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Windows Phone sales in the US plummet to all-time low

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Windows Phone has never really had a massive presence in the U.S. (at least not since the Windows Mobile days in 2007, but back then smartphones weren't selling in enormous quantities either), but in late 2015 Microsoft is hitting an all-time low for sales.

According to Kantar WorldPanel's latest numbers, Windows Phone market share in the US dipped down to 1.6 percent for December 2015. Just three months earlier in September 2015 that number sat at 3.9 percent.

Windows Phone sales peaked in March 2013 with 5.6 percent share, but momentum soon waned after that period. There was a slight rebound by February 2015 with a 4.8 percent portion, but that too quickly dwindled.

Looking at Kantar's back numbers through 2012 and it's hard to find a smartphone OS sales value this low for Windows Phone.

None of this should be surprising. Not only have there been very few high-end Windows Phones in the last two years, but carriers have also been reluctant to sell or promote those devices in the face of Apple's iPhone and Samsung for Android (not to mention the likes of HTC, LG, and others).

One thing that is clear, though, is that Windows Phone users left en masse during the holiday season. What exactly drove that shift is up for debate, though factors like expiring carrier contracts and tempting sales of competing devices likely compounded general dissatisfaction with the OS and the lack of an available Windows Phone upgrade path that many users face.

The new Lumia 950 is only available on one carrier – AT&T – and it did not become available until very late in November. Even then, tepid reviews and a lack of marketing kept the phone off the radar of most shoppers. The move was deliberate by Microsoft as they seem to know that the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are not the phones that will help them rebound.

Microsoft has gone on record as saying they are retrenching in the smartphone space as they regroup and change their strategy for Windows 10 Mobile. At this time, however, it is not very clear where they go from here, as their OneCore and Universal Windows Platform are still in their early days.

Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft, recently said that their Windows Phone program needs a 'spiritual equivalent' to Surface, and it is hard to disagree with him.

Whether or not the rumored 'Surface Phone' can do anything to shift attention remains to be seen later in 2016.

Europe still has some life

At least according to Kantar's numbers Great Britain is still holding on a bit to Windows Phone. The December sales share is at 9.2 percent, which is up by one percent from October. However, it still pales to the 12 percent for the three-month period ending in July 2015, and there is a clear long-term decline even there.

Other data for the three-month period ending in December 2015 include:

  • France: 8.7% (sales down from a high of 13.1 percent in August)
  • Great Britain: 9.2% (sales down from a high of 12 percent in July)
  • Italy: 8.1% (sales down from a high of 14.2 percent in June)
  • Germany: 6.4% (sales down from a high of 10.5 percent in June)


It should be noted that Kantar WorldPanel measures sales of phones for three month periods and is not a measure of overall market share in total.

The numbers, if accurate, do represent momentum within the market for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In other words, a few bad quarters of sales will result in an overall decline in market share for an OS. Since Windows Phone is, for the most part, declining in sales (or only rising slightly), the general picture does not look great.

Kantar's numbers do show some interest at least in parts of Europe for the new Lumia 550, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The UK did see a small bump in sales of Windows Phone in from the previous quarter, but overall sales are down from the quarter a year earlier.

The takeaway though should be obvious. With fewer Lumia models available and only new high-end devices hitting the market late in 2015 there are just fewer choices for consumers who want a Windows Phone. Of course, that assumes that shoppers are even interested in purchasing a new Lumia to begin with, which in the face of a new (if incomplete) OS in Windows 10 Mobile and the continued 'app-gap' issue is not at all evident.

Microsoft still has some interest from customers in Europe, but for now, the U.S. will remain a remote land for Windows Phone sales —and that will likely not improve for the rest of 2016.

