Best Surface Duo Cases 2022

Microsoft embarked on its first dual-screen venture with the Surface Duo, its new Android-based foldable, geared for on-the-go productivity. The device sports a unique design, the upshot of its twin 5.6-inch panels bound by a 360-degree hinge, with a form factor far distanced from traditional smartphones. Sadly, the design of this device does limit the kind of cases you can find for it. 

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Keep your Surface Duo protected

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With the Microsoft Surface Duo sporting a new dual-screen form factor, it demands different cases to your average smartphone or tablet. Ditching the tried-and-tested slab design requires case makers to think outside the box, with a small sample of Surface Duo cases now available.

Otterbox has its take on the best Surface Duo accessories, with the Microsoft Surface Duo Theorem Case providing added protection and functionality. The design accommodates the official Surface Duo bumper case, with room for cards and the Surface Pen inside. The use of premium materials and magnetic wrap-around closure provides a little more substance, allowing you to carry your Duo worry-free.

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