Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 could be a lot more durable than the original

Surface Duo 2020 Hinge
Surface Duo 2020 Hinge (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new patent from Microsoft shows an impact-resistant hinge.
  • The hinge in the patent could appear on an upcoming Surface Duo.
  • The patent was filed in August 2020 and published on April 8, 2021.

Microsoft's next Surface Duo could have a more durable hinge. A recently filed patent by Microsoft shows an impact-resistant hinge that could help absorb any bumps or knocks that the device receives (via WindowsUnited). If it improves the durability of the Surface Duo, it could work well with the best Surface Duo cases. The patent was initially filed in August 2020 and was publishe don April 8, 2021.

The description of one of the figures from the patent states:

A bumper 112 (e.g., a grommet) is located between the first portion 102 and the body 114 of the hinge 106. The bumper 112 may be made from an impact resistant material (e.g., rubber or silicone). Thus, if the body 114 of the hinge 106 contacts the bumper 112 (e.g., by an overextension of the hinge 106), the bumper 112 will absorb some or all of the energy from the impact. This may help to protect the relatively more fragile material of the first portion 102 from being damaged.

There aren't many details about a successor to the Surface Duo, but reports and rumors give us some glimpses of what it could look like. Early in March, a job listing by Microsoft suggested that an upcoming Surface Duo could support 5G and have an improved camera. It's worth noting, however, that Microsoft makes several Surface devices, so a person could improve the cameras of the Surface line of PCs without working on the Surface Duo.

Microsoft also appears to be hard at work improving the app experience on the Surface Duo. Microsoft worked with Google to improve Flutter-based apps on foldable devices like the Surface Duo.

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