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Microsoft's Windows Phone revenue tanks 49 percent for Q2 FY2016

While Microsoft's FY2016 Q2 earnings have been exceptionally high and beating most expectations, their phone division was hit hard. None of that should be surprising for reasons we covered yesterday, but at least, we have an idea of just how bad things are for mobile.

Microsoft reported a 49 percent drop in devices revenue from the last quarter. That brings the number to an estimated 4.5 million Lumias sold for the quarter down from the 10.5 million Lumias from one year ago.

Windows Phone sales in the US plummet to all-time low

While the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550 hit some store shelves this holiday season, there is little argument that most consumers are unaware of the product.

How Microsoft stops their nosediving smartphone story in 2016 remains to be seen. At this time, there does not seem like there is much that can turn this division around. Whatever mobile products are in the pipeline better blow the doors off of anything we have seen thus far.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Oh man
  • **** man
  • "Mobile First, Cloud First"  One win, one FAIL!  Nadella scores 50%.
  • I recently sent this on another post. But it bears repeating. "Mobile first" does not mean "mobile phones" first. That's not the strategy. In fact, Nadella made this very clear. Mobile means making Microsoft (its software) "mobile." Hence, why now Microsoft has gotten on IOS and Android with such urgency. The plan is working and MS is now relevant again. The plan never included mobile phones really or at least didn't emphasize it. That's the part the sucks for us.
  • This Microsoft is/was irrelevant argument is always questionable.  With the install base of the various versions of Windows in the world, the argument that Microsoft is in any way irrelevant requires proof that​ I've not seen before.  And no, a year over year drop, or even multiple year over year drops in the number of PC's sold in a mature, if not largely saturated market, does not constitute proof.  That picture would simply show a plateau in a mature market (PC's being a consumer item for decades now) and the encroachment of a relatively new market segment (tablets).  And also no, comparing the install base of mobiles to PC still does not show MS irrelevance.
  • "Mobile means making Microsoft (its software) "mobile." Hence, why now Microsoft has gotten on IOS and Android with such urgency. The plan is working and MS is now relevant again." Very intelligently explained, except it's wrong.  Even with your definition, Nadella is failing.  People aren't using Cortana when they can use Siri, or Google Now.  People are using apps associatd with the platform (Google/Apple).  Apple Maps is routinely panned, but it is the number 10 mobile app, because it's easier to use the native/platform app. If Nadella's thought was that Microsoft could lose the mobile platform war, but still win the mobile app war, well; that was FAIL.  Now, they aren't relevant in hardware or software.  He's human, and he made a mistake.        
  • Want more proof Nadella has failed in mobile, and placed Microsoft in trouble long-term?  Even the UWA is now dying with the death of Windows mobile.  Why build a Universal App when no one uses anything buy the desktop/browser?  "users can see that Microsoft is focusing on other platforms, then developers can see it too and they aren’t pleased. Tencent pointed out that “users on the Windows Phone platform keeps declining and have moved to other platforms, but [we] didn’t notice that Microsoft is showing any effort to retain them”.        
  • @infosage agree,nadella should be reassigned to the azure sector and the ceo place held by panay
    Nadella as ceo is only collecting failures
    Capossela and Belfiore resigned asap
  • Yeah right, BING,XBOX,OFFICE, CLOUD(like in cloud computing) platform,Surface all profits have been raised but you, in your delusions, really seems to believe that Microsoft = Windows phone.
    Wake-up and start to watch Microsoft and his different platforms.
    Btw, phones is not the market of the future it's became like computer,it's done the war is over.
    The future is in a Cloud and Microsoft just made more than 6 billions inn revenue ,and AR/VR
  • UWP is well and alive and doesn't depend on no-sayers like you. Devs get at least 3x more money than before UWP (I can tell) and it is growing. No it isn't as attractive as App Store, but it is going in the right direction. Considering phones, this isn't a bad news for devs. Most Lumia owners were Lumia 520 or 630 owners, and they would never buy an app in this world. So if Microsoft finally gave up of chasing them there's nothing wrong with that at least from the perspective of most devs (yes there are different apps and from perspective of some apps even those users are important, but for most app development it ain't like that).
  • Ok, so where is my Bank of America, GEICO, Aetna, Lyft, etc., etc., etc., apps???
  • UWP is going strongly forward by any measure, apps are coming, devs are earning more. I am not a fan of the same companies as you, so I can't answer about their apps, you can contact them.
  • Just to note that I was more referring to UWP as a platform. It seems that you more refer to mobile specifically. UWP is growing because of PC, it ain't a secret. Windows 10 Mobile isn't even officially alive yet. Platform mostly depends on the developers that make money on it. Clearly there are some companies that earn money from selling even to people that have Lumias 520 (as finally those people have something to eat and to buy it from someone) and they have free mobile apps to support their businesses and they might not be happy with Microsoft's shrinking sales. Again, I have answered about UWP and its future. It has a bright future. It will surely help Windows 10 Mobile to grow (and not the opposite). What happens to the mobile is another question. It seems that Microsoft is giving up of chasing Android and want to chase iPhone. Which is a smart strategy if it succeeds.
  • and there is the issue that MS seems to ignore...apps, apps, apps.  Even their own apps are better on the other platforms.  Also, the OS is not final and still in Beta, horrible roll out.
  • The 'U' in UWP stands for Universal, which is pointless if it only applies to Windows 10 desktops. So yea, with the death of Windows mobile the whole point of 'Universal' apps dies. Nadella really messed up the "Mobile First" part of his strategy. And, just because the Cloud First part is working, doesn't mean he didn't fail on mobile half. It wasnt great before, but two years into his leadership Microsoft Mobile is in much worse condition than when he took over. It's obvious he has failed big on half his strategy.
  • Platform is a platform, it succeeds if it sells, not by the number of devices that it supports. UWP sells you may like it or not. I can't judge how Windows 10 Mobile is going to be successful, it is ridicilous to comment on something that isn't even out there, only haters can do that. I am just saying that already successful UWP platform will make Windows 10 Mobile life easier, that's all. I don't see how anyone can say a word against those obvious facts.
  • Mobile First actually means your DATA is whatever device or OS you can access your data. Considering Microsoft software is ubiquitous then that's a WIN!
  • Is Microsoft offering a trade in program towards a new iPhone? Seems to be their next move.
  • I think their explanation was incomplete. Mobile also includes tablets, 2-in-1s, and convertibles, which are exploding right now.
  • Lol you don't know what your talking about. Did you forget about $7+ Billion buying Nokia to try keep Windows Phone hardware going? Satya's latest "vision" is nothing but a Back-up plan called Plan Z, Microsoft's Mobile offering now is nothing but a 3rd party app provider to the mighty Apple/Google who hands them peanuts (30% in app purchases). Pennies (under $100M in 2015) compared to the $30+ Billion revenue Google alone have earned from Android so far. Don't believe the PR bull about "Mobile First", sure its not all his fault that Lumia has failed, but he has truly giving up on Windows succeeding on Mobile which is a loser mentality.
  • @ wplee LOL at Google earnings from Android.
  • I'm pretty sure the naming convention of Windows 10 Mobile is significant and relevent. 
  • Satya should resign.
  • Mr. 'Stocks price increase after announcement' seems to disagree
  • Why, because Microsoft = Windows phone?Since when? and why Microsoft stocks have risen if it's so.
    Seriously you guys really are idiotic
  • mobile first =/ mobile phones first  
  • mobile first, cloud first are already happening.  It simply mean, that you can use any mobile devices e.g iphone, android, etc to work on... uhm... say office, and continue working where you left off on a PC at home.  These are made possible by the cloud.
  • It is mobile first. He has most of the important services on Android and iOS.
  • Might as well say "50%",,,,,, man.......
  • Unless they pull a miracle device out of their hat later this year, Windows Phone is over.
  • You forgot the man,,, man.
  • Windows Phone died last year. Windows 10 Mobile is made for small, portable computing devices. There might be phones with it loaded as well, but the focus is already on small devices in general, not on phones specifically. Why we call our small devices "phones" is a relic from the past.
  • Very well put!
  • Yeah, really. By Jove I think he gets it.
  • Buyers of Apple's 70 million iPhones last quarter would disagree that they bought a "device."  They would say they bought a phone.  Now do you get it?  Heh heh.
  • You're absolutely right. Microsoft can't compete in that market. While they'll still make "Phones", they're not the vision of a Microsoft Mobile Device.
    The majority of smartphone buyers buy a phone, that also does other neat things. But they buy it because it's a phone. Microsoft sees a mobile device as an extension of Windows 10.... that also works as a phone. It's a whole new market. Are they right? Time will tell.
  • Microsoft is on the right track, unfortunately they are a bit ahead of the mentality of the general population, as are many of the emerging technology we are seeing today like wearables.  By the time this does go mainstream, Microsoft will have been pushed out of the market, and more dominant players like Apple will swoop in to implement it for themselves and claim it as their own invention.  I hope it doesn't play out that way though. 
  • There not ahead of anything, you can keep believing & telling yourself that garbage to make you feel better all you want. Microsoft are idiots when it comes to this phone game. They don't listen to anyone. Only thing they had to do was bring in the APPS! then alot of people would have loved to buy windows phones. Every site you go on the people that review the windows phones always say the same thing there's NO APPS! Everyone knows this, but for some reason Microsoft & all of there minion fanboys don't get it. Well I hope Microsoft is happy now, because now they have a noose around there necks and there trying to find a way to get it off. Good luck
  • When will people realize it is the devs abandoning the WP platform? For ****'s sake, wake the **** up.
  • I assume they are also referring to the unified OS, hololens, etc. Apple's plan for the past few years has not been innovation, but implementation of existing ideas.
  • Apple have 17% smartphone market share worldwide......that means 83% of smartphone buyers don't choose, iPhone sales are decreasing as are iPad sales.....
  • What do you mean decreasing, Apple just had a record quarter of iPhone sales, with iPhone sale grew about 2-3% YOY last quarter, witch is growth, the excate oppisite of decline no matter how small it is. If you mean iPhone sales are projected to decrease next quarter, well that is true, but as of right now, iPhone sales are still growing. Also last quarter Apple iPhone accounded for 19% of worldwide marketshare. 
  • Last quarter is not this quarter so.....  Analysts currently expect Microsoft to report 7.8% higher earnings and 4% higher revenue in 2016. That's much higher than the 1.9% decline in profit and 2.2% drop in revenue in 2016 expected for Apple. Apple warned investors that iPhone shipments would fall for the first time in the first quarter. Apple's most recent quarterly revenue growth of 1.7% was a fraction of its 18% growth in the past 12 months and well below is 22% growth in the third quarter, which underscores the rising concern and feeling the smartphone market has peaked. Even Apple states that iPhone sales are falling in THIS quarter.    
  • As are Samsung's forecasts for next year. How many other Smartphone OEM's are in trouble? Sony? HTC? How many new ones are entering the Android Market?.....that's at the saturation point already.
    So what's the "Next Thing" for mobile?
  • @beyondinfinity You are right, this has happened to Microsoft before. Somewhere in the mid 90's I had a Philips Niño with Windows CE running Schedule+ and in 2004 I bought my first 'Windows Phone' from T-Mobile. There were Windows tablets around more than 10 years ago. Like Philips with its Video 2000 system, way better than the Japanese stuf, but they already had the market. Microsoft was ahead with the Windows 8.x user experience as well, but it was too much of a discontinuity from the traditional desktop. With Windows 10 one can more or less configure it as one likes it. This will help move to touch devices. One of the things is that those tech department dinosaurs in enterprises and higher management do not easily understand the productivity gain that touch can bring and enterprise software developers being weary to rewrite their UI's.  
  • .... Their phones Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Non-sense. A phone is a phone, and Windows Phone has failed through the neglect and incompetence of Satya Nadella.
  • Not just Nadella. They screwed it up repeatedly under balmer. 
  • ballmer destroyed windows phone before it got over 5% market share.  His Stupid anti google bashing. not one single google app for windows phone. not even youtube. ballmers fault.  He did nothing to get developers on board for apps. If anything, MS drove away developers.  No apps. No marketshare. No sales. WP is done. Surface phone will change Nothing
  • uh huh, sure blame Nadella for a failure to launch that took more years that he's been CEO.   So no, not Nadella.
    ​ We'll see what happens.   I have my 950 and am supporting the platform. 
  • I will give it to you die hard Windows fans. You are loyal as hell and you will Wait until the end of time on something, anything ... to happen... and then, you wait some more....
  • Former diehard here, but I woke up. You can only tolerate so much from MS. I think what did it for me was when Sataya fired all the former Nokia team, renamed wp to w10m, and rebooted wp the third time to suit Android and iOS users, replacing everything I loved about wp. It's a good thing I woke up because i would've never known what I missed out by not jumping to the iPhone.
