Microsoft's Project Spartan web browser demoed on Windows 10 for phones

We got a look at Microsoft's new web browser for Windows 10 — Project Spartan — in January, and at Mobile World Congress the Redmond giant is demoing the functionality of the browser on Windows 10 for phones.

The browser has a clean UI, and being a universal app allows you to sync information across devices. One of the highlights with Spartan is the reading list feature, which comes with a simple layout as well as the ability to customize font sizes, all aimed at delivering a distraction-free reading experience.

Check out our liveblog for all the action from Microsoft at MWC.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • What about windows phone 10 tp for Lumia 1520 and 930 all
  • Read the title of the article and go ask that somewhere else.
  • Hopefully it would play youtube videos better than IE..
  • I think so not only YouTube videos .... Other videos online also
  • I don't know what problems there are with IE when playing YouTube videos, usually use UC browser or my PC
  • Or access the Bank of America Web site, since the app is dying. IE is so, so bad, this can't come fast enough. God, I wish someone would port Firefox to Windows Phone.
  • It does play on my phone on IE. It's just slow because we have slow internet.
  • a new beowser won't help with slow internet speed.
  • I know that's why I barely even download a new browser on my desktop either.
  • Looks promising! But the address bar should be at the bottom tho.
  • agreed
  • +1520 +1320 & +640XL
  • +1530, +1030, oh wait...
  • Lol
  • Agreed. Or they should give us a choice
  • Yes....choices for lower and upper address bar....or like uc browser when we touch.. it goes up
  • Agreed.
  • Go to uservoice ! This is the only way to get this fixed.
  • Ye,
  • Nothing more to add....
  • Add your vote here :
  • Thanks for the link. Voted!
  • You're welcome. Just spread it further. ;) 
  • Thanks for the link. Voted :)
  • Or configurable to either
  • That is a must imho
  • I don't know what they are thinking. Had a friend who has Android notice this on my phone and went like, "you've the address bar at the bottom, that's cool."
  • That was the first thing i noticed, and that really bugs me. I really hope they realize that, at the least, on devices with 5.5" screens and bigger the address bar should absolutely be on the bottom! I also hope that they come out with some specific UI elements in Windows 10 to make getting around a large screen device better (like by making things like this address bar at the BOTTOM).
  • The first thing I'll do after downloading that browser when it's ready will be sending a feedback, asking them to bring the address bar back to the bottom.
  • Totally this
  • YES!
  • Not just the adressbar, why arent all hamburgers at the bottom?!
  • You did realise that it was the hamburger of the website not the browser itself, didn't you?
  • Cause microsoft think it will be easy to scroll if these are on upper side...
    And everyone spend more time reading and less time typing address bars on a browser...
    Even typing keyboard is on lower side...
    You better think about it..
  • So will I!!!
  • They think people like it on top as chrome and other browser's on phones have
  • Yes!!! Exactly... Moving it to the top is the ultimate mistake..
  • very true. the design should be the same like IE.
  • Is is supprt java sites(like tnstc)?
  • TNSTC works fine in the current browser. Try enabling desktop mode. Frankly, its as if the Government got the site done by a dropout.
  • I can`t select date and search, when I click that it goes to google search and tells java content(or something) missing!
  • Address bar at top sucks big time. ​
  • Still waiting for my 930 to support win10 TP! Still...what on earth are they doing there? And it's not even operator branded so the OS partition is NOT affected in any way.
  • Looks great but please move the address bar to the bottom...
  • Address bar should've been below. It helps in easier navigation
  • Move the navigation back down or GTFO!
  • I want this today
  • Don't we have this reading mode already built in internet explorer? ... I mean without offline capabilities
  • Waiting wp10 release for my lumia925. February already over but still no build for us. I would like to try spartan browser.
  • Address bar should be at the bottom.
  • Come on #MSFT. . Address bar on Top. .??
  • Looks like Safari.
  • Address bar should be at bottom. MSFT , please don't copy bad design from Apple and Google. If I wanted Android phone or Iphone, I'd buy one.
  • But the bar is on top.. Sighs..
  • That whole bar should be at the bottom! This unusable! This is partly why I hate Android and iOS!
  • Where can we vote for all of this to go to the bottom? Someone got a link for all these people here that don't like it?
  • for the sake of the future of windows phone, vote here its not broken
  • Address bar on the top? Hell no!
  • I hope they will move the adress bar to the bottom.
  • Hope it doesn't keep filling up my phone with those "temporary" files I can't delete
  • Ouh shit ! I like it !!
  • Address bar at the top
    Burger buttons in apps
    Background behind tiles
    Developers ignoring WP
    Microsoft giving IOS better versions of apps first Why am I not buying an iPhone next. For the first time since my Omnia 7 on release day, I'm genuinely considering a move. W10 is destroying all the reasons I love WP.
  • They certainly aren't making it easy to stay, but I don't see anything on Android or iOS that makes me that desperate to leave WP yet.
  • Updated apps maybe?
  • I wont go Android, used it for work and it was so unreliable and buggy. iOS though, I dislike Apple as a company, dislike the thought of have the same phone as the people next to me, but its hard not to. Loads of third party support, app, OS updates that are yearly and clear what is added and not fragmented etc.
  • I know people with both iPhones and Androids, and the iPhone looks like the much more appealing alternative to Windows Phone. The apps look sensibly designed and more userfriendly. Really wish if MS were going to rip off somebody it'd be Apple and not Google.
  • Why keep moving the URL bar???? I liked it at the bottom!
  • Everybody in the comments be like, "Why the heck it's on top!" I feel you.
  • 90% of the comments on every Spartan mobile post are complaints about them moving the address bar to the top. And the uservoice suggestion (linked above) has nearly 11k votes. If Microsoft doesn't change this they truly are not listening.
  • All for change, but one change I really do not want in the final builds is that top addresses bar. Please tell me where I can vote against that! Anyone with the W10 preview, when this hits phones, feedback the crap out of this "feature" please. The bottom on my 1520 and 1020 is simply a better location. Screw if it fits in your design template. :)
  • People... I mean the ones that know about this, not the ones that speak BS about "address at the top, bad idea, we want bottom duh duh" like if they couldn't move the finger and asking for dumb votes and stuff. anyway.... you know the dumb people... simply dumb people around the world. But I am talk to Daniel and company, if you can test Threejs site with Spartan on phone ( does it work? how many examples work? today on 8.1 some examples work but some just wouldn't. it would be nice if Spartan supported more stuff there than 8.1.  ^___^
  • that... address bar... at... the top...
  • Please, Microsoft, put the address bar back at the bottom!!
  • What they need to do is get that universal address bar on the bottom and start caring about ergonomics I'd ask phones are going to be above 4.7" in size.
  • Can I join in the chorus of people who dislike that address bar placement?