what she said: One Microsoft, Go Satya! This really is a good news. I wish it happens soon enough though :P
  • Bing Rewards,commenting from Guyana ,only English speaking country in South America
  • Bing Rewards for Colombia, that will be nice.
  • Generally, I am using Cortana more than I thought I would. Apps like Finance and Sport integrate into Cortana, which is making it a Hub. As Bing also integrates then the more comprehensive Bing becomes, the more useful Cortana becomes. Better and more relevant search results (after all Cortana "learns" what you mean), with Bing rewards and continued Cortana and app integration is what I would like to see. I want to be in a position where Bing is all I need to get the results I want. Great to here this news ❤
  • Give full Bing to Europe, and I'll say goodbye to Google.
  • Hm... Maybe a search engine that will actually find what I'm looking for (Google FTW so far) and will let me limit my searches by time. Whatever else Bing may offer are just gimmicks if they can't get the above mentioned right...
  • Select the dropdown that lets you filter by time period?
    Which searches do you not find? I've used Bing exclusively for a long time and have never had any issues with finding what I wanted.
  • +820
  • Unfortunately the time-filter dropdown doesn't generally appear - it apparently is only enabled in certain circumstances according to the search... I can't say I can ever recall actually seeing it available. Every week or so I have to copy a search query across to Google just so I can then restrict by date - it's pretty much the only reason I still use Google. Why MS can't simply allow the option for a date filter on every search (even if "hidden" behind a 'more options' button or similar, as with Google) I have no idea.
  • It's always available for me, but it comes up with the results, not before the results are shown. EDIT: or maybe this is another US only thing. 
  • Think you must be right on it beng US only. I only ever see "narrow by language" and "narrow by region" at the top of the results. ...as to why such a basic feature is restricted to just the US, heaven only knows! (Apparently it doesn't even have the option of a custom range, where date formats would have to be considered, just a very simplistic choice of 24hrs, last week or last year)
  • Bing is awesome. But I always forget that 1) the rest of the world doesn't have access to it and 2) the majority in the US is still stuck in the clutches of Google.
    I think only "word of mouth" can bring it to where it deserves to be. Hope the international expansion goes well!
  • Bing rewards for England :)
  • Typical MS business.
  • About time. Now let's see if they're able to increase Bing's quality in Europe enough to justify dropping Google for it. They'll certainly have an Herculean task ahead of them.
  • Well they don't need to be number one... But yeah it's an uphill battle.
  • I would love to be able to make Google search my second choice. :)
  • +denmark
  • I don't even care about Bing Rewards, to be honest as soon as they give us proper search in my language. That is all I need to drop Google search entirely.
  • Activate features for Sri Lanka , Microsoft.
  • As I told before I love Microsoft when they use words like "worldwide", "expansion" and not "xxxxx-ONLY" etc. They got to use this much more often than they currently do. Leading in business is all about delivering products across the globe, at the rate of its competitor if not faster, that's it. And honestly I love this new Microsoft.
  • Just get Bing rewards in India, and the market share of Google goes down to 20% in search engine! I m from India and I know what works for people over here:)
  • This this and this
  • Local scout is amazing we need it specially on wp
  • I can remember.. Local scout was working for India on WP7.x after changing region to US. Doesn't seems to be working on WP8 though!
  • I hope bing gets a bing.com site tailored to every single country where Google exists by the end of this year. And they market it heavily, hopefully they will start to gain traction soon. Best of luck to Bing team.
  • Bing rewards for sure in belgoum also please Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Should have hired someone in this role at least 2 years ago. To only just start the focus on this is pretty scary as we won't see tangible results for a couple of years.
  • Bing should also make bing maps more competitive to google maps, and add tools and options for users so that they can map the areas where they live or know.
  • That's right. While I love using bing maps on my phone, its not that convenient on the desktop as compared to Google Maps. The desktop version of bing maps looks like an old version of Google Maps. They need to add more feature set and should look more simpler than the current view. New Google Maps looks great on PC (I'm not a google fanboy or anything just telling what I feel...!)
  • I hope Bing team visits Wpcentral and read our comments. :)
  • That's awesome good to see Microsoft focusing on everyone. That's what should be happening. I hope everyone gets the full features of bing and that cortana becomes all the better for it.
  • Bing has been on a rapid development and improvement recently. It makes sense to do this in you own backyard so you can judge user response, now they're confident in rolling it out.
  • Bing rewards
  • From wikipedia:
    "In addition to the main URL Google.com, Google Inc. owns 160 domain names for each of the countries/regions in which it has been localized." Bing should compete and launch localized search for every country where google exists i.e. 160 as per wikipedia. Microsoft should focus on search they have huge cash reserves to do this. It will be beneficial to microsoft in the long run. Profits will also surely come.