Source: Kantar WorldPanel

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Hurry the hell up with a Surface Phone.... That is the last chance.
  • The collapse of Windows Phone is Satya Nadella's legacy.  I wish he would just resign.  He has destroyed the best thing about Microsoft. Seriously, if his motto is "Mobile first. Cloud first"... and mobile has failed under his tutelage... then he has failed.  If mobile is the big market that Microsoft needs to be in... and its mobile market share has collapsed under his leadership... then he has failed.
  • He's been awful.
  • Huh??
  • I know, Forcing the MS brand into other ecosystems to retain mind-share while your own mobile offering stagnates really reeks of failure.
  • The abysmal sales of WP reeks of failure, no queston about that. Not sure what other measure is needed.
  • The Windows phone problem started long before Nadella. He picked up a problem that he did not create. It's like all the brainwashed folks blaming Obama for the economy not flourishing after he took over a pile of **** leftover from the previous administration. It's looking like they should have never acquired Nokia's phone division in the first place
  • So true. However the os has gotten worse in terms of stability and smoothness. Seems like they don't know what they're doing to have win10mob still so very buggy. Sometimes I just won't to throw my phone in the garbage.
  • My 950xl is NOWHERE NEAR being something to throw in the garbage.
  • When I compare the 950 XL to my Galaxy S6 the only thing the 950 does better is the camera which is nowhere near enough to make up for the lack of apps and other features. Not to mention having an OS that is still in beta. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android UI is just terrible. That's the simple way of putting it
  • terrible UI?   probably one of the easiest things to alter in android...
  • Terribly boring UI. I sometimes play with wife's galaxy s6 or 6s or whatever it is and want to throw it out the window. And for the start screen I'll still take the live tile home screen over the other 2 boring stale home screens that give no information.
  • Android gives you so much more on the home screen. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Live Tiles are merely gimped widgets, which Android has millions of. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agree Android is all about creating your screen Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • U guyz r android user.. I use both by phone as my daily driver.. Galaxy j7 which i recently purchased and Lumia 820 which is two yrs old.. And blv me i love my lumia for its smoothness and simplicity..
  • It simply (Android) reminds me of the old HTC Ui that was slapped over Windows Mobile all t hose years ago BEFORE Android was even a baby.   History... A funny thing.
  • You are right...which makes it more sadder that Android is doing so well. MS was right there with the HD2. I dont know what the hell happened but whatever happened it wasnt good. Because Google came along and showed MS how to do it.
  • Android fandom is real in here
  • most of us got tired of waiting and went iOS and/or Android.  People are tired of "waiting for it" I love windows phone OS. I just hate that none of the apps I want, are there.  Sales are down because even windows phone users know, surface phone won't change anything.  1.6% are still waiting. for what? I have no idea... 
  • This. I spent a ton of time with Windows Phone and loved it. But then I gave Android a try again, and you start remembering all the excuses you made for Windows...."I don't need an official Twitter app, the 3rd party offerings are fine. Who needs tap & pay, that's what a credit card is for. Snapchat, meh, I'm not a 14 yr old girl, Software bugs, hey it's Windows 8, WIndows 8.1 will fix that. Software bugs, hey just wait, Windows 10 will fix that. Software bugs, hey Windows 10 is new!" The list can go on and on.   
  • Have you seen the tweeter widget on android it's amazing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Evidently Windows Phone users really use the home screen a lot. Most of us on other platforms use the home screen merely to launch apps, but Windows Phone users evidently stare mesmerized at their home screens.  I find the live tiles to be distracting, they make it more difficult to launch apps, and many of them when live don't even look unique. When I use my Windows Phone or even WIndows 10 on my SP3, I find it difficult to tell the difference between live tiles for mail and calendar because I have to read the words to know which is which. Sorry to say it, but I think that the live tile idea, while interesting from a software engineering perspective, is a dud from a usability perspective. Sure, it is cool, but it is more efficient to launch an app from a grid of icons like on Android or iOS. On Android I can place widgets on screens if I want additional information without opening an app. So, is it really good UI to have a start screen that makes it more difficult to open an app? 
  • I agree that some of them need work. Like if something flips to say a picture from a news story, I don't see the text to what it is. It's really the dev implementation that matters here, I have seen some great live tiles and some bad. I like to turn a lot of them off, especially if it doesn't have transparent live tiles. But I think most are better in mobile than ok the desktop.
  • That's your opinion and it's funny how many Android fanboys swarm this post. Anyone with half a brain knows there's no Android UI that is even close to user friendly or nice. It's all over the ******* place.
  • The UI on my Nexus 6P isn't all over the place at all. Although if I wanted to I could switch to another launcher (such as Microsoft Arrow which is pretty good). I like and have used Windows phone (as I stated, I still have one), but the only advantage that it really has at the moment are the Live Tiles and I just never was sold on them once I got over them being new. 
  • I still really like live tiles, on 8.1 anyway, the way Spotify flips to show the Las song you played, my photos changing, my folder for video/tv apps changing sizes of each app in etc.
  • Answer to jdawgnoonan: I  have two halfes of brain (in my head) and I know there is Android UI:s that are both friendly and nice to use!   I think the tiles show very little information, to little for my taste. On my Symbian phones I had Calendar widgets that showed me 6 of my appointments without having to press/touch the calendar icon. on my W10M I can only see ONE! If I want to see more i HAVE to push the Calendar tile. Whats better wiyh that? BTW, funny way of saying that You only got half a brain: "Anyone with half a brain knows there's no Android UI that is even close to user friendly or nice. It's all over the ******* place."
  • Not to mention the Android OS itself is a virus-and-malware-infested sewer.
  • Obviously you are very knowledgeable on this.
  • spoken like a true windows fanboy that hasn't tried android since 4.0   
  • I tried my fiances dads S6 which btw he's 56 and had the hardest time figuring it out, which I did too. Convinced him to just to iOS so he could sync with his iPad. Sure I could've pushed WP on him but it wasn't for him. Android on the other hand was a complete flop in the UI department and his phone was as slow as my 920 on W10 now.
  • You are blaming Android for Samsung's Touchwiz interface. Try the Google Now Launcher, which is what Nexus phones run, it is as claen and easy to use as any other interface made for any platform. Samsung's UI leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, Samsung also modifies the settings pane, but it is pretty well organized. The one major improvement in WM10, in my opinion, is that Microsoft finally simplified the settings, settings were an utter freaking mess in WP8-8.1.
  •  Obviously u havent used androis phone lately. And, no im not a droid fanboy, the fact im posting here should show u that. I've been hoping since w7 for microsft to come out with something great, sorry-- just ran out of patience.
  • LOL, how do tiles make it MORE difficult to launch an app?! Are they harder to press, or something like that? And, you have trouble distinguishing an envelope icon from, say, a phone icon, without actually reading text? Have you had an eye exam lately? I'm just sayin'... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They don't make it more difficult so long as you turn them off for the live tiles that display text only (such as the stock mail and calendar apps). But, if the tiles aren't "Live" then what is the advantage at all? You do not find flashing pictures and moving text to be at all distracting? 
  • You (jdawgnoonan) have a fair point. When I used Windows Phone it seemed most of the live tiles were the same shade of red making it difficult to find things. When you flatten your UI and only use primary colors it's not that awesome to look at. The green Xbox tile stood out pretty well though :)
  • in windows phone you can set your tiles to small and you'll have your so preciated GRiD of static icons, just like Android.
  • Can I have a scrollable appointment list, music controls and a folder of games on the home screen? No? Bummer. Flipping tiles with no interactivity is not very compelling. Sorry. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No sir I have yet to see a nice Android UI
  • Hello clueles one....if you did your homework you would know that there are many launchers on android which has the same layout as windows mobile. and the fact that microsoft has released one of the best andriod launchers recently is another nail in the coffin for windows phone. 
  • Android has UIs that you can download from the store lmao. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thats what i thought too. But last shroom update makes life so much easier. In fact, i prefer it to w10m. The ONLY thing windows still has better main page with live titles, everything else, and i do mean everything else miles behind.  Hell, u know how embarrasing it is to be on a one trip with 7 other people and your phone only one not capable using selfie stick? for fk sake, its 2016.
  • Bro be happy Microsoft made it so you can't use a selfie stick and lose any last dignity you have left. I'd be more embarrassed to be on a trip with 6 other people using selfie sticks.. You might want to kiss Bill Gates feet next time you see him and thank him for keeping you morally intact for not supporting that garbage.
  • I must say either you're are to bigioted to understand math or just aFan boy other than Android make 10,000 950 XL with Android and they wouldn't last a week,same if it was ios,let us put away the egos and make a phone that 50%+ would buy I'd buy one ina heartbeat and it's not because Android is so good it'has a long way to go but compaired to the Window10 for phones it's just not there yet. I run windows 10 on my desktop and I love it I still use Google for my default browser and the reason isn't because edgee is so bad on the conyraryn edge is great but when I had Windows 10 as my default browser I got a windows update that took everything off my computer tyhang goodness I had most of it backed up on a 2gig Passport or I'd still be looking for stuff except for my trusty Steam games. Max Morse
  • Windows 10 will never be a finished product its an ongoing service as they say, read a little more.
  • No OS is ever finished. iOS is not finished. Android is not finished. But neither of those are *unfinished*, which is what W10M is. This is even coming from a diehard fan.
  • They may not be finished but they sure as heck already have more features and apps. Meanwhile Windows 10 Mobile is waiting for bug fixes and stability improvements? What is there really to get excited about besides stability and hopefully some much improved apps via Project Islandwood? One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • This I do agree with!!! One thing that bothers me about MS and their mobile strategy is that they have really not clarified who or what they want to be in the mobile space. Saying "devices and services" or "mobile first, cloud first" sounds good, but really does not clarify what precisely is it that MS actually wants to do? Have a single Core that allows the OS to adapt to - potentially - any screen size? The convenience of "universal apps" through which MS-driven services can be used (Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, Cortana, Maps etc. etc.)? Elegant hardware (Surface, some of the Lumia devices (with and without Nokia)? All that is required from MS is a clear and unambigous reply - cutting out all that "cloud", "mobile", "devices", "services" marketing stuff - to a set of simple questions: (1) What role do mobile devices (specifically phones) play in the MS mobile strategy? (2) Is the play here for mindshare (by means of cross platform apps and services) and not hardware-enabled market-share? (3) For MS, are mobile devices merely platforms/ showcases on which the OS is meant to dazzle? And, in that sense, are MS-designed mobile devices only reference devices, which serve as exhibits of the range across which the OS works? At the end of the day, as a customer, I would like to know: If I buy a Windows Phone today, can I be reasonably sure that the line of devices will exist over a period of time and that the ecosystem surrounding Windows Phones will mature at a faster clip that what it is progressing now? Nothing that MS has said till now addresses these questions directly. Usually what we have are slogans - like - "devices and services" and "mobile first, and cloud first"!!! And this makes me a bit uneasy about MS and its engagement in the mobile (device) space.  
  • Yes but they need a stable release. If you think users will magically accept a never ending beta you are clearly wrong.
  • I think that the main problem is the w10 OS itself. Just think of the specs 950:s have. With such a battery and processing power there should not be any problems. The OS just can't handle the inner beauty of those phones. With all this in mind, should I get the 950xl or not?
  • surely the price difference justifies the 950, not just the camera  
  • I agree fully.  The article fails to mention this.  what is killing the WP, Beta OS and no apps.  This is not rocket science.  In addition, the MS apps work better on the other OS's my experience is on iOS the MS apps are better.
  • Agreed... My wife and I both have 950xls and the experience had been great. Not sire what people are ******** about to be honest ?????
  • Yes it is. It is a terrible phone, mostly because the OS it runs is ugly, buggy, and lacking in any noteworthy functions to offset those problems.
  • Wow look how quick you are to attack the poor 950xl, I'm quite Perturbed with the pent up aggression strange.
  • I have the 925. I plan to get the 950 very soon. Maybe it will be a lot better.
  • Please dont throw, I will greatful if you give me your lumia 950 xl! Thank you!
  • I think the main problem is them lacking time. Windows Mobile 10 was a somewhat new start and you can see that they are still far from finished. Windows 10 in general is still far from finished. For example there still being the legacy control panel shows that they are still not done with some of the basics
  • Exactly!! They started from scratch with windows 8 and then restarted again with 10 when 8 "failed". They had a grand vision that hasn't been able to materialize quite yet and I totally understand most peeps wanting to give up on them but I personally feel that they will get it right soon enough and when they do, the market share will pick up again. I still prefer this Os and That's why I still proudly sport a Lumia. I'm sure when the kinks are worked out,the surface phone will deliver aNd if it doesn't, I really don't care , because I don't need everyone and their mother sporting a WP, I just care about me and what I want! And windows is it for this guy!
  • I concur.
    I cannot wait to pick up another windows phone, android is just way to messy for my taste. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As they say, learn from your failures
  • I agree. I gave up on W10M on my Icon, because I wanted some better apps. And Android has delivered great apps. But the W10M OS is still a better concept than Android, and once they get the bugs fixed and Universl apps worked out, I will come back - and I think many people would be willing to switch from Android to W10M (I think iOS users are a lost cause). It's just the apps that are missing.
  • I think what's hard to swallow is that Windows 10 Mobile was yet again another reboot.  Windows 7 to Windows 8 took a real hit, because the phones just didn't support the upgrade.  Windows 8 to > 10 will most likely all be upgradable, butt he problem here is that Windows 10 was once again rebuilt from the ground up. That why so many features are gone.  I am using Windows 10 on Lumia 1020, and the OS runs fast (when it doen't crash). The apps however are also in dire need of being optimized. For example, the Photo App -- seems like it needs to refresh some library everytime it's open. The pictures that are in the handset simply take 10~20 seconds to load. Messanging has also taken a huge hit. The app should be seemless and probably the most responsive part of Windows 10 Mobile. I always recalled that when you clicked on Messaging the messages would load right away seemlessly. Sometimes we still don't get notified if the messaging app crashes.  I understand why a lot of users are frustrated. I sometimes feel frustrated, but i opted to trying Windows 10 Mobile to also report on issues myself and ask for the improvements I want.  As far as apps, i can't really do much about it. Popular apps like Lift, Snapchat along with many banking apps don't support the Windows Phone eco system, but I admit that I have never really missed them (probably because I didn't use them before.) I wouldn't want to move from a phone that has them to a phone that doesn't.  << This is primarly why people haven't adopted or changed to Windows Phone.  I know that the first thing I do when I get a new phone is install the apps I had access to. As a new user if the apps I want are not available, I would simply return the phone and get one that has them. Popular official apps I hear users complain that are not available for windows are:  - Banking Apps (Chase, BoA, Citizens) - Dating & Social Apps (Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, Snapchat) - Food Apps (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts) - Navigational (Google Maps, a proper Waze)   Sometimes some of these apps are available through third parties, but they get closed down. The official apps that get released have 1/2 the features like Instagram...  Microsoft finds itself in a real pinch -- but I don't think they should give up. 