  • No,  its not solely on Sat's shoulders.  Its a collective mess up of everyone involved.  Windows phone needs a fresh kick in the pants.  It needs a new lead that wants it to survive,  it needs for MS to want it to survive as well.  It still can be a very profitable division if they jump on it NOW.  They need a couple of high profile people to start promoting it, they need a massive marketing campain,  they need to get it on EVERY carrier (screw exclusitivy deals,  they are a sham for everyone involved including the carrier),  They need some great devices (we already have those now,  but need the niche devices that no one else has like a Surface phone, and a 1020 replacement).  Stuff to get the buyers interested again. 
  • It is on his shoulders. He's the strategy maker. He determines everything about WM!
  • Oh really? When was this profound strategy revealed?
  • This. Phones will still be a part of it. Windows Phone is old news. Windows 10 Mobile is where it is and to be truthful, a lot has hurt the phone business, not just the perception that people do not want this phone. Windows 10 Mobile was not ready, or likely the final Lumia phones would have been releasedd earlier, making some impact. MS has changed their relationship with carriers and currently, there is but a single phone available subsidized from the current crop. While I do see Daniel's point that MacLaren being dropped had an impact, it was mostly from the point of having to start over on design and re-think features. I would be nice to know the how and why of that, but enthusiasts chasing after vapor-hardware (even those saying they must wait for Surface Phone) has a detrimental effect on the penetration of perfectly capable phones presently being offered. With each update I get on my 950, its performance improves exponentially. Battery, screen, speed have all been improved since the latests builds and the last firmware update. Were mobile really ready when it should have been - September, we might have seen a far better picture.
  • Windows 10 Mobile IS S.H.I.T and you just bought a friggin' non premium looking $750 phone WITH A HALF BAKED NOT EVEN BETA OS! As one single piece of evidence to show how unbaked this OS is, go to messages, a single thread, then come back out. There isn't even an animation there! iOS has been maturing for years now, and now the "latest" OS doesn't even have an animation! The dialer app has difficulty following key presses! Talk about asynchronous programming Microsoft THEMSELVES KEEP PROFESSING ON MODERN APPS! The dialer looks like a half a$$ed copy of Samsung's launcher! And you paid dearly for this monstrosity! Quit being such a blind fanboy and let Microsoft starve in the phone business so they know the price of betraying the fans by trashing Metro/ Modern design and ignoring our cries for mistake after mistake! It's people like YOU who don't let them hear us! How you manage to put a positive spin on this level of stupidity is beyond me!
  • Wholeheartedly agree! Same thinking as I and wish could give a million thumbs up!
  • The guy paid the amount of money for the most complete, most premium device you can think of, and is boasing that his phone's battery life is marginally better compared to the CR@P it was released with!
    Imagine if Apple pulled that off. Imagine if Siri was kept as "Beta" for this long, or the native apps were so buggy... Even the hardware choices are so poor: they cut from the premium, metal look and feel of a flagship phone, and implemented a gimmicky Windows Hello THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN ACTIVATE WITH YOUR PHONE ON THE TABLE. You just HAVE TO pick it up and look at. The fingerprint thing is both easy to use and practical. It's just a mess of a management over at Microsoft Mobile. If it were up to me I would have probably fired half of the managers over there.
  • I like it.
  • I don't see how devices are going to make that much of a difference tbh. People can argue all they want that a metal design would have been better for the 950 and XL (I have a 950 and like the design of the phone) but other than cosmetics what are people expecting the miracle devices to do that will persuade people to leave their current platform? I don't know any iPhone users who could be bothered to switch to a different platform - they like getting their annual / bi-annual upgrade to latest model. They need more than just a device if they want to bring in more users, unless it will perform sexual favours for you and do all the housework... I'm still using a Windows phone because it's genuinely my favourite platform - I don't know why so many Windows Central users stick with it if they have problems with it. Everybody has different needs from their phone, so just buy the phone that does everything you need, and has the apps you need. If you (people in general, not you specifically) can't think of a number of reasons why you still want to use Windows on your phone then why do it - You could move on and be happy.
  • First platform to get the vaunted pico-projector wins
  • Pico-Projector for Continuum on the go....That would be great.
  • There has already been Android phones with little projectors built in. They flopped.
  • So true man. I've been using the platform since wp7 and have no intentions on leaving until they cease making devices. If I was unhappy, I would have moved on already.
  • See, no apps for housework or favors. Do they have them on iPhone?
  • Exactly...which is why "mobile" in "mobile first, cloud first" doesn't mean mobile phones first. Nadella knows this.
  • At this point, I doubt much of anything could persuade people to jump to WP. You said it yourself, Apple provides consistent yearly upgrades, making things easier to plan for customers ("it just works" == "you don't need to needlessly think" applies here). This is one of the areas where MS/Nokia dropped the ball.
  • There will be no miracle devices. People just don't know anything about windows phone. I think the best shot is to try emerging markets, businesses, and governments. And some much better marketing.
  • Yup, largely giving up on the US would (have) be(en) wise, and focus on areas where the platform is popular or the market is still largely untapped. There are plenty of app developers outside the US that can serve the platform, and international users are just as important to the big service companies like Alphabet and Facebook, they just need there to be enough users. IIRC I suggested this like 2 years ago; might have been right or wrong then, probably a bit more wrong now.
  • That's exactly what Microsoft is doing. They are focusing on governments(India), businesses and emerging markets. That's why they are releasing a phone with SD2xx. A phone that does all the work while keeping high performance unnecessary usages such as gaming to a bare minimum level. That thing makes Lumia 650 a perfect phone for enterprises. Individual users shouldn't even think of buying it.
  • I doubt the device has much to do with it
  • uh huh....    why are you here jasongw?    Don't you have better things to do? Windows Phone is not over, I'm rocking my 950, so no...  
  • Not over.. I will use it till the end..
  • There was no phone to sell...
  • Exactly my though, especially with Verizon passing on the 950, in the US
  • Verizon didn't pass on the 950; Microsoft never even asked them to carry it
  • Wrong :)
  • Yes, this and developing better Apps for competing platforms. This looks more and more by design. Nadella knows how much we love WP, so he's weaning us slowly. We should commend him for that!
  • +1. my thoughts too
  • maybe the iOS and Android app ports will save windows 10 mobile
  • Lumia sales declined by half last quarter.  Satya's plan is working.  At such an alarming rate, soon there won't be many users left to worth app developers' time to do the port.  The developers will probably also leave at the same rate.  We the fans will have to help to turn off the lights.  
  • It's their own fault ¬_¬
  • No worries Lumia's are dead not windows mobile. This is the quiet before the Surface Phone Storm. Oh man.....
  • Be sure to Snapchat a reenactment of your initial response  for us! Lol....... see the problem there man. smh... I want the Surface Phone as well, but it will be the same story because nothing will change. Microsoft's best bet is striking some type of custom Android deal. Ppl really want their devices. Many envy Lumias for reasons, but they need their apps. We gotta push for that now for the Surface Phone    
  • Surface phone is coming out in 2017. By then we'll all be using iPhone 7S and Galaxy S8. Microsoft is always two years behind now. Posted from my Note 5
  • Hey Microsoft! Can you bring some of that computer selling magic to your phone division. I told you idiots to get APPS! on your devices years ago. Nokia why couldn't you have sold your ideas & patents to a much more worthy company other than Microsoft. Losers! But Don't worry Microsoft you'll be okay because you still sell more computers than anyone. Apps, Apps, Apps!
  • If it's that easy to make floods of apps, go make some yourself. Idiot.
  • One out of 4 major carriers when you are already at the Bottom, What the Hell were You Expecting? I have the 950XL tethering off my Icon on Verizon with an Ultra.Me $20 a month plan and I Love it
  • dear MS, you only have yourself to blame. If you had only listened to us....
  • Actually it is expected and it is good that phones division is down. Which means, they are putting their effort in their main business, which is PC/Tablet and Software/Services. That is the reason, Surface Tablets/PCs beat every tablet in sales. I have always said in my posts that they should concentrate on their strength (PC/Tablets and software/Services), that is where even Apple and Google cannot compete with them. This is evident in the 1.35Billion revenue they made in Surface sales.
  • Nadella is grinding it to the ground. But luckily he is waaaaaaaayyyyyy ahead of the curve. Mastermind. ;) No wonder Joe went sailing. :P Well, maybe, just maybe, Panos saves the day. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bye Joe, I won't miss him. His pompous attitude has long been a big part of windows phones problem
  • The only thing that can save Windows Phone is a new CEO.
  • Nah fam. The project is dead. I'm waiting for Android on Nokia 2017. Posted from my Note 5
  • Or get!
  • You have your note 5 android, yet you still feel the need to troll a windows site, what a life you must live.
    It's cool you like android, no problem. Do you want everyone to be just like you? Why waste your time here? I highly doubt you'll find windows fans doing this non sense in android/ios sites, could be, but doubtful.
  • Well, I sure know I'm going to enjoy the best out of my Lumia 640 while I use it, which is going to be for another year. After that, depending on the situation, I may just switch to Android without hard feelings and call it a day. I had a great time but there always comes a time to move on. :)
  • A few weeks ago the screen shattered into a million pieces on my 1520... I just replaced it last night.... I'll keep using it until the final countdown....
  • Damn, how much did you pas for it?
  • $69.00 on Ebay... Not the best quality, or not as good quality, as the OEM, but good enough for a old phone... It's lacking the clearblack polarizer, but it's still 1080p.. Although, it's slightly more grainy.. Definitely not the same screen.. Tap to wake is intermittent, and it tends to show a bright aura around the edges.. Overall, for less than $70 it's a blessing after having to look through crushed ice for weeks.. It's not too bad,and like I said, for an older device who cares... Maybe you guys could pay more for a better quality unit.
    It was simple to install with a video I found on YouTube, and there are plenty.. Easy for me. Just go slow, and have patience. Don't force anything, and always back off.. Have a heat gun ready.. Don't force, or bend, the battery or you'll be sorry... But, on a scale of 1-10 I'd say it was a 4 with 1 being super easy...
  • It is a fantastic device
  • I had to replace mine early last year. My 1520 is the best digital camera that I have ever had and it works as a phone and audio player as well ;-)
  • Yep!
  • I just bought a screen for my 1520. Was it easy to replace?
  • It's not only hard to replace screen but also impossible replace glass/lcd. Use 0.3mm glass screen guard before anyone break 1520 glass/lcd.Best one is replace complete display assembly with good one(price high,I brought it from care) but you will satisfy with gorgeous 6inch 1080p display. Love Lumia 1520
  • He can replace the entire middle assembly for less than $100.. I did, and it was easy.. Much cheaper than a new 950.
  • Ready my reply above.
  • Wow, my red 1520's display just won't light up causing me to get a 950. I didn't want to and I am frustrated with the video, effed up camera focus and the microphone/cortana issues...God, I miss you 1520.....
  • Fix it! It's super easy... Just replace the middle frame..
  • I am thinking about it. But can I find oem?
  • I searched OEM on EBay, and there were not many.. They were around $100.. I couldn't see where they were any different than the aftermarket, so I was spectacle.. Maybe I should've did more research.. Nevertheless, I'm very happily using my 1520, so life is great right now.. Lol. This new screen is not perfect, but it's 1080p, and is working.. It's really cold, even when you adjust for more warmth, but you don't won't to go too warm or it looks weird.. I'll get used to it.. I explained more about it above.
    Maybe I should've got this OEM one....
  • As a replacement, the 650 looks good for what it is, but if you want more power you can always get the 950 or a 1520 in good condition
  • Seriously... New 1520's are like $200 cash.. I still think it's the best Lumia ever... If I thought the 950 was then I'd have one, but I decided to fix my 1520.... Says a lot about how great Nokia was..
  • But the 1520.3 which is the only one that works on T-Mobile is rare and expensive.
  • Now, see.. That's what I call a variable of bad marketing... Not having devices more readily available on more carriers.
  • Not true. The unlocked 1520(940) ATT works on Tmobile. I've been using it for 3 years :)
  • but no lte.
  • Lumia 950XL tethering off my Icon on Verizon. I put a a $20 a month Ultra.Me sim card in my 950XL and it works Like a Champ.
  • The strategy is one of services as well as windows 10 across multiple screens.  I think they'll stay on the phone as long as windows 10 is succesful.  One thing to remember, MS is in this for the long haul or they'd have given up on the phone a long time ago.....
  • I agree that despite however glum the numbers may be, Microsoft is going to push WP at least throughout this year. They invested too much in a long-term strategy to give it all up before it even has the proper chance to unfold. I wouldn't bet any money on 2017 at this point, though, ask me again in Fall. Not to mention their service strategy would work with just Android and iOS, too.
