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Windows Hello will let you sign into Windows 10 with your face, eyes, or fingerprint

Windows 10
Windows 10

Microsoft announced a couple of new features for Windows 10 relating to authentication. One of them is called Windows Hello, which will allow users to sign into the OS with their face, their iris or their fingerprints, if their hardware device has the right requirements.

Microsoft says:

You– uniquely you– plus your device are the keys to your Windows experience, apps, data and even websites and services – not a random assortment of letters and numbers that are easily forgotten, hacked, or written down and pinned to a bulletin board. Modern sensors recognize your unique personal characteristics to sign-you-in on a supporting Windows 10 device.Which devices, you ask? Well, there will be plenty of exciting new Windows 10 devices to choose from which will support Windows Hello. And, if your device already has a fingerprint reader, you'll be able to use Windows Hello to unlock that device. For facial or iris detection, Windows Hello uses a combination of special hardware and software to accurately verify it is you – not a picture of you or someone trying to impersonate you. The cameras use infrared technology to identify your face or iris and can recognize you in a variety of lighting conditions.

Microsoft says that the "'biometric signature" needed for Windows Hello is stored locally on a user's device and is not shared on a network. Hardware devices that will include Intel's RealSense 3D Camera will support the face and iris sign-in features of Hello in Window 10. Hello will have "enterprise-grade security" for businesses, governments and other organizations that require that extra amount of protection.

In addition, Microsoft announced plans to support "Passport", a new system that will allow users to sign into apps, websites and online services without the need of a traditional password. Microsoft says:

Windows 10 will ask you to verify that you have possession of your device before it authenticates on your behalf, with a PIN or Windows Hello on devices with biometric sensors. Once authenticated with "Passport", you will be able to instantly access a growing set of websites and services across a range of industries – favorite commerce sites, email and social networking services, financial institutions, business networks and more.

Microsoft previously announced it plan to support the authentication standards that have been set up by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance in Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft

  • Awesome! Should probably read the article now to see how it actually works.
  • Lol.. Read before you comment :P
  • Haha same here! Finaly!
  • LOL!   Loving that the are making more use out of the Kinect technology.  This is brillaint.  
  • So I wonder which devices will get it...probably phones that launch after w10?
  • My Guess is Intel based phones for sure from the quote above "Hardware devices that will include Intel's RealSense 3D Camera will support the face and iris sign-in features of Hello in Window 10".  Interesting, I may wait for an Intel based WP Phone.  
  • Finally. Should have been there much before
  • I just want the new wp10 build on every Lumia :(
  • This might be the real reason that the W10 flagship phones would have to be delayed until W10 is released.  The required Intel Realsense camera will apparently be included on the L940/940XL.  The 3D Touch could be supported by the newly added camera.  So the long wait for the new phones is not only worth it and it is also necessary.
  • As long as you don't have a twin.
    Login in to sites with your fingers is already in use. This just makes it native to the OS
  • the iris scanner would eliminate the twin spoofing
  • The future is here!
  • To be honest, this isn't new technology though...
  • Yepp, right.
    Had something similar on my old Asus Notebook. But it's still kinda nice, it's old technology improved. I like it. :)
  • Um, isn't it the same tech that allows you to log into your Xbox One with Kinect? If that's the case, it may not be completely fool proof as it registers my daughter as me all the time.
  • Because you set the gamer tag as her, Kinect has facial recognition as long as you tell the system its you, the tech is awesome but you'll always have to input that info for a computer to even know.
  • That's probably because it asked who she was at some point and someone answered that it was you.  Go into the Xbox's settings and clear/reset your account auto login info.
  • Yeah its not new tech but its certainly new to an everyday consumer.
  • What if Apple did it?
  • Apple do not do things... They invent things... Or reinvent...
  • This is basically the same thing. Apple improves on fingerprint tech. MS improves on facial recognition tech.
  • Then it would be new and inovative of course.
  • Yep, and Microsoft released a product for fingerprint reading, Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, 10 years ago. So it is not as if all this is new to Microsoft.
  • The new part is building it into windows and making the passport api available on the web. Also, the tech will be available to others in FIDO. Its not the new tech, its the partnerships that could actually give it a chance to catch on beyond a few manufacturer's laptops and actually become the way things are done everywhere.
  • Yeah. It's around 5-10 years old.
  • Who cares how old it is? The point is the tech is finally cost effective enough for mainstream consumption!
  • Where do I get a consumer iris-scanner?
  • On new tablets with latest Intel Atom processors, they will come with Real Sense Cam.
  • here - it's $99 - this is the F200 they mention in the article - it's a HD webcam with the 3d image recognition built in - USB3 connected to your PC   I ordered one yesterday    
  • You comment faster than you think. The 10 years old one was only sort of working. and this more than that, if you logged on to msft account, you don't have log on to yahoo, disqus, cnn, gizmodo any more. Does this work 10 year ago?
  • And how well has it been adopted throughout the market? This builds it into Windows, creates an API for the web, and makes the tech availble to all FIDO members. This is about pushing it as THE standard way of the future to authenticate.
  • New it's it could be native to platform and also available to general user base which is the new thing...
  • Back to the future
  • Fingerprint sensor in Windows 10 for phones on the next Lumia flagship? One can only hope.
  • Would be awesome.
  • There's a rumor thats the case
  • It'd be interesting if we could also do this with some other parts of our body. xD
  • I know you aren't really serious, are you..?
  • LOL  
  • Some of us might need bigger sensors...
  • I have one in my HP ProBook that's been largely defunct since windows 8.1. It will be good to put it back to use soon.
  • I hope so, just not the kind used by the iPhone. Something like this would be very welcome however:  
  • I just switched to the iPhone last week and even though there are a lot of things I miss from windows phone Touch ID on the iPhone is bad ass. 
  • If that's the case, I think it would be best if they gave the option to use just a password, just face/iris/fingerprint or a combination of both.
  • No the rumor is an iris scanner not fingerprint. Your eyes are your pass ;)
  • "With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger" How about read the source? Yes it will work with your fingerprint to..
  • Shouldn't it be, your eyes are my password verify me. The classic tech movie Sneakers.
  • What if they give an iris scanner???
  • And presumably their form of secure NFC payments will come with the tech. Perhaps named "MS Money" or "microtransactions" or something even more disastrous like "Bing Pay."
  • or maybe Bing Kaching or KaBing   or Bing Bling   lol  
  • Sounds to me that it'll be more than a finger print sensor: seems like it will be a Kinect-esque facial recognition scanner for sign in, which would be awesome.
  • Or 3d infrared camera that also supports gestures. Sound familiar?
  • Hello!
  • Hi!
  • Namaste
  • Ni hao