    If Apple had given up when there was barely any demand for Macintosh then the iPhone wouldn't be ruling right now. Google was smart on offering Android for free because it knew companies would try it and they were banking on profiting from the app store, getting usage metrics and offering their services built in like Search, Maps, YouTube, Mail, etc. Microsoft had really poor leadership and was really slow to reacting back then -- that's why they missed the bus. That's why they are struggling to be relavant. I don't think Satya "Nutella" is doing anything wrong. In fact I think he's allowing the company to inovate by giving complete freedom to the Garage Projects. As a Microsoft user, it frustrates me that all of those great products are made for the iPhone but... at least they are keeping their engineers hungry and motivated in thinking on creating products. Who knows if the reason they release them for APple first is to just grab metrics to try and figure out trends, things the apple users like so they can implement it on Windows...? Whatever the reason ... It's clear to see that the Windows fans/loyalists (w/e you call someone who enjoys the Windows experience) are getting tired and feeling let down from the constant reboots and lack of quality. I wouldn't mind using a Lumia 950XL... but for $500 it's just not something I can commit to when my 1020 has been withstanding all types of physical abuse and time itself. 
  • Yep. It all comes down to apps, apps, apps. Ballmer couldnt get them either. Windows 10 is the best possible strategy, but it could be too late.
  • Great comment.
  • I Tinder and OKC, whenever I want. The obsession with "official" keeps people from doing things that they can do.
  • It's not so much the obsession with official apps. It's really bothersome when some third party apps get closed down because the company does not allow it. For example - Buck Star is gone, and it was a really good app. Rudy's snapchat was also a really great app, closed and mandated to not develop for Windows Phone. There used to be an OKC app third party and now its not available anymore. The problem is that even third party apps are getting pulled, making it harder to navigate around common services people use.  
  • Interestingly, this OKC app doesn't come up in the search, but here's the link:
  • Satya already gave up.
  • When there was barely any demand for Mac, Mac was Apple. That was before the iPod. It was before OS X. It was before the iPhone and iPad. It was before the iTunes store. Apple has show. That they are willing to dump products and services they deem they don't need. Where's Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes Radio? The iPod Classic? Etc. Your example is terrible. Apple has always been a hardware company. This is like saying BlackBerry should have shut down. They didn't have a choice but to stick it out and diversify. Macs were the pillar of the company back then. Right now, that's not the case (at least financially speaking)...
  • Me too, just the 950.
  • @monigal2 Agreed!  Because they KILLED the soul of Windows Phone!  They have stripped WP of all its goodness.  Now its welcome to the world of hamburger buttons.  Not to mention creating new features for other OSs. smh.
  • Ikr
  • People wanted the OS to look friendlier like Android and they did. Back then when it was just tiles and no background of course it was faster on lower end phones. Also for the app gap you need the devs to show interest, especially when there are 200 mil devices with W10. When the 650 will be released and the supply issues with the 950 will be fixed, sales will pick up.
  • or split it in two!
  • I feel the exact same way about throwing my phone in the garbage.  I purchased two 950XL's and both constantly lose the Wi-Fi signal and I have to reboot both before it will find the signal again.  I rely on the Alarms app, but when they activate at the scheduled hour, the volume is so low, if I don't have the phone very near, I will never hear the alarm.  These are two of the most important things to me, well that plus the lack of apps, and I just can't see ditching two $649.00 phones after only a couple of months.  My complaints on the Insider Hub have fallen on deaf ears.
  • A - bringing politics in is a recipe for a non productive discussion.
    B - leaders take on challenges or shouldn't take the gig. Nadella's strategy is open for critique. No CEO (or politician) is above that.
  • Critiques are only valid if they're rational and use logic.
  • Lemme guess...anyone who disagrees with you is invalid because they aren't rational or logical, right? 
  • They got Nokia and proceeded to gut it instead of extending more devices. Microsoft fired over 7,000 Nokia employees, and killed over 20-30 devices that was in the works. This was what Steve Ballmer did, and the current CEO couldn't do a thing about it. Those 20-30 devices would have up WP by at least 10%. And that 0.0% in Japan is pathetic!
  • 0% in Japan was Nokia's thing, not Microsoft.
  • Don't kid yourself, it was a disaster to flood the Market with all of those 30 devices, good they got rid of 25 of them
  • at least 15 of those 20-30 devices were exactly the same.  Look at what they released.  520, 530, 535, 620, 635, etc.  All the same phone really.  That was the WRONG path to take.  They were looking at android selling budget phones by the millions,  and thought....thats where you get your market share.   which is wrong.  Android makers sell more high end phones than budget phones.  There was no HIGH end phones coming out of microsoft.  Therefore,  no "I gotta have that" phone,  marketing etc.  They sat back and said budget phones will get us share. 
  • Hey Obama was no savior though
  • It seems that US WP market share was at 4.8% before Satya announced his mobile strategy retrenching.  The WP market collapsed immediately with 40% sales drop in 3rd quarter.  Can you blame Steve Ballmer for that?  If MS didn't acquire Nokia, WP has been long dead.  WP operation streamlining is OK but breaking the WP's back is not.  The messages he sent to the WP users and app developers were confusing and discouraging.  Even today, we still don't know if he is serious about his 'mobile first' strategy or not.  He doesn't seems to have heart in it.  What MS has done about WP so far since he took over: 1.  He pushed hard for the iOS and Android support.  WP is losing its differentiators and edge every day. 2.  MS has played a WP phones disappearing act in the US carrier stores in 2015.  There were few WP phones available to buy until L950/XL arrived.  W10M is still not released yet.  I'm surprised that there is still 1.6% sales share left. 3.  He downgraded L650 and killed the mid-range phones like L850.  He is banking on Continuum to help selling W10M phones in the emerging markets.  The $600 L950/XL certainly can't do it.  The SD617 based L850 could help, but he cancelled it.  Surface phone is an unknown at this point.  I highly doubt it would be a savior for WP. 4.  He made Steve Ballmer mad by tabling Porject Astoria.  UWP would be a long term app solution, but are there going to be enough W10M users left until then?  The dwindling WP user base will drive app developes away. Astoria can provide the needed short term help until appreciable UWP apps are built.  It could take years.  UWP is the only hope to save W10 mobile and MS needs to take drastic actions to push UWP, either thru the financial subsidy or setting a deadline for accepting non-UWP apps in Store. Personally, I think that his retrenching of phone strategy is an overkill.  It has killed the WP momentum which took years to build.  He has pulled WP from the markets that don't do well rather trying to help them to do well.  He tries to retreat rather than to expand.  To increase market share, MS needs to fire all cylinders from top to bottom, consumer and business alike.  They can't afford to ignore any range of phones  MS should also try to bring the Continuum support down to mid or lower range phones as soon as possible.  The score card for his performance in Windows mobile will be closely watched and evaluated.
  • Very good points that I have been saying myself. But, number 2 (WP disappearing act in carrier stores), really affects me personally. I wanted to give the platform a try from Android and was looking at phones from my carrier, T-mobile USA and it's vacant of any Windows Phones, except for a refurbished Lumia 435. Sad and telling. I know T-mobile will get the Alcatel One Touch Fierce Windows Phone soon, but it says a lot that the third largest US carrier doesn't currently have any Windows Phones. That means the platform is non-existent at least consciously to the average consumer when they're shopping or considering a phone.
  • I appreciate that your message it's really touch to royal fans of window mobile, I don't know why they don't see these comments.
  • Lol & he eol'd any decent wp that could stand a chance of making if they downplayed mw10 for a while
  • @mikemacias:
    You're right: Nadella Inherited the poor condition of Windows Phone.
    But no one can tell me Nadella would want it any other way.
    Two years in he did NOTHING at all to improve Windows Phone's situation.
    Literally everything he did was designed to diminish Windows Phone/Mobile's maketshare.
  • @WindowsPhoenix Exactly. He destroyed WP through neglect. His strategy was surrender. And then he had the audacity to release these bland phones and expect us to accept it. It was slap in the face.
  • I'm happy with my "bland phone". The 950 series are the best Windows Phones released to date. I'm not sure how you can rationally argue otherwise.
  • He hasnt done anyting to improve it.  I mean when they introduced the phone it was like "look at all these cool tablets oh BTW we have this crapppy phone we didnt do much with too".
  • Lol & pissed off hard-core gamers/PC enthusiasts on PC by dumbing-down the os to a point that would make the riaa & mpaa happy. So much for the pro & enterprise skus
  • Politics in tech? Especially when the policies formed to allow a collapse was before even bush? Seriously posting stupid **** I am more than sure you don't understand on a tech website. You could have compared it to other major tech falls but u choose politics.....
  • Then WP would have been dead! After reading a book about Nokias Fall, there was no doubt they would have turned to Android, so MS bought the Mobile division in order to save WP... Since they had no other major smartphone player that made WP Devices....
  • The failed economy was a remenant of the Clinton admin and the congress of the time. Clinton's "American Dream" home owner plan is the reason the economy tanked.
  • Obama is a pile ****. Don't use him in your analogy. He is the worst president the US has ever had. A failure like WP!
  • Seriously? You defend Nadella with an Obama comparison? What an ignorant thing to do. One guy is a brilliant leader and intelligent in his field, the other is a lying ass who would blame anybody but himself for his failures!
  • And without a presence in mobile, the whole point of Windows 10 falls apart--Universal apps, Continuum, etc.  Without mobile... all we really need is Windows 7.
  • Microsoft was much better with Steve Ballmer, when Nokia was still independent, I remember seeing a lot of carriers and retail shops interested in Nokia.  Today in the retail stores and carriers, the offer for Microsoft phones is non-existent, really where I live you're lucky if you can find someone that can sell you a Microsoft device.  This is what damaged Windows phone most I think, the relationship between Nokia and the carriers and retail shops declined when it was acquired by Microsoft.  Who has the fault? I don't know.
  • It's Satya Nadella's fault. He never wanted Microsoft to buy Nokia, and has seen to it that his opposition was vindicated. Let's see how vindicated he feels when Microsoft's most ardent fanboys start leaving the platform...
  • Nahh, the fault is Balmers;. It was always Balmer.  Balmer didn't take the mobile market seriously in the beginning. He couldn't see beyond the massive paychecks and blew it off. When he stood still for 5 minutes, he capitulated and dropped the Microsoft Kin just to shut people up.. At the same time he started a war with google's Eric Schmidt, not to mention that Apple's IPhone wouldn't go anywhere and the rest is where we find ourselves today.
  • Nokia was out. They were switching to Android which is why Microsoft bought them. They didn't really have a choice if they wanted WP to survive. It didn't seem to matter though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where Windows phones fail, windows Tablets will succeed. Windows phones will ride the coat tails of tablets to mediocrity, maybe 5% share of the pie. I could see windows tablets surpassing Android tablets in the next few years.
  • Android is nearly 70% of the tablet market while Microsoft is only 10%. It would require an enormous jump for Microsoft to do that. They are only forecasted to double their market share by 2020 and we know how well IB Times is with their prophecies. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows phone was allready failing(ed) he is building out windows on other platforms that people, the masses, actually buy and use. I just wish they would release a better groove app on the iphone and android.
  • Almost every year I feel jealous of other smartphone brands in the world. Such as Samsung, LG, Iphone or Sony ... they always have something new and high end that will be marketed. But Windows Phone does not have anything interesting to me look forward every year. In terms of material or design is very plain and uninteresting. OS is still unstable, Microsoft this year is just amazing the rumors, about the Surface and the end for Lumia Phone (650). Besides the endless delay of Microsoft's announcement about Windows Mobile (more stable version) and Lumia 650. While all the competitors closer to launch High End Smartphone with various interesting features, but Windows Phone is still just a rumor with Surface Phone. If Surface Phone exist, it's just for a middle end category smartphone for a business. So what Microsoft has to offer in the category of High End smartphone???
  • Surface phone of what will be called will be a high end device if you payed attention to rumors.
    The lack of new devices during holydays even here and in most other places was what caused the poor sales. They had problems even in US, but with the 550 as well we should see a growth in numbers in January. Also if they released the OS and the 650 as well in January, the sales would be even bigger in February. Just step up the marketing, Capossela!!!!
  • It still is going to be WP though. It will still have no apps, will probably be late to market and features will be lacking. I bet it won't even be released in the end because they won't have anything revolutionary to differentiate it. Same issue they had with McLaren. Surface phone will be canceled or delayed a year at the last minute. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am not sure how to interpret/ understand that! Are you being sarcastic? Or, do you mean what you say literally?
  • I've been a fan of Windows Phone since the beginning... but yesterday I seriously just considered switching to iOS. What are we hanging on to?  It's clear that Satya Nadella has no love for Windows Phone/Mobile. He intentionally let it die through neglect. My new 950 (that I ordered a month and a half ago) is finally in the mail to be delivered. I feel like returning it at this point. Seriously, what's the point? To be strung along another six months? I mean, all of the Microsoft apps that anyone might want are already on iOS... so why stick with Windows Phone? Satya Nadella killed the Microsoft I loved.
  • You should definitely return the 950. It's junk. I'm actively moving clients off Windows phone and onto ios or Android, depending on their needs. Windows phone is dead.
  • To much complain for nothing, and nope, is not a junk!
  • Definitely junk
  • Yep not junk at all. My family have 3x950xls. Love them. There are some bugs with w10, but nothing major and getting better all the time. I think these blogs are mostly rubbish by anonymous people. Some content is of value but when it becomes unjustified complaints, I find it hard to sift through to find legitimate value.
  • It may not be junk in that context, but in a comparative sense, WP can't hold a candle to modern android and iOS.  They're still playing catch-up, and all they have going for them are really cool tiles.
  • People who have older phones on the insider preview are especially mad (even though it's beta). And the new phones are expensive and hard to get.
  • Love my 950. Don't let the door hit you on the way your out.
  • WP/w10m needs all the support it can get right now. because someone who loves the platform wants to leave because they're frustrated with the platform, you feel the need to encourage and kick them out the door. Be for real, w10m is not as fun as it use to be during the wp, Nokia, Stephen Elip days. Frankly, I miss Elip. Time to move on.
  • There wont be a door left to hit me.
  • That there is funny.
  • Hey, there are gullible fanboys on every platform. I spent 5 years evangelizing for MS because Windows Phone was great. Now it's a cheap, shoddy Android knockoff, and I'm done.
  • Lol. If u say so.
  • Don't let the WINDOW hit you on the way out!  buh by!
  • It won't as long he uses the 950 for what it's good for, a door stop.
  • I agree! My 950 XL has been simply fantastic! Who the hell are those people speaking of phones in terms of headturners... Damn you superficial tools! Thankfully there are many like you out Android or iOS camps. Good riddance! Seriously, go and enjoy what you like! Or go f@€# yourself ;)