  • Finally. I hope tjey do this for WP and W services also.
  • Good, because eff Google!
  • This is goodnews but as usual MS is late to the party, they will never catchup with Google
  • Microsoft should change their habit of coming late to parties. :D
  • concur
  • Rewards!!!
  • Oh boy! ^^^THIS^^^ Its not gonna happen in this decade at least :S but you never know your luck in the small town.. Bing search is still beta in some countries (since 2009).
  • About time! Now make it happen!
  • Bing rewards
  • I remember times when Altavista was THE search engine and Google just starting up
  • Go Digital Equipment! Too bad they're gone - snif.
  • I am sure many people at the time said "This Jougle (or whatever it is spelled, who cares) is late to the party, better give up!". :-)
  • Oh! So Bing is for everyone.
    I thought MS made for USA only
  • Apparently that is changing
  • Wow, so it only takes years for a multi billion dollar company to get their shit worldwide. How is this a commendable achievement?
  • Brutal but not necessarily wrong.   Sometimes I find the most helpful comment is one that strips away all the self rationalization and excuses to expose the poor decisions and marginal competency.
  • Bing rewards in Canada.
  • This isn't surprising, Cortana relies on Bing and if they want to expand Cortana worldwide then they have to have the backend infrastructure in place to support it.
  • get a good marketing slogan and advertise it heavily around the world. BING IT.
  • I thought of this when reading the article also haha. "Bing it".
  • Bing it on sounds better
  • "strategic thing"?
  • Bing rewards in India...
  • since Cortana is coming to UK, China and Canada this month or so. does that mean that updated Bing search will also be coming with the launch of cortana in multiple regions?
  • How many weeks will it take to update to Cortana for the UK? I can't get Cortana under US settings.  
  • The most wanted feature for me is search definitely
  • Bing Scout and Bing music search... Just enable it atleast for English songs if not for Asian songs...
  • When but Bing in India year end?
  • Come on.. Show some love to México!!
  • Bing desktop should have feature of on pc content search too.
    Also, introduce local scout on the web and provide it on bing desktop too (exclusively) for countries developing like INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN, other asian countries.
    It will be our great pleasure to use bing and meeting it popularity in India, as well as rest of asian countries too.
  • Microsoft waste so much time in thinking,planning and proposing whereas Apple just deliver it in the meanwhile...for eg the actionable notification..
  • Would like to see all Bing features exclusive to US expanded globally :D. Only then the complaining will decrease drastically (it will not stop as people will always find something to complain about unfortunately)...
  • I am pleased to see Africa listed here, and an sure that South Africa would be a key country. I would love to return to my actual regional settings and have Cortana working sweetly on SA news, weather, currency etc...
  • Looking forward to Cortana and Scout in Malawi
  • How about while they're working on it, fixing exact phrase searches.  They don't work at all right now!
  • Bing is awesome on windows 8.1. I but have windows 7 pc need to buy 8.1 pc soon
  • Bing rewards wud be great...but what actually will make a difference are relevant search results nd offcourse better privacy norms and protection sytem than google!
  • Obviously we need better privacy which we cannot except from google search and their shitty gmail.
  • I havent use Google in years.
  • Microsoft needs to,run a porn site with great videos and porn star to make,Bing successful
  • lol
  • At last! At last! Miracles can happen.
  • Thank you Microsoft! We are missing Local Scout & Bing Rewards in Spain
  • Hallelujah! Microsoft has discovered the rest of the world (that only took 5 years). That raises hope of Cortana, Windows Smart Search (and maybe even speech recognition in Windows). Now we just need to see some results. And soon. Unfortunately, by now Bing has acquired a well-deserved reputation of being crap here in Denmark. And that will be hard to change.
  • "has acquired a well-deserved reputation of being crap here in Denmark. And that will be hard to change" I don't know if that well deservered reputation of being crap is accurate or not for Denmark, but it easily could be a fairly accurate assesment.   If so the second question would be how long was this happening?    People can allow a certain time period if they know something is beta, yet after a while that openness will solidify into a decision that the product is subpar.    Five years is way over a reasonable time for one's customers to be patient with.
  • Bing Rewards and every other feature, that compared to the US, are missing in other countries.
  • Rewards!
  • We want Bing rewards! Please make that available in the Netherlands!
  • Local for EU, british Folks in Holland. maybe Lumia Camera sould work with local as intigration.
  • I want www.bing.com.bd for Bangladesh.
  • I want bing sites like these for every country where google exists, and there are about 160 countries where google exists. Wikipedia article on Google Search states: "In addition to the main URL Google.com, Google Inc. owns 160 domain names for each of the countries/regions in which it has been localized.[80]"
  • one has to wonder what they were embarking on before? lameness? Whenever you see a company that isn't doing well suddenly say, ok now we're getting serious, what were the past years then? a joke? well hopefully being will finally find things.