  • The OS is already better looking than wp8.1 and the numbers of total W10 devices reached 200 mil, so I don't see why devs wouldn't want to bring the apps here. They will continue their Mobile efforts because even though sales might not be very good due to availability of new devices, they will not have the pressure of the oversized Nokia division bringing them losses. Just like Apple was successful a long time with just one smartphone model, MS will rise again in Mobile, step by step
  • Devs won't support W10M because in the same time Windows 10 reached (mostly) 200 million desktop users the competing platforms iOS and Android gained more than one billion users that are actually buying and using apps.
  • That logic is flawed because hundred of millions if not the majority of those devices get sold to people who already had iOS or Android anyway so they are not new users.
  • New doesn't matter.. Sustainability matters when you're talking about investment..
  • In my view, the problem is that their long term strategy is a figment of their imaginations. They envisioned a future, a very specific future, but in the market they simply idled. They did this for years; long enough to shoot themselves in the foot, let the foot get infected, let that infection spread throughout the leg, and then have the leg amputated by the time they're ready to jump back in. It seems that Microsoft has an inexplicably tenuous grasp on reality. This is the realization that made me lose faith in their execution entirely. It is especially damning when I speak to Microsoft corporate employees and they decided to skip W10 Mobile themselves for the time being. I don't think their own people believe they have it together.
  • I'm honestly trying to understand their strategy? I don't think there are many people using apps vs browser on Windows 10 desktop and I have yet to see a reason. The universal app and Windows 10 thing doesn't seem like it's living up to the hype. And it's been said many times on this site that Microsoft needs Windows mobile and phone to support the Universal app and mobile first platform/ecosystem, therefore, Microsoft won't abort it. But, I don't understand that nor see that being the case when Microsft is investing heavily in the IOS and Android platform and ecosystem. Which to me is aligning more with their mobile first theory and that part is actually working. I use mostly Microsoft services and apps on my Android phone than Google's. So, why do they need Windows phone when they have access to the two biggest platforms? Maybe the answer is in the fact that Microsoft gas all but shut down production and first tier support for their own phones. A Surface Phone will probably be a niche product at first, so I don't see it saving the Mobile division. It looks like they're letting it die. IMHO
  • "The universal app and Windows 10 thing doesn't seem like it's living up to the hype." It's been out for less than 6 months! I know, for people here it might feel like it's been out much longer, but that is the fact - tomorrow is the 6 month mark since Windows 10 was released. Development takes time. I think MS will stick with this model for the next 2-3 years at least before we can say if it's a success or not.
  • Six months is long enough. They should had a mass amount of Universal apps for Windows 10 at launch. Besides revision of the UI there isn't much usefulness or difference between Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 for the average consumer, besides the hype.
  • UWP adoption will take years, not months.  That's why Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 so hard.  The platform has to be there first before your typical software developer will bother to implement UWP.
  • In the tech world, months  equal years. They need to move faster and do something bigger in order to get back whatever little momentum and interest the public and developers might have had in Windows 10 and UWP, because it seems very few know or care about it.
  • What really is a shame is that now that the APIs are great and programming for all devices is extremely easy devs do not care about it. Till sometime ago it was a developers dream, now nobody cares. I just released a UWP as a lonewolf and it works and looks great accross pc phone and tablets with less than 100hrs work (50 for first release and 50 for bugfixing and refinements of the UI)... Such wasted potential on this platform.
  • Re: Paolo Ferrazza,
    Thank you for being a lone wolf and supporting Windows Phone and Windows 10.
    What is your UWP? I would buy it to support your efforts if I could.
    Voting with dollars, when I can.
    Best Wishes
  • There really is no need of buying it it if you don't need it. The app is Sort my stuff ! It was reviewed on this site too like 10 days ago. Instead of buying you could give a good review on the store, that always helps. It has a free trial.
  • If cross-buy existed for most Xbox 360 and Xbox one (except exclusives), I think universal apps would be a lot more popular.
  • The Continuum devices are coming!
  • I use a lot of windows 10 apps. Like Netflix and PBS and Pandora. I love the idea of universal aps.
  • About browser vs windows 10 apps, i don't know how it goes in US but try using Flipkart app on windows 10/ 10M and you'll be enlightened. It's insanely better than website version.
  • " long as windows 10 is succesful" ...Do you even read these articles? ( :
  • Windows 10 is doing just fine.
  • Don't forget
  • I'm not sure the no Astoria plan is the best one... getting apps on the phone would help the phone be more attractive.  And while Windows 10 is helping a little, it's not much yet.  App developers still have blinkers for anything other than iOS and Android. If they went the other path of offering free cross platform development tools to devs (e.g. buy Xamarin) so that devs develop on Windows and hit all platforms, maybe that's another better plan... I guess perhaps in 3 years Windows 10 might bring more apps to the platform, but we're in a painful phase for sure.
  • Only when a seed dies can it germinate, grow into a tree and bear much fruits.
  • ...and then give away these fruits to Android and iOS...
  • Savage Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple is a fruit ☺
  • Just like the original Surface :)
  • Surface Book
    Surface 4 Pro
    Surface 4
    Surface Mini
    Surface Phone
  • It would have not been so bad if Verizon was carrying the 950/XL. This is what happens in that transition period. I think a lot of people are waiting for Microsoft's own Surface Phone line to come out because they don't want Nokia leftovers reworked.
  • "It would have not been so bad if Verizon was carrying the 950/XL. "
    Yeah, would have dropped by 46% ;) Seriously, none of that would have mattered.
  • True! It wouldn't have mattered that much but would have helped in some way is all I'm saying.
  • Haha, have anyone else noticed the Daniel sounds more and more like Paul Thurrott with each passing He use to be so smooth, mild mannered, and optimistic :) It's funny how people can rub off on you without you really even knowing. :) Oh... J/K  uh, I think.
  • Dropping from 10.5 million Lumia phones sold to 4.5 million sold in a year is a pretty big drop and that includes the new flagship launch.  It would be hard to be optimistic seeing that.
  • Which months were included in this quarter vs last quarter.  Where I'm going with this is, which quarter had the holiday sales figures in them?  Shouldn't that quarter technically have higher sales maybe even double the sales vs the quarter after.  Just a thought, the 49% number could be used more so for sensationalism than anything else.
  • The quarter was October through December 2015 so the results included Christmas sales.  Even $40 Lumia 640s didn't move the needle much apparently.  The 950/950XL didn't either.  You would think a new flagship launch would pump up sales.  It does for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Microsoft's numbers pretty much validate Kantar's 1.6% market share estimate that the WC article covered yesterday.
  • Yeah since the 950 review he hasn't been the same. Like day and night, he must be really fed up with this ecosystem.
  • Daniel, we need a proper OS, a finished one and begin the transition to it as fast as posible.
  • Yeah Daniel develop it please.
  • Windows Phone died the day Nokia was bought out by MS.
    Nokia was THE reason why people were drawn to this OS. They had so many unique and interesting initiatives/technologies - and their reach within the industry was unparalleled.
    Microsoft are way out of their depth (sadly).
    I say this having just recommended a Lumia 550 - which is riddled with bugs (can't update the phone OS & can't install any apps!).
    Such promise...wasted by Microsoft.
  • Windows Phone died the day Satya Nadella took the helm.
  • This is true. People know who Nokia is. They simply don't know what a Microsoft device is. To make it worse the crap quality of the 950 does it no favors. DJBSC was way ahead of all of us on this one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Posted from my Note 5
  • I appreciate your honesty.
  • Maybe you nor anyone else will agree with me but I think the carriers and their associates had / have had disastrous consequents on the adoption rate for windows phones in the USA.
    I started with a Focus then a Lumia 920 and now have a 950 although I really want a 950 xl and before that drooled over the 1520 and would still probably be using a 1520 if it had been offered through AT&T with the originally intended specifications.
    Now the problem I had through all this was the sales people always were "super" negative to the point of me having to insist l wanted to be a part of what my research had shown was a unique and actually very intuitive operating system .
    AT&T was my only option because of the carrier assisted plans so common to many of us in this country (read 70 and fixed income) and as bad as I feel they are they at least were pretending to support the system by at least carrying more than one model. Which brings me to the worst part! They did not support the hardware ‼ Never got the updates that were known to exist for my Focus or for my 920 and I couldn't afford to buy an off contract 1520.3 which also would not have had a proper warranty or convenient avenue of repair if I should have a problem with it, and I certainly didn't want the totally emasculated version they were "willing" to let Nokia sell. I'm always going to think they pretended to support windows phones and when they saw the Lumias were going to be popular with ahead of their time cameras decent amount of memory and forward features like wireless charging and a fresh operating system that is why they put the crap on you restrictions on the 1520.
    As you can see I knew I wanted to be part of what was being promised by the potential of this operating system even having to put up with the middle finger attitude of my carrier and his biased staff and of course that stellar support all these years. By the way I have had this experience in everyone of the 8 at&T stores I have experience with.
    Now what kind a result do you suppose this type of treatment had on the tens of thousands of curious about Windows phones customers that were not as persistent as I ⁉
  • You see my experience of ATT was quite different. Although I'm on Verizon now (solely because of financial reasons) I loved ATT and a big reason was their helpful staff. I live on Long Island (15 mins east of NYC) for what's it's worth). For my Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus Flash) I got it from Best Buy and they did everything possible to stop me but I just ignored them. The next time (920) I went to the local ATT store and they actually really liked the WOw and knew a lot about them. They were happy to talk to me about which one I should get. And each time I was there for some accessory I always played with the latest WP and they would always talk to me about their thoughts on the Lumias which were usually good. But that is probably just my little store. I had a much different experience with Verizon where they didn't have any phones in store (do they even carry them?!?!). Interesting how different our experiences are. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Daniel "doomsday" Rubino,
    It would have mattered to my family and I'm sure Mary Jo Foley. Who knows, maybe others. We have money to spend and will stick with our aging and great 8.1 phones until a new Windows Phone on Verizon or we switch carriers.
    Best wishes.
  • When I read the part about "most consumers are unaware of these products," it reminded me of when I went in to buy the 950. I asked for the unlocked black Lumia 950 and the employee was like, "we have an unlocked version?" And went around to ask the other employees. I actually have a lot of face palm moments when I talk/listen to MS store employees. I mean, I guess they just need to make a living but it would be nice if they knew a bit more about the products.
  • @William Tadekawa, generally the Job Description is set by HR. Furthermore, normally influence flows from top down in terms of hierarchy. How ever even it depends how it is implemented I.e forcing employee's to read material is a no go. It has to be a fun and enjoyable experience just like a kids birthday party.
  • Daniel
    What you said is 99% true I agree but having the 950 / 950xl on Verizon would have made at least one more sale and that would be me upgrading my Icon. I am sure there are others that feel the same way..
  • Daniel,   what are your honest thoughts on the platform,  is it a goner or are we in for some interesting times?
  • The world is much bigger than Verizon. Remember, these numbers aren't U.S. numbers. This is a global figure.
  • The world is much bigger than Lumia.
  • I know it's bigger than Verizon. Didn't know it was Global percentages.   
  • Verizon is the largest carrier in the most profitable smartphone market in the world. That's a pretty big market to miss out on. And it's not just Verizon: it's the fact that Windows Phone has always been shackled from the get-go due to moronic carrier exclusivity in mulitple markets. One reason why the iPhone and Galaxy are successful is because they're 1. on all carriers, 2. with steady, predictable, annual updates. People can't buy your phone when they can't buy your phone, and they won't buy your phone if they don't trust that it will be supported regularly. That's why iPhone and Galaxy rule and Windows Phone has never even had a chance to take off. It was finally making inroads (despite Microsoft's myopic vision for it and lackluster promotion) in 2013, which is when they should've begun tripling down on support and marketing for it. Instead, they destroyed everything they gained up until that point.
  • Keep in mind that the iPhone and Galaxy are not #1 because Apple or Samsung beg the carriers to make them #1. They're #1 because there is sufficient consumer demand to make them #1. Windows Phone just never generated that kind of demand.
  • You're joking, right?! I mean, how dung can someone be? We are talking about the world man! I mean, U.S.A is just a fracture of it, get over yourself. And by the way, i am so sick of this Surface bullshit. Oh surface will make all better. For **** sake! Is the system that makes the problems not the Lumia's!! Get over your selves!!! Plural cause it need to be plural! Android sell even if the phone is made out of ******* paper. Go figure!
  • That's because we've all become sheep, you're just a sheep in a different pasture.  Android is your shepard; continue to follow; others will follow their shepards as well, no need to be pompus about it.