  • How long do you think Microsoft will continue to support it? If the Surface Phone is x86, then Microsoft may kill support for ARM in newer builds. Why would they continue to support a platform with such low sales numbers. It is just a matter of time before they kill Windows mobile completely. Definitely after the Surface Phone flops. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Out of curiosity why are you here then? Hoping things turn around or just want to stay informed?
  • Enjoy reading the comments and writing my own.
  • Just so you know this site isn't just for phone. The guy is entitled to his opinion and it is one I can certainly understand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Strictly staying informed. I still use my Lumia 640 (went with an LG Gflex 2, which is basically the same phone, internally, as a 950, and hated Android. It did, however, make me realize why I hate Windows 10 Mobile: because it copies the WORST aspects of Android but offers none of the benefits, namely, the huge app catalog). In the end, I realized Android sucks and all the apps in the world aren't worth the switch, but sadly the same is true of Windows 10 mobile. It's an awful OS, and it's that way because Microsoft stupidly listened to consumers who told them "be more like Android!" And now what do we have? A crap user experience and an unstable platform to go along with our lack of apps. That's not a step up from 8.1, it's a huge step DOWN.
  • I have to agree with this sentiment. I have a Lumia 950 XL and hate the Android-like experience. Hamburger menus, buttons located inconsistently and other poor design elements really make me dislike this phone. I won't be switching anytime soon but I can see why people are disappearing. Closing tabs in Edge and closing apps is painful due to the smaller X on the tab screen.
    Generally, controls which were logically placed on the bottom toolbar now end up at the top of the screen or to the side half way up. Unless you've got a 6" thumb, it just makes the phone terrible to use.
    Lastly, the reboots just happen too frequently even when I'm not using the phone. I come to unlock the phone and Hello says the phone restarted and I need to enter my PIN. Heavy camera use causes reboots.
    Battery life is poor. I can barely get through a day of moderate use (or on-screen time) despite a 3300+mAh power plant.
    When the Lumia feedback app appeared, I gave it a 4/10 rating and that was me being generous. Michael Fisher's review from Pocketnow probably summed it up honestly and fairly. I too couldn't recommend this phone even to my colleagues in our IT department and they were extremely happy with the Lumia 920s I recommended to them back in the day.
    I ain't jumping ship yet but if I wanted an Android-like experience with poor battery life I'd just get an Android phone. At least I'd have a few more apps at my disposal.
  • Well said. I'm on Verizon so I still have the 929/Icon. Not going anywhere soon either but I wish they'd quit taking two steps back whether they update us.
  • EXACTLY. While I do get that the underlying technology of Windows 10 Mobile is superior to 8x, I think that they've botched the user experience on it so horribly that it just plain does not matter. It could be the greatest tech advancement in the history of phones, but if it's miserable to use and unreliable on top of it, I do not care. Also: 100% agreed on the horrible, HORRIBLE "hamburger" menu. What idiot thought putting most apps' primary controls inside of a menu, and then putting that menu in what is literally the most difficult spot to reach on the entire screen for 90% of the population was a good idea? It's absolutely maddening. I get the rationale: you need a way to let developers put in more advanced controls and you need it to be something familiar because you're hoping people migrate from Android (they won't, but I can appreciate the hope). So fine, do a hamburger menu, but put it within reach! Put it at the bottom of the screen, where it makes sense on a one handed device. Top left, especially on larger screen phones, is idiotic.
  • You nailed it exactly! People I converted to windows phone over the last years are moving back to android. It's basically the same as windows 10, but with better and more apps. Only thing missing are the live tiles.
  • We are here to offer the good citizens of Windows Central the choice:
    What will it be Neo? The blue pill or the red pill?
  • I'm actually pleasantly surprised and like my 950 in all it's plastic glory. Kind reminds me of what made the original Galaxy phones great was versatility except without the crappy battery compartment. With the case I don't even notice the PC back either.
  • Me too. My 950 works great.
  • Definitely not junk! We need to at least wait until Microsoft introduced a surface phone and a complete version of windows 10 mobile, but do what you want, I'm not stopping you!
  • Windows Phone fans have been waiting for Microsoft to get their crap together for FIVE YEARS, dude. It isn't going to happen.
  • I think most people are frustrated because it seems all we do is wait for stuff that never happens. On all the time it took to make a decent follow-up to the 1520, they most a room of apps and devs. They lost the wow factor that come from seeing the top tier gear in the wild... Noone walks up to someone with a 520 and asks what that is, buy people still to this day do that with my 1520.
  • Wait??? we already do realize the 950 series is supposed to be thier flagship phone right?
  • No, definitely junk.
  • No. Definitely not. See what's happening here? Opinions. Stop acting like its fact
  • Have you seen the competition these days. Windows doesn't keep up. Not one review of the phone said you should buy it if you aren't a fanboy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • All I hear is "wait for surface phone, WM10 will be complete by then" so what will you do if and when they DO release a surface phone and still is garbage ? You gonna wait for the next Microsoft reboot? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are a terrible seller.
  • If I were, I'd be directing people TOWARD Windows Phone. Which I did, for five years, on the promise that Windows Phone was "almost there". You know what? It isn't almost there, and right now there are zero reasons to think it ever will be.
  • Exactly. And any Microsoft app you want to use can be found on both iOS and Android (that is, if anyone even bothers with Microsoft's apps after they leave the platform). Satya wants MS apps and services to be on all platforms... which is fine and good... but most people want to use the services of the platform they're using... not some third party app... which is why it was a mistake to treat Windows Phone fans with such disrespect.
  • What if their needs are meet with WP? You are actively moving them based on your personal desires it seems.
  • If their needs are just a phone app and sms app there are still dumb phones on the market. If it's a smartphone then it's better to steer them towards a stable and consistent OS that's out of Beta. Posted from my Note 5
  • Let's be honest... without the apps... Windows Phones are basically feature phones these days (except you can still find feature phones on all the major carriers).
  • Not at all. My personal desire is to have Windows Phone be the consistent, stable joy to use that it used to be. Those days are over. Windows Mobile 10 is garbage. It's more buggy than even Android (and that's quite an achievement, because Android is a freaking NEST of bugs), its UI is a miserable, ugly pain in the ass to use, and yet it has nowhere near the numbers or even quality of apps. With very few exceptions, Android has not just the superior numbers of apps, but the superior *version* of apps. The only exception I can think of is that Windows Phone has 6Tag, which is superior to the official Instagram app on every platform, but it just isn't enough. Windows 10 Mobile is a disaster, pure and simple. Microsoft made a huge mistake with it.
  • ...and you are being way too generous calling it a disaster. It's a total fail! they are not able to deliver a stable build, not able to nail down the bugs, and as for the design, someone must have been really drunk when he came up with it for the win10 mobile.
  • I am trying to think of a bug with my Nexus 6. Lollipop and now Marshmallow are quite solid and you are full of it. If Android was that bad, then they wouldn't have the repeat buyers that have given them ~85% market share. Android is actually quite good and unlike most Windows software, it "just works". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why return it before even trying it! It's an amazing device! And WP isn't dead.
  • WP is dead. Sales are plummeting, WinMo 10 is awful, the 950 series sports specs that Android devices had more than half a year sooner, and MS shows no signs that it actually cares about fixing the problems with 10. They basically took everything great about the 7x and 8x line and threw it in the garbage so they could offer a cheap, crash-prone Android knockoff. No thank you.
  • 950 is not junk, I'm sure you never had one
  • I never said I did have one. But I know several people who bought them, and all but one returned it in under a week. Every single one of them reported poor battery life and a dislike of Windows 10 Mobile because it's confusing, inconsistent and lost all the features that made the 7x and 8x line great. The "People first" approach is gone. Now all we have is a bug-riddled cheap Android clone with none of the apps.
  • It's a junk because of the OS, that buggy, untested, inconsistent OS! so mr. Nadella, Thank you, come again.
  • You should be ashamed of yourself for ever moving anyone to Android. 
  • @ cybersaurusrex - that's where I was 12 months ago. I'd had enough and finally moved over to iOS. I miss WP like anything, but the fact is it's dead as DEAD. Time for you to move also mate - pic your platform, time to move on. :( 
  • Oh, the drama! I don't like my 950 xl as i once was proud of my 1020. But this crappy drama makes me sick. When i bought the 1020. Wp8 had all sorts of problems, from deleting everything in my music folder to restarting randomly. Well, after 3 mounths was a great device! Then after one year the win 10 mobile crazyness started. And here am i again testing and being a human cobai. But you know what? My xl is an awsome device. And will get better;). Nope. Win 10 mobile will never die... I can assure you this!
  • Humbug!
  • It's already dead. The simple fact that the only phone slated for 2017 is the 650 says everything. Even it's release is all hush hush no marketing. The Surface phone will probably come out next year and be a failure - final nail in the coffin. Posted from my Note 5
  • Windows 10 mobile and Windows 10 are merging. You may as well call it Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 are not "merging", they are versions of the same core OS. They will each remain differentiated for their device niche, just as has the Xbox One version of Windows 10, and as will the HoloLens version. Same core, different experience.
  • And that is why Windows 10 mobile will be killed off by the end of the year. Microsoft will realize the futility of the Surface Phone and it will be canceled at the last minute like McLaren and Surface Mini. They will not have anything ground breaking to release. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why? So people won't know what we are talking about? They can call it one thing and people can sound like they are "in the know" because "it's all Windows 10".  Fact remains that they are separate in functionality.  If we are talking about phone features, hardware, apps, etc., people are going to say Windows 10 mobile. 
  • Yeah. I think you are right.  Why spend $600 on a phone that Microsoft (namely, Satya Nadella) has no interest in seeing succeed?  Why should I care more than he does? I hate that iOS is so locked-down... but I think they probably make a better phone. Plus, my work phone is an iPhone (which I barely know how to use)... so it probably makes sense to go with iOS. My brother and sister will not believe it. I've been such a vocal advocate for Windows Phone on Facebook, etc. Oh, well... it's time to move on.  I kind of regret buying those two Surfaces I bought at Christmas.  Satya has ruined Microsoft for me.
  • Were you one of the people lobbying for Ballmer to be fired? Just curious, not saying you were. I miss him now because Satya really hasn't done much but ignored windows phone. Window as a service, surface devices, office 365, Xbox, azure are all products created under Ballmer's watch, even the one Microsoft strategy to make Microsoft more nimble, fast, and creative is his, but for some reason everyone is giving Satya credit. The only credit he deserves is the fact that he canceled the surface mini, ignores windows phone, and puts other mobile platform above his company's own on his list of priorities. He does deserve credit for building the azure platform since he was the lead of that division.
  • Ballmer made plenty of mistakes... but at least he was fighting for the OS and the phones.  Satya Nadella has done no such thing.  Satya killed Windows Phone.
  • You shouldn't regret the Surfaces, they're still the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile PC's. Microsoft hasn't really dropped the ball in that arena, they're leading the charge. Unfortunately, they've done so while ignoring mobile. They need to update their slogan: "Mobile first...unless it's our own platform, then to hell with it".
  • Its not Satyas fault, its Ballmers he had mobile in the palm of his hand and could not see that having a windows PC in the palm of his hand would be something people would want. Satya, is trying to save MS and doing a good job. Mobile for MS was dead way before he took the helm.
  • It's not Ballmer's fault. Everyone laughed at the iPhone when it came out. It's hard to predict these things sometimes.
  • Regret buying a surface because of Satya? It's a great product...regardless of Who is the CEO.
  • Its not that he doesnt want ot to succeed  he is smart enough to know its been dead....for about 2 years or more. As the guy in charge it would be bad business to invest in something that is failing. You wouldnt buy a house without a roof would you, or more to the point, under water?
  • Microsoft has interesting in seeing Windows mobile succeed, just they are being rational and realizing it will never happen without a revolutionary product. A product they don't have. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agree, Sadly I have to move to Android Galaxy S6
  • Totally true what you say I have beena windows mobile fan for years but Microsoft doesn't support its own platform more interested in producing apps I currently have a 950xl but I struggling with the windows phone platform thinking of trying android give it till july make my mind up by then
  • Microsoft did many errors, I knew it before and I know it now. I own both, android and lumia 950. I hate android, I love that whole windows ecosystem. But crap, microsoft should aim now for getting back all that geek class, by enabling all that emulator stuff. Then, aiming for that business class, letting windows pc and mobile act as one, before android and ios destroy the pc segment too. Finally aim for the vast public, which is more complicated to get. And last thing they should do, kill win mobile for the new surface phone like they did with wp7
  • And btw, we are all waiting years and years since wp7 came out for merging the os to that onecore... Crist, wm 5.0 back in the day was already very close to the pc version, now, 6 years after, its even more far away!!! Never quit a service to a customer, you will loose him, even kids understand this.
  • The pc segment will never get destroyed
  • 950XL is great phone.
  • I have a Lumia 950, iPhone 6, and a Galaxy S6. My Lumia 950 is the least stable but still does things the others can't. Simple things like grouping of notifications or having notifications dismissed from the notifications center when read in the app don't happen in iOS or Android. I'm hoping the polish will improve but there is not getting around the elephant in the room. Will the apps ever come. I have all the important ones I need and although all mobile platforms fail me at some point, Windows Mobile fails me the least.
  • Don't know what you smoking but iOS does group notifications and deletes them if you open them in the app. User error if you ask me. Check your settings.
  • Lol, I was thinking the same thing.
  • Least stable =/= Fails me the least Posted from my Note 5
  • Sad but true. I plan on getting a 950xl in a few days, and I really don't know why I just won't switch to a nexus or something. This definitely might be the last WP for me.
  • It's good thing to give Under 100$ for Wp, example 640, as it'll be more stable on 8.1 than anything in that price range. But giving 600$ for laggy,buggy,cracking 950 (xl)? No way. Get some good Android phone, Nexus, or Sony (their OS is almost stock),LG G4 or V10, Z5, and so on. Or get yourself one of iPhones. Once in few months,when (if) OS gets complete, you can come back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP need amazing marketing promotion. I bought 640 for $39.95 I'm update to win 10. For this Money you cannon find better phone, but for $600 the market you can find a lot of cellphone better.
  • Do yourself a favor and stay away from windows 10 mobile if you want your 640 to be snappy, fast and slick as it is now.
  • I wouldn't waste the money on a 950XL. Hell, have you looked at the benchmarks? Even using the identical processor and RAM, Android devices SMOKE the Lumia 950XL. It's horrific how poorly Microsoft optimized the OS for the hardware. Save your money. If you MUST have a Windows Phone, get yourself a Lumia 640 or a used 830 for under $100. Windows 10 Mobile is not ready for prime time.
  • Tell me....When do you use benchmarks in everyday life?  Bench mark is a load of crap.  You can make a phone kill in benchmarks and then be a laggy mess in real useage.  Look at android phones. 
