New site uses Microsoft tech to find your twin

A Microsoft employee named Mat Velloso took a few hours to build a site earlier this week that uses the company's recently announced face recognition API. The site, "Twins or Not" was made to predict how close two people are to being twins by the user uploading two different pictures.

A few weeks ago during Build 2015, Microsoft showed off a site called "How old do i look?" that used the new face recognition API, combined with a number of its products and services like Bing and Azure, to analyze a photo of a person's face to predict how old they were.

The "Twins or Not" site, while not an official Microsoft project, was created by Velloso using the same tools and services. He describes how easy it was to create and launch in a blog post. He stated:

"Total time between the idea and the actual live site: 4 hours (and yes, 4 hours means I haven't had time to test it with most devices, improve the UI experience or even test so do expect bugs). Yes, it is that simple. We can create amazing, fun and useful sites and applications one after another, as many as we want. Welcome to the world of Machine Learning."

This shows that Microsoft's new API could be developed and used for a variety of applications, including possibly for security. The company is adding its Microsoft Hello technology in Windows 10, which will allow users to sign in by the PC scanning their face, if the hardware supports it.

Source: Twins or Not (opens in new tab)

  • First ask Microsoft to make that app to tell me as 21 years instead of 37 ..
    And in this website.. I uploaded 2 different pics of mine and it said 43% and from different countries
  • Haha, same here
  • Really??
  • I mean does it works or is like the old one predicting the wrong age...
  • The old one actually works quite well. If it's predicting the wrong age, it's probably because you either look older or younger than you really are. For me it says that I'm 10 years older than I really am. But I tried it with my kids, my wife, and my parents and it was pretty close with all of them.
  • Except that argument falls apart when you get a 20 year range on one person
  • I used an image of me when I was 12 years old. It said 32... Now it sais 37, im 23 :p
  • My grandma is 78 and HowOldAreYou says she is 36.
  • Garbage in, garbage out.  If you submit some blurry picture of granny or some far away cropped picture of her with no detail then that might be part of the problem.  Having said that, the algorith is clearly not perfect and it's meant for fun.
  • Meh. It wont let me upload pics on IE for Windows Phone.
  • You're using 8.1, correct? 8 and lower do not support it.
  • This is kinda creepy tbh...
  • Huh! Not even from the same planet.
  • Doesn't work on phone browser though.
  • Yes it does, it works for me and I have L1520
  • Whoever thought to do those two is a genius.
  • Agreed! Hilarious!
  • Link?
  • Brace yourself..a windows phone app is coming soon
  • @chris sandiford It works on the phone browser just fine @absorbingman013 and I'm using IE on my Lumia 1520
  • Doesn't work well
  • I totally thought it would FIND my twin after I uploaded a pic. Oops... Lol. That would be a way funner App.
  • And way scarier.
  • That would be cool, but I'll bet it would end up offending a lot of people.  Imagine you put your picture in and it tells you your twin is that greedy creeper troll from Lord of the Rings.
  • 79% like Jon Jones. I get that a lot.
  • A few hours? It took me almost two months to build a demo site as my year 4 assignment
  • It says my daughter and I are at 100% match for our 100-day pictures
  • Wow.  That's crazy.  Not the technology, but the fact that you two look so similar at the same point in time.
  • yeah every picture I matched since birth look similar. Here's the set for the 100-day pictures I tried this morning: It's funny because I get 57% for my niece and 31% for me and my wife.
  • I uploaded pictures of a celebrity with and without makeup. We know how bad those can look. I got a 100% match. It's what I expected but it's still cool.
  • Me + David Duchovny = Twin score of 89% and are "definitely related. I'm so satisfied right now ^_^
  • Wish this could find your twin.  Then people could enact Jet Li from The One.
  • Although there is a 4 year difference in age between us, me and my brother got 100%. Share doesnt work like the how-old site though.
  • How about find my twin, or find the doppelganger?
  • Hi