  • Nope buddy. It's not being a sheep. It's having a phone that works. Apps I need, ease of use. I use my phone to perform functions you're happy to use a laptop to do. Mobile first is less true of Windows 10 than you think. Us Android and iOS sheep are happy productive sheep. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Posted from my Note 5
  • The only people who passed on the 950/XL just to wait for the Surface Phone are Windows Central readers. I really doubt anybody outside of existing Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile users are eagerly awaiting it. The people who might buy one after it's been announced are a separate group because they weren't going to buy a phone running Windows last year anyway
  • So, where is your positive spin, you seem to have covered all of the negative ones.  Like, perhaps there actually is someone outside of WC that want a surface phone and is waiting for it.  (It just might be true, as crazy as you make it appear to be.)
  • How would anyone but people here even know it existed? No advertising, no shelf space, no reason to switch.
  • Wierd, I see lumia and continium ads all the time on TV.
  • Weird that people watch tv these days Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I know I'm hoping to get blown
  • We all are, buddy!
  • Going to get blown or going xFalk gets blown?
  • No more than they (Microsoft) deserve...
  • Because we NEVER saw THAT coming LOL. Incoming fan boy comments - "Oh but it'll succeed, let's just wait... and wait, and wait... " How about you folks stop waiting, face reality and pick an OS, and MOVE.    Windows Phone IS DEAD.  I just hope that MS now concentrates on bringing more features over to iOS because there's a LOT of things about WP I miss.
  • My Windows Phone works just fine. I'll never go back to Android or iOS.
  • Great advice, thanks!  I DID pick an OS and move...from the fragmented, chaotic-avalanche-of-apps, hunk-of-crap OS called Android to the modern, integrated, productive, efficient OS called Windows 10 Mobile. Couldn't be happier that I finally found a mobile OS worth having.      
  • Windows mobile, as far as i can tell, will not die;). Windows 10 needs it;). The only problem with windows mobile, is the apps that well, as we can all see, the developers are to much of an ******** to make them for windows. And that is why their are projects like astoria! Let's put it this way, windows is a niche product while others are well: Mass appealing. Windows mobile will not be the most saled product on the market but will not die either;). So, stop being such a happy dung cause it doesn't help you to much.
  • Windows 10 does not need W10M, all they need is the iphone pro.....
  • Lol need what?
  • How about YOU folks just bugger off to an Android or iOS forum and stop preaching about Windows Phone. Those of us who use WP aren't waiting for it to disappear. We're using the best phone OS currently available and it kicks arse! If WP fails and disappears one day, we'll reluctantly move on to whatever is best at that time. Personally, I love my 950XL and it leaves me wanting for nothing! If YOU don't feel this way, then by all means, don't let the door hit you in the back as you leave.
  • Here here!
  • Yeah, this community sucks. All isheep and fandroids are really ruining it.
  • I think it's totally fine if you love your 950XL. There are also lots of people who are still using other dead platforms like Amiga, Atari etc as a hobby. That's totally fine if you do so. However keep in mind that shareholders aren't caring about your personal hobby but about business success.
  • Why the hell should I keep the shareholders in mind!? I'm not here to solve problems or constantly ***** about Microsoft or pander to the idiots who just come here to mouth off about how dead the platform is. I really am sick and tired of the negativity spewed up here! We should celebrate how good the platform is and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. If it dies, it dies and at least some of us will mourn its passing. Until then, I remain a Windows Phone enthusiast and I'll continue to look for fellow enthusiasts amongst the dross and anti-Microsoft bottom-feeders who keep coming back here for some unfathomable reason!
  • Blackberry after being in loss for years is still supporting blackberry 10. So there is no way windows mobile is dying. Microsoft will support it till eternity and so will I.
  • Remember that one of Satya's first moves was to write off the entire Nokia acquisition, forever branding Windows Phone as Balmer's failure, not his. Anything that comes out of Windows Phone now is free money, but if it can't pay its own way, it can be dispensed with without much effect on earnings. As for me, WM10 runs poorly on my 920. When I finally break the screen or have $150 in my pocket, I'll buy a generic Android phone. It will do everything my 920 does-take pictures, wake me up, play music, makes calls and texts, surf the Internet-plus a lot of stuff my 920 doesn't do, like banking, Coursera, and many other app-based services.
  • Yeah, there does seem to be a large influx of dooms day predictors preaching their judgment day sermons on Windows Not really sure why they think the rest of us really care about their opinions on the future of Windows Mobile.
  • Especially mindi b-he or she needs to disappear. Really tired of that idiot over and over and over with the WP is dead preaching.
  • +1. I ain't going nowhere although I would love periscope. And I'm liking the new peach app. But there is nothing that makes me want to switch platforms.
  • I'm happy with Windows 10 Mobile on the 950 so far, it's the OS I want to use right now. But I agree all the other people moaning about it should just move on now if they are really that bothered. Come back and buy another Windows device in a year if it's done enough to change your mind.
  • I did pick an OS (Windows), the alternatives just don't work for me. I refuse to pay a premium for a device just cause it has a half eaten fruit on it and absolutely refuse to have any dealings with Google.
  • How about you stop reading about Windows Phones news here just to spout your trash, face reality and pick an iOS/Android news site, and MOVE there instead. 
  • What's more sad? People enjoying their phones (call the fanboys if you feel good) and reading a site related to their phones, or someone spending time on a site of a dead phone? LOL
  • You should move too and forget those WP features, and embrace entirely 100% your fruit device. 
  • "blow the doors off", over hyped Fan boy expectations on "Surface Phone". Seriously someone needs to get a grip on reality. If there were any really stunning new features, you would think that Samsung, Google or Apple would be there first. Even if Microsoft dream up some special feature, them the other platforms would pretty quickly swamp the same feature.
    No the current Smartphone feature set is done, the modern smartphone is now a commonality item, and more consumers will be seeking better value. Aka declining iPhone sales.
    Windows Phone is dead, Microsoft Knows this. Joe Belifoir, Paul Thurrott, and soon Mary Jo have accepted that Windows Phone is dead and have moved on. Its the failure to close the Apps Gap stupid.
    BTW I still love WP on my Lumia 925, 640 devices, linked to my MS Band 2, and running my SP4 Xmas present, because I am one of the few who loves the WP Live Tiles Home screen. But realistic enough to accept that consumers are more interested in Apps.
  • Yeah, right! Tell me something Samdung and CrApple was their first...and i tell you how Nokia was their first. Just name me one device who's futures are not copied from other, and i give you the cookie!
  • I'll be buying Nokias next phone. I won't be buying the unicorn Surface Phone. What use is a phone with no apps? Posted from my Note 5
  • I think I'd go for Nokia's next phone as well.....
  • "Surface Phone" is being HUGELY overhyped IMO. I get that some people really want a metal body for the phone, but other than cosmetics I don't think there's anything ground breaking that it's going to be doing - Some people are dreaming about running x86 apps and using their phone as their only device - That's further off than the first "Surface Phone". I think it will be gorgeous hardware cosmetically, but in terms of "blowing the doors off" what is it really expected to do?
  • Totally agree.  While it may be metal and cosmetically appealing, that alone isn't going to drive sales; it's still going to run W10M and be the same user experience as a 950.  About the most unique technology I could see it pioneering would be wireless charging in a metal body, though nobody is going to change platforms for that, not to mention the annoyance of not being able to use our existing qi chargers with it. We're still years away from battery life being able to sustain an x86 phone running desktop apps.
  • As a former palm pre owner, this feeling feels all too familiar.
  • Oh crap, you had to bring up the Palm Pre! Nuts I loved my little phone too but that died off way too soon. Compare WebOS to Windows Mobile and there is still life left ... Although there is also concern too.
  • WebOS was the best mOS at the time.  f u HP
  • This feels exactly like this.  
  • Ever heard of Continuum?
  • Ever heard of no one is paying attention to it?
  • I know many college students using continuum Mindi B, now troll on somewhere else, pitiful waste of your life time even being here.
    We get it YOU don't like windows mobile, no one is forcing you here although some one may be paying you it would seem at this point....
  • Not quite.
    We do not know what features this alleged "Surface Phone" will come up with.   If Microsoft does it right this time (and that's a big if - on the other side they have to)
    and really delved into a deep cooperation with Intel and took appropriate (financial) risks
    the Surface Phone will have a "feature set" (aka "category-defining")
    that is neither available to Apple nor to Google - at least for some time being. Once the Surface Phone is out all the manufacturers who make those "commonality items" as you describe them will offer Lumia-like, ARM-based phones. - Can't really say much about  W10M right now ...
    ​have to wait (again ...) until the Surface Phone is out.   -      
  • May 2016
  • Agreed with your comments regarding the Surface Phone. Also, I gotta say, I wish you didn't have to take preemptive measures against defensive fanboy comments by saying stuff like "I still love my WP." Windows Central is starting to get as fanboyish as Apple Insider.
  • So should I rest my L1520 in peace and get the iPhone or not?
  • Yes
  • +950 XL
  • Get the Galaxy s7. Waterproof, heartbeat detector, fingerprint, and more just to name like 3 out of the dozens of features. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who needs those gimmick features? Not me.
  • That's why he wasn't replying to you. Posted from my Note 5
  • Only a blind w10m fanboy would say that, while the rest of the world wouldn't mind and are using those gimmicks.
  • Yeah because you haven't realized how useful they are. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Remember the canceled McClaren? Well I have 3d touch atm. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • along with unsecure, laggy, touchwiz, crappy android to go along with the gimmicks.  NO THANKS.   950xl here.  twice the phone with a way better camera,  you know,  things you actually use in everyday life,....unlike,  omg my heart rate is up from this time yesterday.  face palm. 
  • You tell that story to the millions of galaxy owners. And the camera thing, Samsung has either beaten or is on par.
  • And the 950 along with no apps, bugs here and there, no tv remote, no LED indicator, lack of sensors, no fingerprint reader, not enough settings including no live wallpapers or curved screen strobe light, etc. I even have 3d touch similar to the canceled McClaren. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And clearly you are biased because you wouldn't of said that if you actually used Android because Touchwiz is only the default UI lmao I can make my phone look like an iPhone or WP or even have it 3d. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope ! Windows and Windows Phone will still be around after we're all long gone mate.
  • Sell it to me dammit.
  • Really, iphone?
  • iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s (Plus) feels way more Metro than W10M. So if you loved WP 8.x you'll be happy with iOS.
  • Xl all the way
  • Why, when the XL is so much better?
  • iPhone or Surface Phone if you can hold out that long ....
  • iPhone 6S+ or Nexus 6P you can't go wrong. Posted from my Note 5
  • iPhone 6s plus has under power hardware! Don't forget converting all your media into iTunes dark side! Don't forget about when iPhone 6s plus and Nexus 6P freeze and can't use the non-removable battery to get it working again!
  • Actually,  you can go very wrong....both are crap!  apple, overhyped junk,  nexus,  crappy  ****** android.
  • Were you molested or raped of your senses by the other platforms?
  • Wtf are you smoking.. I asked a ********* who brags about the iPhone, about what was that he could do that I with my 950. Couldnt do. The moron said only one word .. Experience, experience.. Right 1080p screen vs qhd, non removable batteries vs removable , wireless charging vs none. About Looks,well granted the iPhone takes the cake but who cares.. The ******** had no answers.. Groupthinkers
  • Lmao
  • Do what you like.
  • Yay! Go for iPhone 7 plus
  • WP10 is worse than WP8.1 and the main problem still the same: lack of apps. They should bring back Astoria ASAP.
  • It's back in Redstone!
  • In my experience, while the lack of compatibility of some old apps is annoying, I have noticed a steady trickle of apps coming in.   I think many of them are also on Windows 10, so I think the strategy is working.   It will be a long struggle, though, to get Windows Mobile into a steady and unmovable spot. Having said that, if Google released its app-store to Windows computers (outside of bluestacks) and made it work efficiently, then Windows Mobile is probably finished.
  • Will use my 640XL for another few months and switch to the iPhone. This is the end, people. Lets just enjoy what we have and change to Android or iOS.
  • Because? I don't see a reason to change. Why would I?
  • Platform is dying, soon there wont even be the loyal app devs left who made apps for w8.1 and the rivals have every single functionality of WP that used to be exclusive (except Live Tiles). Need I go on?
  • I will do no such thing. If windows phone goes, I will look back into a flip phone. I do not like Apple or Google products. So yea.
  • Non you wouldn't. Don't lie to yourself Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Why would I? My phone is better.
  • haha, Dan_jT, why can't you just go it
  • Read the comments of others and stop being a fan boy blinded by your love for all things MS.
  • Awe, somebody is getting butt hurt, poor
  • Hey guys should we advertise the new phone?? Nah don't bother....