  • I disagree. Satya Nadella just had a somewhat unfortunate timing. But under Satya Microsoft showed a shift to openness I had never anticipated. I don't think this would have ever been possible under Ballmer's reign. He just inherited problems he can hardly deal with fast enough.
  • No. He gave up.
  • I agree the problem isn't Satya's fault. However, under his stewardship, Windows Mobile has been largely ignored, and its redesign is an unmitigated UX disaster. Too, Android on the identical hardware *crushes* Windows 10 mobile. It's absurd how little priority Microsoft put into optimizing 10Mobile for the Lumia 950 and 950XL.
  • I get peoples feelings on this but I only think back to wp7 and how wp8 was received, wp8.1 was what everyone wanted but that took too long with the delays with carriers. Sales numbers? Its just to wacky right now to say much you have the 950's but its a bit wonky on availability. the 550 is just starting to be available and there is no mid-range device which was silly as the 640 was a sweet spot device for them. So you walk into a store and you have a 950 or last years phones with no upgrade to w10 available? No these numbers dont surprise me and whether thats deferring or leaving I dont know. (some of each I suspect)      
  • Return it, seriously.
  • If by awful you mean steadily increasing the stock price of Microsoft, then yeah, he's bad lol.
  • What do you expect from posters. Myopic view of MS, and dumb view of Nadellas ability to manipulate a market prone to fashion.  Under Nadella, Windows 10 has shipped and is excellent. The heavy lifting has been done on Xbox so it too can run UWP apps. 10 Mobile is running on the 950 well.  10 Mobile will probably start rolling out to other phones over the next couple of months, and we might see a tighter version of the OS with the crinkles ironed out, as functionality wise its on a par with my iPhone. In fact the way it hands devices seems actually better (device hub or whatever its called). Its not all rainbows, but its certainly not the dire picture in terms of ability to execute the kids posting here would have you believe. But I guess prevailing sentiment (even wrongly) is infectious.
  • Satya is doing a great job but windows 10 is excellent? Not even, with every update ive had small ticky tack issues, mostly display driver issues. Also, I cant share a video from my photos app to facebook on desktop?? wtf
  • And how does the stock price affect a user who just wants a decent phone in their hand, are they supposed to do cartwheels because MS's stock if up? The stock price doesnt mean anything if you're not a shareholder.
  • Actually in a way it does. Chances are, you're a Microsoft customer, be it phone, PC, Xbox or anything else they have their hands in. A CEO has one job, make money for the company and raise, or at least keep stable, the stock price. That has been accomplished so the company can still function, if they don't function, you lose as a customer on all fronts.
  • Enjoy your Microsoft Cloud... because that's really all Microsoft is coming--some backend company that no one cares about. Basically, the next IBM. That's great for shareholders... but no one really gives a sh*t. Microsoft as a consumer brand is dying fast. They needed to be in mobile... and Windows mobile is dead.
  • Imagine that you are a corporate CEO juggling 25 things at the same time and getting pressured by stockholders to keep the stock price high. Are you really going to spend a lot of your precious time and energy on something that isn't growing and is losing money for your company?
  • MS is a end to end solutions company and that also includes phones. Same as people questioning HP phones; they too offer complete solutions, its what makes them appealing to enterprise. As long as the add-ons are near break even thats fine they make their money elsewhere. Too many people confuse Phone dependent companies with others that are highly diversified. They dont have the same exposure or possibly any significant impact to their bottom line. Apple is the highest risk company in this as they are 70% phone and much of the other revenue is a spin off of phone sales. you have mac, appletv  and ipod that can stand on their own. (yes you logic applies here) Have a think about Bing...  it didnt hang around for decades because of impending profits?  
  • Exactly. We're just the suckers who believed in the platform more than the new CEO. Without mobile, Microsoft will be the next IBM--a highly profitable company that is irrelevant to consumers. Try to find a website dedicated to IBM. That will be Microsoft before long. That is Satya's legacy.
  • I am sorry I disagree with you.  WP can be completely wiped off the map and microsoft will continue to grow.  They are more than a mobile phone company.  They will survive without WP. on the other hand.  If they had to loose the iphone,  they would be **** up in a week. 
  • Very True! And we are at the point now where smart phones are not even exciting anymore. They were exciting, but now they are just commodities and this is going to bite Apple. The fact is that smart phones are almost to the point where they will be as exciting as a new HP laptop: Not too exciting.
  • He's great and should own the successes, but also needs to own the failures. They pushed everything cool about WP (Office, Cortana, now Keyboard, etc.) to other platforms. He cut projects and phones, merged OS leadership and focused desktop. For example, Win10 PC was out in July. Win10 Mobile just got pushed back February. They needed Win10 Mobile before Thanksgiving. They (Nadella) didn't make it a priority, so it didn't happen. Only the future knows if Nadella made appropriate choices by allowing the mobile OS slide behind. That may turn out to be genius, or a catastrophic long-term mistake.
  • I wanted to inform you that in late november 2015 the first phones with windows 10 mobile were shipped. In january came another one. A xiaiomi phone had the new OS pushed too.  Only Windows 10 mobile upgrade for old phones have been pushed to February (with the ability to upgrade via an app called windows insider if you can't wait for your model to have a certified build). It's like saying a version of android is not out until all android manufacturers decide to update their old phones. I'm not mad at you, it is this whole community that starts not to make sense anymore.
  • Even though those phones were released the software that powers them os not ready hence the real problem.
  • Because stock prices are about how investors "feel" in the short term.  I'm not sure a long term strategy of giving away free apps to the competition is a winning strategy.  Before someone repeats the bullet points, there is no data showing a selfie app or any of the other free stuff they are giving away is moving any of them to purchase any cloud services that Nadella thinks they will.  Apple users still favor iCloud.  Android users still favor Google Drive.  Apple users still favor Siri. Android users still favor OK Google.   So, the stewardship of particular product lines is awful, in my opinion and won't sustain stock prices long term.  
  • He has failed on the smartphone side.
  • Nothing stays for ever, Microsoft mobile phones will eventually penetrate the market share. if u  consinder tablet market, Microsoft is now doing well with their Surface Tablets by applying  with different strategy to the likes of Apple.
  • Microsoft's financials have outperformed under Nadella compared with under Balmer.
  • With manipulation of things like writeoffs and firing a bunch of people.  
  • Man you really don't get it. Pathetic.
  • You're bat $hizzle crizzle.......
    That has got to be the most blind fanboy comment I've ever heard in my life.. Wow!
  • Still acting emo on the forums I see, why are u here?
  • He doesn't have to explain to YOU why is he's here. He doesn't have to talk to YOU. <---the responses he gives whenever challenged  That and name calling. 
  • Nadella isn't the problem. That they had no flagships or marketing for ages, coupled with the fact that Windows 10 mobile is garbage, is. And you can blame USERS for why 10 sucks. They whined "be more like android!" and we got exactly that: a janky, ugly UX with hard to use controls and crashes aplenty.
  • But you forget all that deep research Joe B is doing, that'll save WP for sure....
  • Hilarious that they quoted a marketing director about wp. WhatThefuck, I mean we haven't seen shitz for marketing of WP.
  • Because marketing didn't help. They marketed the crap out of WP7. The commercials were on nonstop. They did not help at all and that was when the market was still being fleshed out. They stopped spending marketing money on WP because it was pointless. The same thing happened with flagship phones. No one bought them, so they were a huge waste of money. They even said they didn't expect the 950 series to be big sellers. They were just put out for fanboys. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The advertising is still nonexistent. I'm in the northeastern US and to this day I have yet to see a single commercial on-air about the 950s. I see Surface all the time, but WP, nope.
  • Yup, the two biggest marketing pushes were "The Smartphone Beta test is over" with the Lumia 900 and then that run of Cortana vs Siri. Crickets before and after those.
  • Not
  • Why would they market something nobody wants and in the 950 s case something that is buggy as ****?
  • Why would they make something nobody wants?
  • It's funny how much Lumia has carried the Nokia banner though. I remember being in the UK, France and Italy over the past years and seeing not only windows phones in a lot of people's hands - but also dedicated 'Lumia' shops. The marketing worked - and Nadella is now hemorrhaging the markets they do own a decent chunk of the pie. I don't get it - they have a healthy app ecosystem over there.
  • The main reason I switched to the iPhone. I loved wp 8-8.1.
  • You misread his words, it was code for "ios, android first, cloud first, Windows coming soon (aka never)".....
  • Maybe they would sell more phones if they hadn't taken a hiatus from, you know, selling phones....
  • Damn you and your logic.
  • Yeah, it's a curse. I'm often mistaken for a smart - .....  But really, I'm not. I'm just better at logic than most. ;)
  • They may sell more phones if they didn't suck. After three reboots and the ui is still exactly the same. Do they really think the issue with Windows phone was the background code?
    Now it is obviously the ugly, inefficient UI. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows phone never been off the ground dont blame this on satya ..its just microsoft thats always behind with everything
  • He certainly didnt help things by decimating the mobile workforce then firing all the testers leaving all the beta testing to the gullible "insiders"....
  • @cybersaurusrex. Err no, it's early to say it has failed. You need to remember that windows phone didn't start under Satya Nadella. But under Steve Ballmer and has been in state of constant flux (Kernal switch, msd card's being locked to the wp7 the are used on etc) even before the Satya Nadella took office. Granted there are highly questionable decisions that have been made since then. So to say he should be fired on a whim, is childish at best. If say 5 years down the line and nothing has changed, then yes your frustration would be understandable. I too am a fan, albeit a highly critical one although I don't shout and rave about it. WM10 has a lot going for it, right now I'm keen to see which way they are heading as things will always change last minute.
  • It HAS failed, loud and CLEAR has it failed. You're flogging a dead horse. The industry has long since moved on and doesn't even acknowledge that this platform exists. You need a seriously strong coffee.
  • i have to question if it's the platform itself that's failed, or the lack of hardware supporting it that's been it's downfall? The Lumia brand itself is associated with failure by many, if there was a new brand running the OS that screamed high levels of quality that can only be found from people like Samsung or Apple, then I would be curious to see how much of an affect it has, if any, on the platform. 
  • Maybe in USA. Europe always loved Nokia and it's great, quality hardware. Nokia phones always selled good, except under WP. Windows is what degraded Nokia mostly (not only thing, but one of most important things).
    If there wasn't Nokia, Wp wouldn't exist today. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ballmer made mistakes, but at least he fought for the platform... and fought to keep it alive (by buying Nokia). Satya let it die intentionally to vindicate his opposition to the purchase. At least under Ballmer, the platform was growing (albeit slowly). Under Satya, it immediately started dropping like a stone through neglect.
  • Satya made Windows 10 free to help Windows Phone. He is trying to bring more users to the app store.
  • U know he picked up the windows phone problems right? And not started it. Don't blame people blindly like u did. Satya has changed alot for the good and better.
  • Agree with cybersaurusrex, Satya the time is come, sorry, but it's time to resign before it's too late, seriously please be honest, go home
  • Satya is not even trying. He only cares about cutting costs.
  • The problem is that the Microsoft strategy appears to be Apple first Android first. How long have we been waiting for voicemail on windows phone version of Skype something that iPhone and Arndroid have had for years?
  • This is what happens when you limit the availability of your new flagship devices to the most hated mobile provider in the country... Essentially abandoning 70-80% of your fan base. Smart call, Satya.
  • Mobile wont be the "big market" anymore. Even Tim Cook knows this. Even the iPhone is expected to experience a drop in sales. The tech giants are looking for the next "big market".
  • do something in Colombia otherwise sales will keep sucks
  • I would love to buy a new phone, really. However I am not able to move off vzw. I hope to god surface phone gets pushed to all carriers (bribe em if you have to). I would rather wait 6 months for an update than not get a phone at all.
  • Well that is debatable. Microsoft's cloud platform is doing better than ever now I hear. And he took the mobile first part a little too seriously. Today's mobile world is dominated by iphone and android, and he brought microsoft services to those platforms. So he does stick to his mantra diligently.
  •  "Mobile first. Cloud first"... and mobile has failed under his tutelage... then he has failed.
    You're totally misunderstanding what Microsoft is going for here.  Satya doesn't care about Windows Mobile.  All he cares about is people using Microsoft services.  This means that the apps on iOS and Android are more important than Windows Mobile, period.  We're going to reach a point, if we haven't already, where the only differentiator for Windows Phone is live tiles.  I love live tiles and think they're an incredibly better functionality paradigm than iOS with its useless grid of icons, and Android with its mismatched widgets.  (The widgets are definitely better than the icons).  But at some point, Windows Mobile just doesn't matter to Microsoft.  We may have already reached that point. That being said, Satya's indifference to Windows Mobile is dangerous in the sense that if application developers only work on iOS and Android, Windows as a platform is in trouble.  The app gap will eventually hit Windows desktops, which may result in a slow erosion of that market as well.   So I wouldn't say he's failed because Windows Mobile has failed.  I think he basically starved Windows Mobile to death, and is indifferent to it, because he thinks he'll make up that revenue by attracting Android and iOS users to Microsoft apps and services. I would imagine that Microsoft is working on putting live tiles into Arrow Launcher for Android, but I have no idea how application data is exposed to the OS.  My guess is that it's not exposed in any standard way, where Microsoft itself could build live tiles.  I suppose they could try to get app developers to write live tile code, but that seems like a non-starter.
  • You think widgets aren't as good as tiles for aesthetic reasons? Are aesthetics more important than function? Widgets can easily have the same function as Live Tiles. There is a reason they don't. Live Tiles are useless. People wouldn't have hated Windows 8 otherwise and Windows Phone wouldn't have completely flopped if people actually liked Live Tiles and found them useful. The proof is in the numbers, not anecdotal evidence. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mobile as in the mobile experience, not the hardware definition. That's why MS stuff is popping up on the other platforms. I'm not defending him, just clarifying what that statement means.
  • Looks like only Europe and Australia keep windows alive. Just release the OS and the 650 already if you want a strong market presence. Sales will be better for January because 950 hit more markets by then and 550 did too. Also put Capossela into gear because I don't remember seeing adds for the new devices the last 2 months on TV
  • There will certainly be more returns in January. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • U don't understand how definition of mobile. "Mobile" means that Microsoft needs to prioritize getting its software (it is firstly a software company) mobile ir on as many mobile platforms as possible. In that vein...Nadella has been brilliant. Microsoft is now the talk of the tech world. Sure WP is going to the dogs but that isn't a big part of his strategy. Don't get me wrong......i want a good wp as much as the next person but you have to admit that MS is WAY stronger under Nadella now. Its actually the only tech company that is truly innovating right now.
  • Oh come on. He said "Mobile First" not "Windows phone First". And he is doing what he has said, bringing in all their services to all mobile platforms. You should remember that he quipped with all MS apps in the iPhone (Pro). I too feel bad for the windows phone share but it will take time. We have to wait and see with this surface phone.
  • No more waiting from me. Thanks but no thanks.
  • mobile first is not mobile phone first. he said that multible times.​ get your stuff right  
