What you need to know

  • Microsoft's latest holiday ad features Microsoft Translator.
  • Microsoft Translator currently supports over 60 languages.
  • Reindeer is not a supported language of Microsoft Translator.

A new holiday ad from Microsoft shows off the power of Microsoft Translator. At the beginning of the ad, a mother speaks with a group of people speaking Japanese through the power of Microsoft Translator. Inspired by her mother, a young girl in the commercial runs outside to speak with reindeer using the technology.

In the ad, the girl confirms that the reindeer can understand her and peppers the reindeer with a series of questions about the holidays and Mrs. Claus. Unfortunately, the ability to speak to animals is merely fictional and is not supported in Microsoft Translator at this time. It can, however, allow you to communicate with people in over 60 human languages.

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In addition to the standalone Microsoft Translator app, Microsoft has built-in translation tools in Skype. You can type or speak with people in one language and have your words instantly translated into another language.

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