  • Well... Just snagged 2 950XLs, hoping for a surface phone. Ms should advertise the crap out of the dual sim feature in the US... The wizz bang face scanner doesn't even impress today's jaded tech audience... But tell them it has two phone numbers and everyone loses their minds... Lots of people carry two phones (work/personal) and having to only carry one is a big plus.
  • It is a great phone.. You Will enjoy
  • Advertise a phone with an OS that is buggy and not finished? I mean BT doesnt even work consistently.
  • You surely don't have the phone.
    It is a great phone
  • I've got the 950 and with the current public/mainstream build and firmware it runs great - Nothing like in numerous reviews where the phone would continually crash and show loading screens. The 930 ran the Preview Builds well but the 950 runs fantastic based on my experience
  • I have 2 950's and agree Dan Harris, no problems and love the phones
  • You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Why are you even here?
  • Re: Giddota,
    Who are you talking to?
  • I came from using for 3 years my Samsung ATIV S "WP8.1.1" to MS Lumia 950 XL "10586.29" so far fantastic! Surface Phone coming in may and Lumia 960 / 960 XL in August. Windows 10.1 Mobile "Redstone" August
    Redstone will have a working Android emulator! Surface Phone is using Intel Atom "Goldmont" with 4GB of RAM with Surface Pen, will battle it out against Samsung Note 6 this summer!
  • Well, does not come as a surprise. The Lumia 950 is a ugly phone whut a OS that's just not finished. I have watched so many 950/950 xl reviews on youtube and most of them gives the phone (and os) the thumbs down. I don't know why, but I still want the lumia 950 xl. Lumia 930 whit windows 10 is just not working so have to buy a new phone soon
  • Dan't be scared to much. My xl works ok. Thier are some flows, but well. Hope ms moves faster or they will loose a lot of customers...
  • I don't think it was the cosmetics of the device that meant it didn't sell well.
  • Yet, most consumers give it the thumbs up... Isn't that weird?
  • Is that why some costumers actually returns their phones and cancels the buy?
  • The only people who buy it are hardcore Windows phone fans, and of course they are going to give it a thumbs up.
  • Perhaps just looking for the rock bottom? wishful thinking... 
  • Snapchat will save us!!!
  • Yeah... Right. What is that anyway?
  • A way to share naked pictures with young people.
  • Um it's videos???? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now we know what you do haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I think they stay with windows phone at least as long as it takes to give a surface phone line a chance, that fails and nothing left to try.
  • Have about a working Windows 10 for phones and some apps?
  • Working windows 10 for phones they can do, apps not much they can do, they don't build the millions of apps out there, devs do. Devs need to get excited about the phone platform some how. Surface line do that? Maybe, hopefully, unknown.
  • I don't know about that. What signals does Microsoft send whit buggy, expensive high end lumias to people around the globe? It's not better either that Microsofts own apps actually works better on Ios and android in some cases
  • A number of their apps on other platforms were existing apps that were bought and re-branded - The apps they actually built themselves from scratch aren't necessarily better than the W10M counterparts. I see complaints about Groove on other platforms, and a friend used to complain a lot about Outlook on Android until he switched to iOS.
  • Oh I agree, the OS is currently buggy, I am just saying MS has full control over whether they send buggy crap but they have little control over the app market as a whole.
  • But the first Surface Phone won't work. Remember it took Microsoft three Surface Pros until Surface Pro 3 and a 1B$ write down until it caught the attention of press, consumers and the competing OEMs partners (see how funny this sounds). Sad part is, the idea of a surface phone is as big as Surface Pro tablets itself, perhaps even bigger. But with the lack of mobile apps (UWP apps) ecosystem, and a lack of solution to Win32 apps on a phone form-factor, not to mention how powerful and battery efficient it will be- to back it up, the question is can Microsoft do it? Or even it is possible? And will the consumers, developers and OEMs notice? The future seems very bleak right now but that's what the naysayers said about Surface brand and look where we are. I believe in this vision. Just have to wait and see if Microsoft does too.
  • I thin the only way the win32 app idea works is through continuum. Can't imagine people sitting there using win32 apps on a 5 inch screen. They get it to the point where they convince people the surface phone works well as a mobile consumption device, then take it to the office and hook it up and use it as a full fledge work device with full win32 app access....maybe. But win32 as trying to bridge the mobile app issue I don't see working.
  • But consumers being consumers, would want to run win32 apps on their phone no matter how unfeasible it is. Also, that idea would work because potentially it would translate the PCs market into windows on mobile market and when they will have a phone form factor, always available to people in their pockets, 2-4x the battery life of PCs and connected everywhere through cellular connectivity, those numbers will be enough to justify the development of mobile app ecosystem. Microsoft just need to get those numbers. And the only way it can do that is by convincing the world that the idea of a Surface phone as a complete PC in your pockets is real. Neither iOS nor Android has any capability like that, nor can they match the Win32 ecosystem that drives PC sales. They only need to prove to the world that such a device is technologically possible and you will begin to see the OEMs start to flock towards windows. Just look at how every one is now following in Surface Pro's footsteps. See how even Samsung came out with the latest Galaxy Tab Pro tablet running Windows 10 instead of android.
  • "But consumers being consumers, would want to run win32 apps on their phone no matter how unfeasible it is." Wrong.
  • Another one who thinks a surface name will bring a resurface:)). God! Some sre dung. How about making windoes 10 work better then all os's to the point where the greedy developers want to make shity apps for they do for the other middle age platforms
  • When you are done sounding like a pompous ass do me a favor and point to a spot in my posts where I said surface name will do anything? From MY reading skills I mentioned I think MS will give the surface line a try before giving up. Then I said in my next post that I hope the line helps get developers attention but unknown if it will. Somewhere in there I guess you are saying I said something else but I know how it is, sometimes our desire to be a **** head gets in the way of us actually reading.
  • Should I jump ship to iPhone guys?
  • Yes
  • Why should you? The XL is better in every way and the software is coming along nicely.
  • How is it better? Have you even used an iPhone 6S+ for a decent period of time? The software is coming along nicely? What, your beta release OS filled with crashes, menus half finished, and a non-existent ecosyste, which no developer wants to support? I'll admit - after 5 yrs on WP, iOS DOES feel old, but you know what? It's evolving a lot, the ecosystem has been constantly thriving for years and every developer releases their iOS app FIRST. WP users have no idea what its like to be part of a rich ecosystem. You guys are stuck and resistant to change, and so used to being neglected that you don't even know what its like to have access to many services which enrich modern living.
  • Why are you here Mohamed all you do literally is tell people to go to another OS.
    Are you being paid to do this or is your life that pathetic?
  • I would say Android and Samsung :)
  • I've had enough of Android's shenanigans. I am more of a super responsive phone guy, it was partly why I picked Windows Phone to begin with. I guess I'll just wait another year or so, if apps don't come, I'll think about jumping ship.
  • Go Nexus then but the iPhone 6s won't disappoint especially the Plus Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I would say sony if android;). And i would say **** android! Go for future phones. Somehow, they are always better!
  • No... Jump to a Xl
  • Yes. If Microsoft doesn't want to waste resources on their products then why should you waste money on an inferior ecosystem. Jump ship. Look out for what Microsoft is doing and if they are still there in a mobile space with a platform of their own and better hardware offerings with better ecosystem than it is now, then you can always come back.
  • Yes, but not to the iPhone. Jump to Android. You'll be far better served there. Just...word of advice: avoid Samsung phones. Give Sony a try. You'll be very pleased with their phones (even if the camera is not the best).
  • Whatever you people buy, stay as far away from Android as possible. It is the absolutely worst choice out there. You will be a lot more happy and have a lot less problems.
  • That's just, like, your opinion. I for one know I'm off to Android if not Windows.
  • Android is the HIV of mobile. STAY AWAY from it.
  • Aahah great one.
  • Your posts are the HIV of Windows Central.
  • Haha no Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • That I agree. Overwrought with unnecessary options. Hard to deal with unless you're a pro.
  • Try Nexus. It will get updates and has no bloatware or OEM skins. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You should go with WebOS.
  • I miss WebOS.  :(
  • Along with web OS. You should also recommend Ubuntu, whatever that is, and Firefox.
  • Yes and You won't regret. It's much easier to use than w10m and the battery life beats w10m out of the water, except the camera. I'm thinking the iPhone 7 will fix that.
  • Yep
  • Windows phone is dead :(
  • No it is not... It is reinventing itself
  • Seriously wake up. ITS DEAD. take the fanboy blinkers off and look at what's happened. Developers are not interested and neither is the market. Its over.
  • Nah, its actually better than it has been.
  • 3 reboots of WP, and it's still in decline, W10M is constantly delayed and half finished, developers are still steering clear of WP, and you're trying to say it's better than it has been? LOL, sure ok.
  • WP is actually dead and that's why I switched to the iPhone. Though blind fanboys now have w10m.
  • Yeah, every year since 2010...
  • No. It's alive and well but on vacation with Joe Belfiore.
  • Lol he's hiding. Or looking for a new job with apple.
  • Windows 10 mobile is not dead. It is part of the 1 billion windows 10 devices that Microsoft needs to achieve. If you estimate a minimum of 50 million active windows phones in the wild, that would be around 5% of the 1 billion devices atm. That would also mean that there will be a staged upgrade to these devices to keep up the constant growth of windows 10 devices untill they reach 1 billion
  • Surface Phone just started this may!
  • They must have some sort of plan to get ahead. There's some sort if new form factor they have up their sleeves (Surface Phone) and they'll go all guns blazing I expect. In terms of the current type of mobile device bought by consumers MS know they lost that fight some time ago. Time for a new strategy and that's exactly what they're doing. Here's hoping it's a doozy.
  • Didn't we say the same thing with mango, 8, and 8.1 and now with 10??? We have been beta testing for long enough. When are they going to get their **** together? Windows 15?? To many lame ass excuses for me. The 830 will be my last. Its two cans and some string for me. At least I'll know what to expect.
  • I've been with Windows Phone since before NoDo lol - Before we even had Copy and Paste. It's come a long way since then. I'm still happy with Windows 10 Mobile, but when I'm not I'll just buy something else since it's just a phone.
  • I'm from that time too.
  • No marketing equals no revenue. Common sense.
  • It isn't much of surprise, like Microsoft said, this was to be expected with their change of strategy in july 2015 and phone division acquisition write down. But what is sad is the fact that the phones released this quarter were flagships with newer Windows 10 which should have brought more revenues and profit margins. For some quarters we have been explaining these diminishing sale figures to lack of flagship and OS updates but it seems fans were clinging on as long as they had some hope. But with Microsoft's strategy shift (God knows what that is, they seemed to have given up on spending resources on mobile software and hardware), seems to have done its damage. With rushed products launch in Lumia 950/XL, unfinished/unoptimized/unpolished software and lack of faith in longer term support, even fans seemed to have given up on it. And I don't exactly have any problem with it, Microsoft is a business after all, as long as they DON'T SCRAP their mobile software efforts in w10m and hardware efforts in lumia/surface brand altogether. Would hate to buy an iPhone/android device in future even if it does have all the Microsoft's services because to be honest I'm a fan of windows as a platform/service rather than other services that Microsoft offers.
  • Re: DoctorSaline,
    I'm a fan of the Metro/ Modrrn UI/UX (user interface /experience), well what's left of it. I enjoy the live tiles on my Windows Phone running 8.1. I keep the lively changing tiles at the top of my start screen so they inform me and so others can see them.
  • Well maybe just maybe.......if Microsoft offered their phones on all carriers instead of just AT&T more would sell .........
  • Seriously.  They used to have some offerings through T-Mobile, but that ship sailed.  I teach in a public high school, where 90% of the kids have smart phones, regardless of economic background.  Almost all of the kids with Windows Phones were T-Mobile users.  (And not very many had WP)
  • T-Mobile is the one that chooses to kill their own phones. See, Lumia 640, and HTC One M8 as recent examples. It's somewhat impressive that the 435 has lasted for as long as it has!
  • It's only common sense to kill off a phone that's not selling. Same thing happened with the Icon on Verizon, but as far as everyone here is concerned, the carriers are evil for not keeping dead weight around.
  • As the article states, I'm sure most here aren't surprised.  Sure the internals of the 950/XL are nice but you can argue the OS has regressed instead of improved from 8.1.  The app situation is midling with the big names still having no incentive to develop an app.  Windows 10 on desktop might get a few here and there to come (like the announced Facebook and Instagram apps) but most devs still won't care as more & more apps are focused only on mobile.   The only thing that can save Windows Mobile is impressively designed hardware (that looks sleek on the outside + great internals) combined with a fixed Win10 Mobile, and also the Islandwood bridge needs to be so easy & quick to use that devs will figure "may as well give it a shot".  Also, the phones need to be on any & all carriers, and about $100 cheaper than comparable Apple/Andorid hardware. 
