Microsoft's President: We have no intentions on cutting off LinkedIn data from Salesforce

Brad Smith
Brad Smith (Image credit: Microsoft)

In a chat with Microsoft President Brad Smith, he stated that the company has no intentions on blocking data from LinkedIn to rival Salesforce after Microsoft acquires the business-themed social networking service.

Salesforce, which engaged in a bidding war with Microsoft over LinkedIn that it lost earlier this year, is now asking the European Commission to look into the deal. It claims that Microsoft could block access to LinkedIn's database of users from competitors like itself. However, speaking with (via MSPU), Smith denied that would happen:

"It is not something that we have any intention of doing," he said. "The LinkedIn data is public today and we want to make that data useful in lots of new ways."

Microsoft has proposed acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The deal has already been approved by regulators in the U.S and other regions, but has yet to be cleared by the European Commission. On that topic, Smith stated today:

"The European Commission has naturally been reviewing with us the whole range of issues," he said. "They ask lots of questions as they always do and as they always should. I think they have good questions. I think we have good and clear answers to their questions, so from my perspective this is an acquisition that is going to promote competition."

Microsoft hopes to close the LinkedIn deal by the end of 2016.

  • So that was Salesforce fear and the reason for trying to block the deal from happening
  • or elike that is what they are claiming because they are butt hurt over losing it.
  • They did, out bid Microsoft, but LinkedIn knew their offer was not not legitimate.
  • Yes, because if Saleforce won the deal, that is what they probably intended to do.
  • Until the deal goes through that is....then salesforce,  your cut off! 
  • We hear that all the time. There was no intention to unbundle the Kinect from the XB1, either. The problem isn't that I expect negative actions, it's that MS has flip flopped so much that their words on things like this just don't hold weight for me.
  • Except in this case there are not a ton of gamers complaining about the Kinect being included with the Xbox online. You really need a better look at your scenarios.
  • And for those of us who don't really care about Kinect.  Life goes on.
  • Yes because deciding going against what they said with XB1-Kinect bundle, is obviously the exact same as lying to the European Commission /s You're comparing scenarios' as logically as it is to compare an apple to a chair.
  • Bad analogy aside, I was thinking the same thing. MS, like anyone else, is liable to change their minds at some point in the future, so if someone at some point suggests locking it down (probably to support/bolster some other product) and others agree, then locking it down is exactly what they'll do..
  • Cause Microsoft is not Google.
  • Microsoft is not to be trusted with promises. It is a corporation without character. It will turn 180 degrees just for a dollar on its bottom line. Just ask people of Finland, or any windows phone fan. Total disregard for their reputation. Salesforce should have them punished
  • More companies would be bankrupt by now if they're not allowed to change directions when things are not working out.  And how are you so sure that Salesforce wouldn't do what they're accusing Microsoft of doing?
  • "intention" is always code for "you cant blame us for when we do"
  • Or "not what I was planning to do initially, but things happen"
  • Or "this what I was planning to do initially, but I denied it so you cant blame me".
  • Just like NDS acquisition. First it was all sunshine. Then folks were fired. Then came retrenchment phase 1: We will be making phones for budget customers, business customers and flagships. Then more folks were fired and focus was just one line of phones. Then remaining folks were fired and there were no phones. If I were working for LinkedIn I would be busy moving on. Nadella can not be trusted.
  • And we know you have your own agenda. Based upon what you have written, if you were running Microsoft you would have shut down every product, liquidated all assets, and let the competion have any and every market that Microsoft is currently in. vhyr can not be trusted.
  • Well, keep on mind, the NDS acquisition was Balmer's baby and Nadella had not intentions on raising it from the get go. If what I've read was true, he never wanted that acquisition to go through. This is about software and services. Nadella is all about software and services.
  • Might be so. Nadella should have made it clear though in stead of multiple rounds of lies. Understandable though that Azure is priority considering that Amazon leads 3-1.
  • Are people still butt hurt over the Nokia device acquisition my goodness next time protest on social media that companies shouldn't purchase other ones if it turns out bad. Also Balmer wanted to get it rest of them didn't even want to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Oddly the people who are most butt hurt are the Android/Apple fans.
  • Yes,  mostly andorid and apple fans.....those that USED to use and love NOKIA devices until Microshaft got their mits on it and destroyed Anything remotely good about NOKIA....sooooooooo yes,  It is mostly andorid and apple fans...the former nokia fans that ran away from microsoft after they neutered anything good from windows phone and nokia devices!
  • Linked in is valuable beyond 30 billion IMO. MS will not be doing anything to disrupt the use and integration of 3rd parties as that's where a lot of the revenue come from. Salesforce are doing this so that MS don't get it regardless of wether they do or don't. I doubt they will succeed in stopping MS, left to it's own devices Linked has become a money grabbing greedy company that regularly takes away free features and charge for them. It's a completely different experience from what it was 5 years ago. MS can improve it as it can't get more annoying and frustrating than it is today, and that's the truth.
  • Great Move by Microsoft
  • "They ask lots of questions as they always do and as they always should. I think they have good questions. I think we have good and clear answers to their questions." I understand now.
  • ...and they welcomed Nokia employees into the Microsoft family before summarily firing almost all of them. Yup, they're one heck of a company. Oh, and what tech ******* wears a tie anymore? 
  • That is a weird complaint. Brad Smith is lawyer and was named corporate President but still oversees the legal affairs of the corporation. Lawyers tend to wear ties more often than most other tech employees. Courts and legislative and administrative offices usually require business attire. As for welcoming the Nokia employees, what would you want them to do? Fire them immediately? There was, for a short time, hope that the acquistion might work out. It didn't. Ballmer was pushed out and the board knew what direction Satya was going when they hired him as CEO. You can blame the CEO because that is why he gets the big bucks, but the board seems pretty happy with his performance to date, and employees with stock options and shareholders are pretty happy as well. I love my 950 XL and will use it until it dies. I'm disappointed the Windows Phone never took off like it should have, but I was also sad that the great Atari ST and TT computers never got the respect they deserved either. You move on.
  • European Commission - who gives a damn about EC they are a dying organisation, ask almost anyone in the UK. who has just given them kick ass!
  • ... not knowing what it meant and/or instantly regretting it.
    That has to be worth Facepalm of The Year -award.
    Well, we'll see how the US presidential race goes..
  • Data will be available, but I can imagine MS will sell that data to any company that wants access to it. Which is fair play IMHO. MS needs to recoup that $26B somehow