New site uses Microsoft tech to find your twin

A Microsoft employee named Mat Velloso took a few hours to build a site earlier this week that uses the company's recently announced face recognition API. The site, "Twins or Not" was made to predict how close two people are to being twins by the user uploading two different pictures.

A few weeks ago during Build 2015, Microsoft showed off a site called "How old do i look?" that used the new face recognition API, combined with a number of its products and services like Bing and Azure, to analyze a photo of a person's face to predict how old they were.

The "Twins or Not" site, while not an official Microsoft project, was created by Velloso using the same tools and services. He describes how easy it was to create and launch in a blog post. He stated:

"Total time between the idea and the actual live site: 4 hours (and yes, 4 hours means I haven't had time to test it with most devices, improve the UI experience or even test so do expect bugs). Yes, it is that simple. We can create amazing, fun and useful sites and applications one after another, as many as we want. Welcome to the world of Machine Learning."

This shows that Microsoft's new API could be developed and used for a variety of applications, including possibly for security. The company is adding its Microsoft Hello technology in Windows 10, which will allow users to sign in by the PC scanning their face, if the hardware supports it.

Source: Twins or Not

John Callaham