  • So, the only thing that will save Windows Mobile is actually 3 things? ;) I don't think hardware is the main thing that stops people buying phones like the 950/XL - It's because they already have a platform they know and love and they don't want to switch just to have to buy all their content again - If you've had an iPhone since the early days you've probably also bought a lot from iTunes in that time - And other than the DRM free MP3 files you can't really access any of that on another platform.
  • The dream was a Zune like windows phone, that dream for the most part is dead. Now ive settled on W10M being a skin like touch wiz on a MS made android phone. Thats really the only solution here, a W10M Surface phone, without app parity will fail and tarnish the Surface brand which is what MS doesnt need. I do think there will be a Surface phone, I dont think it will run W10M as we know it today.
  • Honestly, a Microsoft made Andorid device that uses Live Tiles as the skin doesn't sound so bad.  Still won't have Google apps, but the only one I would really miss is Maps anyway. You have to figure this is the last resort plan. Destroys the whole OneCore deal though with designing apps once and having them be available across desktop, phone, tablet, Xbox, etc. 
  • If it ran any form of android, I would never buy it. I fix android phones every day... And they are just rubbish through and through.
  • "I fix android phones every day..."   Sure you do.
  • It really would not surprise me if the Surface Phone turns out to run Android with a W10M skin and a UWP bridge.
  • Why not run full Windows?
  • Surface Phone will have an Android emulator! Thanks Redstone.
  • Time to put this broke legged horse out to pasture.
  • Damn, well if windows 10 mobile was finalized and officially released in the fall...and if they had then actually advertised the 950/XL on multiple carriers it wouldn't be so bad. But, they missed that opportunity. Friends and coworkers that see my 950 are impressed and interested, but also never knew the phone existed. When they learn it's only on At&t, well, At&t has many dead zones here so hardly anyone uses there service.
  • this is no big suprise. firstly last year when they were selling 10mill a quarter everyone was whinging it wasn't good enough compared to iPhones 40mill or what ever they sell but i was saying 10 mill is good. sellign 10 mill of anything is good. now we're at 4mill and that is bad. MS had the right strategy with flooding he market with lots of low ends yet people whinged, nadella cut them and now this. secondly the marketting for the 950 was atrocious. there was hardly any fan fare in australia while with previous 9xx releases there was always comps and other things happening which I'm sure raised the awareness of lumia. anyways i'm hoping MS stick to their word and keep it going no matter how dismal the figures are because i will never switch as long as there is a working phone with a working OS available. i find it strange it's that bad though because i know quite a few people who very recently have ditched their iphones (soldd on ebay) and bought 640s due to losing job or bveing tight with money and they are really liking they're 640s. maybe if the economy keep struggling we'll see sales pick up :)
  • Windows mobile will be fine
  • Because they have the new...
  • What point does it make to link that dead website 100 times in this thread? Jesus.
  • It's just as dead as the momentum for WP. Very appropriate
  • Lmao. Savage Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • What point does it make to trash a "dead" is 100 times on a thread visa? You, mindi b, Mohamed and spazzmeister are pathetic souls wasting your lives on a site for a phone you hate. Go to android/iOS sites and start a circle jerk
  • 2016???
  • May 2016
  • Get real. There's no freakin way they have a Surface phone thus year
  • Just look for the surface phone to the east at sunrise. When we are about to lose the war, the surface phone will come riding down the hill with an army to defeat armies of Saruman
  • Oh, and I'm more motivated than ever to start saving up for Microsoft Lumia 950XL incase it turns out to be a last MICROSOFT AND LUMIA branded product and I miss out on a chance to own one of these LEGENDS. :D
  • You're money would be better saved and more well spent buying a beautiful 1520.
  • I want to try out continuum. Otherwise, yes, 1520 would have sufficed.
  • Expected when they had nothing good to sell all year, and when 950 came out, it was on back order most of the time. Released only in US and Canada.
  • Yes, Supply was rubbish in the UK last year and early January - The XL model only just became available at Carphone Warehouse without being a "Pre order"
  • And yet in the UK the Windows Phone market share actually rose. Its those Europeans and Yanks who are letting us down.
  • Well if I were European I'd be bitter about the Nokia buying and gutting done by MS. Also the way MS has destroyed the prestigious Lumia image is unforgivable. Posted from my Note 5
  • Yep! Blame it on supply and chain. Gotta blame it something right? Maybe the rain too?
  • My advice, from all my experience in the corporate world, is that MS should have unloaded a ton of Lumias for free or dirt cheap through all the US carriers.  No contract.  No catch.  Want a new smart phone?  Try this free Lumia.  They also should have started paying developers a couple years ago to make WP versions of the popular apps.  Then, maybe they'd stand a chance now.  The problem is, most people have NEVER tried a Windows Phone.  Carriers don't suggest them to customers.  Because everyone knows the app store hascobwebs, they don't bother looking at WP.    A few years ago, my wife's new iPhone was stolen a couple weeks after she got it.  Accident insurance but not theft.  Screw buying another.  I bought her a Windows phone online.  She used it for a little over two years.  She became a realtor, and the app they use to open lock boxes does not exist for Windows, so she switched back to iPhone for her job.  She actually misses Windows Phone and wishes she wasn't "stuck" with iPhone. 
  • "Whatever mobile products are in the pipeline better blow the doors off of anything we have seen thus far."   By the looks of it, the only doors they'll be blowing will be the gates of Hell.
  • Look up
  • That's a dead ******* website that forwards to the regular Surface page.
  • Lol. Good one.
  • Windows phone already is a zombie... And I like zombie ;P
  • We can only hope for a killer surface phone
  • Wait No longer!
  • Yes, 2017 is right around the corner. In the meantime, sales drop another 25%
  • How many apps does one need and indeed store on your phone, if apps are your thing Apple and Android have heap's of which most are rehashed rubbish.
  • And to have a phone without apps, I buy a feature phone for 20€ instead of a smartphone for 600€.
  • I agree totally.  98% of the apps in iPhone and Android store are pretty useless and people are fickle with them.  Keep in mind that most consumers are not educated buyers.  They buy what someone told them to.  Ever ask a rep a the AT&T store or wherever which type of phone they'd recommend?  Windows never gets a mention.
  • But the remaining 2% are top notch.
  • Haha 99.99 for the Windows Store then because that a load of bull. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • "98% of the apps in iPhone and Android store are pretty useless"   That's a typical BS statement that Windows phone users love to spout off. It almost sounds like you're trying to convince yourself.
  • Exactly Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah... They also count demos, ringtones, audio books, wallpapers and so on as apps... I wouldn't be surprised if the total amount of true unique apps are lower on android and ios than wp.
  • You're high.
  • It's not about needs. It's about have or not have. Everyone uses different apps. W10m does not have those apps.
  • The feature that was to supposedly blow the doors off was Continuum and UWP. Apparently peeps have yet to catch onto the notion of having PC in your pocket. One that transitions into semi Desktop UI. Here's to x86 in a phone. I want a phone with multiple screens also, built in. That concept with Lumia secondary screen is. Good starting point. MS better do it fast to try and recapture/retain any last remaining dignity and market share they have left. Go MS!!
  • I'd love to see a sketch of how a multi screen phone would look...Do you mean a clamshell design like a Nintendo DS? There was a phone a while back that had a normal display on one side, and an E-Ink display on the other.
  • Visit phone arena. See in Jan 28/29th's news feed. There are images showing how it can be.
  • Congratulations. Microsoft totally deserved it.
  • Oh yeah
  • Paul an Mary Jo probably, but how you say Joe Belifoir has moved on escape me. His explanation of the iPhone was pretty clear and made a lot of sense.
  • To relax he uses an iPhone rather than a buggy 950 that'll mess up holiday photos. That in itself speaks volumes. Posted from my Note 5
  • No! He needed to send a snapchat message.
  • Expensive is what attracts... That's why everyone goes for the shiny and sharp product with a huge price tag.
  • Why are people even the bothering to comment on this? No flagship phones for 2 years, then they release 2 flagship devices with virtually no promotion that were more or less to keep existing fans happy. Of course sales are going to plummet!!​ Microsoft won't desert WM. They need to have W10 accross all platforms, they're a HUGE company and contrary to what some might say here, business savvy, they know what they're doing. They can afford to let WM flounder for years, (it kind of has...), they're big enough to easily carry any loss, even if WM doesn't turn a profit for the next 5 years, (and I don't think it has...). But they have to have a mobile presence with W10. My guess is that they'll keep WM going indefinately, probably aim it more at the corporate sector or whatever but they'll need to keep it. If they make a Surface phone then great, I'll get one. I'm not a "power user", I don't use a lot of apps and WM10 is by far, for me, the best experience, (I previously had a Note 4 but before that was all WP). I currently have a 950XL and am absolutely loving it. Bring on the Surface phone!
  • Whatever helps you sleep at night! But seriously speaking, anyone who is not a fanboy knows that Windows Mobile won't be around next year.
  • Things are to change in may
  • That sounds really exciting for you and the other 2,000 users they have left by then. Also, May is likely when they finally release W10 to everyone
  • Such a shame to be doing so bad against Android and Apple. It is amazing that apple picked up such a following and loyalty. Nearly every iPhone owner I know has had breakages, usually the screen.
  • You can't really blame apple for user stupidity though can you? Also, Apple were in there early...many people are hooked and have been for years.
  • Apple did an AMAZING job of getting consumers to buy into the Apple culture.  Half of iPhone owners bought iPhone because the other half has them.  And some of the Apple-exclusive apps have helped drive that.  I had a lady tell me she was switching to iPhone so she could facetime with her grandkids.  Windows Phone isn't hip.  No one honestly NEEDS a Windows Phone.  
  • I do. I for one won't ever buy a phone without wireless charging. And just started using Continuum for my job (2nd workspace) Only a Windows phone can do that. Realy it's NOT about iPhone but about Android phones.
  • That's what Skype is for! Face time is garbage!
  • Haha Skype. Facetime works so much easier Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • FaceTime is 99% way better than Skype!
  • Sadly, while I have seen many Surface Pro & Surface Book commercials while I watch football, I've yet to see a Lumia commercial.
  • Last Lumia commercials I remember is Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani. When was that, 2012?
  • My daughter has a Samsung. Its UI looks high res, stylish and fancy. The lockscreen is also cool. My Lumia 720 UI look as if it was made of 2x2s. All lines are thick and everything looks kind of heavy. The whole Modern UI really annoys me. That being said, I very much like the looks of Windows 10,on the desktop. Hopefully W10 will look nicer than 8.1 on the phone.
  • Re: LumiatotSRB,
    Maybe you should change your 8.1 start screen "design" so it is more attractive. There are many great examples on thIs website. Just be glad you have option and aren't stuck with old fashioned chicklet shortcut icons.
    Best Wishes
  • Hard to do commercial on a beta product.
  • I just can't underastand why. And also why people in USA hate windows phone.
  • Microsoft sucks at PR. It is seen by the general US populace as an old, withering dinosaur that was on computers growing up. A lot of folks even think MS is hurting financially (for whatever reason). If MS didn't have the Xbox brand, public perception would probably be far less than it it, despite having good products. Surface is helping, as is Win10, but among the John Q. Publics, the Surface is an iPad knockoff and Win10 taking cues from Apple/Android. America can be stupid sometimes, but such is the power brand perception. Microsoft needs to hire the PR company who helped turn Hyundai's image around. Totally different image than what people thought a decade ago.
  • That's why there making
  • No apps. That's been said over and over and again and again!
  • nice phone won't help. MS only chance is taking 300-500 Million in the hand and build ecosystem, paying devs, marketing. No investment = dead Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If Microsoft released some truly compelling hardware, perhaps it'd help. Or focus first on snatching up the enterprise sector since they thrive in business then hit the consumer front. And release better marketing aside from product placements in tv shows that gives a glance before switching angles. Hollywood uses a lot of Lumias in scenes, so the phones look good enough...
  • I see Lumias and Surface tablet PCs on CBS television shows.(America)
  • There's a lot of negativity here. I like my 950XL. I hope that there's a viable replacement when my contract comes up in 12/2017. Only one of my co-workers had a Windows phone - 1020. She replaced it last month. Didn't like iPhones. Went for a Samsung Galaxy 6 curve (or whatever it's called) because it 'looked bling'. Therein lies one problem, but not the only one. The problem I see, at least here in the UK, is the lack of marketing. I quite simply cannot recall the last time I saw any advertising on TV for the current Windows Mobile phones. None of them. Having said that, I have noticed a small degree of 'product placement' (incidental, I'm sure) where a Windows phone has been used in a totally 'not phone' related product.