  • Windows Phone was the best thing about Microsoft? What drugs are you on? Also, you fundamentally misunderstand what "Mobile first. Cloud first." even means. Not sure why you've gotten so many up votes.
  • Microsoft takes an L again
    Lol! I knew Satya wasn't Sh*t when he started pushing those low end cheap phones, instead of tackling the APP problem. The APP problem was always the issue, & they never addressed it.
    I love this OS, but to all the guys who think the surface phone is going to save Microsoft you need to get your head out of your A$$. 2 years ago APPS would have saved this phone, but now I'm starting to think it's to late for that as well. Who I really feel sorry for is Nokia for selling such a great device & patents to a company like Microsoft who never wanted to take this platform to the next level. R.I.P.
  • Are you really that short-sided?  How is this even remotely Nadella's "legacy"?  NONE of these phones are his offspring.  This is Balmer's mobile legacy.  Please consider this - who bought Nokia's mobile business?  Microsoft, other than Balmer's Lumia anchor, has absolutely thrived under Nadella's stewardship and their prospects for the future are very bright.  If the Surface Phone line proves to be a fail, Microsoft will still be fine.  That just won't be a hardware space in which Microsoft will play.  Their services and Universal Platform will continue to thrive.  Look at the other players who see the writing on the wall.  Apple is lamely trying to tout iOS as an alternative to Windows 10 in the multi-purpose space with their silly iPad Pro.  Why are they doing this?  Because they see where the market is going.  Microsoft is already well positioned for the future.  Smartphones really are commoditzed at this point and represent only one alternative platform for the future.  In short, time will tell.  But to lay this all on Nadella is simply absurd. 
  • Mobile first means his push of microsoft software into mobile...which has succeeded.   He sees it, windows phone will be a hobby project moving forward.   Don't expect some big marketing push again.   Android and iOS have firmly owned this market
  • You are absolutely right. Satya Nadella is a big idiot. Mobile first cloud first according to him is Android and ios first. If Steve Ballmer was still the CEO I bet Windows Phone now would have had a steady stake. Seriously I have a Lumia 925 and the moment I realized Microsoft is making wordflow keyboard to iphone and still postponing windows 10 mobile by focussing on other platforms, I am giving it up for an iphone. When Steve Ballmer was the CEO if you asked 'why should I buy a Windows Phone' there was a reason i.e. if you want to get best Microsoft apps. Now if you ask the same question there is absolutely no point in buying Windows Phone absolutely no point Please dont tell me its continuum.
  • It's done. Surface phone might as well at this point be a dual booting windows 10 / android device Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Agree. The Surface Phone won't really even be a phone anyway. It will be a PC that can make calls... and the market for that is small. Most consumers don't need or want Continuum.
  • Actually, Continuum is pretty awesome. Even just browsing the web from the couch but on the big screen.
  • Consumers will not buy a phone for continium, its a silly business feature gimmick.
  • @emigrating continuum do not work at all with my ms wireless display adapter, another one of Satya's failures
  • I miss basic Miracast. Sometimes I just want to throw a movie to the big screen. Now, I get continuum with only Ms apps and a couple other $hit apps to use.
  • Are you being sarcastic? You got more and yet you complain?
  • I really don't believe anything will help with Win10 mobile at this point. Tech moving too fast and MS to slow to implement. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nor can they keep up with the ebb and flow of popular apps. SnapChat and Periscope still aren't on the platform and chances they make it over before their popularity wanes in leiu of some newer hot apps are slim at best.
  • The reason they only gave the 950 to At&t is because they knew they did not have s phone ready for the public and it was the least damaging way to look relevant. My 950 is not anywhere ready to promote to anyone. In addition, my Band 2 has issues. I am becoming extremely proficient at resetting both of them. The typical customer will not out up with it. In addition, the surface pro 4 I own has had little issues (nothing big) but enough to make me wonder what MS is doing. They need to make a massive change quick to keep me on the band wagon.
  • Praying Surface Phone will get the same attention as with Surface PCs.
  • The only way the Surface phone will succeed is if it is running Android pr rinning Androids apps and the play store.
  • I have just one more windows phone purchase left in me and that will be the surface phone. I have no idea what I'd do if the platform doesn't make it. I dislike Google and I can't imagine ever carrying an iPhone.
  • You just explained exactly how I feel,, perfectly.
  • I need to get a life because this article has really been a downer.  It's not a surprise but it is depressing to see the dirty details in lights.  I'll give it one last college try with the surface phone and hope for the best.  However as I glance over at my shiny new Surface Book, all is right with the world once more :)
  • Dont be too down. There are many backup plans. W10M phones that run Android apps are probably plan B. And Android Phones made by Microsoft with their own store that can run UWP apps is probably plan C. MS has to stay in mobile otherwise their whole idea of mobile first cloud first and their desire for W10 store apps is going to crumble. Also, other bright spots, W10 tablets are selling well :). And should increase in sales for the future. And over 200 Million active W10 devices are running well :). Which is amazing really. Yes, W10M is doing horrible. But its not over yet. It seems like it but its not over yet :).
  • This reaction is typical of this community, There are a lot of jilted wp fanboys that tell themselves they have moved on but come here with every dire article too vent their frustration and shake their fist at whichever CEO is their choice to blame. And that's fine because they love WP and that's why. (trolls need not apply) However Microsoft is facing a monumental difficult task wrenching phone share away from entrenched platforms iOS and Android. But for what its worth I totally believe once W10M has it's bugs squashed and the new Lumias get their firmware fixed people will buy them in droves, because, lets face it, people like choices and despite that some of you are saying, W10M is Microsoft's most capable mobile OS yet.      
  • They arent wrong either are they. Seeing the hardware differences between the mobile platforms are narrowing and the only thing that stands out is the software side. And microsoft themselves are busy with other platforms and keen on reducing the stand out features of WP. Its hard to know that the best of the microsoft software experience is only to be found in platforms other than theirs. There is some explaining to do. Its not about fanboyism and showing loyalty anymore. Its about trust. I trust in this platform do they??
  • Yes, and let's not forget that W10M will run on Android devices... As long as MS keeps making the OS available we can run it on hundreds of devices..
  • Feel literally the same
  • Think I'll get myself a Nokia N95 8Gb again.
  • I love the depression of this U.S. centric site :) On the bright side, EU 5 is holding well. Australia too. South america too. So U.S. and japan are doing bad. And you should notice the 1.2 in China that raised a lot from last year, if china adoption keeps increasing who cares about U.S.A., you will follow sooner or later :) If only more manufacturers started building windows phones, that is really worriesome, not these numbers.... Oh and I'm impressed, for once this site got this right "It should be noted that Kantar WorldPanel measures sales of phones for three month periods and is not a measure of overall market share in total." . Well done author!
  • I think Lumia did well in the EU because Nokia was an EU company.  They had a good read of what European customers liked in terms of design and aesthetics. Where they failed was not jumping on the Android bandwagon early like Samsung did. That led to the opening for Elop to take over Nokia, then selling Lumia to Microsoft.  The rest most readers here know what happened after that.
  • You want to say "I think Lumia does well", these numbers are from december and Nokia is no more. If it was only Nokia name that sold I guess the next year will tell. What worries me is the zero effort MS is putting in its own apps and in marketing, let's hope for the best.
  • Don't you read Windows Central? These Lumia phones are from what was already in the Nokia pipeline. The rumoured Surface Phone would be the first Microsoft design in a while.
  • I dont think so. Might be an abandoned nokia design for lumia 930. Seeing the design its unlike any lumia.
  • If you answer to me at least say something that has something to do with what I said.
  • Remember when people here were saying the lack of a flagship was the reason why Windows Phone was losing market share? So Microsoft released a flagship phone and what happened? 1.6% market share. The hardware or device is only part the picture except for fanboys, um, I mean for enthusiasts. For the rest of the 98.4% of users, it's about the APPS. Any Surface Phone will have the same problems gaining traction without apps.
  • Flagship. Your out of your frigin mind if you think that was a flagship. I was deemed a POS from the get go. They put in a half ass effort and got half ass reviews and half ass sales. Surprise, surprise.
  • >Without apps ​Are you forgetting about the thousands of apps already available on x86 Windows? You know, the ones with full fledged desktop power. A good portion of which aren't even available on any mobile platform.
  • Desktop apps are optimized mostly for large screen while the phone needs to have a small screen to be mobile. I just don't see the niche for Surface Phone. The Continuum technology can help a little but you won't probably bear a TV everywhere. Keyboard, mouse and a high-performance CPU are another options for comfortable work with desktop apps. I can hardly imagine the way to achieve the same or comparable degree of user interaction on a phone.
  • Can we for once live in the present :P .  People should stop bashing about features that might see the light of the day in the 'distant' future. Im not against it but when some one talks about app gap learn to admit it. He is not talking about the app gap in the future. Sorry for being a bit rude. Its been a while and some one has to put it down. We already have a lot of broken hopes please dont add to it further. Thank you
  • Microsoft may have released the flagship phones in Q4, but were never available for purchase http://at any time I checked during that time. It wasn't until the middle of January that the 950xl became available and I ordered mine. It is hard to make sales if you don't have product readily available to buy. Every year it seems like something new is sabotaging sales.
  • They should have released the 950/XL during spring with 8.1 and pushed w10m back to this spring. It is too late to come out with a phone when your most loyal fans have already switched.
  • not sure what apps that fandroid users have that we dont. I certainly have no use for snapchat. I dont need to sext and have my pics disappear. sexting isnt legal here anyway. Yes, android has over 1200 fart apps, and WP only has 7, but I dont even need one!  
  • Lack of flagships did damage, but the real problem is and always has been apps.
  • I still think Windows Central readers are hyping this up way too much - Unless you are mainly excited for the design of the phone I don't know what you are expecting it to do that is so revolutionary compared to the 950/XL?
  • Let me answer: yeah they want a metal phone :D  
  • On a premium device, it probably won't be plastic that creaks and crackles.
  • Indeed. After getting a 950 XL and suffering from all the bugs it has, I'm starting to lose faith on Windows Phone. I hope the platform gets much better by the time the Surface Phone arrives, or I believe I'm leaving for greener Android pastures.
  • Maybe if Joe Balfiore can stop using his iPhone, that would be great.
  • Microsoft and Apple are at peace now. Didnt you watch their commercial during Christmas time? ;)
  • *iPhone Pro :)
  • Kantar is the worst source for numbers.
  • Surface Phone to the Rescue (The Windows Force Awakens).....Da, daaaah, duh duh, d'oh,dun, nu, da dah, du duh, nuh, da na nah naaaa (star wars)
  • last chance for what?  
  • First of all microsoft needs to love its own platform. I mean seriously! All of MS's apps are far better in other platforms rather than their platform. It's not acceptable at all. If MS can't treat their own customers and fans well, why the hell people will buy these devices? The WORST part is they are giving away the "Unique" features of Windows Platform to other platforms like the damn good keyboard. And those Microsoft Garage guys don't even think about release their apps on wp now!  Windows Phone was a great platform seriously and i still love that! But it's a shame that MS is responsible for this fate of this platform! Microsoft will never understand the pain of their loyal customers,fans and developers who are still loving this platform! And i am one of them! Developing windows phone apps since windows phone 7 for local communities and still doing that. But i am considering to make a switch. I have to! :(       
  • they're waiting on Intel for a mobile processor. After all Intel did such a bang up job on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.I'm not sure why folks are putting such faith in Surface. Surface 3 and Pro 3 did good, but Pro 4 and Book, well seems as though some are having a real issues.
  • This has nothing to do with Surface Phone. Their plan is to bypass the carriers except for a few chosen and sell themselves. This ix exactly what they said they would do and the US numbers are only a reflection of the fact that no one is carrying windows phones. Those of you waiting to buy the next iteration, it will only be handled by one or two carriers as well. I have always said if you truly want this phone to exist, pick up the unlocked 950 0r XL. Don7t ***** when the line disappears when you have sat an your thumbs waiting for the next phone, whether McLaren or Surface.
  • The Surface phone is not going to save WP. Its always has been and always will be about the apps. They can come out with any phone they can dream up, but if it doesnt have Snapchat and other apps the other platforms have, people arent buying it. Their only hope is Windows 10 actually attracting developers and that will take time.
  • I'd say hurry up first in having a finished well polished OS superior to ios, and only then develop an according hardware.
  • If they ever bring that phone out, I might consider switching from iPhone
  • These are also dire days for the iPhone and Apple.  But surely this is a good chance for Microsoft to get their phones into the lower price region and get marketshare, esp. since non-contract iPhones are so expensive. I love my Lumin 640 so I really don't understand what all the griping is about.....
  • Microsoft you should leave mobile business. :/ 
  • They shouldnt leave. They should make and Android phone . Posted via the Blackberry Priv
  • Why waste money on an Android phone? Most Android OEMs don't make any money. The whole point of selling their own phones was to attract people to the Windows OS and services. Without mobile... Windows' is closer to irrelevant.
  • An android phone that could run UWP apps wouldnt be a bad backup plan...
  • Android backup sounds sensible or maybe the ios apps will help. But they need to move just and bit faster as people won't really care except fans.
    But it's not enough to survive.
    They just jump on band wagons of most popular. Posted via the Blackberry Priv
  • The latest rumor about Amazon's next foray into the mobile market is spot on and Microsoft should strongly consider following their lead.  Making an Android device devoid of Google's services and replacing them with Microsoft's own, including MS Office, would seriously shake things up, especially in the business sector.  Many people, myself included, would love a bit less Google intrusion in their lives and Microsoft has the muscle to beat Amazon to the punch. While I would like to see Microsoft continue development of the Windows 10 mobile platform it is quite apparent that for some time Microsoft's own apps have been receiving priority attention on competing platforms.  This all by itself is the wrong message to send to Windows Mobile customers and in my opinion is the reason for the sinking marketshare in the US..
  • The last Amazon approach was a failure. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Do you suggest they finish up then. They need mobile to complete the windows 10 experience. But it's gonna flop if they don't get fingers out of bums and sort out the apps. The approach is to slow and mobile doesn't really matter it's just there to complete the windows 10 experience.
    Some of the apps really need updated.
    Windows 10 of, how many people use the apps over the website ( hardly anyone I reckon)
    Why would you when have or cut up versions and you can't pin the full website to your start screen.
    They need to sort themselves out, end off Posted via the Blackberry Priv
  • That announcement will come when Belfiore's sabbatical is over and he fails to return.
  • UWP would not be full cicle then.
  • UWP might as well be ported to iOS seeing how much stuff that used to be exclusive to Windows now being exclusive to iOS...
  • The mobile business left Microsoft.
  • One simple question. I've 950 xl and where is the background download??
  • Not good then. Posted via the Blackberry Priv
  • Ignoring Verizon and Sprint customers doesn't help.  I would buy a new Lumia today if it worked on Verizon. 
