Microsoft's Kinect used to create Star Wars-style 3D holograms

A start up company called VNTANA has created a way to make full 3D holograms of people by using Microsoft's Kinect motion capture hardware.

Microsoft's Channel 9 site shows some of what VNTANA has created with its holographic technology. The clip shows how its software, connected to Kinect, can create a 3D hologram of a person or thing, which can then be stored and used in many types of settings. The video shows how Microsoft teamed up with VNTANA to showcase its Kinect-based holograms at a recent student event at the University of Souther California, with the real Microsoft team members taking on stage with their holographic counterparts.

This week VNTANA announced plans for the HOLLAGRAM, a device that can instantly create a 3D hologram of a person they can see in front of them:

Using gesture control, they can interact directly with holographic objects, such as a celebrity, product or any other object rendered in the digital space simply by moving their hands in front of the display. Immediately after the experience, users receive a branded email with a GIF, video or photo of the experience that they can share on social media.

John Callaham