  • There were adverts on phone boxes for Cortana and WP 8.1, and EE have Windows 10 Mobile advertised on small boards outside their stores at the moment - But you're right there's nothing on TV. The last ones I remember were the 1020 adverts
  • Surface is Mobile too! Silly to think about 'phones' only.
  • That's why SP is coming!
  • Too ******* late. The party ended a long time ago but MS is too drunk to notice that everyone else went home
  • shshshshsh, be very quiet, i have secret but you can't tell anyone. (Not really a secret on this website but go with me, it's fun) Msoft has a plan.... release a garbage OS, WM10, that is experimental (but panders to the Msoft fanscene, i mean, retina scanning, how cool is that!) but reviews really badly. They get an army of fans to develop it to be a solid, swift and enjoyable OS whilst letting the public face of there endeavours go quetly into the long goodnight, not with a bang, not even with a whimper. (RIP Lumia brand, i still use you and love you but know your time with us is nearly over)....... We are through the looking glass people, be brave and hold onto the future, there is a prophecy fortold, it's rumours echoes in the dark caverns of our dreams, we have all known it for as long as we can remember. One day, a great shiney hope will not rise from the ashes but will fly from the back of a great soaring success. Msoft's army will have sowed the seeds of development, away from the eyes of the naysayers, it will launch solid, swift, secure and ingenious. One day the hardwork of the secret army will bare a new small fruit called surfacephone and from that solid foundation it will be refined and developed. This is Windows 10.... 10 years of development ahead. So don't be concerned by sales figures, they were always **** anyway.
  • Drugs are bad, stop taking them.
  • Go to
  • Julian Barker,
    Nicely written. A nice change to read rather than all the doom and gloom.
  • It really doesn't matter what you do months from now when everyone has given up on you already now
  • Still hunting for a lumia with SD 6xx, anyone please give directions. Mid ranger? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There's one that's available in...Japan
  • Maybe a Lumia in Japan stays in, but I doubt it. No imports allowed policy... ROMs for Droids, Microsoft please
  • Or just wait till may and get a
  • You just copy/paste the entire comment sections when these articles come out.
  • If they could ever just stabilize Windows 10 Mobile and optimize it like crazy for the 950 and 950XL particularly that would do a lot to stabilize things. Things just take much longer than they actually should on these new high end phones.
  • Because they are working hard on
  • No kidding......
  • There are a couple reasons I haven't purchased a 950xl. 1. No carrier support in Canada. 2. Msft didn't seem all that excited about their new flagship. Availability issues etc. 3. Immediately after launch the surface phone rumors started. So why pay $860 for a fan boy pacifier. This is my take , admittedly a wp fan. I've been a wp user since wp7 was released. to be fair it would be hard for msft to go crazy promoting the 950 devices when the mobile OS is still preview. if you're not a wp fan like most of the people here, you probably don't even know that msft makes phones. Most people know apple/Samsung. I think we will have to wait for the surface phone with a polished version of W10. Needs to be something special. A generic candy bar device with an OS that doesn't offer any wow factor unfortunately will fail. As a WP fan boy im hopefull they can pull it off. apple can kiss my ass, if absolutely forced I'll go android. Absolute means MSFT officially calls it quits.
  • Flip phone or blackberry for me. No apple or google.
  • Or just get a
  • The need to ADVERTISE the windows phone!! TV Commercials sell items to consumers...why, Why not even try to sell them???Microsoft, how many Surface computers would be sold if they did advertising like they do with Lumia phones?....Come on at least put some effort in to it....
    Thanks, a frustrated Lumia 950 owner..
  • It ain't over until Satya says it's over, damn it.
  • Android & iOS Mobile First, Cloud First, Windows Phone Last. 
  • The next first
  • do u know rt was flop.surfacephone is nothing but rt :( 
  • In the words of the immortal John "Bluto" Blutarsky "was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Lol
  • Well my 1 year mark with the HTC one m8 for windows will be up next month. But yes I am holding out for a new flagship other than the 950's because they didn't tickle my fancy enough.
  • Microsoft did such a piss poor job of marketing the 950 and then not even going after getting the approvals to put in on the Verizon Network I wonder if the plan this whole time was just to release "something" until they could get to the Surface Phone
  • Bingo!
  • They wont have any phone customers left...sad and stupid in Microsoft's part..
  • Only a few more months
  • Why do you keep saying that and saying May? That link just goes to there tablet area.
  • Because he's a moron with an idea of a
  • Hire a new marketing manager and make the damn thing work. The current one sucks... with his "spiritual equivalent" of the Surface ideas.
  • Go to schools and hand out 535s to kids.
  • Well Daniel, according to Tom Warren, you need to start looking for a job. Oh wait... That's right Windows is a lot more than just Mobile. You're good. Beer?
  • The flood of blog & news stories has start already. They are planning the funeral already.
  • WHERE'S ALCATEL, HTC, BLU, SONY, MOTOROLA, VAIO, LG, SAMSUNG and others with WINDOWS 10? Their time is now!!!
  • They are busy makind Android skins.
  • No premium app no revenue
  • Here here...what navisee said
  • Microsoft knew that WPH was dying but they put out something for the fans albeit not a true flagship,here in new york the police department use windows phone so maybe that is where microsoft is going the buisness route. I have my Lumia devices ill hold onto them as long as microsoft makes wp10 or whatever is next, i have my iPhone and my Nexus 6p with microsoft services on them so im happy my l950xl is my go to device but im open minded so leys see how it goes but im sad right now real sad.
  • You don't have this yet?
  • Here we go again. Another doom and gloom article to keep all the whiners happy ...
  • It would help if Microsoft advertised, placed stands in retailers etc.
  • You stated it one knows of the products out there right now. And moreover, no one knows of anything new! Tons of leaks about Android and Apple devices, but nothing about Microsoft. Heck there are even rumors about an Android-powered Nokia device, but nada ala Microsoft. There is no excitment in the media and therefore no excitment with the consumers and as a result the carriers feel no pain whatsoever by not carrying a Lumia. Just ask T-Mobile and Verizon.  
  • Advertise ffs! I have been saying this for years now. Every other competitor has commercials, bus ads, billboards, etc. They toss their devices in your face and make you aware. So far I have only seen one or two web banner ads here in Australia and those were on Windows centric web sites. It's not a frigging surprise that consumers were unaware because MS is acting like they don't exist or simply don't give a damn about their own products. Even if you don't have 100% faith in your product you don't act like it to the rest of the world and that's exactly what it's coming off as. The last time I have saw a marketing blitz with a Windows Phone was with the Lumia 800, but that was probably done by Nokia not MS. I saw billboards, commercials bus ads all over Melbourne...... It's what made me aware of the device and Windows Phone and was a factor as to why I got an 800 over the Blackberry Torch. I got it because I was aware it existed. Microsoft better get their damn head in the game.
  • What did they expect, zero advertising or push. They told us this, that they're catering to enthusiasts only. I expect there's less than a year left and this OS will be relegated to smart TV use, the graveyard of failed phone OS's.
  • It is all about ecosystem adopotion IMHO. Those who are tied into Google's ecosystem (Gmail, Youtube, Docs, Music, etc.) feel the AppGap pinch on WP more than most. Once you realize that MS's answers to those things are not only better, but more widely available, it makes the experience better. Now I'm not limited to WP, or Android, or even Apple. Outlook, Groove, OneDrive, Office, these are all available on everything. Hardware agnosticism is the payoff for Software loyalty here.  Microsoft may be hoping that by making their ecosystem the friendliest, they will make transitioning to their hardware the obvious choice.  Apple's "It just works" mentality exists because they forced complete ecosystem adoption from the onset. Sure they have Google services and Microsoft services on their hardware (now), but I would argue that the bulk of users just use Safari, Mail, iTunes because they are the defaults. Now that Windows 10 is on over 200 Million devices, people will start seeing their ecosystem (since it is the default) and start seeing that software available on their existing devices. Will it convert to hardware adoption? Maybe? Especially if the dependency can be formed early on. A new phone comes out. It looks sexy as hell, supports pen input, docks to become your computer, runs the apps you're already using on your PC at work (thank you, Enterprise)
    "It runs Windows 10? That's on my computer! It looks like I could get all kinds of $#!+ done on that."
    Yes you can, end user. Yes you can.  While Windows 10 phone hardware NEEDS the Surface name, Windows 10 software just needs a little more time. It's all coming together.
  • All that is true, but I think that animated and interactive lockscreens would do miracles for Windows Phone. If you don't believe me, then you are underestimating the gullibility of the average consumer. They want koi fish pond lockscreens. They want their favorite sports team's flag waving. They want their favorite musicians winking. They downloaded frickin flappy bird a gazzilion times. Sophisticated and advanced OS features are wasted on them.
  • That why this is coming!
  • What blows me away is this: So many comments about "oh its not dead", "Surface Phone will save us" etc. And whats Surface Phone going to do? A killer piece of hardware with the same half finished OS and no apps. You already have that with the 950XL - gorgeous phone, but you can't do anything with it. Same scenario. You don't need new hardware - you need an ECOSYSTEM. What I don't get is why aren't you folks rallying together, get some kind of momentum happening world wide and PRESSURE MS to do something about your ECOSYSTEM. You guys need to be VOCAL and PUBLIC about it somehow. You have a passionate community (FFS, I love WP still, even though I moved off) - SPEAK UP. DO something. If Windows Mobile had a GROWING ecosystem, it would be an unstoppable BEAST. How you folks cannot seem to identify that is beyond me. No new phone is going to save you, no new version of the OS is going to help, Continuum is just a fance toy to those who have even noticed it, and Unified Apps is already dead. You need SERVICES to attract new users. They will NOT leave their platforms unless they KNOW they can come over and use their services. DO something about it - you have a community, use it!
  • This is not surprising as they have not released anything supercool or supercheap. Why they don't just sell the 550 at the factory price or a little below that is beyond me. As someone said, many parents would buy cheap Lumias for their kids. And maybe then the apps would follow. In-app purchases and kids seem like a good combination from a certain point of view. What, as a customer, can I do, but buy a new Lumia and browse the store?
  • Pro tip: search twitter for the hashtag #SaveXboxWP and see what WP users tried to do, the response from Microsoft? Silence. THEY DON'T CARE so no amount of pressure will change anything.
  • I can think of 1.35 Billion reasons a Surface branded phone is the key to success. Not market dominance, but certainly not a 49% dropoff in sales.
  • That's why there's
  • One thing that I think hasn't been explored enough is the role that a really great mobile web experience could have in making the app gap less painful. I read an article a little while ago that said that the reason we need apps on mobile is because the mobile web sucks, and especially web apps on mobile. It would be great to see some real improvements in edge mobile that can make it feel more app like. Two things that edge did actually were steps backwards compared to IE - pinning images of pages was removed and now we can only see one tab at a time. But there could be many more innovations. One would be to really integrate she incentivize live tile type functionality (try pinning WC's mobile page to start to see what I mean). But also supporting actual notifications through edge on an app like level. Anyway, just something I've been thinking about.
  • MBY,
    Very interesting ideas. We need more like this.
  • So lame. Once things becomes more universal, this will surely change.
  • Don't hold your a WP user since 2010 and long before that, there has always been an question MSFT has excellent hardware but unless they fix the App issue, I will replace my excellent (and App-less) Lumia with a Samsung Galaxy...
  • What happens when you swim in cold water? There is shrinkage!Universal apps such as Facebook & Instagram that have been haphazardly thrown together are a major reason for lack of growth on this platform. It's really a shame because the OS has been great for the most part. The "app gap" has never bothered me.
  • Having to shell out 5-600 bucks outright for a device I'm sure aided in the huge fall. I still rock my 1020 because I just can't afford it, and I know I'm not alone.
  • 3.5 year old Lumia 920 here. Never bought a case. Still runs as well as when I first bought it. I will upgrade when this beast dies! No need to fork out that kind of money on a new one just yet. I can't justify it.
  • Love mine too. Hardware rocks! And, 8.1 is it's sweetheart!
  • So what now?
  • Now we drink!!! :)
  • Now I like the sound of that ;)
  • Wait for
  • I am an app developer. My app runs exclusively on Windows and has been in the store since wp7. It has been continually updated and is now a universal app. The app is ad-supported. My best month revenue -wise was the December before last. Since then, ad revenue has dropped more than 1000% while the rate of new user signups has dropped 200%. New users on the pc/tablet platform are barely a blip. Server costs are no longer covered. I must develop an iOS or Android version if the app is to survive. There is no way I would develop a new app for this platform.
  • Ozzy1873,
    Thank you for developing your app on Windows Phone and thank you for your comment about the reality of the economics of app development. What we don't use and support, we will lose.
  • How can something drop by 1,000%? If it drops by 100%, then it's zero. Sorry for being a nitpicker...