  • 你好。
  • مرحباً
  • नमस्कार ।
  • سلام
  • That seems legit ...
  • It can be used more often in WPs. Would be really great to have extra login options if we forget our device's passwords.
  • iphone still requires you to remember your password. It's needed everytime your phone is rebooted. If you forget it, you're screwed. lol
  • If we connect it to iTunes..?
    Or login from the Apple Account..?
  • I need the mobile flagship arriving later this year have this. Please and thank you MS.
  • What about a move of a fist/hand/fingers ? :P
  • You can, if you don't want to use the device again.
  • ahaa very well needed 
  • Now those rumors about L940 having Iris scanner and fingerprint reader seem quite possible :) Might be my next phone then, no more weord passwords!
  • But the iris tech requires an Intel camera. Could that run on a phone? I'd assume Intel tech should require Intel processors
  • Yeah. Same thoughts over here. It seems that iris stuff will be limited to PCs and Laptops for a while, I guess.
  • Maybe the rumors of an Intel based phone are true?
  • They said the flagship is coming with Snapdragon 810 processor.. So very unlikely
  • The Intel camera is an example, not the only supported device.
  • Wait Untill Fruity Things invents it
  • Umm, fruity things already has a biometrics scanner in built in a phone. And the first one (in built, that is) to do so as well.
  • You mean fingerprint sensor? Were talking about iris scanners and 3d infa red cameras which aren't fooled by someone holding a picture of you up in front of the device
  • Well, than be that much specific, will you?
    The article covers both? -_-
    Fingerprint is also a biometric, my friend.
  • I reread my comment and it didn't come across the way I wanted it to.
    What I meant was that the iPhone has a biometric but not s sophisticated as what Microsoft are planning on doing
  • Unn, biometrics scanner was here before. Not only on phones. Like 8 years ago ;)
  • Well, I AM talking about phones, you see? Are you blind? Or do you not know what "in built in a phone" means?
  • I had a fingerprint scanner 6-7 years ago on my LG Expo running WM6.5 sorry.... Not the first one
  • Okay, great. Lets throw a party about it. :D
  • IPAQ had fingerprint scanners years ago, like before HP bought Compaq ago
  • HP jornada several Windows mobile phones
  • No, no, they'll 'reinvent' it :)
    Apple never invents anything that's not been invented. It invents things which other companies have already invented (like the notebook)
  • Well as Steve Jobs once put it back in 96, "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas!"
  • When in Android and iOS?
    (I deserve all that is coming at me)
  • Go back to go. Do not collect $200❗
  • After it comes to US only Windows phone :-P
  • Damn it! If I just hadn't gotten all my fingers cut off in that freak glaucoma induced mime accident, this would be awesome!!!
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • LOL
  • LOL. You won the internet today!
  • Looks like talk to type works very well on WP :)  
  • Is this for future hardware only or will it work on Surface Pro 3 or Lumia 930?
  • It has chances of working on Surface through some external biometrics scanner but I doubt about the Lumia 930 being able to do this.
  • Thanks. Well new flagship phone will be mine day one now!
  • For facial recognition it needs Intel's RealSense 3D Camera, that will be shipped with new Windows 10 PC's.
  • Not ready to part with my Surface for this feature alone. Thanks for the info.
  • It's in the article. :D
  • I think I've made the right decision postponing the purchase of my new phone!!
  • Please, the new flagship whenever you are coming, come with a fingerprint scanner.
  • Yes, hopefully. And with LED notifications as well.
  • Explain LED notifications please..
  • LED notifications: These are "lights" that turn on when your phone (or other such devices) receive a notification of some sort. They are generally located on the top bezel of a phone (or keyboard of a laptop) and can be set to specific colours for specific notifications from specific apps.
    They, simply, let you "know", but not "read", that you have a notification without touching your phone.
  • I was hoping they would utilize the LED flash on the back, like the iPhone 6 does.
  • LED Notifications were mentioned here for some current phones: If I'm away from my phone and missed a call, text etc, I will know on my return as an LED will flash.
  • Leds are already there in mid and high end lumias, they only need to enable them as notification leds
  • He wanted to know what are they. I explained.
  • The 1520 has LED's?
  • "Leds are already there in mid and high end lumias, they only need to enable them as notification leds"
    That is not accurate and it is irresponsible to get people's hopes up in that way.
  • I think he means LED flash... ;)
  • That's a very bad confusion he got himself into
  • My question was very general but also disguised. I wanted to know whether they meant LED flash or a special LED light on the front. LED lights are old news, unless they can do something original with it, I'm not that interested. I wouldn't mind the LED flash being utilized though. The iPhone does it.
  • You should have undisguised your question first.
    And it is not you of whom we speak of, it is HPVREZ, son of whom I do not know, that we refer to.
  • He is the son of his father
  • Of what use is this "LED notifications" if they don't show you the notification and I can just unlock my phone and see the notifications myself
