Microsoft's Kinect used to create Star Wars-style 3D holograms

A start up company called VNTANA has created a way to make full 3D holograms of people by using Microsoft's Kinect motion capture hardware.

Microsoft's Channel 9 site shows some of what VNTANA has created with its holographic technology. The clip shows how its software, connected to Kinect, can create a 3D hologram of a person or thing, which can then be stored and used in many types of settings. The video shows how Microsoft teamed up with VNTANA to showcase its Kinect-based holograms at a recent student event at the University of Souther California, with the real Microsoft team members taking on stage with their holographic counterparts.

This week VNTANA announced plans for the HOLLAGRAM, a device that can instantly create a 3D hologram of a person they can see in front of them:

Using gesture control, they can interact directly with holographic objects, such as a celebrity, product or any other object rendered in the digital space simply by moving their hands in front of the display. Immediately after the experience, users receive a branded email with a GIF, video or photo of the experience that they can share on social media.

John Callaham
  • i thought Microsoft stopped the support of the Kinect.I don't remember the last time I saw a new Kinect game or a new UWA with Kinect supp.
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  • Definitely not. In fact, more Kinect stuff is coming to Windows 10 as was announced a few days ago. Kinect is also being used a lot by industry/media creation for these kinds of things.
  • when I checked the xbox one to buy it I was so confused to buy or not to buy the bundle with the Kinect cause I bought it for the x360 and was funny at the first but so boring after some months.If I can used some apps with Kinect I will consider to buy it now.
  • Kinect on XB1 is great for voice commands. Whenever you move it be sure to recalibrate it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ty now I have to buy it...xD
  • Considering how they treated their own product, that passed from must have to useless to must have, if I was you I would wait and see if it's actually of any use in the coming years. If it's useful only with hololens, well you can wait a lot of time before buying it ... And as a microphone it looks like it costs a little too much.
  • Microsoft Studios hasn't released a Kinect game since September of 2014. In the meantime, they forcibly removed Kinect gesture navigation from the Xbox One. Facilitating third-party Kinect development is nice and all, but  SocratesG4 cannot be blamed for thinking Microsoft stopped supporting Kinect, because they essentially did. They've done nothing to lead Kinect development for years now.
  • I agree with you.I remember when MS release the kinect many new games like sports,(one was like yoga) and kinect-animals.I dont remember the last time when i heared any news about new games or some new apps for kinect.Last time i remember something about kinect was with the google car project. ...
  • Use Kinect every day with xboxfitness....
  • you want to say , I'm fat?
  • Virtual Air Guitar is making a lot of Kinect based games. Search for Boom Ball VenkiDknight - Sent from Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim
  • I agree. I thought MS killed all Kinect I and II development and production.
  • But now we see they didn't.Let's hope that the kinects are usefull again.
  • Kinect was never great.
  • Awesome. Now, if they can only bring that technology to my Lumia 950. You know how many awesome 3D pictures one can take.
  • I still love and believe in the Kinect. I just have one simple request for the XBOX One Kinect...bring Kinect Party to the XBOX One...please??? 
  • Any one seen Google's IO 2016 Many things are copied from Microsoft Allo - Cortana integration to skype
    Chrome OS can run Android app - Windows universal App
    Takes to last used app by double taping Multi-Tasking button - Similar to back button in Windows Phone
    Android Studio 2.2 - Done years back in Visual Studio
    DayDream controller - Similar to Xbox Kinect
    Connecting all devices - Done year back with cortana(Can see notification in Phone and even sent messages using computer and lot more...)
    Direct Replay in Notification - Done year back with Windows 10 Phone and Windows 10 for PC
  • We know MS is now ahead of competition on the tech side so others will copy them. The problem is that they just don't know how to sell their products :(
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  • The problem: Google will give it to the consumers first! In this list: 2 Cortana based features that a lot of people won't have (cause Cortana is not available worldwide), and don't forget Quiet Hours, Search for Music, Turn On Wifi near favorite places... The W10M users are just 11% of the total ( Latin America doesn't have W10M phones to buy ( and a lot of other places.   MS is really cool, but, or you can't buy, or can't update, or doesn't have support (Cortana), or will be real soon... :(
  • What happened with Brazil?I saw many posts here from people complain about this situation and i dont know why. ...
  • Here in Brazil we never had: Surface, Surface Pro or Surface Book. Now, even Lumias didn't arrive here. No x50 series and no OEMs to fill the gap. Basically, we can buy just 640, 640 XL and 535, cause the others was discontinued... I really doubt that the "Surface Phone" will arrive here or any other W10M device :(
  • This is awesome. I have a special appreciation for this as I'm currently working with a dev to create a Kinect application myself
  • This just reinforces my view that Virtual Reality has limited possibilties. We are a social creature. Locking ourselves in single user headsets is just so alien! We are a social creature. Mixed Reality and holograms are much more... well, real! Plus we've all seen Lawnmower Man and that didn't end well. It will either be that or Surrogates! Give me MR any day!
  • The official german football museum in Dortmund uses the same technologie. It's a film about the german teams winning the WC 54,74,90 and 2014. Pretty impressive.
  • VNTANA is spanish for Window, so, it all stays within the family!!! It looks great.
  • Anyone else running a Lumia 950 and having the video run off the screen? Kind of frustrating only being able to see the left half of the video.
    From what I could see in the left half of the video, pretty cool stuff.
  • You speak about the edge right? ...
  • He means the app =/ Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 950!
    Step off, haters! U-U
  • So Star Wars like that we'll show people beaming up like they do in Star Trek. ☺ But honestly even if the gaming application just isn't there Kinect has a bright future with everything else it can do and has enabled others to do.
  • Im not it seems formatted properly on mine. The only prob I had with mystery reboots seems solved now. As for the Kinect I love mine. Makes doing stuff while playing much easier than controller based commands. Idk I guess im lazy like that. Since mine broke even the wife bugs me to get a new one.
  • If you're anywhere near a MS store, just hand broken Kinect to them and they hand you a new one... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 950!
    Step off, haters! U-U
  • All I want is gesture control BACK for Xbox One.  I don't care about any of this other garbage. That's the only thing that will convince me to drag our Xbox One out of the storage shed.
  • Yes I think Kinect failed with games, but business are finding good uses for it, such as sticking it on robots and having a bunch of Johnny Fives roaming around hostile environments doing scientific research.