Microsoft debuts Project Spartan, a new web browser for Windows 10

Microsoft has officially unveiled Project Spartan, their new browser in Windows 10. The browser features a new rendering engine, a new look and feel for Windows 10, and even features Cortana built right in.

Spartan includes features like note-taking mode. Note-taking mode lets you draw and jot notes down right on your screen, directly marking up the web. Spartan also has a new clipping tool to save sections of web pages. You can also freeze content, saving it for later with markup. You can save content to OneNote, and share with the built-in Windows 10 sharing tools.

The new reading mode takes out extraneous elements like ads, leaving you with just the text of the article you want to read. You can also save articles for later with the new Reading list feature. Reading list supports both PDF and markup, letting you save a variety of things you want to read later in one place.

Cortana in Spartan

Spartan has Cortana built right in. The personal assistant can be used right from the address bar, and can display results as a sidebar on the right of the screen. Cortana can track things like flights, so if you start typing an airline, Cortana can find a relevant flight in your Notebook. Cortana can also book reservations, find menus, and get directions right from a website.

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Joseph Keller