  • WOW I love it! thank you for such a great NEWS!
  • "Could you please unlock your pc?" Done.
  • They still need to solve app gap for phone. windows 10 for desktop and tablet already looks great...
  • Windows 10, The reborn of windows.
  • *rebirth
  • Thanks for correcting me bro. :)
  • Cool name
  • Why not log in with voice recognition also?
  • Because Dolby
  • ?
  • Dolby is an example of a company that makes lifelike audio reproduction, such as voice recordings. That's why logging in with a voice is bad
  • Hello future ;)
  • Hopefully it works a little better than on Xbox one. It works great for logging in, but it will log me and my son in when just one of us walks in front of the sensor.
  • i believe that after this,lot of lumia 520 user will say when it come to my lovely 520..
  • Even will it come to my 520? :D
  • Hehe nice 1!! But it is not going to come even on 1520 &930
  • *wen. They will say "wen"
  • It should be "wen" and not "When"... You are like 5th or 6th person I corrected. When you guys are going to learn to use When and wen? :-P
  • These functions are something I am a fan of. I hope they keep making improvements like this.
  • Great!
  • Seems faster
  • Fingerprint scanning already works very well on Windows 8.1 if you have the required hardware. Nice to see Windows 10 getting these as standards!
    But what will happen if, despite all the security and privacy measures Microsoft has taken, a hacker manages to steal a user's credentials?
    You can change what you know (passwords), but you can't change what you are (biometrics). I guess you could just delete your biometrical info from your account, but you'd probably be annoyed to be unable to use your biometrics again.
  • How does it work on W8.1? Please tell :)
  • I've been using it on my ThinkPad since Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 since this past fall.
  • Yep
  • Who's fingertips am I going to take out of the collection box in the secret wall to use for this. Decisions decisions. :D
  • I want this ♡.♡
  • Awesome. They are really stepping up their game.
  • Thanks. But no thanks
  • .net passport I presume
  • They seem to like reusing names of lesser-know or retired systems ;) I remember when signing up via was the only way to use your own custom alias.
  • Some of their mgs forums still use the login ui
  • Hmmm, seems Microsoft privacy policy is way better than those so called top selling company ... Anyone can remember that lame name? Thanks
  • manggo...
  • Frooti
  • What if I cut my hair ? Yes, I have hudge dreadlocks. Sorry, useless
  • It's using the bone structure of your face, much in the same way humans naturally recognize one another. The hair won't matter. However, trans women may have trouble after getting facial feminization surgery. I'm not sure if trans men get a similar counterpart surgery, but that would have the same problems.
  • It will still scan your eyeball...
  • What if a person is wearing contacts lenses? Or decides to go the "extra mile" lol.
  • Picture password will be a nice addition to phones too
  • im going to login but first let me take a selfie :P
  • Now this is awesome!
  • I just want picture passwords on Windows 10 for phones to be honest
  • will come to phone too?
  • They should have Cortana recognize you and log you in .
  • Its an amazing future to include Cortana but its also quite frightening because she uses internet. Microsoft won't make Cortana integrate with it for privacy and security reasons.
  • Not the real Cortana but just putting logo and some strings would be Geeke enough
  • Yes that would be awesome, I like your idea. l commented below how I dislike the "Windows Hello" branding, I prefer "Cortana" though since she's a personal assistant.
  • There are things that Cortana does that are solely offline. There's no reason Hello couldn't be done via Cortana.
  • Now those Jim Parsons commercials make sense. . .
  • Hopefully we don't have to click 'Login' three times.
  • Hello to everyone who have a letter "a" in there name :)
  • That's very a-ist :/
  • I prefer "Hello" than "Windows Hello", "windows hello" sounds cheap and words don't rhyme, Microsoft should rename it something else that is more pleasing to hear.
  • It has to rhyme? Sounds like you need Windows 10 Dr Seuss Edition.
  • LOL
  • "hello windows" more like "hey Cortana" ;)
  • Minority Report anyone
  • :P
  • Wonder how 10 will do fingerprint for desktop/laptop? But good thing is, this is the second neatest thing I'll enjoy when I logged into my computer (other than visually beautiful lock screen composed to dull Windows 7)
  • *compared
  • Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.   "The key is bound to your device". Then how the fuck do I authenticate the device?
    With a two-step password? And what happens if I lose the device? Does each device get its own key?
    Or am I supposed to transfer the key via a special process?   This is of fuckhuge importance.   Also, how long is the camera active? Do I need to press a button or will it scan my room at all times?
  • How long is the password field active... I think you found the answer to your question.
  • The video shows the lock screen loggin the person in and skipping the password screen. So my question stands. There will be plenty of people who don't want their webcam to scan their entire room with a depth sensor at all times.
  • Holy fuck, let's just all fucking wait for the fucking technology to come out in Windows 10 to see how it all fucking works. At the very least we can wait for fucking Build, can't wait? Not like you can fucking use this fuc