  • Exactly!!! So frustrating.
  • MSFT did not ignore them, they're not interested.
  • And, that's MS's fault as well... If MS's product isn't appealing, or most importantly known about, who's fault is that????.... It's strictly MS's fault. The whole past 6 years.
  • Oh get over yourself. VZW didn't support the Nexus 5, they don't support the OnePlus phones, and they will continue not supporting good phones because of their outdated bands.
  • Not appealing? when why are you so passionate about it? Really!
  • Yes!!
  • Same here
  • Verizon will not approve the Lumia 950/XL to work on the network. So it's not Microsoft fault on that part. I don't know about Spirit.
  • Dude.. You missed the entire point of root cause... It's what MS didn't do for years.. Do you think they wouldn't do anything in there power to approve the next new Galaxy devices?... That's because Samsung has positioned there devices well, and set them up for success... If WP isn't appealing to carriers it's because WP isn't appealing, not because of grudge... That's MS's fault all day long... They've been handling the project poorly since day 1.. It's not like ALL the carriers didn't give it a chance at some point... MS has just had extremely poor marketing for years... Marketing in every possible aspect of the term.... And, I've been saying it for years... Now look. SMDH
  • I miss Elop. I think he did a great job but MS didn't. I think if he stayed, we would've seen more great wp from former Nokians and a successor to the 1020. Thinking about it, I don't think I have an appreciation for Nadella.
  • Not just Verizon and Sprint, but a smorgasbord of other carriers as well. I've known many people who wanted to buy a Windows Phone but never could because their carrier never carried them. Even worse, most people don't even know Windows Phone exists because they never see them in commercials, in stores, in shopping mall kiosks, etc. Things were looking up in 2013. Windows Phone had made impressive gains in many markets. Then, for some reason, Microsoft completely stopped advertising and pushing Windows Phone, despite just dropping $7 billion + on acquiring Nokia's mobile division, at the very moment they should've been doubling down on their efforts. Satya has done some great things for Microsoft (like acquiring Minecraft), but he has completely dropped the ball on mobile. It's been embarassing to watch. Anyway, I'll never give up Windows Phone. I'll go back to a flip phone before I ever go back to Android or iOS. But it's a pity that Microsoft has been so poorly managed that they completely failed to even attempt to make a splash in the mobile world.
  • @coip, the problem I see here is two fold. 1) people need to stop being held to ransome by utility companies. A cellular carrier is now a utility company, ergo a dumb pipe whether they like it or not. 2)standards, if USA solely used GSM there would not be an issue. So yes, there is no win for Microsoft only middle ground. Which happens to giving the boot to carriers who have been crappy with support in the past I.e Verizon. Granted, this leaves alot of people in the lurch but what other option is there? The general conception of insanity, is doing the same action over and over again expecting a different result (which is entirely wrong, however that's a topic for another post) . Microsoft, are not entirely fault free either.
  • @cmattua90: Agreed! I fully expected this to happen and maybe MS did as well
  • Nadella has been amazing for MSFT. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane. As a customer and shareholder I couldn't be happier. More market share would be great but whatever.
  • Then I'm probably insane, Microsoft has more interest in its own OS what other mobile company does that ?
  • Yes you are insane. Or have tunnel vision. Don't worry, its not your fault you cant utilise your brain properly.
  • I started my mobile journey with Nokia N70. Then N72,N95 8GB,N8,N9,Nokia Lumia 800,Lumia 900,Lumia 920,Lumia 925,Lumia 930,Lumia 830. Now using Lumia 928 Verizon. See all the phones from Nokia brand. Whenever I recall the N70, N95, Lumia phones with Nokia branding,I feel surprised how Nokia kept its legacy with the tank like build quality and the variation of their designs. See Nokia N8 or gorgeous they were. But now what we see, MS is producing phones that are no different than Plastic lagdroid Samsung,worst manufacturer ever. When I compare Nokia Lumia 800,900,925,920,930,830 or 928 with Microsoft Lumia 535 or so forth,the difference is obvious. I'm from Bangladesh and I talked to a MS retail shop and they agreed that the WP sell droped drastically here till the shift from Nokia to MS branding and ppl still come to buy Lumia 520,730 830,920, 925 only for the name Nokia. Because ppl love Nokia more than WP as a OS
  • It's a relief finding someone in the comments of this article having faith in MSFT and posting something positive: I personally get tired of everyone complaining and bickering about Windows Phone/W10M even though there's a little truth in what some people say in the comments of articles/forums occasionally. It's a good thing for people to be realistic (in my opinion this world is too optimistic at times) but when most comments/forum posts on this site are negative (despite some being realistic) it's downright depressing. I'd personally rather those who make claims such as "Windows Phone is dead" e.t.c put their money where their mouth is, switch to iOS/Android and leave people who value Windows Phone/W10M more than they do in peace without the "realists" planting their opinions on us. An assumption but I believe there'd be a fair amount of members of Windows Central who are adults and some of the comments are outright childish...
  • You realize that MS will not continue Windows Mobile for a few thousand fanatics?
  • Agreed Nadella is pretty great. Office is growing. Windows 10 is skyrocketing. Cloud services made a big profit. Nadella is amazing! There are things that need worked on. Windows 10 Mobile is still buggy. Not many apps. And Apps like Skype for W10M are buggy. They also have apps like Groupme that are really good and can send messages as texts to people that Skype cant. Things like that make me scratch my head. Over all I love MS strategy. Get their products and services into their custmers hands everywhere. Love that idea. And Nadella is doing that really well imo.
  • Considering W10 Mobile is totally his baby, I'd say he's been a disastrous CEO. Windows Mobile will literally die under him.
  • Keep giving all the Windows phone feautures to the others OS.
  • Though, they're inferior versions on other OS's.
  • Outlook Mail on my Android puts the W10M version to shame.
  • I don't like the Accompli app on iOS. To me, it's too cluttered, I know it's been well received, I just don't like it. Much prefer W10Ms app.
  • Outlook on my Android before I switched back to WP was garbage. I had so many issues with that app it wasn't even funny. I missed emails at work all the time because it would stop syncing.
  • Works pretty good now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you kidding me. The Outlook Android application is horrible Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Quite the opposite.
  • Umm they are actually better on iOS and Android. And most everyone agrees with that.
  • Surprise!!! Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sinking ship since 2010.
  • *continues not contiune
  • Didn't expect anything less, few new phones and the ones out are expensive
  • Microsoft should just buy Cyanogen and just create a WP interface for it.
  • And f**k that up too???
  • Dont get me wrong, CM is great. I only use their roms and love them! But they do the same thing as OEMs. Only support models for a limited window and then stop supporting them. Microsoft might be able to keep support going for longer as well as include an app store into them and provide UWP apps on Android...
  • Microsoft already has an Android launcher. It doesn't look anything like Windows Phone. Very telling. I wonder if the Surface phone could use a similar UI as the launcher. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nothing new here, just affirmation... I don't mind the product, just want that one or two apps that are missing...
  • So, In other words it doesn't exist...
  • When you're circling the drain, clearly the only direction you can is down. I've been a long time supporter of the platform and I'm throughly disgusted with the Windows 10 experience on the AT&T 950. With the lack of effort by MS to bring a solid OS and killer devices over the last couple of years, this should come as no surprise to any of us.
  • I honestly don't know if anyone would expect anything else. As mentioned in the article, no consumers even know about the new phones, and none of the older phones are available for sale at all. I for one love my new Lumia 950. Continuum with the dock makes it even more special, but even just by itself, I *love* the camera. It takes gorgeous shots with zero futzing with controls. Sure, the new OS is not perfect, but no OS ever is perfect right out of the gate. For my personal and business usage, I'm very happy.
  • Oh, but Marketing has never been the biggest issue... Guess I've been wrong all these years..
  • My wife loves the camera as well.  She had a 1020 with a 41MP camera - she cracked the screen.  So now she has the 950 with the 20MP.  Not as good obviously - but she still loves it.  There is a massive appeal of these phones.  Word will get out.
  • The only word that is out is that there is a huge app gap. And I have to agree. All the missing apps is HUGE. Microsoft needs to produce either a dual boot phone or an Android interface that looks like Windows Phone 10.
  • It's better than the 1020 camera just not as many megapixels.
  • But Megapixels! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not shocking.  Where are the options?  I'm a Verizon user left out in the cold.  I had an aging 928 that needed replaced.  My sisters, whom I convinced to get 822s, have old hardware looking to get replaced.  We wanted to jump, but what's there?  We have expired contracts and are waiting for the next new option.  Leaving Verizon was too costly given our large family contract.  I'm now on a 735 because my 928 died and I got a deal.  Otherwise I'd be using a newly released Lumia today.  As it stands, I don't have a recommendation for my sisters and I don't expect them to stick with Windows, as they aren't enthusiasts.  I told them to get 735s because at least that's an incremental upgrade to the 822 and will keep them in the ecosystem.
  • So you are saying that in the US Windows Mobile would have a chance when subsidized contracts would be forbidden like in many EU countries? Indeed, iOS phones are getting ridiculously expensive but no one cares, because lots of people think they are getting them for free. Bang for buck 640 XL ftw ;-)
  • It would drive more people away from iPhone and other high end Androids, but probably not to Lumias. They're hard to find over here! But definitely more than today's numbers.
  • When my 1520 crashes ill buy an old clamshell.
  • I get the sense that Microsoft is intentionally killing its phones and windows OS along with it. I don't know what they aare planning but it looks like they are putting more and more eggs in ios and androids baskets. Which will not work. If I switch from windows mobile to ios I will no longer use Microsoft products.
  • Exactly.
  • Lol, killing the OS, where have u been all this time?
  • Why wouldnt you use MS products? Thats silly. They have really great products. Much better than alternatives from Apple does.
  • Thats why until now they didnt release W10M. They want people to switch to iOS, Android or Symbian, they just really dont care windows phone user.
  • You definitely know a lot about programming, don't you?
  • Would that be Symbian 40 or 60?
  • All going according to The Mastermind's plan! /s
  • Even Surface Phone is NOT going to solve the underlying issue - developer and market interest. And without those, you won't see more apps appear which is what will ultimately entice users to switch over. People SERIOUSLY, LET GO. How much more proof do you need until you finally realise this platform is done with?
  • I dont need any more proof. I was a die-hard WP evangelist for 5 years, finally gave up a couple months ago. Its just a tragedy.  
  • Yep same for me. Absolute CRAZY WP fan (hell I still am), but finally left for iOS last year. Not looking back.
  • A real does not leave and does let himself by others. H emakes up his own mind looking at hist personal wishes.
  • Not referring to you alone, but this comunity really needs for all the people that are fed up to really stop looking back. If the day comes that I'm fed up with Windows mobile (and it could happen in the next 1-2 years by the looks of it) I won't come here and fill the comments with bad feelings. I would enjoy my new product and stay on iMore or the like.
  • Well... I keep coming back because I want to see MS succeed so I can come back home. They have to compete though. Right now they're just showing up and the market can see this.
  • I'm not saying I wouldn't come and read, but all the posts in all the comments section with people saying, I'm leaving, I left, I'm not looking back...well they are looking back since they are here posting and/or complaining so they are not so satisfied with the competitors either...
  • Like another user said above, I come back because I want to see, SOMEDAY, that something positive is happening. But you know what, it's just NOT. 5 years and 3 reboots later, and all I see is that I made the right decision to finally sell my 1520 and move on. Everyone comments on every article all over the web at how frustrated they are. The only ones who don't complain are the ones who claim to not use any apps. And sadly, the market doesn't care about those users, they may as well be using feature phones and not smart phones at all.
  • At least you held on longer than Satya Nadella.
  • Simply let go? Its not that easy. people who own WPs maybe couldn't afford a new phone if Microsoft decides to quit mobile. And then what.? WP7 history.
  • Windows Phone does everything I need. I don't see any reason to stop using it.
  • Yup !!!
  • Actually, a Surface Phone would in fact solve part of the problem, as it seems that interest in app development for Windows 10 PCs is actually improving, and given that a Surface Phone would run those same apps, it would decrease the app gap and make the phones far more capable and powerful.  Several companies that discontinued their apps for WP have jumped back on board with the advent of W10.  It's hard to turn away from developing for a platform that brutally dominates the PC market, especially in business. And with MS giving 10 away for free to home users, I know many people have already upgraded their home PCs from 7/8/8.1 to 10.  Between home and business users, it's leading to a potential customer base that clearly overshadows Android and iOS combined. As an IT professional, I can already see how a Surface Phone with Continuum / external screen capabilities would be a benefit to businesses.  I'd no longer need to outfit my entire sales staff with both a phone and a laptop.  The phone would be all they would need.  This not only would save me about $600 per employee on laptop harware costs, but also reduce my licensing expenditures on Windows OS and Office.
  • It won't do anything. Without apps & services to offer the Surface Phone will face the exact same problem as the platform does currently. A beautiful phone which has nothing to offer to anyone. Consider - I'm talking about the MARKET out there. Not you, not me, the MARKET. Corporate interest is dead. Teams are developing for iOS and have no interest in developing for WP/W10M because a) many corporations are still running Windows7, b) users are on iOS and have been for years now. c) You dont need to outfit anyone with a device anyway - It's all about BYOD now.  As for companies jumping back on - they are still vastly outumbered by the amount of developers who have killed their WP/W10M projects and stuck to (mostly) iOS and Android. It is simply, TOO LATE. The damage is done. The market has moved on. Finished.
  • You've missed my point that an x86 based Surface Phone would run W10 apps, universal or otherwise.  Functionally, a Surface Phne would be able to do much of what a Surafce Tablet can do, and those have sold like mad.  Were it realeased today, it would already be far more capable than not only the 950/950XL, but just about any other snartophone as well.  You're not as reliant on apps when you're running  a full-fledged computing platform.  Just like the Surface is more capable than the iPad, the Surface Phone would be more capable than the iPhone.  It opens up entirely new avenues and options for devs.  Greatly expands their operational environment allowing them to do far more with their apps than they ever have before. I know MANY IT pros that are already planning to migrate their environments to W10.  And many of them, like myslef, will be doing it prior to August of this year while we can still do it for free.  Based on what I know of my fellow it pros, most of them have more Android devices in the hands of tehir users than they do iOS anyway. The BOYD argument doesn't hold water either.  Many orgs do allow BYOD, but for many, it's a huge pain and things are just much easier from a configuration, secuirty, management, deployment, maintenance/repair standpoint to stick with company-issued devices.  One of the single biggest challenges and complaints I hear from my fellow IT pros is about BYOD.  It's a cluster-you-know-what, and most IT guys do not facilitate BYOD happily or willingly.  In addition to over 200 networked PCs and servers at 2 locations, I have roughly 50 Windows Phones deployed, and us owning them keeps things simple.  We lock out any features we don't want users screwing with, and tell them up front "This is our device.  You should have no expectation of privacy for anything you do on it.  You also agree to have the replacement costs taken out of your final check if it is not returned upon your termination."  This takes care of much of the legalities surround user privacy issues, and just makes my life a ton easier not having to keep up with WP, iOS, every freaking flavor of Android and all the OEM customizations to it, etc. We also don't have people complaining about data usage for company things on their personal device and service.
