Microsoft's Robbie Bach live at CTIA

Come one, come all as we join Microsoft's Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment & Devices Division, who will "discuss his thought-provoking response to the question, 'What does "Mobile Life" mean to you?' " Other than that? We've got no idea what's in store.

So check in after the break for a live stream (fair warning, you're going to need Silverlight) of Bach's talk, and tune your favorite twitter client to @wmexperts as our own Dieter Bohn liveTweets the event.

(Note: Microsoft's saying 10 a.m. Pacific, CTIA and Dieter are saying 9 a.m. Pacific - likely it's the case that 10 Pacific is when Bach will take the stage). In any case, you should be glued to WMExperts regardless!)

Update: Miss it live? It's all after the break in its embedded glory, along with Dieter's tweeted thoughts.

As see at

Bach is talking up netbooks, carriers selling netbooks, Windows 7 in netbooks.

Demoing netbooks and windows 7

Bach: Windows brand, Windows stores, Windows ads - showing the ad about not being able to get a $1000 17" Mac.

Ok Bach finally going to talk Windows Mobile 6.5 and do a demo. Intro video, now a demo. Not expecting new stuff.

Demoing new unlock screen functionality, touch features. Using a Touch Diamond2 for the unit. New non-honeycomb hex start menu in effect

Live messenger voice clips, new home screen, new version of IE Mobile. All 6.5 windows phone to have dedicated start key to go to programs.

re-arranging programs in the start menu is the same, move to top, but can't just rearrange. sigh - fix this! Now on to MyPhone.

Demo done, Bach back. Personalization: phone as fashion statement. Microsoft worked with designers, Isaac Mizrahi creating designer screens

so um, an entire video about making a new plaid wallpaper. mkay. hey - marketplace video demo.

Spore for Windows Mobile! Separate section of same app for operators. App backup online, self serve refund(!). Marketplace is well built.

EA on stage. Every major EA mobile release will be on WM.

keynote is over! self serve refunds in marketplace was new to me, otherwise we saw it all before.

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