  • Where can I leave my CV?
  • This is good news...but I just hope that my personalised Bing and Cortana data,like Cortana interests, bing rewards points, search history and all the other things cortana learns about me by then are not reset when I change my region from the present US to India (or any other region) after the world wide rollout.
  • bingplaces has only about 6, 8 countries, msft should also add all countries in bingplaces
  • About time.
  • Something is not right. "Language Skills Candidates should have high fluency (written and spoken, business and technical) in English and solid familiarity with European, Middle Eastern and American business and social cultures." Usually EMEA is European, middle east and Africa! Which Nokia are they interested in, or is this an old Ad?
  • Start with map data. I still use Google to search for local venues because Bing's result is horrible. There's many instance where I can't find exact location stations that has been there for decades, let alone new shops. Features that can still be accessed without drop of quality by changing your market parameter can wait. And traffic data.
    After that, Surface. But I'm seriously worried because subsidiaries in these "not high priority" countries are pretty much operation strapped to sales (meeting the sales quota) rather than providing services that doesn't directly make money for the subsidiary.
    Microsoft should start giving big incentives to the subsidiaries to do internationalization of Microsoft's consumer services. Of course it has to be more rewarding than sales, or else they wouldn't do it and just focus on the old job.
  • Hm, this job sounds interesting... will take a closer look.
  • Bing it on!!!!!!!
  • Finally new CEO is doing what Balmer couldn't be botherd to do it his 10 year reign of disaster.  
  • Well at least they don't release it one by one slowly, but to many markets at once.
  • Bing rewards that's for sure!! Oh Microsoft I've been waiting for it for so long!!
  • But it HAS TO BE that ambitious if Bing isn't to be seen as a marginal second player to Google with no real potential to take Google on head to head for search. I am all for it.
  • Just now?
  • Setting sources in Bing News doesn't even work if your regional setting isn't US! Initially I thought this feature was just broken, but it worked when I switched to US region when I wanted to try Cortana. This doesn't even make sense! I hope they realise how subpar Bing is outside of the States, often for no particular good reason.
  • Thank god for that
  • Web search is reduced, ms are too late. This would take them at least 5 years to get to gg condition
  • It was time It's really annoying the fact that I can't recognice songs with the search button in my region (the option doesn't appear)
  • Bing Rewards please for Asia. Got tons of points already yet I can't use them as I'm from Asia. WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • I have India is one of the 75 markets.....
  • Yooo..!!!! All I want is Rewards in India...if its happening...kudos Microsoft...!!!
  • finally they wake up
  • Filter by time in search results pls, MS! This is one of my main reasons I still use Google.
  • Nadella, Modi - India no longer a third world country.. Bing it on !! About time too...but as has been said before - Better late than never.  
  • Thank you Microsoft! Bout time though!
  • Bing Maps for Asia regions!! It sucks to use Bing Maps in here :(
  • I don't even know about most features bing has ...
  • Bing Rewards for all countries will be a welcome addition
  • Finally good news from Microsoft!!!It was bloody time to get the propper treatment for the rest of the world!!! http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/animal-game-for-kids/214e2d6...
  • This is great news, I'm just curious why it needs to be lead from Redmond, surely this is part of the problem?  MIcrosoft has large regional offices, like here in the UK - they have a massive campus in Reading.  Why not devolve the reginonal development to the countries that already have a big presence?
  • It's about time
  • Right now Bing is worthless in South America as a search engine, not even speaking of the other non available features!! Hope they fix it soon
  • I'm in Qatar and I use bing because I'm annoyed with google and the way its become such a 'cult' these days especially with the android operating system. I frankly find it very annoying. There are many other better search engines out there besides google. Please grow up and explore! What I like about Bing: The picture of the day and the way its able to divide search by Web, images, video e.t.c What I miss about Bing in Qatar: Bing here in Qatar is Bing Beta. If you have used Bing optimised for the USA or UK then there is a lot that's missing in Bing Qatar. I'd like to have those features available. I'd like to have news snippets at the bottom of the screen, I'd also love to see those live animated Bing images (which always amaze my friends who are so used to using google) What I'd like to see in the future: I'd like to see Bing for Qatar change its update its status from Bing Beta. I'd like to be able to use bing in the same way that I was able to use this awesome service in the USA and UK. If anyone from Bing is reading this: I have more thoughts and some fantasy ideas on how I think bing could be advertised in Qatar. I'm in Qatar. In case you'd like to hear these ideas out please do let me know.    
  • add Pakistan also, like google.com.pk, bing for Pakistan should redirect to bing.com.pk, similarly for other countries