    I've been a member of one of the largest IT Pro tech sites in the world for over 7 years.  I chat with members from all over on a daily basis, working in many different areas and facets of the tech industry.  I'm not just pulling these thoughts out of my rear end.  W10 is poised to explode, and as I said, given that Windows has long enjoyed over 90% of the gloabl desktop market (we're talking billions of devices), that's nothing for devs to turn their nose up at.  Devs go where there's a potential to make money.  And they're about to have a good reason to give Windows another serious look.
  • I have one simple phrase as a remark to all of that - "People aren't interested". It's as simple and as blunt as that. Consumers, developers, the market. They dont care. They've said it loud and clear for several years.  Thats wha'ts happening right now, today. Remember - we're talking about MOBILE, don't bring desktop into this, that's not what this is about.
  • And what you are failing to see, is that desktop is PART OF THE PLAN, and has been for some time.  MS is pounding away at every single internet-connected Windows PC in the world right now with daily reminders to upgrade (for free) to Windws 10.  Many of the people I work with have already done it on their home PCs.  Once people have adopted W10 on the desktop, and gotten used to it and how it fuctions, and then learn they can easily keep all their stuff in sync and have a similar interface on WP10, it will generate interest.  No, there won't be a mass migration over night.  But there will be converts.  And they'll talk, and word will spread. Couple that with devs jumping back on to a platform that already has over 200 million devices, and will soon have close to a billion, and you're finally bringing together every element that has been lacking for WP all this time. You have to stop looking at the future of Windows Phoine in a vacuum.  It's success is dependent on Windows on the home and business PC, MS knows this, and have crafted a plan to bring it all together.  Which is far more than I can say for Apple or Android.
  • @macgyverated - again clutching at straws by trying to use the counter-argument of Windows as a whole. That's not what this is about and it's not what the market is looking for. We're talking about the situation with MOBILE. Stay OT. Microsoft has no "plan" with mobile.  There will be no converts, andcertainly not after FIVE LONG YEARS, with three reboots of MS's mobile roadmap. No one cares "how well it works". No one cares about Continuum. No one cares about universal apps on Windows, especially given there are no apps of worth. All they care about, point blank, is whether they can use the same services by the same developers on a Windows Mobile. And they can't. It's that black and white, no essay required.
  • Look... If you feel like you need to have the last word.  Fine.  You win.  Happy? But your argument is still bogus.  No platform exists in a vacuum anymore.  Not even Blackberry with their Android apps.  The iPhone was the root source of interest in and success of the iPad.  Android tablets owe Android phones for their success.  There's no reason to say or believe that Windows 10 on the desktop will not influence some people to give Windows Phone a try.  And once again, now that development is set up to accomodate both platforms, the app gap will start to close. From what I can tell it seems that you spend an inordinant amount of time on these forums acting as the town cryer broadcasting doom and gloom for Windows Phone.  Dozens of posts about it just this week.  However do you find the time?   You're not a fan.  We get it.  You want it to fail.  We get it.  But aside from your gut feeling ascertions of predicting the behavior of people en masse when presented with a cohesive ecosystem and alternatives, I'd like to know what credentials you have that gives you such astonishing insight into the future. And I don't think most people really care what developer creates what apps.  If you asked most people to name off the top of their head who coded their 10 favorite apps, they'd be hard pressed to do so. No apps of worth... What a crock.  Plex, Netflix, Hulu, WhatApp, TeamViewer, Spotify, HERE Maps, HERE Drive, all teh Lumia camera apps, Sway, Facebook, Kindle, MS Office, Skype, Skype Video, Skype Translater, Surfy, UC Browser, X Box, the Synology suite of apps, Remote Desktop, Fhotoroom, Thumba, pandors, Instagram, PicsArt, Viber, Shazam, Vine, Office Lens, Photoshop Express, Paypal... But I digress...  Everyone, listen up!  Mindi B has it all figured out.  We can just shut down the forums altogether becuase Mindi B says Windows Phone is dead, so there's no point in any of us talking to each other anymore!  No, don't bother to question that.  Just accept that any of you that like Windows Phone or think it has a chance at future success are just morons and your opinions hold absolutely no merit.  You are ill-informed idiots because Mindi B, the ultimate authority, has proclaimed it so.  The last word on Windows Phone has been uttered, so it's been nice knowing all of you.
  • There is an incredible amount of moaning in the WP community here (and the mindset is VERY closed), of whats missing, of neglect by MS and so on. The only users who seem truly happy are the ones who actually use their device as a feature phone, and not as a smart phone. Meanwhile on other sites, users, while frustrated, are far more open-minded as to what the root issues are and their actions in regards to those issues. Even people like Paul Thurrott, one of the biggest and most vocal defenders for WP, has been distancing himself! You folks have spent MONEY - hard earned - on your devices. And you seem to be taking a lot of the failure lying down. As I wrote on another thread, I actually think its high time the WP community galvanised itself and spoke out to MS somehow about these issues. Some of you have converted your businesses over in good faith FFS! While I've been very vocal about my feelings on this situation (bc believe it or not, I'm actually extremely passionate about WP, and I WANT it to succeed, which it hasnt, and wont), I've NOT resorted to personal insults. You really didn't need to go there. I've stuck OT - you should too.
  • The home OC market has nothing to do with mobile. It will not drive app developers because apps aren't required on desktop. Websites are just as powerful as Windows apps and are cross platform. There is no reason to create a Windows app when your website can have a superior experience and is cross platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's like saying that the iPhone has had nothing to do with some people buying iPads.
    I use apps on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices.  So do others I know.  Apps can often have an easier navigation interface than a web browser.  A good example is the Hulu app vs. web.  I have a home theater PC running 8.1, and the Hulu app isWAY easier to use than the webpage.   Apps are easy to access, just touch them and they spring to life.  I use them frequently on my Surface.
    Aside from any specifics, there is a HUGE percentage of apps that really are nothing more than web wrappers, and they have been quite successful.  I can tell you this, once I showed some of teh people I work with how their Windows Phone, Tablets, and desktops all have similar interface, and keep all of their stuff synchronized automagically, they were impressed.  Since doing that most of them have had their family mebers switch their personal devices to Windows.  Our Ops Mgr. told me that that iPad they bought Christmas of 14 never gets touched anymore.  Their kids have 8" Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phones now.
    The point of telling you all of that is to illustrate that once people see and use Windows 10, and realize theri phones can have teh same UI and play with their other devices seemlessly, they really like that, and will, in fact, switch away form other platforms.  I don't know how you can say that the home OS market has nothing to do with mobile when that is demostrably false.    
  • People don't use Surface Tablets like phones. There's still a TON of major Apps missing. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • The Surface tablets are basically laptops. They don't really compete with tablets and suck when used as a tablet. They are great laptops though. Very mobile and performance is great with the Pro models. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No.  They don't compete with laptops, becuase they are full-fledge computers.  They don't suck as tablets.  I use mine all the time that way, as do my boss and a fellow senior manager.  Of course, we all also use them with teh kayboards attached too.
  • I often use my Windows Phone like a small tablet.  What most seem to be missing is the consistency.  If there's an app I use on my phone a lot, I can use that same app on my Surface, my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet, or my desktop.  I don't have to use all these diffewring methodologies when I switch devices.
  • 1) Did you read their reply? It mentioned that they have seen an improvement in W10 apps on PC. Which I can say I've also seen that improvement. It's seemingly much quicker than the adoption for Windows 8 was. 2) Corporate interest is not dead. There have been articles posted on this site (and many others) mentioning the corporate adoption rate of Windows 10 and it looks good. I work in IT and can tell you that I've seen a lot of people already make the jump (many without even asking me if I'm being honest). I'd also say that BYOD isn't always the answer at every company, especially those who are highly regulated. 3) While there have been some that have pulled away from Windows, it seems like more apps are updating again for W10 compatibility and/or adding some sort of UWP support. 4) The US market is waning yes, but having 10% throughout large portions of Europe is still a lot of people. Even 1.6% of the US market is a huge number of people. If just 50% of the US has cell phones (I'm assuming it's more than that), that means that at least 2.4 million people use Windows Phone. That's hardly dead at all.
  • The market share is not 1.6%, that is sales for the last 3 months. It would have to stay there for a couple of years for it's market share to fall to 1.6%.
  • Are you talking about user base, because market share is exactly the share of the market (ie. the phones that are sold).
  • Yes I should let go of my perfectly working phone because your not happy with it.
  • Look around you. Apart from a whole 10 enthusiasts using it, no one else cares. Look at the ARTICLE. Is it telling you something?
  • I care, like a alot do too, so u are wrong.
  • Ditto
  • "Patience and self-control is the only way to survive in the world of idiots" Microsoft phones are definitely for the more sophisticated and intellectual type. Just saying.
  • The article is telling big presence in europe, south america, and australia. Growing number in a big market like China. The world is not the US :)
  • Single digits regarding larger than the US doesn't say success. They are still pitiful Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Well, yes and no. With all the changes and the few effort put in it by MS they are kind of good numbers. Then again I guess it is kind of subjective. Completely remade OS with many bugs, no marketing efforts, new models not appealing to the masses, and you can still have that big presence in 3 continents and be on the rise in China, it think is looking good for the future, they just have to deliver on the good foundation they built with the 2015 release of W10 on all platforms. What I'm saying is, they are putting in mobile 1/10 of the efforts but by Apple or Samsung and they still have a marketshare that is 1/3 of Apple in EU, south america and australia, not so bad I'd say.
  • I don't really care about what others think. Windows phone is great. I wish all the unhappy folks will go find joy in the other platform already. If it's dead, please be wise and move on.
  • Hmmm....yes currently Windows Phone is done with. You are right. Still as a company that is developing Universal Windows Apps, they must have at least a small mobile presence in the market. So, moving forward, it would be good for Microsoft to have one phone and put all efforts on perfecting that phone. BTW, from the Kantar report it is also notable that iOS is also dropping in every market except for China.
  • iOS and Android are both plateauing because of market saturation. Do your research properly.
  • I'm sure.
  • #BalmerForTheCEO
  • #AnyoneButNadella
  • You are insane
  • Just bought my first Android, the honor 5x, as an upgrade to my 640... I'm gonna miss the windows phone UI, but it just wasn't enough to keep a mid range device buyer on tmobile like me happy
  • Let's face it, Microsoft was too late to the market and neglected to release new phones and promote the platform.. iOS and Android have the phone market permanently on lock.
  • People used to say the same thing about Blackberry.
  • It took a revolutionary product to dethrone BlackBerry. Do you really think Microsoft has something as impactfull as the original iPhone? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I never said anything about dethroning either iOS or Android.  The point is that the tech world can have massive and unpredictable swings that nobody sees coming, and for reasons nobody accurately considered.  iOS and Android may in fact remain the dominant players indefinitely, but that does not preclude the possibility of Windows becoming a very viable close third. There was a time when Windows CE devices were the dominant players in smart mobile devices.  iOS changed that and became the juggernaut for awhile.  Then Android happened and displaced iOS as king of the hill, with iOS only having half the userbase of Andorid in many markets today.  There's no reason to believe that Windows couldn't make a comeback, maybe not to dominance, but certainly to prevalence.
  • MS wasn't that late to the market, they just messed up.
  • Wrong. They were late, AND they messed up.
  • My giving them away at cost or near cost idea doesn't sound so bad after all now. The fact of the matter is 95% of people are not going to buy a $600 phone unless its the iphone. So unless Microsoft starts competitively pricing the 950 and 950xl and writing some fat checks to app developers to get all the apps people want to use on the Windows platform, they might as well just quit.
  • And if they did quit, everyone should buy an Android or iPhone? Not everyone can afford to buy a new phone when they just wish
  • Subsidize WM phones to business. Let Dell make a WM phone and pay them a fee.
  • you are right on this, when I saw the price tag, and that blackberry guy showing his $700 phone, I was like... man, that's iPhone price range. I'd just get the iPhone!
  • Outside the US people would go for an Android phone. Just look at the minus numbers for iPhone. Even in the US.
  • Really because that's absurd. Those are flagship prices and flagships from many companies are that or more even more than the iPhone to be exact. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • problem is you can not buy iPhone for 600 bucks uless you buy iphone 5S or used or BStock iPhone.
  • Of course you can. Even a couple days after release they are sold for less because people got them with their contract. That's the way I buy my Lumia's. Like my Lumia 950. Pay new price is rather stupid. Still most in the US do. Outside the US people are more sensible.
  • Wrong. A lot of $600 phones are Android phones. At least outside of the US. So 95% is nonsense.
  • That's false those are flagship numbers that have the price tag around the world. From Samsung to LG to HTC and more. Flagship price not exclusive to the iPhone. Don't over exaggerate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • This AFTER the launch of new flagship devices. Please, put this thing out of its misery.
  • Or.. . You could just leave
  • Is it me or are the articles on Windows Central just becoming more and more depressing with each day? I'm pretty sure Daniel has given up hope on windows/mobile and is contemplating job offers elsewhere
  • lol, nah. Windows 10 is more than just phones. We have xbox, pcs, tablets, hololens, band and more to talk about. It's true, phones even for myself are less interesting, but our site is hardly dependant on the phone part of Windows these days. Windows 10 as a platform has a ton of potential. They are doing some great stuff here. Who knows where it all goes. Tech is rarely predicted.
  • Lol.. That I do have to agree with you on... Sad that we're not sure what's going on with phone, but there's more positivity elsewhere.. At least a little "metro" lives on in W10......
    But, still sucks if W10M, and Surface, tank... That's seriously our last hope.
  • They definitely made the right decision in changing the name from Windows Phone Central.
  • Well now everyone here has an excuse to jump to another platform. Since most people here have had a poor WP experience, it's time to move to greener pastures. For those few that like the new phones or Win 10, at least you know MS is in it for the long haul regardless of the current market share numbers.
  • +950
  • I'm hoping they will move on.... If windows phone is dying, let me have the last moments with it in peace (bunch of crybabies)
  • These commenters though lol. Look, Microsoft knows when to fold them and I'm willing to bet exiting from WP has been part of their strategy for longer than we really know. This is yet another Zune level failure for Redmond and that's fine. There's not enough super fans to keep the WP ship afloat, so don't sulk too much. Just be happy the company will build upon what's winning: full Windows 10 and the Surface brand. I'm positive the Surface Phone will be the Windows phone/PC hybrid that the 950 series could never be. Blaming the CEO for steering the ship to a direction where the profits are is a GREAT thing.