  • What's the name of your app?
  • Apps , Apps ,Apps ,particularly in the US ( which is not the biggest market for smartphone) . This is not about to be solved anyway . Also to be frank all smartphones sales , Samsung and IPhones included are down. Perhaps if bugs are corrected, WM10 might find a second life with other form factors like cheap small tablets incorporating 2g/3g/lte , especially in China/Asia . Hard to predict ....
  • Stop making 100s of low-end phones. The lumia range should have one flagship, one mid range and one low range. All would have two options regular and xl size and most importantly advertising!
  • Oh, Danny boy...  
  • Man people are blind sat wants wp dead there's a reason there's no advertising and apps on other os. With sat it's all about serveses he wants windows apps on his iPhone and he'll get them when wp dies Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In my opinion, to save windows mobile they should run a WM10 version of cyanogen.  I dont know how they can run the same kernal (I'm not that technical).  Or just run cyanogen.  I think if they run cyanogen they can run both stores play store and windows store on the same device. 
  • And this is why the site is not called anymore....
  • Release Surface Phone. Throw about a billion in marketing at it. Throw another billion at developers. Send up a billion prayers. Lol!
  • Bam!
  • Seriously. For those of us who don't want a 950/XL, makes you wonder if they will even make a flagship for 2016...
  • Yeah it's called MS Lumia 960 & 960 XL But first comes
  • There are all sorts of solutions to this problem. I think they should be advertising alot more. Especially on services like Hulu and Youtube. There isn't much of an app gap anymore so that excuse is out the door. The continuum feature is awesome and i know a lot of people that would love for their "small devices" to be able to do that.
  • That is what they get for not releasing flagship phone regularly...people loose interest.
  • Time to ditch Windows mobile then. Not that it doesn't have all the apps but the real reason is because of Microsoft's really bad attitude. Windows mobile 10 was on development for one and a half years and not yet completed. And the best part is they released a flagship with this OS. The fault is with Microsoft and I'm sure they will abandon Windows mobile saying it is a failure. FYI for an OS which no one buys they are ridiculously overpriced.
  • mobile first. -50% lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • blackberry os10 = dead
    windows 10 mobile = almost dead Future is bright for google and apple.
    Buying theier shares seems like a good idea going forward.
    It's the future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The tech world is just unpredictable even Apple with their almighty (And only star product) the iPhone is not having the best sales after years... in 2000, Yahoo looked great and now is a pale shadow of it's former self.
  • Windows 10 Mobile has just started!
  • All goes as planned - from Microsoft's perspective. Microsoft has divested from Lumia long time ago,
    they just spent the time and effort for Lumia to keep W10M simmering. The W10M story really does start with the advent of the alleged "Surface Phone" (in combination with Redstone) on the market. Those Lumia-type of phones will be manufactured by Lenovo et al, 
    and they might even buy the brand. As I had mentioned before, the 950s are just a stepping stone, a mere stop-gap. So:   Wait until the Surface Phone is announced, and then wait til it's available. Once the Surface Phone turns in volume (and it will)
    various other manufacturers will flood the market with cheapo Lumia-like (ARM-based) W10M phones. Microsoft likely will throw a party once they finally managed to get rid of Lumia.
    Lumia has been a pain in the neck and much lower for them.              
  • Surface Phone is Atom "Intel 64" Lumia is Snapdragon "ARMv8"
  • It better be good, cause I'm not happy with my OS at the moment, I would if it worked regularly without issues... Camera, Locking up regularly and is getting tiresome when I'm trying to use my 950 for work... And having to reset...
  • So what, if Microsoft's figures show that Windows Phone sales dropped 49% for Q2FY2016. There've been hardly any to no new phones to buy during that period, so it's not really a fair comparison to iOS / Android at all. Apple has the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, and 6S etc. Android...well there are new handsets out every other day.. Yes Microsoft are at fault for not creating some new phones, that people actually want to buy, for about 18 months, but you can't compare the 49% with the competition, it's not comparing like for like as mentioned above. No real devices to buy, so what do you expect. There's bound to be a drop in revenue. Duh!! If there were no new iOS / Android device launches last year, I think we'd find their sales drop a ton also. What's much more important to consider is how big is the current install base of WindowsPhone? Not as big as iOS / Android, sure, but it's not as dire as people are making it seem. Yes sales are important, but people need to look at sales vs device availability to be fair comparison. ​There are millions upon millions of active Windows Phone usersout there (current estimates are about 50 million I think based on Facebook for Windows phone usage). Of those 50 million they haven't had a decent new phone to buy for 18 months, but now the 950 / XL, 650, 550 etc are out, there's bound to be a load of those 50 million who upgrade after the next few months, if they haven't done so already. If we were to look at sales for the last quarter, which would include the new Windows Mobile 10 devices, then I think we'd be looking at a much healthier number. Quoting 49% less sales means that Microsoft has lost some revenue. So... It doesn't mean that Windows Phone is dying does it, Let's look at the figures next year, and see what's happened with Windows Mobile. I'm sure that with Windows 10, Universal Apps, the new vision from Microsoft, and the new devices that have literally been out for 2 months, I expect we'll see a nice healthy increase in revenue for the phone division, or at the very least a number that's no where near as bad as 49% I for one will be sticking with Windows Mobile. No plans to change. I've used both Android and iPhone devices, and I'm noy saying they're bad, just that for me they don't work. Their UI's suck, and are so un-user friendly compared to Windows 10 (or even Windows Phone 7 and 8 before it). As for the so called App gap.. I don't have one. If you come from Android / iPhone, then you will have a problem. Of course you're going to miss your favourite app that's not on Windows Mobile, but the same would be true for some apps when going from Android to iPhone or vice versa e.g. Facetime, Google Maps etc. There are no apps that I want, that I don't I feel the app gap is a personal opinion, depending on where you've come from device wise, what eco systems you're in etc. If you're fully engrained in the Microsoft / Xbox ecosystem, then Windows 10 devices all round is probably the best place to be... Glenn
  • Thanks for those thoughts Glenn. I've totally been thinking many of the same things. We have many things to look forward to from Microsoft in the coming months. WP4LIFE!!!
  • 100+
  • They, whoever "they" are, haven't informed Microsoft that W10M is dead. In fact, Redmond is paying developers to write W10M universal apps even today. My Microsoft UWP Remote Desktop App for Continuum got an update. And it's slick too.
    I realize it's ahead of it's time (my 950XL) and very under appreciated. But history has many such examples.
    I'm far from suffering as I participate in the R&D of where personal mobility is heading. Rather enjoying it actually.
    Microsoft has curiously attracted doomsday predictions for 25 years. Most of them look humorous in the rear view mirror.
  • is coming! Long live my MS Lumia 950 XL Now bring on the Universal Apps!
  • Worse than I could have imagined. WP is dead guys. Which sucks because we don't want a DUOPOLY.
  • A terrible one too. Ugly android or planned obsolescence iPhone? Jeez I love the options...
  • You forgot
  • Now they should drop prices of Lumia 950/xl by 49%
  • There is no such thing as Windows mobile anymore or Windows Phone.  It's just going to be one OS WIndows 10.  What I'm thinking is two things - first the major push by Microsoft to upgrade all legacy devices to WIndows 10 for free is brilliant.  This gets their universal OS installed on the majority of computers worldwide, both consumer and business.  It lays the groundwork for adoption of their ecosystem including app store.  Secondly, once the groundwork OS is established on all devices, then come the apps.  Developers may not have made apps for Windows Phone, but they will make apps for Windows 10 (for desktop, laptop, tablet use) but those apps will be universal so they will automatically run on other devices like Windows Mobile, iOT, XBox and other Windows 10 powered device.  Either way the app situation will improve dramatically on Windows 10, as we can see is happening already And once Google brings their apps (which they should do eventually or risk ignoring potential market of all desktop and xbox users) there really will be no reason why people wouldn't choose a Windows 10 powered mobile device.  This is just the beginning and I'm optimistic. 
  • You forget to mention
  • If Microsoft pulls this off and gain some momentum in the mobile market, it will an all time great story and the hero will be Mr. Nadella.
  • Main reason of Lumia phone failing is I think applications gap . Everyone looking daily using applications from store. I am facing every day this problem with my friends bcz they are using android or ios , I only love windows phone .
  • Surface Phone, man. Ditch Nokia's increasingly dated aesthetic for the cool stuff going on in Surface-town.
  • Coming soon!
  • Biggest reason is illogical price strategy... I agree Lumia 950/xl are best packages but when people are already neglecting windows phones then to keep prices at such a height is height of stupidity.. Infact I didn't buy Lumia 950 because of its high price point.. And now if they launch 650 above 12k .. They are gonna suffer loses once again
  • People don't care it's price.. Because if it's true, iPhone is a big failure..
  • Too buy out an iPhone 6s Plus 128GB in Canada will cost you $1300.00 Wounder how much the going to cost?
  • They lost apps, and developers, and have flooded their market with underpowered/overpriced phones in comparison to the competition in most cases.   Do they really need that many separate product lines 500/600/700/800/900/1500/1300/1500 series devices? Two to 3 devices tops directly from MS would have sufficed.   Most of the press seems underwhelmed by the 950 line, even Pocketnow, who seem to really like Windows phone.  Lastly, no real effort to market their products, or tie them in with their strong points like real Xbox integration.  Those universal apps would come in really handy in the gaming sense. I would love to be able to play something like Scott Pilgrim or Guardian Heroes on my phone after purchasing on Xbox when technically possible!  Outlook also works far better on my android and iOS devices than on my Windows device. This news does not come as a surprise.  Especially without a true flagship in years until recently.
  • I think bad time for Microsoft will go in future with the release of surface phone cause for the first time drop in Iphone sales suggest that people need something new innovative and i think it's really best chance for Microsoft to really show that what panos phone can do....
  • 1- CEO says 'windows mobile is unsustainbable' 2- Joe Belfiore using iphone on vacation  3- windows phone drops nearly 50% Not sure what else it's going to take to convince people that it's over. Hey at least we have the best operating system.  Let MS concentrate on computers/laptops and Windows and their apps for iOS and Android.  Sometimes it's just too late to join the party.  It's ok. Let's hope for a surface all-in-one desktop which is sorely needed.  
  •   Holding out for a "premium" hand set "surface phone". Until then I’ll hold onto my 920.    
  • I've never seen a Lumia 950 commercial. 
  • I would think nobody knows to much about Windows phone because Microsoft doesn't want them to know to much about it in it's current state. When or if they can figure out how to make the OS as fluid as Windows 8 only then will they want to push the platform. Would you want to advetise Windows mobile in it's current form? I love the Windows mobile platform and can not bear the thought of having to use an Android or Apple product. I really do believe that they will get it right in the end, I believe in the UWA's and if it is as easy as we're told to create for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, XBox etc then in time how can it not be a good thing. Developers are bound to want to create apps for one of the above, I mean which developer in their right mind would not think over 200,000,000 PC users or 48,000,000 odd XBox users and as far as I can tell around 50,000,000 Tablet users is not a good opportunity.
  • Because they can create a Win32 program that works on those 200M PCs, 50M tablets, and the ONE BILLION Win7/XP machines. WinRT10, and the entire WinRT effort, was doomed from the start because it wasn't backwards compatible with Windows 7 (and, to a lesser extent, XP). No ISV would waste their precious dev time on a new platform with zero users on a system that had a perfectly good pre-existing established platform, Win32.
  • microsoft should boycot ios and android, pull there office applications or any other application that they have on there platforms, or atleast make sure there versions are hindered comapred to their versions on their devices. invest some money in some exclusive mobile gaming studios, since most of the major applications that people use are in windows store one way or another, i find that the only thing that missing is the mainstream game apps , even though they don't play a big role for me for choosing a platform , its a peoples OCD to feel that that when they switching from  ios or android they gonna get a full ecosystem. On that part aswell microsoft needs to train its costumers to to purchase staff in the app store, apple had a succeful round when it did so early with itunes (maybe even call it lucky), people that purchased music from itunes, took there habits onward to purchase other application and spread the good word. hand down. windows phone has the most potential out off all the competittors in the market. there phone design is phenomenon , and the user interface deserves an oscar and recoginition not just for being different but also so succefuly implenting and simplifying it to its core, giving a a tone for minimalisim ,functionality and modernization, on a small screen compared to just being bold and boring like apple, ios and blackberry.      
  • That's not an option. They will simply be forgotten. Google has its own office suit and email. Same with Apple. So msft cannot get rid of their mind share.
  • The problem is not the phones the UI and the phones are amazing. It has been and always will be the apps. We are not just nit picking, it is upsetting when I want to run square to gather my purchases but can't because of my phone doesn't have the app. Or I need to send a personal message to