Microsoft watcher extraordinaire h0x0d discovered a new free Mixed Reality app dubbed "Outings," allowing you to explore landmarks via the comfort of your sofa. Available for HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Outings parses map data to provide 3D visualizations of various local landmarks.

Outings allows you to search for high quality travel stories about beautiful places from travel blogs and other places. Whatever you're interested in searching for - outdoor adventures, historical sites, city life, kid-friendly activities, beautiful vistas, or the hidden gems - Outings will find the perfect spot for you.

The app probably uses data contained within Bing Maps, which in turn is powered by the HERE mapping consortium.

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You can grab the app for free from the Microsoft Store right now, but you'll need a Windows Mixed Reality or HoloLens headset to use it. Either way, it's nice to see Microsoft is still working on tools for Mixed Reality, despite VR's general struggle to hit the mainstream.

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